bankster AssassinationsSteve Quayle’s banker source “V” is warning that “big things are going down” as a result of the fact that the NY Fed & bullion banks are OUT OF PHYSICAL GOLD, and states that the 4 banker suicides in the past week were on a HIT LIST tied to FOREX frauda list which the source claims includes dozens of Wall Street banksters.
The full warning alert from “V” is below:



Steve Quayle‘s banker source V states that the recent rash of banker suicides were on a hit list tied to FOREX fraud:

Big big things are going down..look at Japan look at the hits another “suicide” just like I said. Ill be back in the office on the 10th. We are going into the hurricane my brother and there are very few life boats. Talked to my N.Y. FEDeral expresso source no yellow metal anywhere in central banks and bullion banks. China is grabbing all along with the rest of S.E. Asia.

Word on the “street” watch for a top level American bankster to expire. Hit teams are fully operational in Wall Street. (REDACTED) HIGHLY VISIBLE POWER BROKER- co-ordinating. Speak to you soon. Please post this to warn sheep. V-UPDATE 9:24 AM MOUNTAIN-NEXT ON THE HIT LIST CITI EXECUTIVE TIED IN WITH FOREX FRAUD -HIT LIST HAS 3 DOZEN MORE NAMES-DESPERATE TIMES REQUIRE DESPERATE MEASURES IN THE WORLD OF MONETARY CONTROL! JPM can’t hold yellow metal shorts on notional gold. LIBOR and derivative hits continue as bankster suddenly commit “suicide”. 43 are on the knock off list and counting. The shock waves of this and many other scandals are creating turmoil everywhere.

I was the first to report to you the heads of banking are operating from remote secondary locations. Spring cleaning has come early as the house is being swept clean. There is no honor among thieves. This is the final year to have your finances and wealth in order. Be prepared.


Will we see more banker suicides in the coming days and weeks?
Things are quickly becoming rather interesting as the chaos in the Western financial system continues to escalate.


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  1. Those who help to perpetrate a crime will be eliminated at some point to cover up the tracks to the top of the pyramid. That’s the price one pays for sitting on a gold toilet every day while ordinary folks can’t figure out how to make their end meet.

    • It is called SUICIDED!  These people do not know how to tie a noose, nor walk off a building without a note for departure?
      Silverdoctors, please talk about “Global Reset” or the United States For America “Global Collateral Account.”  
      February 15, 2014 is the day.

      Back By Popular Demand! What does India think about all this?

      7 Reasons why India wants Silver?

      God Bless America!!!

    • Guys, Girls,
      True, possibly untrue, but do remember that Steve Quayle is an idiot. Do you remember a couple of years ago when the idiot bastard flashed on his website that THE EURO HAS FAILED?

    • @Ranger
      I am not sure about Quayle, but Euro was designed to fail and had a few goals in place when it was introduced:
      1. Eliminate sovereignty of European countries
      2. Amalgamate power in the hands of non-elective elites
      3. Eliminate wealth in Europe. First they duped Europeans on exchange rate. Secondly, by making Euro more expensive they lowered their standard of living. Finally they will de-valuate and crash this paper currency to wipe out wealth.
      4. Prolong the collapse of US dollar
      I am not sure which of these point failed-I think all of them succeeded. Point 3 is not finished yet, but we witnessed Cyprus and the promise to carry it on throughout the Euroland.

    • This is not about banksters or traders. There are many greedy and entitled cowboy traders on Wall Street, but this has an international crime element to it. The connection between Magee, Crane, Tabacchi, Knott, and others is the Global Technology connection, and it is more likely about international money laundering. The IT  (and this is all situated in the IT departments) “leadership” is concerned about anyone who may know the broader picture, which would give them away. The mortgage systems are a mess for a reason; it is a place to hide money. And it is no surprise that the top CIO comes from the oil industry. Last spring’s hacking took more than two months to “discover” because it was directed by the inside, in cahoots with the Russians. A GTI employee was scapegoated by their using his unsafe single sign-on, taken as they monitored his computer activity; he did not even know what happened to him. He was set up. These “leaders” see employees not as assets, but as pawns, and they have no problem with what they see as minor collateral damage.

