We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski crashed a private reception for Federal Reserve and Treasury officials and was able to confront Fed Chairman Bernanke on the secret Federal Reserve bail outs of banking institutions world wide.

Bernanke responded by literally attempting to grab the mic out of Luke’s hands, and the security personnel that immediately escort Rudkowski out of the reception repeatedly ask him how did you get in here?

Video footage of the confrontation with the Counterfeiter-in-Chief below:




  1. This is BS. Since when can ANYONE just approach a banker as powerful as Bernanke??? If these guys left such holes in their protection, anyone could do anything and probably would, right? TOTAL BS. Luke Rudkowski is a globalist campaigner, under the guise of being a revolutionary. His propoganda involves David Icke, a fictional character played by a Rockefeller family member, the same guy who acts the fictional character, Sir Richard Branson (wellaware1.com).

    This is a theme which happens alot, right? That some ‘revolutionary’ person who is fighting for the rights of the masses, just crashes some event, and approaches someone who is ‘part of the problem’. This just doesn’t happen, unless it is arranged for the camera, to be added to the 10 foot wall of propaganda.

    • It takes a special talent to be able to “crash” these events and I do not believe he is. He has a press pass and that can get you closer than you might think. He also knows the whereabouts of these people enough to at least confront them on the way to and from their limos. I believe Luke started this campaign, if you will, after 9/11 and losing family and friends to the disaster. Saying Luke is a “globalist campaigner” is like saying Bernanke is a good will ambassador.

    • Maybe Luke Rudkowski sneaked inside by using the windows or the back doors. Maybe he used a news report pass so that the bodyguards would be able to let him in. For me, it seems legit that he did that all by himself without the help of the elites.

  2. Luke Rudkowski is a true patriot and one of my heroes! While most everyone else lets the pathetic condition of the federal government just slide on by, Luke is out there pounding the pavement and doing the homework needed to be where he needs to be and when. He is the only member of the press that I know of that asks these kind of in your face questions, other than Alex Jones, and unlike Alex, he never loses his composure and always speaks calmly and specifically. This is exactly what is necessary to restore our republic. The mainstream media is in on the game and are not trying to expose anything……with very few exceptions. After all, the media, the government, Wall street, the banking cartel…..heads of the same hydra and nobody seems to notice or care enough to do anything about it but not Luke and the others like him, all tireless crusaders.
    God speed luke and “We Are Change”!

    • Alex Jones is also a good reporter. He also asks good questions to these thugs. I remember when he asked an elite about the Bohemian Grove and he replied him that he’s not supposed to talk about that. But, Alex told him that he sneaked in and he got all mad.

  3. Has anyone notice how alone Bernanke looks. Everybody standing and talking and he’s just sitting there all alone legs crossed, the primadonna of the banking world or is it the scapegoat.
    If it’s that easy to get to him, I think he may be in trouble. Sad to say. Lol

    • That’s funny, great minds think alike…I was thinking that too while watching, he looked like a little kid at a party being ignored and he seemed almost pitiful! He also had a underlying expression of complacency and acceptance. That’s a great time to approach him with a camera. That’s Luke’s gift is to “stealthily”, (if that’s even a word), approach and surgically execute his exposé.

    • @SilverSlicker LMAO Our Minds must be in unisons as I was going to say he looked like a lost kid and here you where thinking close to the same thing, sure we’re not long lost twins. Lol

    • Exactly, you’re right! Imagine if there were more than twenty people questioning Bernanke about all the bad stuffs that he did. These people won’t be able to control these people and Bernanke might get stuck inside the curious crowds. I can imagining Bernanke’s face when that happens! LOL!

  4. @Chief
    You have got to be joking right? “David Icke, a fictional character played by a Rockefeller family member, the same guy who acts the fictional character, Sir Richard Branson” You really can’t be serious to link wellaware1.com as your backup source surely?  Never heard of the site before but took the time to have a look around it first before commenting. Nobody is anybody while everybody is someone else seems to be the general theme. But hey who knows it’s all a bit of a matrix out there. Maybe DI doesn’t even know he’s also RB LOL
    Actually I think in a perverse sort of way Mr Icke would probably congratulate you on your out of the box thinking. He’s one of the most profound writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and read. Can I ask you a straight question to which a straight and honest answer in reply would be appreciated? Have you actually ever read any of his work or met the chap in person? If so which ones and when? Or have you formed this opinion of him solely through third party publications such as the one you’ve linked or from other repeaters? It’s just that my experience has been that the ones that make comments such as yours in reality really don’t know anything about him. The ones that have taken the time to give him a chance and actually listen and inwardly digest his research, normally don’t seem to condemn him outright even if on some points are in disagreement, but walk away with an open mind and give the him benefit of the doubt. I’ve read virtually all of his books, been to his presentations and watched most of his video products. Personally I believe he is one of the few true good guys left and understands what an utter charade and mental prison Planet Earth is for the majority.
    Then again you may conclude, while observing my Avatar, that I would say this 😉 Not going to argue that you are wrong and Mr Icke is right, because frankly if you’ve ever read any of his stuff you would already be aware he couldn’t give a toss if anyone believes him or not. He just does the research and then puts the information out there. Take it if it resonates within, or leave it if it doesn’t.
    PS just in case you are not aware of the difference, Zilver is a Reticulan not a Draco Reptoid 😉

    • @Zilver Zeta … No I am not joking! I agree this is out of the box, but it’s not my discovery .. it is the discovery of Ed Chiarini and all laid out at wellaware1.com. Here are a couple of videos on it. The first shows that DI and Sir RB are played by the same guy, and the second shows that the actor is none other than John D Rockefeller, a zionist jew. The resemblance among all 3 is quite amazing.

