Biden gun controlMoments ago on MSNBC, VP Biden announced that President Obama is considering going after the 2nd amendment via executive order. 
Biden, who is scheduled to meet with execs from the NRA Thursday, stated that President Obama is going to act, and that executive orders and executive action can be taken.

If team Obama/Biden are not merely bluffing regarding an executive order, it is looking more likely by the day that Obama could literally instigate the 2nd Civil War.

Biden’s full comments below:

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  1. And history repeats itself again. It totally floors me that my liberal friends see absolutely nothing wrong with all of this. They think its a good thing! They truly believe all of this is being done for their benefit. I’M the one with the psychotic problem in not seeing the benevolence here. The only condolence here is that I am preparing, they are not.

    • Yeah, and when they enact anti-hoarding legislation, they will again assume its because its only fair, and the Borg knows best, and you are selfish for preparing. Actually, they will say guys like you caused the shortage, so its only fair to give it up to the Borg so they can divy it up. It wont occur to them that misallocation of resources is the result of central planning by nincompoop academics who should at least show some proficiency managing a 7-11 before they are given the key to the national cash register. Some pigs of course will be more equal than others when it comes to the divvying.

  2. Is this Silver Doctors or Gun Doctors?

    Guns are made to kill.

    You don’t need guns when you have a strong community. Good neighboors and a small village where everyone know each other is worth more than no matter how many guns.

    I’d be more than happy if each and every gun in this country would be destroyed. This USA-GUN love affair have been too far.

    I think the Doc should keep it about silver.

    I appreciate this website when it is about SILVER. This is not a critic about the author of the website, but rather about the choice to relate gun to silver, which it is NOT related. I appreciate what you do, Doc, but please, stop it with the gun propaganda.

    Have a nice day.

    Nuff said.

    P.S. The future will not be a mad max scenario, and there won’t be any civil war (well, not in any near term future). Future will be local and you don’t need guns when you have a strong community, which is the only way we’ll go through this. Only local police should have guns.

    • The future surely will be a Mad Max scenario. Unlike in days gone by, there is no local food production, no local church, no neighborhoods to speak of. When everyone realizes their money is useless as are their pensions, when credit for shipping cant be guaranteed (we rely on same day shipping), when fuel cant be priced, its Mad Max, or total lockdown with Der Furher.
      I suggest a sailboat and some good tackle.

    • @balz
      Yeah right ! Tell that to the Tibetans.
      You are more than likely right there may not be a civil uprising, God knows there’s been enough reason to date, so what expectation is there that this will be any different ?
      The future of the US, Euro-land and to a lesser degree the other Western nations will undoubtedly experience a servere decline in living standard, the math is undisputable (aging population and macro and micro debt reaching limits of affordablitiy etc etc), the timing is the only real variable.
      A gun is a tool in the hands of a good man as is any other useful item for gathering food, the pure enjoyment of target shooting and even defence (it doesn’t even need to be used, the existence of it can be deterence enough and if it is then not even to kill), there is no reason to be scared of a gun, it’s the person behind the gun which you should have umbridge with not guns, the guns are inanimate objects.
      Why does the US states with the most restrictive gun laws have the greatest crime and those states with more liberal firearms views have less crime ?
      If the reason you are so concerned about guns is the fact that in the wrong hands they could kill you or your family you better get pretty fuckin angry at the medical profession. 

    • @balz
      Sorry re-read that and it sounds a bit harsh.
      To someone who is preparing for a time when things are not so plentiful due to devaluation of fiat and when rights are something which is determind on the ground immediately then Silver and firearms are cousins in a basket of items which will ensure a future of substance for you and yours.
      The basket is there for insurance, not because, in my case I can foresee any actual events but for what I determine is enough for just in case the worst happens. Firearms are a part of that and that is my choice.

    • Wrong when only the police/military have guns the abuses of power will begin. And any attempt to bypass the second amendment will result in an immediate civil war.
      Only way the second amendment can be changed is by the people and a constitutional convention. To try any other way is flat wrong. There are millions of law abiding gun owner who are responsible. The actions of a very tine few should not penalize the many and it will be fought.
      My small town of less than 300 has setup security patrol schedules in case things go bad. Many are preppers just by living here. You keep a supply of food on hand for bad snowstorms etc. Canning and preserving food is second nature in a rural community. The few exceptions are a couple very young families that haven’t learned to be prepared. But no guns means anyone could come in and raid the town for food etc if things fall apart. Rather be prepared.

    • Balz,
      I had a lofty answer about tyranny and the role of weapons in the combat of, and protection against, tyranny. But I just lost my patience at trying to explain something that has been proven out time and time again throughout mankind’s history.
      So i came to my short and sweet answer…………STUFF IT!