      Keep in mind that we are not seeing a rash of suicides from traders, etc. These suicides are happening in the IT service population. There is a connection between them.

    • Lao , I do not think school boys write like this. It is a little cryptic but the message is clear, the USD has its days counted and 36 to 40 banksters are going to die.

    • I did not think a school boy wrote it. There was a recent study concerning people who are on social media sites a lot are becoming unable to think analytically. You know, two thumb dimwits.

    • Unable to think analyto…anal…ana… Yeah! What you said!  Dumb mo-fo’s!
      haha! Really though, my assumption is that English is their second language.  I work with lots of folks who are not from North America, and I notice their “language Comprehension” skills are a bit rough.  BUT in their defense, their English is 99% better than my Spanish, or Uganda(n?).  Hell my French sucks too! LMAO!

  2. Provided this hysterical theory is true, this would be more in line with a Clinton assassination of vince foster style “taking out the garbage” or eliminating people who know too much. The idea that the powers that be are going to be held accountable at this point short of a huge crisis and martial law is in my view almost impossible.
    That being said I would doubt that this is a black team or a hit squad.

    • DUDE! I love you! WTF gives with that?  It’s like NO ONE REMEMBERS poor Vince Foster… and they PUT THE CLINTONS IN CHARGE OF THE NATION??!! Thats PROOF the people of the U.S. follow their passions rather than do their homework.  How could hillary be allowed to pillage Fosters office for 30 mins all while “Staying” the FBI from entering until she walks out with a stack of papers and the shredder inside blew a fuse?
      How do they not get impeached or tried? WTF!  That whole scenario itches my jock STILL TO THIS DAY!

    • I like Steve Quayle, but he is a really unique character. I’ve followed him for years, but his work spans decades. He has been prescient on alot of things, but there is also alot of things which are a little over the top – that is they are until they come to pass lol.

    • @Dirt
      Forget about whether Quayle is legit or not.  Like Willie, Chapman, and others, it’s a function of whether whistleblowers and people in the know trust the guy to share what they know with him as a means to get the info out there.  Quayle has had a lot quacks feed him BS over the years, but, to his credit, he doesn’t usually give them a second chance to make a fool of him again.
      There is a lot of buzz about ‘suicided’ bankers.  Many of them are probably indeed suicides, simply because they know that the end of the line is coming for them at some point and they don’t have ‘lifeline’ or call-a-friend’ options available to them and their elimination of two possibilities has already been used up.  For them, being a millionaire has just ended. For a narcissist, sometimes reality can hit with fatal consequences.  Death might be a viable alternative to the embarrassment of the fall and the failure, exposure and/or possible prosecutions, or worse, especially when you realize these people led what they thought were charmed and untouchable lives.
      The one thing we do know for certain is that the banking conspiracy and the cabal are under enormous strain as their grand globalization schemes are blowing up in their faces big time right now.  Their collapse gambit is failing miserably and explosively and many are discovering that their lifeboats are about as functional as those aboard the Titanic on the night of April 12, 1912.

  3. As we may be inclined to dismiss the article above i would not put much past someone with infinite resources and marginal time…granted that gramatically speaking the article is remiss, but dont confuse the grammar for the message. When an asset becomes a liability steps are taken to diminish and ultimately quell damage.

