silver crashIn his latest interview, Bill Murphy, the chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, chats with Cambridge House Live’s Bridgitte Anderson about the recent news that Germany is taking a serious look at potential criminal activities in the gold market.
Have the Germans finally come to the same conclusion as GATA that the gold (& all other Western financial markets) are rigged?
In the words of Chris Powell: “There are no markets anymore, just interventions.
Murphy’s full interview is below:

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  1. German declares that gold markets are rigged. Really? Did the Germans also state that their bank Deuteche is / was part of the game? Could it be that since they’re not getting their gold back that was entrusted to the fed now they’re making some noise?
    The gold cartel still has the tools to continue to manipulate the market. We in the community all hear the predictions that the PM’s is about to explode yet the PM market still goes down. In 2011 when the PM’s was making new highs and then gradually went down Eric Sprott stated that silver will go to $200 within two years. Here it is 2014 nearly 3 years later and silver can barely hold $20 which is 10% of what his prediction was. In my opinion it will take a black swan event to end this manipulation. 

    In closing I cannot believe that the western central banks will let their vaults go empty. They must have a master plan that we all don’t know about.

    • @AGXIIK
      Actually, the German kid went to pick up his marbles and realized that the Alpha-bully filled his marble pouch with paper, so the German went home without his marbles … he has now also realized that the French kid has been given a share of his marbles, and the American, Anglo, and Frenchman also have stolen and prevented the German from having any schoolyard weapons since his last tantrum whilst they’ve all been arming to the teeth … they also got the German kid to first lend the Greek, Spanish, and Irish kids his lunch money as a bailout so that if he leaves the playground he also doesn’t get his lunch money back.
      If the Germans haven’t worked out that the EU is actually run by US-UK Axis with a Frenchman as their implement of manipulation yet, then WWII really was an effective psy-op to turn one of the world zoos previously most ferocious animals into a cuddly little rabbit.
      Since WWII, it’s all about keeping Germany down, and keeping them away from Russia. If Russia and Germany had connected up their economies fully (as Russia has Oil which Germany needs) then Poland would have become stronger also and the 3 of them acting as a separate geopolitical sphere would have been much stronger than the US and UK + Commonwealth combined … so Brown Brothers Harriman and the Warburgs and the Dulles Bros, Bushes, and Rockefellers, together with their friends in London went to work in order to fund and bait Hitler in order to create a post-WWII Anglo controlled United Nations, and an ostracized Russia … It has always been the #1 policy of London to find a way to destroy Russia and split it up into little bite sized chunks so that the terrible Huns never again capitalize on their massive land resources and access to the Eurasian steps. This was done to the only country (Russia) that offered to help out Lincoln during the Civil War, by Wall Street, because Wall Street is largely a product of the Square Mile in London … the Square Mile is ground zero for the most Machiavellian geopolitical schemes in human history.
      WWII was a calculated crisis to create the New World Order … the more I study the Wall Street Banks and their London counterparts who traded with the enemy and their links to the heavily ideological SS members, the more I see Hitler as a baited puppet maniac that was used and abused (not that he didn’t deserve it) in order to trash Europe, bundle it into a sick-man-Union, and re-direct it as a slave to Anglo finance and make it vehemently anti-Russian.
      London and NYC says: ‘Why do these damn Germans need to see a Gold Bar when they get their qtys written in plain English on their IMF statements etc…??? Who dares question the Alchemical Prowess of the all mighty Western Gold Custodians?
      Ukraine is really starting to look like the flash point for the SHTF moment. Syria will look like a firecracker compared to Ukraine if Russia has to roll into Ukraine … which is exactly what the West wants it to do in order that they lose their new found world image as more committed to peace in the area than the US after the international Syria PR blowback. There has never been a more chaotic time in world history since WWII than now, and people are still asleep and apathetic. The alarm clock will ring soon though, and the so called Pax-Americana will seem like a cruel mirage … a big migraine hangover awaits the awakening masses.

  2. I heard the fed gave only 5 tons & the rest came from France. But this is only 5% of the stash Germany “had”  300 tons came from somewhere? They gave the fed reverse 2,900 tons back in the 1950’s.  Someone please contact Magnum P.I.?  See if it’s in Hawaii?

    • The whole thing stinks to high heaven. The QTYs that get thrown around in the Press and Parliaments when it comes to Physical Gold change day to day, and nobody can get a fix on who holds what, and where it is, and if it does/ever existed… Which I suspect makes the Fiat system look that much more ‘stable’ and familiar … all part of the psy-op in order to kill 5000+ years of solid money and keep Finance and Economics in the realm of purely paper pushing accountants and lawyers.
      Something has to break though … this Camel is carrying too much paper and it’s legs are buckling.

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