      In answer to your questions: Yes, I used to read David Icke and watch his videos, and I used to believe what he said for quite a while. But I had my doubts when I simply couldn’t understand what he said about the DNA codes of the British Royal Family being particularly good at contacting the spirit world, and also the reptilian thing. But, now that I have no doubt he is a fake, I believe that there is a good amount of truth to what he says about paedophilia for example, and that we live in a prison, etc, BUT there is some serious BS in there too, and that is the reptilians and the DNA codes thing with the spirit world IMHO. All propaganda channels have 90% truth and 10% propaganda, otherwise they are rejected quickly. I now believe that the reptilians is a euphemism for the reptilian-like approach of the zionist j ws (as vampires are also a euphemism for the same thing), and that the the spirit world/DNA thing is misinformation to keep us all thinking that there are satanic elites all over the show, worshipping the devil and plotting destruction (also the 13 bloodline families) (which I also believed for a while!). Let’s face it, the entire shooting gallery is incredibly confusing, and cursory reading does not sort it out, you have to read for years, which I have done for the last 3.
      It was sometime after I stopped believing in DI, that I realised that everything can be put down to the beliefs and plans of the zionist j ws, along with the HUGE amount of misinofrmation and blind alleys that they put out through their MSM and internet channels. You only have to watch a video of the latest AIPAC meeting where they are all so happy that the Palestinians are getting bombed and their kids are getting killed to see the evil there. They do use euphemisms alot, I believe, for example, pole shift is a euphemism for global collapse and currency collapse, because if there was pole shift, there is nothing anyone can do about it, so why all the propaganda and war plans!!
      Well, those are my beliefs, stated honestly and with respect for your opinion. Pls take a look at the videos with an open mind anyway. I am sure you would agree that we earthlings have a BIG problem with the zionist j ws. And, there is alot of evidence on wellaware1.com that zionist j ws act many parts in media and politics, with the overall purpose of eventual total control … it’s strange that that is exactly the problem we have in the developed world right now.
      All the best, and thanks for your comment.

    • @Machas45
      Can I join you lol, this is why I can’t stand conspiracy theorist. They get so waked out and tend to generat a hate and paranoia. I would like to start our own site Charle   

    • @Marchas45 just playing devils advocate here – Do you believe in GOD ?
      Something equally intangible, unsupportable by science but believed in ?
      @427 what about the Silver manupilation “conspiracy” ?
      Curiosity may have killed the cat some of the time boys, that’s no reason to be scared.

    • @clambake
      Naket shorting the silver market is factual, and ya Im not into all the HYPE BS surrounding the silver market. This site and most others promote it for there own benefit. I do look for facts not BS…     

    • @427 “I don’t believe in BS…” is a fair enough comment, I try not to belive in BS also. However “I don’t believe in BS…” as a comment is one thing but it doesn’t explain your “filter mechanism” or how your “reticulating radar” works, do you read everything and then decide or have you “Already Made Up Your Mind ?”. It hasn’t explained your compartmentalising of the above string of comments by others as BS. Care to enter ?
      Just quietly, between you and I. Where do you stand on 911 ?

    • @clambake Yes I believe in God and I’ve had several awakenings and as for Conspiracies, I believe in a few but not the one above.
      As for being scared that’s the furthest thing from my mind, as outside conditions can’t harm me only if ME LETS THEM but NEVER the I.
      I want to be good today but ME doesn’t want too, but Me must do what I say, as I AM boss. God Bless.

    • @clambake
      Just curious were do you stand on this thought just between you and me…Do you constitute answers because you asked. Why would anything that I think and feel need to be justified to you? Do you think my thoughts and feelings are open to debate? Do you hold your self to some preconceived level in your own mind?

    • Nah, I didn’t see the humor and thought it was way over the top. Nothing more.
      You bit, I was curiuos about your flat refusal to accept any “conspiracy” theory so entered a couple generally taken up within the posts of this site, just to test your claim.
      I don’t pretent to have any of my questions, let alone all my questions answered and expected I wouldn’t from you. Laughing in someones face carries a decent slab of opinionated bigotry and/or derision, I was just poking you with a stick, that’s all.
      If you can’t stand the heat, why you in the kitchen ?
      BTW – I like your idea of the new site.
      PS – where do you stand on 911 ?

    • @clambake
      911 we had a Muslim Terrorist Attack on my home soil. I know I know, your self as a Conspiracy Theorist your going to take a little truth and have your imagination run rampent. Such a week mind, you must be very easy to manipulate. Go watch some more You Tube vids lol.. ha ha ha Why don’t you ask me about the moon landing or any other wacko crap your brain is full of

      Good By Brainbaked 

    • @427 I’ve been using this intercourse as an instruct to my kids as a good example of how a bully works, you play your part well.
      Really, how would you begin to know what I believe ? Personal attack 427 is the last bastion of the witless. Continue to believe the MSM BS on Building 7 and the reported 747 impact into The Pentagon, LOL, ghost wreckage – right. Direct your gaze back to your navel, put your fingers in your ears and say la, la, la, la and keep drinkin the coolade.  BTW – Santa will be here  shortly hope he brings you what you want.