  4. I find this all very interesting   All good grist for the mill. If partially true with some credentialling from source V, we may see some exceptional events in due time.  Bankers are the antithesis of a person able to defend themselves against people with mal intent.  From government regulators to disgrunted investors to those who need to tie up loose ends, the banker has virtually no way to protect themselves.  They are that easy
    Think snails and a big salt shaker No salt? Big boots

    • David Wilcock has recently conducted a very interesting interview with a guy named Drake who reports that massive banker arrests and exposure of their fraud is now beginning.  Granted, these guys have been yakking about this supposed reactivation of the Republic by the several States to command the Federal Marshals to arrest bankers by the 1000’s for the past 4 or 5 years and it has always seemed a wild-haired fantasy…
      Until recently, I also took Wilcock, and others and that whole line of discussion to be mere wishful-thinking fantasy, a la Benjamin Fulford et al,  but I’m finding it a bit harder to dismiss this stuff so easily anymore.  We are definitely seeing major fractures in the global financial system that I really cannot see could have been designed into the globalist takeover plans initially.  The biggest of these is that the Chinese stuck THEIR giant squid funnel in the gold transfer process between paper and physical markets to the point where the BIS and the Central Banks have actually been forced to disgorge their physical vault holdings to the gold flow from West to East to keep them Chinese from even threatening to blow the lid off the scam and dumping all their treasuries at one time.  As we roll into the “CHAOS” period in their plans which I’ve referred to in some of my other posts, I really think they’ve lost control of some really key choke points.  The key thing that is rattling them is the degree of social unrest and violence that is breaking out all over the planet and, in particular, the emerging markets, as the Fed reduces QE and sets the final implosion in motion as all the easy money races back home into the dollar. It’s an “Eat-your-young” strategy that simply cannot end well for them.  I don’t think their collapse plan was ever intended to take place against the backdrop of massive social unrest, but the QE reduction has apparently triggered it.  To me it just seems that too many things are blowing up in their faces all at once for this chaos to have all been planned to go down the way it is… I think somewhere, they have made a fatal miscalculation.
      Unfortunately, their responses may well be unpredictable and excessively desperate.  At best, we are now facing extraordinarily dangerous times going forward.

    • Definitely good grist for the mill, but I take quail with a Full Shaker of Salt.
      The blatantly obvious thing about this source ‘V’ is he gives an exact number of ‘hits’ that need to be cleaned … 43 targets. (a little precise)
      If it is so damn hush-hush and involves ‘controllers at secondary locations’ then how does some guy who calls himself ‘V’ and is apparently an ‘insider’ get away with sending quite easily traced communications to Quayle? Wouldn’t ‘V’ be considered a potential liability because of his access to insider information from the ‘controllers’? As we know, NSA and GCHQ even record what color TP we all have on the rollers, so how does ‘V’ get away with it?
      It’s not like there would be any hit team running around killing bankers specifically to do with FOREX fixing and also leaking out ‘by the way, we have another 43 names on the list, please tell the world’.
      However, the FOREX fixing scandal is a really internationally sensitive scandal that can help countries like China and Russia and Brazil defend their moves not to integrate with NYC-London financial infrastructure, and to push for their own alternative systems … FOREX is really more touchy than LIBOR or ISDAfix scandals, and the reputation of London as Finance Ground Zero is placed under threat if it all gets out … but I would have thought that 43 peeps all specifically being involved in the same scandal turning up ‘Suicided’ might be a little hard to cover up in the World Media (English speaking excluded of course .. whores)

    • @Sovereign Economist
      “I don’t think their collapse plan was ever intended to take place against the backdrop of massive social unrest, but the QE reduction has apparently triggered it.  To me it just seems that too many things are blowing up in their faces all at once for this chaos to have all been planned to go down the way it is… I think somewhere, they have made a fatal miscalculation.”
      I have to agree and disagree with this.  🙂
      I believe that they had every intention of creating social unrest and of leveraging that as their path to their NWO.  After all, if there is no problem, then no solution is needed, and they fully planned that there be chaos from which they could then “save” us.  Nothing succeeds quite like a plan that people leap into, thinking that it really is in their best interests.  This is the “If there is no problem, create one, and then solve it” approach to governing.  Since many people are quite nationalistic, that barrier to their plans had to come down… and what better way to do that than to bring down entire nations via chaos?  Once people have lost everything and are tired, hungry, and thirsty, they will hungrily grasp for any possible solution, even one as unpalatable as this NWO and the end of national identity.
      But I would agree that they have badly miscalculated this and their ability to control it.  It is spinning out of control as we speak and each week seems to point out more cracks in their plan.  The question now could be, “What will they do now?”.  Will they forget the plan altogether?  Probably not.  It’s been in the works too long for that.  Too much time, effort, and money has been spent on it for that.  OK, so will they modify their plans?  Probably, but in ways that we can only guess at now.  Will they come up with a new plan.  Possibly but not likely.  The old plan was their best shot and they will be loathe to give it up without being in extremis.  It’s far too early in this game to be in that condition, so plan mods seem the order of the day… and dead men tell no tales.

