At this afternoon’s FOMC Press Conference in response to a question posed as to whether the Fed would ever impose depositor haircuts as was attempted this week in Cyprus, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke confirmed that Cyprus style depositor haircut wealth confiscation is possible here in the US if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar.



At 3:18 PM EST Bernanke was whether a seizure of deposits could happen to US depositors as in Cyprus, if the economy gets worse?

Beranke’s translated response: Only if the Cyprus event or another event in Europe were to become contagious and the people lose confidence in the US dollar.
Bernanke stated that depositor haircuts in the US are extremely unlikely, as FDIC provides deposit insurance for customer deposits?
(editor note: and so did Cyprus!)

While QE to infinity will be pursued as long as possible and Bernanke downplayed the possibility depositor haircuts would ever occur in the US,  the entire Cyprus fiasco ever occurring in the US is according to Bernanke only extremely unlikely because the FDIC has a history of making good on failed banking institutions.


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  1. Just like whipping out a gun and slapping it down on the table! You want law? … THERE’S your ‘law’/

    That’s basically the entire story in a nutshell. Government’s role is to steal our Labor for bankers and if they don’t ‘have the balls’ to do it, timely and without compassion, then bankers feel ‘Regal’ enough to step in and just TAKE it! No allusion to ‘authority’ and ‘justification’.

    Still, in the final analysis … Paper Rots, Coin Does Not!

    • I remember an interview with a survivor of hyperinflation in a south American country… (Argentina comes to mind).  I believe it was Ben Davies who had told the story of this person going through an overnight revaluation.  The thing that got him was that the inflation rate had been building for well over a year and the vast majority of the citizens had still not understood that their purchasing power was vaporizing before their eyes.  It took a revaluation to get them onto the streets, of course by then it was too late.  Human nature doesn’t seem to care how “wealthy” or educated at screwl the population is… Don’t expect to save too many friends, fam, neighbors, but be damn sure that they’ll be knocking down your door for a “loan” after we revalue in the USA. 

    • @ Denarius. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be many led to slaughter. There are many in the masses that just don’t get it. They will sit there several times a week and watch American Idol, X-Factor, Amazing Race & A mass of mind programing. Basically stay a sleep and obey. It kind of brings me back to the movie (THEY LIVE) with Rowdy Rod Piper. I really didn’t pay any attention to it back then. Yet a few months ago it was back it came on again. I started to place the currency, music, movie industry all into the same perspective. As off as this seems. It makes since..Many people around the world just go through their daily lives and are completely blind to what is going on. 
      Take Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Iceland, Greece and Cyprus. Many in the United States are clueless to what is going to happen. They are having there wealth stripped from them in mass. They see or hear what is going on in the markets and let the puppet masters tell them what to do. So all what you can do is stack the smack and prepare yourselves and or families. Help those who want to help themselves. 
      When this thing goes down and those you have warned time and time again and they find out that the paper they had in the banks is only digital numbers that just vanished into thin air.  They are want to flock in numbers to the precious metals and there will be little to none and yet the price will be so high. They will do anything to get it.
      People are going to sell themselves to acquire these metals. Just a simple fact.. Let see if I can find a clip out of “THEY LIVE”

    • “Don’t expect to save too many friends, fam, neighbors, but be damn sure that they’ll be knocking down your door for a “loan” after we revalue in the USA.”
      When they arrive at my door is when I bust out the, “Hey, remember me?  The tin-hat wearing gold / silver bug conspiracy theory anti-government gun-toting nutcase?”.  With that comes a round racked into the chamber of my Mossy 590 and a door kicked shut in their face.  Through the door, though, comes a few bars sung of that timeless classic, “Oh, baby, it sucks to be you, you, youuuuuu…”.  LOL!

    • @NetRanger808
      For a long time, I’ve been saying that platinum palladium and rhodium will eventually be added into the monetary scheme. And, as much ridicule as I suffer for saying it … copper.

    • I love the fundamentals on Palladium, however telling and convincing others that its a valuable commodity is a hard sell. No matter what the numbers say. I always check my Phyz on ebay before I get into it. Numbers are low.

  2. I would say that the xanax addled honey boo boo watchers, if they saw this, would not be emotionally mature enough or smart enough to understand it. Then there are folks like us who have been called every name in the book for saying it.
    Now they are hiding in plain sight, be it naked manipulation, or being frank about stealing from us.
    I believe it was Pat Fields who said a couple weeks ago it’s time to get right with God and get your shit together essentially.. that is exactly right. Heart breaking but right. One can only assume the most logical reason they are doing this now, is because they know it will cause chaos.