    • @clambake
      Im sure your children are quite brite. If in reading this they will see someone was talking to a friend and no others. Then there father decided to side-bust there conversation to antagonize the two parties. There father in side-busting ask some questions and received two polite answers. But there brain-baked father did not accept the answers because they didn’t lead off into fantasy land. The father was unable to drift off in propaganda & hate and has the gall to even feel his questioning deserves an answer.

      Yes im sure you children are brite. What about your parents? Im sure there brite too, not to mention probably concerned over the direction there child took…..         

    • @427 I really need to direct your attention 427 to that fact that you’re on a public forum and not sitting quietly somewhere, so that makes what you say public property, as was your intent all along. Lambasting someone quietly to another is a totally different thing to openly deriding them.
      You made your comment and I made mine, a bully needs to be pointed out.
      Your position is erratic and your comments, as they wander, are completely non-sequitur. You are scrambling to fortify your position however the evidence of your folly is before us.
      We are coming to hard times and the environment of those who think that they can prey on the weak will be about us in short order, be aware and hearten yourselves. Bullies, thugs and other such base cretins will not be tollerated in my sphere of influence.
      427 – you have the floor, I enter no more on this subject here and now, the fullness of my thoughts are now spent on you. Good luck, you’re gonna need it bud.

    • @clambake

      So in other words your going to mind your own business,and stop antagonizing others into wacko debates. But I do and must ask what the hell sphere of influence do you have,0%. Funny thing half-baked I have a lot of friends here and none of them became friends because I am a bullie. The fact is I am very open and helpful to all from newbie to old and am Jonny on the spot to help others.

      But you do sound paranoid and maybe should work on that, you can have influence over your own thoughts. Maybe a little socializing will help that, try making friend and not enemies with others. Hell if you weren’t so arrogant I would be open to befriend you even though I may not agree with some of your views. But your arrogance definitely gets in the way.     

    • @427 OK, I’ve bit.
      The content of this last post is so contrary to the first post which prompted me. You have no mandate for your claims they are so polarised. “The fact is I am very open and helpful . . . ” but you have invited yourself into dissing a Newby “Can I join in lol, that is why I can’t stand conspiracy theorists.” you hypocrite. Then go on to generalise about others and what the hell is waked out ? in your part of the world ? Then you go on to dis the rest of the members by intimating that the site is not worth putting into, really dude, go.
      As for the 0% influence, you have been identified here and if I had a mind to bare the expence of getting some information, I reckon I could send you Christmas card this year.
      I’ll tell you a story and take it as true or not, you care to invest more by your ramblings about me, in suposition than in fact, who knows how you will recieve it.
      A fellow who worked for us tried to top himself by setting himself on fire, he’s OK now, but when he got back to work a particular parisite on the human condition started to antaganise him about it, to the point where he wore a cigarette lighter round his neck and said it was this poor fellows “bling”. It got messy. This particular bully still works for us but his income is one third of what is was and he works in a gang who is made up of mates of the fellow he picked on. You would ask yourself why wouldn’t he just leave ? Well, I haven’t been giving him a very good reference you see, so he can’t get work in this town. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
      There has been other occasions of my influence however that is the one I’m most proud of.
      Your insults may fly and land like a cowpat but I shower every day, water off a ducks back and while your focus is on me it’s not on someone else.
      And now I’ll step into the sess pit of personal insult 427, to someone who can actually read and spell your ability to bearly string a few words together to make actual sense and not just phonetic sense is so poor I expect that the drivel that comes out of your mouth is of similar quality, if you are actually a born and bread American bud you sure do express yourself like you have the education of a recent immigrant American, sorry to those immigrant Americans out there who do not wish to be associated whith such ilk, I apologise for the sterio typing. Go get an education!

  5. If you haven’t checked out the one where luke confronts The elder Rotschild you should. The look in his eye when luke tells him the New WOrld Order will not succeed. It’s like an animal being cornered or a crook being caught in the act. 

    The well aware site is completely absurd because a lot of those people are different heights and are obviously spotted in several different locations at once so it’s just silly to even entertain for myself personally. 

    • I did saw the video of them confronting one of the Rothschild family’s member who is Jacob De Rothschild. I can’t believe how easily they were able to question him like that. There were no bodyguards to protect him and to keep him away from these questions.

  6. @SilverSlicker: The person who founded the NYC organization was not Lukasz Rudkowski. The person you’re thinking of is Dan Wallace, who was a first responder at the WTC and whose father, a fireman FDNY Lt Robert Wallace E205(KIA 911RIP), died there. Dan Wallace died 29jan2009 after having known Rudkowski a few months. Right before his death, Wallace had mentioned releasing a video. That video never appeared. Wallace’s girlfriend was present the night of his death, said she woke and he was blue. Within a month of Wallace’s death, Rudkowski had taken over the NYC movement and Wallace’s girlfriend, who had now become involved with him, was named treasurer of the organization.