    • I’m a little surprised at the naivete.
      First off, that message reads more like a hastily written, to the point, almost telegram-like message which cares not for the niceties and grammatical accuracies than it does about the substance. How many people, for example, give two hoots about either sending or receiving texts that read like Shakespeare?
      Second, if these Satanic, corrupt-to-the-core, self-centred and avaricious humanoids can concoct elaborate ploys to murder not only Presidents (with many a close-call), but activists, political or otherwise, in all walks of life, who happen to pose a threat to the establishment and who have themselves established assassination squads going all the way back to Operation 40, then, MY DEAR SHEEPLE, is it really so hard to imagine these paedophiles taking the necessary steps and/or losing sleep over a few (which may very well turn into a slew) dead bankers?
      Wasn’t it the crazed Nazi scientist, Dr. Josef Mengele, who said: THE MORE WE DO TO YOU, THE LESS YOU SEEM TO BELIEVE WE ARE DOING IT.
      Who is kidding who?????

    • I thought the reason the English language has structure was not because of art. It is there to make communication clear and understandable. I guess they should just drop the English classes from school since we have evolved past the point of needing a structured language. U problie dont agree do u J?

  5. The pms scam is way bigger the mega banks CEOs. Its deep in the governments all over the world. How else all over the world 24-7 they keep control over the price of pms markets. Any way they very safe from ever being arrested. No government official has ever been indicted. Only fined an the company usually picks up the tab. What i see here happen is maybe they were getting greedy an just wanted a bigger cut. Saying they will talk if demands are not met.

    • All there is are Geo-Political Blocks of Huge Corporations, and revolving door relationships between national political blocks and these companies, some entire Countries are well and truly netted by single blocks, others are a battle zone for Political Patronage between competing blocks. Ukraine is a great visible example, and Hong Kong is a Marcher Kingdom being utilized by both Shanghai and NYC-London … Shanghai be winning more battles than it is losing at the end of the day.
      It’s the Western Establishment vs. a ragged uneasy-pseudo-alliance of the Kings of the East (you don’t need a Crown to be a King, just majority control of the board of a super bank, and a few nasty politicians in the back pocket)… the Kings of the East are an inevitable anti-Hegemonic alliance. As much as the Western ‘Elite’ love to criticize their Eastern foe, anti-hegemonic alliances are an equal and opposite reaction to hegemony … it’s like a Newtonian Law of Physics.
      Behold … the Armageddon! Swarms of corporate locusts raiding the countryside and waste spaces, causing death and misery, having epic battles with 1’s and 0’s launched by Accountant Artillerymen, Corporate Lawyer Cavalry, Airstrikes of Paper Gold WMDs, and of course real cannon fodder Military Boys and Girls dying in Opium Poppy or Oil Fields in God knows where …
      I just hate the smell of Napalmed Credit-Default-Swaps in the morning, but in some ways it is comforting because The Super Corporate Entity that needs to win, will soon win, and realize that it has no purpose to go on anymore because there is nothing left to kill and torture … Woe! Woe be the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good, Bad, but mostly Ugly! Death be to those who deal in Death … Life be only Spiritual as the material existence MUST die, it is an unavoidable Law of Organic Chemistry! The ‘Elite’ will stand in Judgement just as we all will, and they shall bear their shame, and shall not be granted immunity from the Second Death!