  3. So this will immediately be seized upon by the MSM muppets who will do their journalistic duty and report this truth to the public?
    FFS of course NOT!
    They won’t report inconvenient truth.
    And they have the cheek to call N. Korea a communist censorship dictatorship.

    • “And they have the cheek to call N. Korea a communist censorship dictatorship.”
      Which it is… but it’s neither the only one out there nor the only kind of BS being tossed around.

    • Spain uses rubber bullets.  Our Pretorian class has 2 billion metal bullets.  Bullets, rubber or otherwise, will be used.  Armor up silver homies.

  4. Deposit haircuts are not likely going to happen in the US.  It’s much more probable that the Fed will just print money to backstop FDIC.  People in the US are already numb to money printing.  Over in the EU, the German influence hanging over the ECB keeps the ECB a little bit more cautious about printing.  That’s probably part of the reason why they tried this failed deposit haircut.  
    Americans tend to do nothing until they are quite litterally bonked on the head and directly inconvenienced in one way or another.  The printing and subsequent inflation route takes place over a period of time and isn’t as directlly – nor immediately – as visible as 3% being removed from a bank account overnight.

    • I agree Wombat, they are not going to do a depositors tax in the US, they will take their money from currency debasement.
      Most Americans just take it for granted the erosion of their savings accounts, it’s just part of life is their feeling.
      Sound money that protects citizens from inflation is a starnge concept for them, they think speculating into the stock or bond markets offers “protection”, they will learn the hard way.

    • @zman
      A lot of folks are missing the underlying effect of this ‘tax’. Rather than subject the government, banking and monopoly industrialist elites to generalized depreciation, this ploy only has the effect of depreciating savings of specific… serfs … in the society. It’s really ‘targeted’ depreciation. That has a secondary effect of restraining price pressures only within that ‘sector’ as well.

  5. I just listened to the speech live and while this paraphrase is not an exact quote it cuts through the Bernanke blather to the real substance of what was said.  For those who didn’t hear it themselves  the reporter asks if it would be possible do they have the power could they or would they tax deposits and Bernanke nervously rambles a response about how they are a really tiny country we are big so it would be “extremely unlikely” in the united states plus the fdic is proud of never losing a dime and the american response to the crisis was to expand deposit insurance blah blah blah.  The takeaway here is that his statement confirms that yes we have the power, we could, and we would potentially tax bank deposits if deemed necessary.  Kind of like the Obama administration’s tacit admission that they believe they have the power to kill anyone in the United States but it is “unlikely” they would ever do that so don’t worry.  

  6. I just got an email reply from the only bank that sells PM in Panama.  Here’s the price list.
    Krugerrands – 1oz $2,026.75
    Maples – 1oz $1,944.36
    Eagles – 1oz $1,977.31
    Do you think I should jump all over that?  They also want 48 bucks for silver eagles.  And, they do not buy back.

    • @Pollokeeper:  Have you looked into mail order / online options?  Those quotes have chunky premiums.   If you’re looking to buy in volume, it certainly would be worth your time looking around for other options. Is there a tax built into those quotes?

    • They arbitrarily price their metals depending on demand.  Yes, there are taxes involved.  Its a royal pain in the arse to try and mail order in gold to Panama.  You pretty much need a go between to assist you and it costs money.  Panama is not a world class banking center that is for sure.  With gold at such low prices it is virtually impossible to find any gold or silver here at the moment also.

    • PK I’d fly to Panama City, take the 2 hr scooter ride to your house with more gold and silver than I could carry in one trip  and I’d see you whatever you wanted for half that premium.  I am just kidding on that.  Trying to leave the US with phyzz would get you a one way trip to FEMA land.
      On the serious side it would be a great business model to find a way to bring silver and gold in without all these extra costs.
      Gold eagles are $300 over a buy price like with SD Bullion.  how could you set up a system to get phyzz to the people?

    • AgXIIK.  Panama obviously doesn’t want PM coming into the country. It undermines the value of the national currency.  The people here wouldn’t give you 50 cents for a silver eagle.  Nor have they ever seen one.  Real estate is a different story.  Panamanians love their real estate and they love their cattle and keep their wealth invested in that.  It is widely rumored that Panamanians treat their livestock better than they treat their women.  And, they do not trust banks here period.