    Googling brings up all kinds of interesting bits and pieces:

    Someone named Lukasz Milewski was reported to have died at the WTC:

    For those familiar with the film “Loose Change”:

    Before anyone can comment on conspiracy, they are going to have to do their homework the way we conspiracy weirdos do it, that is to use the Googles to turn over every rock and look at what’s underneath. The material at the following link is only distantly related, but might be connected enough to the personal history of many here to help begin their journey. I suggest starting with Part I of “Inside The LC, The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation”:

    @Orion: They’re all actors, they’re all related, it’s been ever thus:


    • @RocketsRedGlare: Yeah, McGowan has a lot of interesting stuff, wish I had the time to spend hours focussing on reading books and watching long videos like I used to, but now I feel the need to stay on top of everything so I’m just jumping from place to place, spending the absolute minimum time I can and still get some info. But it was only because of finding material like his that I have a context to put the bits and pieces in that I quickly scan now.

  7. @Chief
    Thanks for the reply.  Of course I will take the time to look into your links from one open minded person to another. Almost fell into the trap of ridiculing an angle I’ve never considered before. Clearly you are well versed in the DI stuff and arrived at a place that feels right for you, so respect.  I’ll look into it and make up my own mind on the evidence you’ve linked, however nutty it may seem. If I didn’t, some might consider me “normal”!!! can’t think of a worse insult actually 😉 Too many of that type around already if you ask me LOL.
    The DNA/Reptilian/Royal part of the topic didn’t really conflict with my views when I first came across one of his book in the mid 90s as I was studying another “so called” fringe subject at the time. Since the late 80s I’ve devoured anything and everything related to Ufology. Collecting a library of over 200 case study books on the phenomena. Take it or leave it but if anyone really does believe we are alone and not being watched they are in for a big shock. ET life is more bizarre than you can imagine….but that’s another story completely. I agree entirely that researching any so called “Out of the Box” subject deserves more than a cursory look. Lets face it, like anything in life, including becoming a Silver Stacker, how else do you arrive at that understanding other than by doing the research that the majority ignore? Which I find rather ironic when some laugh at our posts. The topic of the research may be different, but the method of discovery is the same. i.e. Ignore what the MSM tells you and educate yourself. On the other hand, actually it’s good to laugh, keeps you healthy apparently LOL

    • @Zilver Zeta  … thanks too! I know what you mean about ‘normal’ .. all of a sudden, there are 1000s of points of view. It seemed like only yesterday, when we had some cohesion, but now it is falling apart more and more each day. I guess that’s what happens when you let one group (the zionists) control the world, as we foolishly and unknowingly have done.
      I don’t know much about UFOs to be honest. The other thing I couldn’t understand about DI (which I forgot to mention yesterday) is all that stuff about consciousness and outer space and all that  – he gets into that very deep, but loses me completely. And, when I get lost completely, after doing my best to understand, I conclude that it’s BS!! lol. I think that’s a fair approach today, because there are mountains of BS out there, and new stuff every day.
      Yeah, people laugh because they are afraid to appear foolish in front of all the ‘normal’ people out there!! LOL

    • If that’s the case, then you really must know a lot about UFOs! A lot of people don’t believe in UFOs but you and me do. I used to not believe in UFOs but then, I saw one with my own eyes and I started to accept this theory. It was on August 2010, when I was heading towards the Canadian border in New York that I saw it.

    • @Chief
      That explains why we differ on the DI material. I found his stuff logical after REALLY digging down deep into high strangeness Ufology. I’ve had many a “Aha!” moment when reading his explanations. I’m not talking about nuts and bolts advanced technology physical craft that travel from A to B. The type that most associate with Aliens. While this type do exist the majority seem to be far more complex than that. Inter-dimensional, entities from parallel universes or some that reside in the inter-space between realities even. I actually see it slightly different to yourself [well of course I would LOL] I see the 1000s of different views as a good thing, cohesion falling apart is the falling away of the old and outdated and taking a step into the unknown, scary but it seems to be what needs to happen and how it works. Birthing pains if you wish as we move into a greater understanding that the reality we live in is in actual fact not what it seems. 
      Many of us forget at times how rapidly things have changed in only a couple of decades.  Take this conversation for example. How on Earth could you and I or anyone else conversing on this or other forums have shared such ideas from the four corners of the planet? Even as recently as the 1980s, it just wouldn’t have happened.  Pen Friends would have been about the best we could have hoped for, and even then it would have taken days to weeks, not seconds, to receive a reply. [Time is an illusion of course, there’s only the one moment] Cause and effect, the internet is changing things at an incredible pace that’s why TPTB are worried imo. I think they have F*** up, probably originally seeing the technology as another tool of control but in reality it is going the other way. Hence the recent calls for more censorship and monitoring and profiling individual users. Silver Stackers seen as an anti Government threat being a case in point. The concept of Money is also a very earthly based idea from what I’ve studied. I can recall one person who described a telepathic conversation he had with an ET during one encounter. The ET couldn’t get his mind around the concept of money and asked for an explanation. The person in question did his best but it resulted in the ET responding with the thought “We can not understand why you have to pay on a planet that you are freely born into”. Says it all to my thinking. Paper and digital money is a complete illusion of the highest order I think we all agree with that concept. Gold and Silver are of course a much better solution. However, I would still prefer a system where there was no requirement for money at all. I have a feeling I might have to wait quite a while for that shift though 😉 if there was such a thing as linear time of course LOL
      @ShortyLong There certainly seems to be a Zionist agenda but it is unfair to label it a Jewish thing. Like in all walks of life there’s good and bad people. Dangerous game labelling an entire race as being the cause of the problem. However, belief in the Zionist plan does seem to have some merit. Just as all Germans were not Nazi’s, all Jews are not Zionists.