  3. Guns are for defense against crime and tyranny, not to mention wild animals.
    A small, unarmed village with good neighbors can be taken over and raped with impunity by a handful of criminals with guns.
    The only guns that get destroyed will be the ones in the hands of the law abiding.  This will leave the thug scrum of gov’t and the gangs the last ones armed.
    The Doc recognizes the connection between sound money, freedom and the 2nd Amendment.
    Strong communitarianism is just a word play on communism.
    Nice try.
    Nuff said.

    • Countries like Brazil and Mexico continue to have a lot of forced entries by thugs wielding guns.  They know you don’t have a gun and just come over at dinner time and kick in the door.  Many times they don’t even wait for it to get dark outside.  They they tie everyone up and rape and pillage as they see fit.  This is one of the reasons homes in Brazil now have steel barred doors, barred windows and another steel barred door outside the bed rooms.  They crush glass and glue it on top of their fences.  Any type of gate made of metal has pointy ends.
      This is what will happen in the U.S. if they bar guns.  Welcome to Mexico and Brazil as it will be coming to a neighbor near you.

    • In an insane world, the good people lock themselves up at night and disarm themselves while the criminals roam freely and are heavily armed.

  4. The president would not be “going after the 2nd amendment via executive order,” he would be enacting “sensible” control of gun sales, which even the corporate controlled Supreme Court majority said was in line with the 2nd Amendment.
    Why? Because with the $billions$ the gun lobby spends to bribe your government representatives in order to block even marginal, sensible gun control, any legislation would not even make it to the floor of congress for a vote. Amazing how you all worship your perceived freedom yet stand silently by as the corporate arms industry stomps all over the basic freedom of majority rule when it serves your interests.
    Here’s hoping the President does move in response to the will of the people, and in direct opposition to the corrupt actions of the gun lobby,

    • Gun ownership represents a majority of US citizens. Current estimates are approaching 50% of all US citizens own a gun of some form. The NRA represents those gun owners on important legislation. The president tries to circumvent the second amendment is what is illegal.
      Define sensible? Banning semi auto rifles with cosmetic features that make them look like a military weapon does nothing. Studies proved it during the last ban. Handguns kill far more than the few killed by semi auto rifles.
      Banning 30 round magazines that are the standard size on those rifles? I can drop a magazine with one hand while loading a new one with the other. Elapsed time is 1 1/2 seconds and I am slow. Others are far faster. Would make zero difference in these mass shootings unless someone there is armed and ready to stop them.
      Only sheep want to be disarmed and taken care of by government, sheep who want someone else to protect them.

    • Don’t waste your time, Mary. 
      As Aldous Huxley predicted, some people would be conditioned to adore their chains.  SRV might even have favorite links among them.  At any rate, this affinity has impaired his ability to think critically.  A more thoughtful person might ask whether all lobbies are inherently bad?  A more thoughtful person might ask if groups of citizens who reasonably fear their rights being infringed are not wise to have a lobby working on their behalf. 
      But more thoughtful people don’t love being shackled and pine for centralized authority to come along and give them a pat on the head and save them. 

    • MaryB… I used to love to play cowboys and indians as a kid (but of course even the guns were a fantasy back then)… I grew up.

      Fred Hayek… So you’re good with vested interest groups bribing (actualy owning… NRA, AIPAC, Wall Street… etc) your duly elected officials? And yes, all lobbying under the current model in congress is inherenty “evil,” and is the primary reason your congress has a 9% approval rating, is less popular than cockroaches, is stuck in eternal gridlock, is obsessed with anti abortion… gay… imigration… etc actions, and contraception (while Rome is burning), and is incapable of enacting laws to defend the public from the corporate rape and pillage of the middle class. That you are oblivious to these facts speak to the mystery of how in the hell they get away with it.

      And, in anticipation of your response… I couldn’t care less, except your hopelessly corrupt form of freedom(?) in America affects my (and millions of other non Americans) ability to make a living managing my own retirment investments (almost all in PMs).

  5. I look that this post as part of a bigger theme.  Government and the president, plus allies, threatening the people with one sort of expropriation or the other. It’s bad enough we have to be radiated or groped to fly, now the VIRP squads are taking to the highways with search and seizure orders while the TSA is being stationed at bus, train and subway terminals.  If an elected leader is of the belief that he can work around the Constitution with executive orders, not matter what their content, and this same president beliefs he has an election mandate to do so, this sort of threat or action upsets me and concerns me greatly.
    It not so much about guns, ammo and magazines as it is the actions of politicians to order us to do something we do not believe is sound or legal.  The boiling frog, death of a thousand cuts thinking comes to mind.
    I also think that nothing will come of all this saber rattling.  Say what you want about politicians or lobbyists etc, this appears to be as much political grandstanding, playing to the base as was all the blather about the fiscal cliff.  We ended with more taxes and regulations once that was signed into law.  The debt ceiling will be another big matter but who knows, maybe Obama will issue an EO and remove any semblance of fiscal responsibility and we can drift off into the sunset like Greece.