  6. Would Citi executives have the nerve to hire some muscle to protect themselves? This would totally support the notion that these indeed are suspect suicides. You could turn yourself in a walking broadcast tower of in-throat mics, 360º HD camera’s and GPS and all, but hiring muscles (you think you can trust) seems easier.

    • All the major bankers have had very professional security teams working for them for some time now and full security protocols including armored vehicles.  automatic weapons and some of them allegedly actually rival the secret service protection given the President. A lot of former Blackwater guys are now on the banker payrolls.  The company that armored my truck had a 9 month waiting period while they were turning out these vehicles in 3 shifts a day.  The rep I dealt with and got to know pretty well (I found out he actually listened to my radio show when I had it!  LOL!)  told me that most of their business was to banking and investment firms, 70/30 domestic to foreign.

    • Thx JonL! 
      wow, un-bee-leave-a-bull
      We thought today’s newsflow and “market action” ranked pretty high on the absurd surrealism scale. And then we saw this.


      That’s right – you read it correct: “Blythe Masters, head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s commodities division, is joining an advisory committee of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, said Steve Adamske, a spokesman for the regulator. Masters, 44, was invited by acting Chairman Mark Wetjen to sit on a global markets committee at the Washington-based regulator of futures and swaps, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Masters is scheduled to participate in a CFTC meeting on Feb. 12 to discuss cross-border guidance on rules, the person said.”
      Read More @

    • This is a surprise?  Hardly.  We’ve known for a long time now that the CFTC was a completely bankster-controlled non-regulatory agency that only serves their bankster masters while operating in the guise of a government agency.  Having The Bitch on board seems perfectly legitimate in that light.

  7. Is it just me or are there some really ugly things going on in Ukraine and by extention, to the Sochi Olympics.  You have Ukraine on the ropes with bank runs,  partial shutdown of their FOREX markets and a failed bond auction.  The state department DA Nuland says F*** the EU as the state department and CIA try to roll the Ukraine to some sort of chaotic situation, however that might end. 
    The country is in turmoil and the State Department is trying to call the winner 
    Putin is getting really pissed at this interference in his $50 billion investment and loans into the Ukraine.  Hobson choice—-Eurozone or the Soviet Union—err I mean Russia Then there’s the $51 billion Putin’s directed into the Olympics. Yes, Putin humiliated Obama with his strategic chess moves in Syria. Obama may not be that good at the game but he is a nasty small minded son of a bitch that does not forget a slight. So his hand will show in this showdown. And Sochi would be a perfect opportunity to rub Putin’s nose in it.
    So with Sochi 1000 miles to the south, the radiation of the Ukraine problem coupled with the Al QuedCIA sponsored terrorists itching to get their message stamped on the Sochi Olympics, helped along by the Saudis who stated clearly they will do nothing to corral the Sochi Olympic terrorists, this will almost certainly result in bombings similar to the Boston Bombing that shut down that city and the two attacks in Volvograd two weeks ago.
    Even with the ring of steel, a rididulously contrived Maginot line surrounding Sochi, and the 200,000 troops and cops trying to protect the Olympics, the Russians and organizers have to be 100% perfect in the protection afforded to the Olymics.  
    That is a tall order. The black widows and other terrorist cells probably started infiltrating the Sochi area, well inside the ring of steel, before the ink dried on the Olympic agreements
    Putin knows the CIA is agitating in Sochi and Ukraine.  Nuland’s open mike FUBAR will go a long way to amicable games, not.  Remember the 1980 Olympics.  We boycotted these games.  I am not confident of a safe set of games I’m not sure that if there are terrorist attacks in Sochi. Putin will blame the usual suspects— The US and the west.