    • “And, they do not trust banks here period.”
      They sound like men of experience to me.  Not trusting a bank or a banker makes so much sense that it would be difficult for me to trust anyone who did.

  7. It looks like Bernanke had his Holder Moment, FW  This is what a fatuous gas bag will say when he talks long enough.  Nice to know that the government will steal our deposits. 
    Rule of Law? 
    We don’t need no stinking rule of law.
    As others of us have noted it would probably not take the form of a Cyprus event. More likely you’d see pension plans capital forcibly exchanged for low rate USTs Devaluations are likely with the average person waking up to find their FIAT is devalued by 10-25%.
    FDIC insurance is a total crap shoot. If there’s $9 billion in liquid assets, a best guess, and $50 billion line of credit to back up failed banks, then a larger failure, something virtually assured IMO, then the depositors with $250,000 or less will wait weeks for their funds. Those will more will never see the residual balances.
    If the FDIC is effectively bankrupt given the potential liability of trillions in deposits, then the payment of depositor funds will be seriously delayed, with partial cash payment and the rest on a note basis, an IOU from the FDIC. The value of this note would be speculative at best, relying on the full faith and credit of the US treasury (sarc).
    There will be many creatively weaselly and devilish mechanisms brought to the forefront of a major debacle. Bernanke wrote the book about the Depression. He’s probably dusting off that fraudulent Phd thesis of his to come up with a couple of novel wayst to fleece the people.

    • “This is what a fatuous gas bag will say when he talks long enough.”
      Would that make him a fatuous flatulent?  lol
      “Nice to know that the government will steal our deposits.”
      Regardless of Bernanke’s mumblings, was there ever any doubt, any doubt at all, that they would cheerfully loot and pillage everything that isn’t nailed down and half the things that are???
      “Devaluations are likely with the average person waking up to find their FIAT is devalued by 10-25%.”
      If we lose World Reserve Currency status, that and more will be taken care of for us.  We can expect about a 1/3 loss of buying power in the event of losing WRC status… maybe more, but that for openers for sure.
      “There will be many creatively weaselly and devilish mechanisms brought to the forefront of a major debacle.”
      Never underestimate the low level to which these jackals will descend in their predations upon the earned wealth of others.
      “He’s probably dusting off that fraudulent Phd thesis of his to come up with a couple of novel ways to fleece the people.”
      No doubt.  But then, isn’t that what banksters do?


    • SLG  thanks for mentioning this important info.  I was not able to open the audio post.  My contention is not whether Ben would exact a confiscatory, one time stabilization extraction from US accounts.  There are plenty of ways to get the job done without an extraconstitutional theft.  These folks have mastered the art of guilefully removing American wealth without the terrifying notion of a direct removal of our FAIT wellbeing.  A news note today mentioned that the Cypriot legislature is considering dipping into private pension plans, much like Spain did last year to the tune of $75 billion, used to buy Spainish bonds, some of the worst CCC minus rate POS debt instruments. 
      This Cyprus event has become almost  self fullfilling event for those people who will read nearly anything into its significance.  One thing that is vital to note.  The overreaction to this event beats the heck out of being wrapped up Confirmation and Normalcy Bias, oblivious to anything outside the little condition white in which people exist. 

  9. PK  No worries about me dropping in on your casa. As much as I would like to come by and share a few cervesas, talk  about Panama etc.,  that long ride might be a deal breaker.  The Balboa and its relationship with the US dollar as the alternate  currency and gold and silver is intriguing, how do those work together, or not. Does the Balboa show a different premium.  Usually the price of precious metals in relation to the dollar AND another currency can indicate some of the separations that we talk about in paper and dollars.
     Given the large premiums, is that a sign of demand or the impositions of tariffs and taxes?  As it is just the USD or the Balboa too? Do these two currencies run in parallel, tied to a fixed exchange rate or do they vary and in there a black market for dollars in relation to the Balboa.  Do citizens of other countries come from central and south America to help protect themselves from their government’s predatory ways, such as Venezuela and Argentina. 

    • The Balboa should run in parallel.  After all the Silver Balboa’s were minted in the U.S. 
      No idea if that’s still true but back in the 60’s and 70’s they were minted side-by-side with the U.S. Silver Dollar.  I believe they were the same size and weight.

