• the Significant positions … “but not that high” was meant for gold , which is probably true , he says silver 35% and higher ( gold maybe 25% and higher , my opinion of significant but not high) , I think he said as much as he could , without getting himself killed . 

  1. Here is an edited version of my challenge to BArt that I posted on SGTreport.
    “If the evidence was there before us”?, they’d be able to do something about it.
    He admitted that he had received emails about market manipulation via outsized sell orders from a specific source and it happened in real time. How easy is it to track who placed the trades? Real easy according to their own reports related to bank participation rates. Then there is the concentration as reported by them and as highlighted by Ted Butler. This is the CFTC’s “Benghazi Moment”, only the attack happens on a near daily basis. From the CFTC, there is only obfuscation of the obvious, by apologist enablers of the crime in progress and whining about staffing. Last night was another case in point.Bart (you store front barker), I’ve got a challenge for you; You are to lock yourself in your mom’s basement and using your ill-gotten gains from false pretences (namely your current job), open an account with a broker and trade silver on a daily basis. Apply any fundamental or technical strategy that you care to, and let us know how soon you go broke. You won’t last any longer than the average Joe, I’ll bet.I hereby post a public $10,000.00 bet against your success. Now, there are limitations. No outside calls from your pals at JPMorgan or HSBC, mmmkay? You’ll have your answer to the question of manipulation in silver markets in less than a week, I guarantee you.CFTC: Complete Fraud in Trading Commodities.

    • It will happen soon when hyperinflation will arrive in the USA. Hyperinflation will first begin when the 500$ or the 1000$ will arrive in US circulation. But, I have to admit that everyone keeps saying that gold and silver will skyrocket soon. When silver was at about 50$ per ounce on April 2011, people said that silver will be at 100$ per ounce in one year but it wasn’t.

  2. “We want to make sure we have a good case… you want to win the Case…”  Bart: How about throw them all in jail one by one until you get the facts. You know, hold them all in Jail (no bail-flight risk) for about four years and promise to let them out “on the  anniversary” of that four years. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many Still Walking Our Streets!!

  3. “problematic moves in the market” gee you suppose? When half the yearly silver production is dumped in 10 minutes….
    “if the evidence was before us” how much do you need, this has been going on for years day after day.
    This is crap and nothing will come from it.

  4. When Bart said that there was a trader who owned 30% of the paper in the Silver market and the law only
    allows the top to be 10%, , why in Hell isn’t he running Dimon out of Dodge>>>!!!!!
    We know damned well who he was talking about, but of course that was a private statement for Jamie Dimon qnd Blyth
    Masters. If he knows about who it is and namely JPM who has leveraged 89 Trillion dollars of derivatives against 2 Tilliion
    of the banks asseta against a massive amount ofderivatives. Bart should be down at the bank with a sledgehammer
    tearing JPM a part! and shutting the criminal bastards DOWN!

    • Crush these criminals now! Your statement just proves that Bart Chilton is working with the elites so he is not advancing in the investigation. The silver investigation is just a show so that everyone would think that the CFTC is a legit institution. Or else, why didn’t they found anything during those four years?

  5. I’m not ready for Silver to explode yet. Keep stacking. Every day in double digits is a gift from these mutha-fuckers. Bart C. is big fat ZERO! NADA, Zilch.

    Lauren L., on the other hand, is a world class hottie and smart too…..

  6. The reason why there are so many concentrations of large positions is because they are used to suppress silver’s real value in my opinion. Also, I don’t think that Bart Chilton’s investigation is advancing because he didn’t gave that much information on the manipulation. He is in favor for the elites’ goods. 

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