    • @AGXIIK
      “…Is it just me or are there some really ugly things going on in Ukraine and by extention, to the Sochi Olympics. “
      Nope.  Not just you!  But DO remember that Putin isn’t dealing with just the sock-puppet Obama.  The Globalists handling BarryO behind the scenes are a pretty savvy and ruthless lot, every bit Putin’s equal, and they are playing dirty right now.  That open mic was NO ACCIDENT.  Along with that came the open admission of our interference with the Ukrainian situation, as if anyone in the know didn’t already know what was happening…  the obvious reason would seem to be payback for the Syria intervention, but I’m suspicious that there isn’t another layer of the onion we haven’t peeled back yet on this story that relates to strains in the US / Europe situation… that open-mic incident actually makes me a little less worried about a Sochi false-flag vis-a-vis Russia and the US, because of this.  But the wild card there may be whether the Saudis have commissioned an incident.  THAT is another story.  It would be suicidal for them… but stranger things have happened.

    • @AGXIIK >>>The state department DA Nuland says F*** the EU as the state department and CIA try to roll the Ukraine to some sort of chaotic situation, however that might end.
      Maybe Germany has shown too many balls and is kicking back too hard against direct NYC-London control of the EU via finance (Gold playing a big part) … so the White House is sending messages that the EU might find itself sidelined for a new Moscow-Washington Detente???
      OR … maybe Ukraine is being told that it can skip the EU … and Russia … and become a new State of America? LOL.
      Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton… Step back turn around pick a bale of cotton…
      Actually I think they grow Wheat in Ukraine mostly, there’s always time to sow Opium Poppies.

    • @AGXIIK , furthermore, that phone conversation was picked up by Russian espionage and they are the ones who posted it on the Internet.
      While State Department DA Nuland says F* the EU, Russia is saying the same thing to 0’bummer and his administration.
      Her highness Frau Merkel is none too pleased with the US’s (un) official attitude towards the EU.
      BTW, is anybody here aware that the EU even regulates the size of peas?
      I kid you not! 

    • @AGXIIK
      “… helped along by the Saudis who stated clearly they will do nothing to corral the Sochi Olympic terrorists…”
      If I were Putin, I would have told the Saudis that IF there is ANY terrorism in Sochi that can be traced back to them, a VERY large truck bomb WILL go off in Riyadh shortly thereafter.

  8. Steve Quayle is a boob. All his crap is “……a friend of a friend of a friend in a high position…”. NONE of what he says can be confirmed by ANY evidence. Listen to him, and you have just wasted that amount of time in your life. Never to get it back.

    • Oh really?  Your confidence to “call it as you see it” seems to indicate that you know who Steve talks to, and who talks to Steve.  The smart money is on taking the information on board, and connecting it to other information as it comes in, if it can be – BEFORE coming to a rash conclusion you publish at SD.  I think that if you really had knowledge to add to this unfolding sequence of events you would so state, but you haven’t which could mean what you have is NADA.  If I have it wrong, then would you care to elaborate and share the knowledge?
      Steve is a man, and there hasn’t been a man born to date who could get everything right 100% of the time.  He has made mistakes.  That doesn’t make him a “boob.”

  9. sovereign economist willnotbeaslave  we see these banker suicides and ongoing arrests.  I’m waiting for the politician suicides.  That will be the real litmus test of a FUBAR.   But no, the bankers don’t have their comfy boltholes.  I’ve seen scores of bankers go broke overnight when their banks imploded, sans arrests since the 1980’s. 
    Politicians can resign and take their pensions, write a forgettable book and do some speaking tours, annoying the locals with their honorific titles at the local Rotary or Chamber of Commerce. 
     “We have the distinguished and Honorable  Congressman Jack  Mehoff gracing us with his presence today.  We are certainly pleased to have you at our meeting Congressman Mehoff.
      Here is your check.
    Tell us some stories and a few humorous quips.  We promise to laugh on cue and applaud. 
    (My ass is nicely healed up after  the raping I got when you voted against the Farm Silo Mainenance Rediversion Bill last year.)
    “We pleased to have you with us today you worthless f***”.