    • Currently I’Ve been told the Balboa’s are minted by the Canadian mint. I don’t know when the switch was made from the US mint.  I know Creditcorp has deposit boxes for rent at $400 per year.   I found some gold for sale back in Dec at 5% over spot at a currency store acosss the street from the REX on Via Espania.

    • Zinc it’s worse than the article outlines. I escaped the revenue gulag of Taxachuessetts West in mid 2009 and am now having to pay my CPA serious bucks to tell these tax nazis that I live in Nevada.  These ghouls are so desperate for money they will levy a bank account, ala Cyprus, if they suspect that even 5 years after someone leaves this state without notice or means for protest.  Aaaand it’s gone is the new mantra of Jerry Brown, governor of CA, the same gov who implements many of the policies that allow the politicians to tear down the barriers between the public unions and public officials, making it possible for the unionists to to buy the political clout they need for massive pay and pension plans that are crippling and bankrupting a once great state.  the corruption is staggering, extending from the smallest town, allowed to spend itself in fiscal destruction like Stockton, Bakerfield and Vallejo to the $68 billion bullet train to nowhere.  I am glad I left and will be able to breath easier when my CPA gets these people off my back.

    • I am curious, AG.  Why do you need to get these Calif. vampires off your neck?  They have zero authority in Nevada, where you now reside.  Isn’t there a polite way to just say “F*** OFF!” and be done with it?

    • @AGXIIK
      Here … you can try this. Send three times over the course of ninety days, if no response is made, you’ll have documented evidential PROOF of Trespass. That can be filed as a Common Law Complaint and prosecuted for compensatory Remedy of Damage … BY THE INDIVIDUAL IN THEIR PRIVATE PERSON … for which the ‘government will likely assume responsibility … which raises the stakes considerably!
      Notice and Demand 
      Dear (Specific Government Vampire), 
      Please take Notice that my lands, buildings, chattels and goods are possessed in my private person and therefore not subject to any statutes you’re seeking to apply in this instance. So, any record implying government, corporate or commercial ownership must either have originated by fraud or mistake, so as to initiate your presumption of provable jurisdiction to have contacted me. 
      As in any instance where fraud may have occurred, I’m anxious to attend to it by Suit At Law, so I am hereby instructing the (Vampire Agency) to inquire into the record as to exactly when, where and how this purported status originated and at whose instigation. Further, I demand that any such government, corporate or commercial connection to my lands, buildings, chattels and goods discovered thereby, be copied, verified and attested as to veracity by first-hand witness and  all gathered information and certification be delivered into my hand within 30 days of your receiving this presentment
                  In the alternative, where existence of such government. corporate or commercial manner of ownership connection was created in gross malfeasance of performance by sundry clerks in your organization or elsewhere in the vast bureaucracy, I then demand action be taken by the (Vampire Agency) to be certain that such false record is fully expunged of such mistakes and that execution of said action be put into certified form, verified and attested by first-hand witness to same and delivered into my hand within the above said time limit. 
                      Finally, if neither of the above demands is forthcoming within the aforesaid time period, you will thereupon be cognizant of lawfully constructive default to confession of pre-meditated acts ultra vires to your authorities under the Constitution for the United States of America, of The (State you’re in), and respective compliant Laws thereunder, subject therefore to appropriate Remedy for injuries upon me having ensued therefrom, At Law, in Court of Record by Due Process.
      Done at (your) city and county of The State of (your state) on this ______________ day of _______________ in the year of Two thousand thirteen, A.D. 
      (Your name), All Rights Reserved, Non-commercial

    • @zinc
      That FTB didn’t explain or issue a statement because this is a country-wide scam they’re vigorously reticent to reveal the foundations of. ANY loan or ‘benefit’ initiates a Negotiable Instrument on one’s signature (a ‘Bill of Credit) that’s KEPT on the books of the municipalities infinitely … BECAUSE THAT’S THEIR JURISDICTION TO TAX. It’s  all found in the ‘Corporations’ sections of federal, State and local statute codes.
      Not only does it create a municipality’s jurisdiction to tax (the ‘Property’ in the Negotiable Instruments which ordinary Jacks and Jills are presumed to ‘Represent’ as ‘Agents’), but the municipalities and banks then have infinite opportunity to borrow against those Bills of Credit (ordinarily only valid during the limited course of the loan or ‘benefit’) laying hidden on the municipal records, Worse still, BOTH the municipalities AND the banks get to … hypothecate … those bills of credit as many times as they can get away with!
      The reason they lay dormant in the records is that there’s a pitance of an Excise Tax due on them that NEITHER the municipalities NOR the ‘grantors’ EVER make clear or definitive notice of … to the sucker borrowers or ‘beneficiaries’. 

