JP MorganIn this interview with Paul Sandhu, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” warns of major upheavals dead ahead as the ‘de-dollarization’ of the world prepares to send the US toward 3rd world nation status.
 ‘V’ also provides a ‘dead banker’ update, stating that the banker hits have reached 37, and include numerous top level execs.
‘V’s full interview with Paul Sandhu is below: 


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    • Looks good. It really does. But it`s just more gadgetry. Conventional ammo is great. Dead is dead. Are intruders more dead from this. A CNC milling machine is going to make this stuff expensive.
      Barnes has manufactured solid copper bullets for many years. I use them. the benifit of Barnes is projectile weight retension. This appears to be the opposite. Foot pounds of energy is what puts targets down. The calculation is:
      Velocity X Projectile Weight = foot pounds of energy. If a projectile is sheding weight, the foot ponds of energy drops off dramaticaly. With a lack of foot pounds of energy, your target may not stay down. And we all know what that can mean.
      In a hand gun I want copper jacketed lead. .38 or larger. Velocity is lower in a hand gun, so projectile weight shed is not a real problem. In a rifle, where velocity is higher, projectile weight shed is a problem. That`s where I use Barnes. They cost more, but are well worth it.

    • @Silver Dollar
      Kinetic energy is defined by:  KE =  1/2 MV^2, where M = mass and V = velocity.  This is why a faster moving projectile has so much more energy than does a slower one of the same mass.  Note that doubling the mass of the projectile at the same velocity results in a doubling of the KE while doubling the velocity results in 4 times the KE.  This can be seen by comparing the ballistics of the venerable .38 SPCL to those of the .357 Magnum… ~300 ft-lbs vs. ~650 ft-lbs., both firing the same projectile of 150-158 grains.
      As to “shedding weight”, this only matters if the projectile sheds the weight BEFORE hitting the target.  If all of the bullet mass hits and remains within the target, fragmentation of the projectile does not decrease the KE at all.  It MAY decrease the penetration of the object, however.  Since the fragments from this style of bullet resemble tiny pointed spears, it is likely that they will continue to penetrate the target whether fragmented from the bulk of the projectile or not.  They may very well tumble after separating from the main mass of the projectile, doing considerable internal damage to it.
      What was not said in this video, and which the manufacturer is likely in no hurry to discuss, is that a round of this design almost surely offers superior penetration to obstacles, such as bullet-resistant vests, helmets, and other forms of body armor.  I leave it to the imagination of the reader as to whether or not this could be useful to them.
      As to copper bullets, they will be about 1/2 the weight of a similar lead bullet. If the same powder charge is used, the velocity of a copper bullet should be considerably higher than that of lead. Due to air resistance, however, a lighter bullet will shed velocity faster than a heavier one. Because of this, the performance of a copper bullet is likely to be superior to a lead bullet at shorter ranges while the bullet velocity is still high but not as good at longer ones as velocity falls off quickly. Many duck and goose hunters have discovered that the new steel shot they are now required to use does not have the range that the old lead shot had. Because of this, many of them now use a larger shot size than they once did to recover some of that lost range.

  1. The best part of the video was near the end. When you believe within then start to do the rest. July 15th get ready, we shall see. What gets me is. The USA are going to lose a war. Hell they have being losing for a few years now.
    This is one of the best videos I have listened to in a while. Keep Stacking and get prepared. God Protect Us All.

    • Absolutely, Charlie.  I believe in God… but I also believe in being heavily armed while believing in Him.  As they used to say way back when… “Praise the Lord but pass the ammo while you’re praising Him!”.  🙂

    • Like Marchas45 says, the new nugget of info in this hour and half interview comes near the end, starting at 1h:27m:40s.  If V’s sources are accurate, then the silver “killshot” to $50/oz occurs on July 15th.  It seems a bit improbable, but we shall see soon.

  2. During this interview V suggests that there would be a “conflagration” in the northern hemisphere followed by the banking centre of The City of London emerging with a financial solution. What puzzles me is how London is forecast to still exist after such a conflagration since in the event of nuclear war surely London would be a prime target and would be obliterated. How then could it function in a way as a finance centre? It would be lucky to operate as a stone age village. I contacted him via the email given in the interview to ask how he explained this. This is his reply….his exact reply…….
    “It will be a combination of nuclear war, and economically caused riots due to collapse and out right lawlessness. In other words The vast majority of North America (the US in particular) will be inoperable.
    So I am non the wiser as to how London (where I live) would still exist after this event. Certainly doesn’t look too happy for the USA afterwards according to him either. When one nuclear warhead can completely remove a city from the face of the earth I think that any idea that any side can win a nuclear conflict remains MAD.

  3. I missed this  Dead Banker V post while out of town.  I was testing EdB_ comments about kinetic energy, mass and stopping power with my Mossy shotgun at Front Sight.
    Dolph made a comment on Short Squeeze-silver explodes that the Obozo cadre of whores, sluts and pigs are developing a windfall profits tax on silver sold for more than $50 an ounce.  
    Really?  That would not surprise me for one second.
    If anyone thinks that the gummint is not extremely aware of us stackers has been asleep for the last 5 years.
    Remember the portion of Obamacare that included a vendor forced to issue a 1099 for any sale of pretty much anything sold for more than $600.  Think that provision went away?
    Anyone ever hear of that dude sitting inthe Oval office with a pen and a phone?
    An executive order would force anyone selling or buying PMs to report to the Gestapo or suffer the consequences
    Reporting such sales would be playing into the government’s hands
    Disclosing any sale of precious metals means you will be on the top of the silver of precious metals holders. 
    Another EO would set in  motion that confiscation we occasionally talk about
    Precious metals are real money.  Real money is as dangerous to this kleptocracy as fire arms.
    Report neither to the government.

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