Former SigTARP inspector general Neil Barofsky has informed MSNBC that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner informed him privately during the financial crisis that President Obama’s housing policy was ‘designed to sacrifice homeowners in order to foam the runways for the banks‘.

Geithner must have never dreamed one day Barofsky would grow a conscience and realize that Geithner had provided him to write a book on corruption and retire.

  1. The Treasury Secretary is a silver tongued lying bastard.

    DHS is there to protect traitors like that.  They know eventually the plan will generate resistance with the Public and the politicians are the most visible representatives of the current traitorous cabal.

    Even a normal person should recoil with disgust listening to him dodge the truth with false intellectualism.

  2. These crooks  in government are just on loan from the banks, as soon as their stent in gov. is over they are right back on Wall St. They are so lowdown and dirty, I feel like a shower after watching. It’s almost like a rapist volunteers for prison as a guard “or the warden” for a few years, after that he goes back to rape and pillage more!

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