  10. Gloves are off. Does this mean that all this pussy footing around with inflation is over? Hey if they just tax cash directly, hey wait a minute, don’t they tax income?
    So putting your money in the bank isn’t safe? what’s a bank for again?
    I like this new world order, its all coming together nicely. They are coming out of the shadows and now playing down and dirty like the rest of us. This is good. All the pretence of a fair and just society, nicely balanced in perfect economic equilibrium. All the rubbish how if you work hard you get rewarded. All the lies are going away.
    Only trouble is these bods got death from above and all us commoners have is ak47’s hardly fair now is it.
    I would like to take this moment to thank Greece and Cyprus, the birthplace of democracy for showing us the truth about the so called Capitalist Society of the west and showing what bunkum it is.
    Time to start thinking how you going to shift your Silver into Gold folks, this isn’t going to take long now. Why gold? its move valuable than silver and easier to hide when they come to take it away 🙂

    • Only problem I have with your comment is the delusion that Capitalism (a Social Order based on Private Property and Individual Determinism) has existed anywhere on this planet, since … at LEAST … 1871. Arguably, if EVER, since money has ALWAYS had government’s decreed unitary definition stamped on it, which can (and often has) superceded whatever metallic content is in coin.

  11. Ed It was a surprise to find that the Franchise Tax Board of CA can do a ‘look through’ at all 1099s and K-1 amongst other tax disclosure documents that are normally send to the IRS.  Once these items are in the IRS data base the FTB can scan each document, each SS number, each corporate tax ID and each address   If there is a match to any document that FTB deems a potential income derived from business in CA, they automatically assume this is a non-filing event.  In my case a company sent a K-1 and a bank sent a 1099 to me without changing the address on the documents.  The FTB takes a peek and voile, they send a letter out. 
    This letter went to a 3 year old address but occupant, the buyer of our home, let us know of this.  They forwarded this letter to us and we then to our CPA.  It’s ironic that we did everything right to go ex-pat from Arnold Schwarterzenbegger’s little idaho only to be caught up in the tax web of a bankrupt state.  Even though we filed out final CA return in 2009, the gremlins in the FTB didn’t check our filing status, or more likely, they just decided to go fishing and see what they could catch.  When the tax nazis decide they need more zeks in the gulag, it’s pretty easy to send a letter.  Who now, just like the IRS and their penny ante letter audits, the FTB probably thinks someone will send s few dollars to get them off their back. I am sure our CPA bill is going to be low 4 figure but I won’t roll over for these fools.
    If nothing else, this might serve at a heads up to anyone leaving a high tax state for a low tax domicile.  The ties and lines must be cut fully and completely to be certain these folks don’t reach out to take your money.

    • @AGXIIK
      You realize, every single of those items of contractual nexus were brought into existence through fraud by intentional misrepresentation and omission of Material Facts necessary to derive a bone fide intent. There was NEVER even a whisper that those ‘agreements’ were traverses to the foreign jurisdiction of the United States (municipality of the District of Columbia), and that under such jurisdiction no constitutional limits or ‘bills of rights’ are valid because of provision in Fed. Const., Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2.
      Consequently, the judicial presumptions taken in ‘quiet cognizance’ of their ‘obligatory performance’ can be eradicated entirely! We ONLY ‘accept’ these statutory controls on our lives because we never look past the verbiage of those … internal … statutes, into the underpinnings of phony jurisdictions they create.
      Ironically, we can abandon those ‘high tax states’ you speak of, without moving an inch! The Constitutions and foundational structure of America is said to be intended for a ‘spiritual People’ because all the great Power they possess is completely invisible, having to do with inter-relationships between The Peoples of the States and … THEIR institutions of ‘governance’ (most properly understood as their instrumentalities of societal administration).

    • I had a sililar situation with California only they wanted me to provide the records. They had lost their copies, Like hell I would! I told them to find your own damn records or leave me alone. I’ve never heard from them again!