    I just can’t stand people who demand royal titles.  The idea of being forced to call someone Your Royal Highness or Your Majesty makes me want to queef. Just writing a check to a Land LORD is beyond the pale
    The day we see politicians making news on page 10 below the fold, describing how they helped themselves to a dirt nap, I know justice is being served.
    And not the type in the long black robes. 

  10. Sovereign Economist.
    Here is a weird thought. What if that mini-me munchkin Greenspan, reputed to be the author of the derivatives software, was a specialized Manchurian Candidate,  put in place  as a deep cover mole, who was able to set in motion the derivatives trading platforms that are blowing up the whole world wide western banker systems.  If he knew that the attractive cheese called derivatives would be the perfect bait to lure the greedy bankers to the trap, what a great way to start that 40 year cycle FIAT collapse in motion. 
    Greenspan was an acolyte of Ayn Rand. I recall a rumor that he had a real hard on for her too.
    What if Rand’s final gift to the world was a derivatives  program writing deep cover agent set in play to destroy the US reserve currency system. Atlas Shrugged becomes reality. Lots of authors would like their legacy to live on past their mortal span of years.
    With Greenspan as the Fed Chairman, setting  up ZIRP, tech wreck,  the housing bubble, and contributing mightily to the debt and US treasury bubble, aided and abetted by his low rent minion Bernanke, what if he was the Randian stalking horse weapon of mass destruction that she knew would be able to destroy the western world, its corporatists, banksters and maybe even the entire crony feudalistic BIS enterprise.  Even I have it figured out that reserve currency FIAT has a life span of 40 years and that debt is destructive
    Alan Greenspan. plays the role of John Galt, the uber-man of his gnome-ish manipulative fantasies
    With his diminutive stature, young wife and overweening desire for power, this little man could figuratively become the giant masculine figure of John Galt.
    Or maybe not.  
    Just thinking out loud.
    Maybe Woody Allen could play his stunt double

  11. mammoth   you have a good point there.  After Snowden outted the NSA’s hacks into every phone, email and computer system in the Eurozone and the blowback from that is still happening, to have a high level state department numbnuts like Nuland say f*** the EU, she has just announced to an economic zone with an $18 trillion GDP, 350,000,000 people and a trading base with us that is the largest in the world (I think) that the Obozzle Empire thinks that the Eurozone can go to hell.  Wow. 

  12. On another note…. HOW BOUT THEM SEAHAWKS! Woo hooo!
    I know, I know, you all think it’s a coverup, but I have uncovered secret documents that tell the truth…..
    THE BRONCO’S GOT SPANKED!!! Mua-hahaha! (plus I bagged a tidy 60 monopoly $ on the win lol)

  13. These bankers slipped n the ice, due to all the polar vortex extreme cold we are experiencing lately. And the others are swept off their feet by the strong storm winds that are battering the UK lately. LOL.
    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? That is the most important question, right?
    Or maybe these bankers were just RE-ADJUSTED, as part of the Bureau of Bullshit Statistics? They are now part of the 2014 statistics, eh? Is there a common thread to these bankers? Of course there is – They were alive before they died, hahaha (maniacal laughter)!

  14. LT 
    I understood V perfectly.  But I guess you like your movies to be the same way: each plot point must be explained down to the last detail. To be sure, have you never heard of shorthand? This wasn’t even close to that.

  15. @underground , The EU food-cops are even worse than the FDA.  Read this:
    The European Commission consulted extensively with Governments and the food industry before drafting a Directive governing colours in foodstuffs.  One of the Directive’s general principles is that fresh and processed vegetables may not be coloured. However certain exceptions are allowed, and were introduced into the legislation following requests from Member States and the food industry. Thus the Directive allows the use of three colours (E102, E133 and E142) in ‘processed mushy and garden peas.’ Neither the UK Government nor the food industry requested a similar derogation (exception) for frozen mushy peas.”
     And if that isn’t ridiculous enough,   “However, curved cucumbers are not banned: excessively curved cucumbers are in fact unusual and they simply have to be packed separately, and graded “Class III”.