    • This is the “elephant in the living room”, the glaring fact that gets overlooked in any speculation about TPTB.
      IF the Jews/Zionists/Kazarrs, or whatever anyone wants to call them, are running the world and doing all this evil, we must ask, “How’s that strategy been working for them?” The Jews have been hated and scattered for most of their history, and by some miracle (wink wink) they didn’t die out as a people while much larger and stronger nations did. Now, they live in a tiny spit of land surrounded by much larger foes, who daily scream out death threats and demand they give up more of what little land they have. IF the Jews or Mossad were behind 9/11, then why is it that this resulted NOT in the world making war against Islam* but in the world turning against Israel and making it the scapegoat for just about everything wrong in the world today? The most ridiculous theory I’ve heard is that Israel wants war so they can kill the very countries they allegedly have been controlling all these years!
      * It was obvious from the start that the red carpet was being rolled out for Islam, as world leaders and the controlled media hammered out the mantra that “we must not blame all Muslims for this”. And who can deny it now? Look at the Islamic invasions by political correctness of all the western countries.

    • @Zilver Zeta … I agree about the internet, they are desperate to control that, because right now the truth IS out there, and you can get at it. But even though things look like they are swinging for us at present, that could change in a heartbeat with WW3 coming along and a currency collapse, because both will be used to lock down the western world and control the internet, unfortunately.

      @SaberTruth … you ask a very good question. But it’s important to remember that Israel was created to foment WW3, and it’s strategic position amid all the muslims is key to this. The other important thing is that it is not just Israel, but the zionists who are all over the world, and are in EVERY country, holding top positions globally (that by itself is a bit suspicious). So, Israel could be wiped out tomorrow and the world would still be run by zionists. I don’t think Israel is a hugely popular scapegoat in the world, but if it is then this just cements the inevitability of WW3, which is something they want after all. Israel has huge military power through holding nuclear weapons. The zionists want global control, and all they do is for that. To say they want to destroy certain countries may be true, but if so, it is only a stepping stone to global domination, and not by Israel, but the zionists. In case you have not read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, this is enlightening and chilling at the same time. Here is a decent link to it … http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm. Their firm belief is that they are superior to all other races, and that is the driving force behind all their hard work and perseverance.
      The zionists have been behind WW1, WW2 and numerous other wars aswell …. The book ‘Pawns in the game’, 1958, William Guy Carr. Available free online.

    • @Chief … Whether Israel was created to foment WWIII is highly disputable. The Protocols are an anti-semitic hoax, as “enlightening and chilling” as any other work of fiction. In other words, I dispute all of your stated premises, and consider the observable evidence of much greater weight. The undeniable fact is that Jews have been hated and persecuted throughout their history, their country today is tiny and surrounded by bitter enemies, and the wealth of the Saudis and other anti-Jewish groups cannot be lightly dismissed. In fact, the Saudis would have the motive and money to get their enemies (Jews and rival Muslims) to annihilate each other.
      Most, if not all, of the big names typically claimed to be Jewish are German, not Hebrew. Considering that Germany is within the realm of the land once part of the old Roman Empire, and that this empire is clearly to play a part in the next world empire per Bible prophecy, I think it would be wise to consider that all this blame on Jews is not by accident. Remember also that Germany has been one of the areas to claim “master race” status.

    • @SaberTruth

      So at least you see what I mean by my first statement directed to my friend. ”  this is why I can’t stand conspiracy theorist. They get so waked out and tend to generat a hate and paranoia.”

      And I thought this is a silver site for discussing the metals and current world economic condition.   

  8. This video looks staged. Barnanke looks like he was sitting there waiting for the confrontation and then had a very poor acting response to the event. I can’t believe Ben would be sitting by himself without someone conversing with him since he is the most powerful man in the financial world. Everyone would be trying to ask questions or suck up to him. Also, if Luke has really been that confrontational to the “elites” of the NWO, I would think they would have a pretty good bead on him and be looking out for him especially at events like this.

    No, this was not spontaneous it was either staged or at least anticipated. 

    • @Not Sure …  good points. You’re right .. don’t we know that in any situation, the big guy always has at least a few hangers-on around trying to feed off his power .. it’s invariable. But not in this video, ergo BS!

    • I don’t about this. With your points, I now have doubts about this confrontation. So, I’m not sure if it is real or not. By the way, it matches your username lol! I think it is real because before the confrontation, there was a lady who was speaking to him.

  9. @Zilver Zeta: Yeah, the whole financial system here has a parasitic quality, that recent report that 40-some percent of every dollar spent goes to interest just corroborates it, but it’s not just interest, there’s the whole thing of prices constantly being jacked up so everything starts becoming just out of reach and then, finally, an unobtainable dream, and i wonder if the frustration and desperation from that continuum is a negative energy that is fed off. It feels like there’s some kind of infection on the planet that has spread.