  12. Pat  thank you for taking the time to explain these broader as well as personal situations in both laymans language as well as that of the law. I will print your notes and take them up with my CPA to see if he is aware of this.  His client base is frequently getting these nasty grams from CA and other tax venues. My situation is petty and easily disposed of by conventional means but there are those ex-pats from CA who are seelng 5 and 6 figure taxes and penalties from these kleptocrats. 
     You’ve researched this subject exhaustively.  I’m see this matter of cross border taxation is part of the overall theme.  You’ve studied and have the awareness of this situation while most of usjust have the sense and gut call that some much of our laws and tax policies are just plain wrong and in many ways illegal on the face of it. 
    I’m not sure how deep down the road I can go with this since I’ve never heard of the fundamentals of which you speak. But you speak it with authority and much time invested in gaining a great understanding and knowledgeof the subject. 
    I always enjoy your statement  Money Rots, coins don’t  Intuitively my acquiring a stack of gold and silver coins and bullion that is about 95% of my net worth is a reasonable policy and plan, if for not other reason that it counters what the state in its plans has in for us.   It’s almost like giving the state the middle finger while gaining some measure of sovereignty.  
    If I told you what Washoe County is doing to counter the ruling of the Nevada Supreme Court thatthe county had to roll back illegal and unconstitutional property tax increases, either your head would explode or you would say ‘I told you so’  We won a 10 year court battle to recovery 7 years of illegally high property taxes. The rollback recovery included 6% interest. Now the county has done an end run and is trying to bill each person for back taxes for the years 2003-2006.  The battle is once again is being waged by our attorney as a rear guard action.  It’s an amazing fight.

  13. @AGXIIK
    You may recall that I also bemoan what I call ‘Expertosis’, since I have a VERY early admonishment against lawyers from my Grampop, who infrequently felt compelled to appologize to ‘us kids’ for failing to provide more material comfort that ought to have come from an invention he created, which came to be used in every single car made worldwide from the 30s through the 80s … stolen by a lawyer who proceeded to lavishly endow HIS family instead! Blessed as I was by his intellectual legacy on that count, at least … I nevertheless only raised his banner after a VERY similar instance happened to me as well!
    In the case of FARETTA v. CALIFORNIA, 422 U.S. 806 (1975), obiter dicta from Justice Stewart’s delivery of decision wa made that …
    “When the Colonies were first settled, “the lawyer was synonymous with the cringing Attorneys-General and Solicitors-General of the Crown and the arbitrary Justices of the King’s Court, all bent on the conviction of those who opposed the King’s prerogatives, and twisting the law to secure convictions. ” This prejudice gained strength in the Colonies where “distrust of lawyers became an institution. ” Several Colonies prohibited pleading for hire in the 17th century. The prejudice persisted into the 18th century as “the lower classes came to identify lawyers with the upper class.” The years of Revolution and Confederation saw an upsurge of anti-lawyer sentiment, a “sudden revival, after the War of the Revolution, of the old dislike and distrust of lawyers as a class.” In the heat of these sentiments the Constitution was forged.”
    If you have time to learn self-defense (actually, the Supreme Power of Lawful Offense) in Common Law legal process, I feel confident assuring you it’ll prove more regularly useful and benefical than any arsenal you could assemble. ‘Their’ courts of European Civil Law are a labyrinthian snare of endless interconnecting, contradictory ‘interpretations’ and minutely nuanced case-law. I KNOW, I spent many wasted hours across twenty years pouring over the mumbo-jumbo. This recent induction into Common Law has been a life-changing epiphany for me! It’s SO simple and straightforward, it’s no wonder at all that our Forefathers struggled over the centuries to keep it a part of their indefeasible heritage!
    You see, it was originally developed for Monarchs to control their officers by Royal Prerogative! That means, as Americans, herited with the Royal Sovereign Persona … it’s now OUR MECHANISM for control of OUR agencies! Common Law is INTERNATIONALLY Supreme Law of a country’s Sovereign and the Verdicts of the Sovereign’s Court are … irreversible in any OTHER court. Man-oh-man! I’ve GOT to say … I LOVE being an American more and more every day!

  14. I asked a question on Yahoo Answer saying “What is the point of keeping your money inside bank accounts?” and I also mentioned how it may happen in the USA just like in Cyprus. The answers from people were like “You are insane! This would never happen in the USA!” but now, even the Federal Reserve itself has admitted it!

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