Our friend Sean from SGTreport.com checks in with LaRouche’s Harley Schlanger from Austria, where Schlanger is attending meetings and fighting for Glass-Steagall inspired banking reform. Harley says the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ in the U.S. is a fake crisis and the brainchild of Bernanke. Harley presents his solutions for how we take our nation back from the criminal Banksters.


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  1. I would agree conceptually with Mr. Schlanger re: the benefits of rebuilding our infrastructure.  My argument would be that with all the regulations (environmental, OSHA, frivolous workplace lawsuits, etc.) and the inevitable Federal mandates requiring unions to be given priority, the plan to rebuild in order to put millions back to work would be killed in its infancy.  That being said, the ideas merit honest (brutally honest) discussions.

  2. Austerity in America????????? LMFAO. Sounds like normal living in some countries. Have you ever watched the movie Sargent York?? The life of our fore father’s made austerity look like a picnic. Belly up fellas. If our ancestors could make on meager wages and hard times, so can we. Then, we can get back to making it easier for our children and grand children. Yeah I know, I’m somewhere in left field tonight. Oh well! Carry on.

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  4. Even if the fiscal cliff is fake according to Harley Schlanger, it is still guaranteed mathematically that the US dollar will hit hyperinflation when the 500$ bill and the 1000$ bill is reintroduced and then, the US dollar will collapse.

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