  10. @Precious

    Yes something just instinctively doesn’t feel right does it. Of course as we grow we learn or vice versa, so I’m not saying I know the real reason why it feels so increasingly uncomfortable. Is something/someone feeding off our pain? Possibly. I can only speak for myself and highlight what I personally feel could be behind it. But I have a gut feeling it is because we are not completely indigenous to Earth and that fact is getting nearer the surface. Hear me out.

    I watched the first episode of a History Channel documentary recently called “Mankind, The Story of All of Us”. I found myself laughing and shaking my head. It just felt like propaganda, huge generalisations and simplifications for mass consumption. Well that’s Tell-A-Vision/Version [TV] for you 100%. For me clearly another form of dumbing down brainwashing, which is all it takes for so many. A convenient explanation on a superficial level, there you go this is the truth of our origins, so now forget about it and just go out and continue to consume and feed the system.

    But something is changing, is our DNA waking up? Not sure but as you know many are beginning to see through the hoax of our monetary system, many are also starting to question numerous other areas of life which were once believed to be unshakeable truths. [The Chief’s 1000s of different views] We live in a free democratic system. You can trust the Government as they have your best interests at heart. 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of Arab terrorists with box cutters. Are we humans having a conscious experience, or are we consciousness having a human experience. There’s a split going on and I’m sure you must have experienced this being a Silver Stacker. You know, you try to convince other friends and family of the essential nature of getting out of fiat paper and into tangible Phyzz. Some get it instantly [DNA waking up] Some however, no matter how hard you try will never get it. Blue Pill and Red Pill once again [That Movie was one of the most profound I’ve ever watched imo] Of course nothing is ever black and white and there’s always greys in-between [No Avatar pun intended LOL] But I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at.

    This split is happening everywhere in my experience on many different levels and I believe this guy [Lloyd Pye] is very near the truth, certainly miles nearer than the History Channel show I mentioned above. It’s a long presentation and the quality is a little lacking but give it a go. Tip, when he starts talking about the large Hominids that are still around [Big Foot, Yeti etc] don’t give up. It’s the latter part of the presentation relating to the Annunaki and ancient Sumer that brings it all together in the end. Still some missing links in there and it raises as many questions as it answers…but still feels more real than what we are brainwashed into believing is the truth.

    • Even if 9/11 was caused by Muslims, then why are we making such a big deal about it? Look at how many people were killed in Iraq and in Afghanistan due to American armies. Over one million people were killed and that didn’t got any attention from the mainstream media. 9/11 is just an excuse to go to war in the Middle East.

  11. @Chief … “Anti-semitic” has been a term understood to mean “Jew hatred” for a long time. Everything you believe and hate about the Jews comes from that forgery, “Protocols”, and ignores all the evidence that it is the Jews who have been the victims of attempted genocide and much persecution. Nobody says they’re perfect; far from it. But the evil force running the world? No.
    And when I say “Germans” I’m talking about the race of people, the descendents of the old Roman Empire. There were others of course, but the whole point was that the names typically called Jewish are in fact German. And Holocaust denial is the sort of viewpoint I’ve found to be held by those who would be the world’s masters. That is, “you protesteth too loudly” about which group of people is bent on exterminating another group of people.

    As for your flame-baiting ad hominem attack “Why don’t you just be honest about your race? Is it something to be ashamed of?”, I am NOT a Jew. I have no Jewish ancestry on either side. If I were like you, I’d turn around and accuse you of being a Nazi.
    No more drama; the truth is out about the Protocols and I won’t engage in further conversation with you.

    • @SaberTruth … ‘Anti-semitic’ is a clever term which on the face of it means hatred of jews, but the zionists have exploited the term and have applied it to those who would expose the racial supremacism and genocide of the zionists. And, with all the zionist money (most of the money in the world), it has been used as a cannon to silence people, along with the other tactics of course.
      I am not anti-semitic, as my problem is with the zionists, some of whom are not jews!
      So you refuse to talk with me because I don’t believe in the holocaust, and because I believe that the ZIONISTS (not the jews), are responsible for most trouble in the world for 100’s years. Take a look at my responses to you, I am not attacking you at all, but you would have people believe that I have attacked you, because if they did believe that, then they would feel  you were justified in calling me ‘anti-semitic’ and refusing to talk further.

      You say you are not a j w, but you make no mention of whether or not you support zionism or not, and you abruptly cut off the conversation before you have declared your view on that .. how convenient for you, and how clever, since it’s also ‘my fault’. You have exactly the touchiness of those zionists who imprecisely bandy about the term ‘anti-semitic’ and flare up when someone holds a different opinion on such critical issues like whether or not the holocaust happened, etc.
      Why don’t you cease your own histrionic behaviour, and adopt a more mature approach to those who hold different opinions from you.

  12. @Zilver Zeta: I watched the video and it was quite interesting. I have done some research into related material, but can’t give it the time I would like to now because there’s just too much happening. I’ve been skimming over whatever I happen on in passing to at least answer the question of aliens. My mother was into this, although the few times we talked about it years ago, I didn’t have any familiarity with anything about it. Once, out of the blue, she said something about a female alien sent here with orders to mate with the most suitable male, which idea I think I also saw mention of in a description of a short story some years later, so that might be where she got it from. That seems to me to fit better, the genetic interpretation notwithstanding.
    I’ve also wondered about this whole gold thing. Recently I’ve been entertaining the idea that what these various countries are really doing is collecting gold to pay tribute, like a protection racket to thugs that show up every couple millenia, and the rest of us, even those that have small piles of it, will be SOOL. By the time I finally wrapped my head around the research, it was too late for me to stack AU.

