Kitco’s Daniela Cambone interviews GATA’s Bill Murphy, who repeats his claim that JP Morgan has a MASSIVE PROBLEM with it’s silver short position (a problem that appears to be larger now with recent massive increases in the commercial short position, and silver $5 higher than Murphy originally made this call a month ago).
The GATA icon states that the JP Morgan silver scandal may break THIS MONTH, and that he expects silver to break above $50 and make new nominal all-time highs in the very near future!


  1. I don’t like when people put estimates on specific dates. It just sets people and events up for failure, which demoralizes people further. Who cares when JPM will crack? Let it be this month, or next year… just sit tight and don’t pay too much attention to it.

  2. Murphy is trying to tell us what he can.  He wants to give everyone encouragement because he knows this has been a long battle.  Personally I believe he knows something.  Like I said before — evil eats at people and sooner or later a few guys will have to come out with the truth and things will get real ugly.  We all believe metals will be money or we wouldn’t be here talking about it everyday.
    So I think somebody is going to talk giving us some satisfaction and bring down some of these TBTF guys and expose the evil they have done to all.  The middle class has lost 40% of its wealth in the past 5 years.  Every number you look at spells DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!  Something is going to hit the fan really hard.  We have contributed to the cause as much as we can and now it’s time to wait for the fireworks.  A nice house is going to cost 100 – 200 ounces of silver.  If you have 2,000 ounces you’re going to live just fine.  I never did care for the rock star lifestyle.  I’m just looking to get out of this in 1 piece and be able to live with some dignity.  Hold your position and stay positive.  There is still a lot of game left to watch. 

  3. It does seem like they have an awful lot of factors working against them.  Shorts, derivatives, LIBOR, possible misued allocated Gold as Willie talks about, and of course their insatiable greed.  The last one alone should be enough to take them down. 
    It’s gonna be like watching a snake try to swallow its own tail.

  4. GATA and Bill Murphy are gaining reputation and an increasing following, in particular among people of other regions of the world such as over in Asia.  It appears a little known fact that China and Russia seem to always pay close attention to GATA’s work.
    Another sure sign of the increasing interest in silver among the keenest of investors is the fact that GoldMoney’s physical silver holdings in Hong Kong for their customers have a dollar value that is over twice the dollar value of physical gold holdings in Hong Kong, meaning that the demand for silver among those investors far exceeds the demand for gold.
    Eric Sprott has also indicated he has seen the same dollar value buying in silver as in gold, even though the price ratio is on the order of 50:1.
    More and more people are beginning to understand the true nature of the value of silver.

  5. I also have a feeling that JP Morgan is having problems with silver short. Whenever JP Morgan tries to crush silver’s price, the price goes back up with a little bit of gain and even if they succeed, they reduce silver’s price by 0.50$ for only a few hours. Crash JP Morgan, buy silver!

  6. JPM got rid of a lot of shorts and then they… went massively short again.

    Blythe said they were custodians for their (major) clients. That’s the FED folks. If you don’t understand it now you never will. There’s legacy monetary silver and a certain new part as well.

    They don’t have it but they promised it several times over. Just as with gold. But. The physical silver market is tiny and it is getting cornered.

    From the East, from APPL, from the stackers, from the bullion banks. from the central banks (you think they *DON’T* buy out of say Brazil ???), from derivatives, …..

    Let the ratio plunge!!!!

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