    • Obama will issue an EO and remove any semblance of fiscal responsibility and we can drift off into the sunset like Greece.
      When you put it like that, it doesnt sound so bad…

    • His idea that he is the supreme ruler and he can issue edicts like a dictator is very disturbing. And many are waking up and preparing to meet any threat he tries. I suspect gun ownership has passed the 50% mark of US citizens. The city sheep are the ones who want to be disarmed so let them be gun free zones and leave the rest of us alone. Give gun owners time to leave the city.
      Once all the legal guns are gone the liberal population will drop fast as the criminals move in for the easy pickings and they will start screaming for guns to be allowed again.

    • “The city sheep are the ones who want to be disarmed so let them be gun free zones…”
      Yeah.  Like Chicago, Detroit, DC, NY… it’s working out real well there, isn’t it?

  6. RRG   As much as I would like to put my size 14 carbon footprint right up Joe “the amiable doofus’ Biden’s carbon a** print,  putting Uncle Joe in charge of this makes about as much sense as Bush II putting FEMA’N Michael “Brownie’ Brown in charge of Katrina.  Brownie’s highest level of gummint service was managing an equestrian event.  But I digress.  This does mean I wouldn’t like to give Joe the biggest “Gibbs’ ever performed.  

  7. One more Cluster F. I don’t know yet if this was a shot across the bow or a retreat! He didn’t seem to confident about the prospects of anything. Or going down in history as Obama’s puppet and gun control point man. Brown had people shot for leaving the Super Dome. What might Biden do?

  8. The one slightly positive thing I infer from this is that they found that they don’t have the votes to do what they want. 
    And, frankly, if you’ve come up with a proposal to crap on the citizenry that even THIS congress won’t approve, the same folks who sign off on every NDAA and similar insanity that comes before them, then that’s pretty good proof that the proposal is absolutely nuts.

  9. @Biden, “I appreicate you very much for being here ….”
    KMFA Joe!
    Molon Labe !  Executive Orders are not.  Don’t mean squat to me.
    You swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  
    If you do not uphold the Constitution, you need to find another job!
    Man up Bitch!

    • Agreed, SG1.  Both are foundations of liberty.  Slaves are disarmed.  Free men are armed.  Silver is REAL money and not that flimsy paper s**t with the staying power of an ice cube on a Texas sidewalk in August.  As has been said before, “When the government fears the people, there is liberty.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  It really isn’t all that difficult a choice, now, is it?

    • Must be the payrolled misdirection artist out today.  Hard to believe the bizarre “please take all our guns away” comments come from people who frequent this site..

  10. I do not believe that bals is a troll.  He is representative of the liberals that live in our nation.  Down with Liberals.  You can’t even talk to a lib.  They are brainwashed.  Fools.  People like that and the fact that they are a majority is one of the main reasons I left the US.  Never to return.  Here, in Panama there is gun control.  Gun control sucks.  Stores have to have armed gaurds, including McDonalds and the grocery store.  The cops carry lots of heat, fully automatic weapons and they look like infantry soldiers.  Why? you might ask Lib?  Because the bad guys have guns here and they are very dangerous.  The ordinary citizen is defenseless here.  That is where we are headed in the US.  The gun control issue is but one issue in the US right now as there are so many issues that have arisen and that make our once great nation second rate.  I have no doubt in my mind that Obama will enact an EO to control or even outlaw gun ownership.  He has the mentality of a third rate dictator and he will enact many laws and edicts that make the US nothing more than a third world clone.  This issue definitely relates to silver/gold.  Just wait until further laws get enacted that control silver/gold ownership.  Its all related.

    • @Pollokeeper: Exactly right. A freind of mine was stationed there in Panama in the 80s. He married a local girl. Her family owns a little farm. Last year her father was killed when a large gang of thugs robbed them of everything. Her mother, brother and sisters were beaten so severly they nearly died too. Her sisters were also raped repeatedly.

    • RocketsRedGlare.  That type of thing doesnt happen often here as the country is extremely small.  We did however have our first serial murder incident here, and, it was done by an American of all things.  He is currently serving life in prison.  It is common for homes here to have metal bars on windows and doors.  That helps a lot.  Anyone in the US who lives in the country after the collapse will be subject to armed gangs visiting the homestead to rape and pillage.  Same as here.  I am sorry about what happened to your friends family.  The reality of that story is that even if you had a weapon in your possession, the chances of successfully defending yourself against an armed gang are slim to none.  No amount of legislation can remove guns from those that wish to do harm to their fellow man.

  11. the guns will be taken …. smooth easy transition to the brave new world run by our brightest and most succesful bankers … give those guns up everyone knows we will be cared for by our benevolent friends

  12. yeah like I stated in another post ; check out Hitler’s Enabling Act.This is just the beginning.A modern equivalent of this Act will come.When the shtf count on it becoming reality.This Guns bullshit is just another cover for the FAcist’s ultimate Agenda.

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