    • Precious. Try again.
      Thx for taking the time to take a look at the video. If time is tight you may not have watched the whole 2 hours which is understandable and forgivable.  Just in case you didn’t, towards the end of the presentation Pye starts discussing Gold. Even before I’d read Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles series I had been curious about the relationship between the Ancients, Gold and The Gods. Never seemed to gel that the only reason would have been due to the fact they all had a thing for bling jewellery 😉 Had to be more to it than that.
      As Sitchin discovered after translating the Sumerian cylinder seals, Gold was held in such high esteem by the Sumerian’s due to the fact that this was the reason the Anunnaki had come to Earth in the first place….looking for AU.  [Anunnaki Translation – Those who from Heaven to Earth came] According to the translations The Gods had seriously damaged the atmosphere of their home planet and needed the element AU for repairs. Something to do with atomising the Gold and spraying it into the atmosphere as a type of reflector shield apparently [hmmm Chem Trails!] Makes sense really why Gold still creates an almost instinctive reaction in people and automatic understanding that it is valuable. Even those who don’t truly understand why it is valuable, just KNOW it is. The Gods valued Gold, the indigenous Hominids of Earth probably preferred a Banana. If we are a genetically engineered hybrid cross-breed of both, then our attraction to Gold may be part of out inherited DNA. Just a thought.

    • That sucks for you if you couldn’t be able to stack some gold before the recent price jumps. I have been stacking some gold since January 2012 but I don’t buy a lot of gold because it is hard to find and it is expensive. I’ve bought a 1/10 ounce of gold Maple Leaf for 180$ and now, I can sell it for 190$ with the premium and with the price of gold at 1750$ per ounce.

  13. @Zilver Zeta: Yep, watched the whole thing. Loss of an extended post, irritating as hell. I keep forgetting that I need to type posts in WordPad for that exact reason. There’s a post I put a lot of time in over in the forum that is hung somewhere in the beyond.
    I’ve read about different theories concerning the Neanderthals, one minute we’re part Neanderthal, then we’re not, then they were primitive, then they were well advanced, and then start all over again. Given the little I have figured out in general, I assume that when there’s a whole lot of contradictory information about something, it’s designed to confuse and cover up. If that daughters of men thing has any truth to it, it makes me wonder who was where when, because the four primates Pye describes don’t seem to qualify as the hot babes the aliens were supposed to be lusting after, but maybe the story got embellished down the years. But, then, if you’re stuck on a planet out in nowhere, with one of your few diversions being digging gold, maybe you become a little more flexible in your expectations. Although the way Pye describes it, it sounds like our ancestors were test tube babies.  I could say much more, but that’s a start.

  14. Well I think some believe it went something like this. Test tube babies were the first step.
    1\ETs arrive looking for the element AU.
    2\Discover Earth has what they are looking for.
    3\Start mining the Gold but get a bit fed up with doing the labour so decide to engineer a hybrid slave race using their own DNA and the primitive hominids that were hanging around at that time. Genetically splice a half breed smart enough to understand the task in hand but with 90%+ of its DNA switched off [our Junk DNA]
    4\This is the point at which The Gods take a shine to some of these hot test tube half-breeds and start doing the business the conventional way.
    5\The off spring of this union weren’t as smart as The Gods but smarter than the lab crafted worker slaves. Now we have the Demi-Gods.
    Could the Royal bloodlines and Elites of today be the descendants of the ancient Demi-Gods as David Icke suggests and be the reason why marrying a commoner has been so frowned upon throughout history. In some unfathomable way the retaining of the original God DNA element retains your power and control over the lower castes even thousands of years later.
    Feel free to break this conversation at any time LOL….I have a feeling it could go on forever 😉

    • @Zilver Zeta: That last paragraph of yours might correlate with an idea that came to me, if that elite was part of a certain group that defines its lineage through its women, cryptos would be the word to describe some of them because many of them are part of a cover group called WASPs. They think of themselves as chosen and one of their patterns is to move in among a group of people, slowly set up shop, mingle with those locals so they have visible ties and to freshen up their gene pool a bit, and then have their offspring put in positions of power and finally be running the whole show. They’ve been doing this over the whole planet for the last couple hundred years, taking over and using up resources, like they know something is in the offing that they need to prepare themselves for if they’re going to survive. Many of them ain’t so smart, but they are family, although they have a really creepy secret religion that requires them to sacrifice one of their own to show allegiance to the group. There also seems to be some powers they can access through that creepy religion via some hoodoo we see hints of, maybe communicating with some other form of alien entities. And wasn’t there an admonition in the Bible saying don’t go there with them half-breed ladies? And that “daughters of men” phrase suggests the possibility that the other half of the pair, the mothers of those daughters, were not (earth) women, and when you consider that females carry genetic material that males don’t, thus the matrilineage (Princess Diana described herself as being used as a brood mare, and there was conspiracy stuff out there about her family being more directly related to the important genetic line)…and maybe this is where the misogyny also fits in.

      And as a pathetic attempt to keep this post on topic, BurnYankee would be one of them. And so would Rude Cowski.


    • @Zilver Zeta
      Many tangled threads of the past and many times has the “proof” been destroyed, the Great Library of Alexandia is one time, the extermination of the Druidic culture another. The art of a good “con” is it’s believe-ability and it isn’t better explain than by the example of a well told joke, one of those that you don’t see the punch line coming.
      There are very few explainations for our existence spiritually, many argue “man is not spiritual” but is made of the elements and when he dies he goes back to the earth. I have a simple experiment to try – once you read this, try it. Picture in your mind a cat sitting on a mat in front of a fire, adlib the detail. Do it.
      Now, find me a doctor who can open some one up and get that picture out for me ! Where is it projected.
      Science hasn’t ruled in or out yet the existence of intangibles however they cannot explain the existence of our universe by the means of Quantum Physics, vis-a-vis Dark Matter was invented to explain the mass of the universe, then Dark Energy was invented to explain away how it was held together and just recently Dark Force has been invented to explain how the counterplay of the large gravitic effect and the small gravitic effegt interplay with the dynamics of the whirlpooling motion and the accelerating expanansion of the universe. And here is the pivot or crux of the it . . .
      DARK MATTER, ENERGY and FORCE make up fully five sixths (83%) of the universe (I wish I new how to paste that picture of doubled over laughing in here). Science has made up, from no where, a thing (like God) because all the science gone before, all their equations don’t work out because they don’t explain the universes working unless they do actually MAKE SOMETHING UP to explain it. ROFLMAO ! ! !
      Those with open minds to all possibilities will have the “light bulb” moment long before science gets round to it this civilising rotation.
      Many cultures book’s of Scripture convey that we are created in the image of God, well, I put to you that the small exersize we just went through is the intent of that simple claim.
      We are made in the spirit of God as She/He has imagined us – so we can imagine; so She/He loves us – so we love. Nothing to do with physical likenesses !
      Anyway I also ramble : )
      What I wished to impart was some information I’ve absorbed, broadly on the subject at hand. I haven’t looked at any of the links posted just yet (short on time) however later today I’m looking forward to reading/listening to that offered up.
      Check out Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s – Riding the Wave, you can get a link I think from http://www.sott.net/ for a free on-line book. I guess I should put up a warning here, the link will take you to a site FULL of “conspiracy” theories.
      All the best guys.

    • I don’t that the elites are the Semi-Gods because look at Bill Gates, he is a very rich man who is part of the elites and before his accomplishments, he was a regular person from the middle class. God made all human beings to be equal and no one is born to give us orders.  

  15. @clambake
    Bravo. Your best wishes are most appreciated. I noticed your recent posts to Marchas45 and 427 above and the reaction. I see you have now been struck off 427s Christmas card list 🙂
    Bottom line, this is all about the split I was talking about with Precious. Maybe worth a quick stick poke to double check first impressions, but first impressions are normally a good guide. You have your confirmation now 😉  Like minded souls will gravitate towards like minded souls….but I don’t need to be telling you that. Thx once again for your input and I will check out your links. No fear.
    EDIT …WOW!!! Checked out http://www.sott.net simply love it. Even the first entry for today 24 Nov, Live and Let Live by Eleanor Brockel. Considering the vibes that have surfaced recently, no such thing as coincidence LOL. Now added to my favourites. Thank you. http://cassiopaea.xmystic.com/en/cass/wave_i.htm
    ps And to top it all off Gold and Silver been doing their thing yesterday too.
    Your post reminds me a little of the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut. Many consider the unbelievable to be BS….until it isn’t. I’d much prefer to consider all things possible and take the chance of ridicule, than close my mind and play it safe out of fear what others may think of me. Stand tall and be who you are 🙂
    Believe you will relate to clambake’s link too, going by your recent posts.


  16. @ZilverZeta: Actually, because of health problems pinning me down, I spent a lot of time all over the place online, and sott.net is one of the sites I happened on. The links on the left of the homepage have some data leads to information about cyclical cataclysmic events, which is what I think our dear leaders are concerned about and what is driving their behavior, including sucking the planet dry, both monetarily and resource-wise, to prepare for. I assume any site that is extensively developed is “controlled,” “limited hangout,” or even disinfo, and this is one of many that I feel that way about, but that doesn’t stop me from picking through the pile to see what might fit with what I have tentatively concluded. I don’t go there too often, it’s one of a number of sites that irks me.
    Just to mention the wellaware1.com site, because of certain details too time-consuming to elaborate on, my takeway was that it is yet another controlled opposition (con-op) site, but that it’s purpose might be to preemptively “poison the well” because there really are many instances where people are being recycled into different roles. I’ve seen video footage that, no question, proves it, and the site might have been created as damage control, with both real and phony material, because a lot of people are paying very close attention now, given some very obvious false flags that clearly had the same people shuttled across different events.

  17. Props to Luke Rudkowski for demanding the truth to the thugs! 🙂 He should have stayed there longer so that he could record what everyone was saying in the private meeting and then ask Ben Bernanke about Bilderberg. There is no way that I’ll be holding the fiat US dollar as my savings since it is unconstitutional.

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