    • @Mammoth
      Our U$ Ag. (not to be confused with @AGXIIK) developed these (or similar) standards voluntarily, for greater output and uniformity of packing, etc. The euro markets are much more traditional, prolly trending from near organic to new govt. standards, and resistant to change. More small timers there than here. Less GMO and such too! 
      The euro governing bodies are trying to get these folks to comply under the guise of “greater output” but it’s all about CONTROL

  16. Since this is one of the first articles on these events that comes up in a search, I am assuming that the author(s) are somewhat tuned in. 

    Questions most important to answer:
         1- Who might be behind such fabricated suicides (aka homicides) and what is there intent?
         2- To verify answer to question number 1, then list who might be next

    Whether this is suicide or not, Let’s look deeper into the psyche behind such events. These proposed ‘masters of the universe’ have mastered there skills by sacraficing their time and focus on aquiring money and beating opponents regardless of the cost.  These costs are foremost psychological and need large amounts of success, cocaine, and sexual release to improve the capabilities of the associated part of the brain… such as the  ventral striatum. But the side effects occur as the dopamine needed to continue these brain functions can be sapped without increasing the body’s ability to produce more on a sustained level using exercise, good rest, quality pro-biotics, etc. So the 2nd brain, aka ‘the gut’, uses whatever it is provided which is usually poor toxic substitutes.  Result: Unless this ‘Idea’ of success is continually fulfilled on an increasing scale, growing is size and appetite, until it hits the wall. A happy healthy brain will deal with this wall by using dream content to release any guilt, or obligations, basically false reasoning as to the source of the happiness. But the perverted brain of a Master of the Universe is more likely to enter the ‘Lance Armstrong’ or ‘Li_e Strong’ Syndrome, where coming in 2nd place is considered equivalent to dying, so the ‘win no matter the cost’ occurs turning the human into an evil hedonist who can say or do anything including hurting his closest friends and allies.

    The Reality.. or The Cure:
    At the root of all this nonsense lies this idea that the world’s problems and need can be met through the use of money. But money is currently based upon the growing consumption of natural resources. NO ACCOUNTING or business structures can fix this.  Life of all things is an ever changing collective that is conscious and cannot be comprehended by our tiny brains trapped in time.
    Although we are accelerating toward global environmental extinction, we have the technology, ability, and communication channels available to achieve ‘Heaven on Earth’ a shared paradise that can be our goal as people.  So becoming a symbiotic member of the community of all life on Earth must be understood by true humanity ( a global collective conscious being that humans are involving into)
    Until such a time when timeless consciousness can be achieved, which could be a hundred years or more for some people, this game of getting richer and more powerful will continue and work its way to the top where the elite will soon turn on one another and the whole thing implodes. Then there will be a quiet time of reflection as people around the world stop earning money needed to live and begin to reinvent how to survive using water and food locally. Then rebuilding of systems will happen over and over. I personally have already left the game and live off of the land, do not use money anymore and live in a place that has the environmental and political structure to survive foreseeable crises with a smile. I just watch the weather, collect seeds, do yoga, and watch the whole thing unfold online.
    There are some basic concepts that we will all eventually come to accept: the idea of sharing of all things with all life (particularly land)
    so this idea of countries and buildings is ridiculous because we are meant to be nomadic, working together, and respecting the right for all things on Earth to live and die according to their nature.

    Ok, so you are all probably laughing at me now, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. Our system will hit a wall, again and again until we eventually let go and just enjoy life.  So either struggle and worry or jump off the crazy wheel and let go. True happiness can only be realized with a quiet mind, and the greatest wealth can only be achieved by not being weighed down with ownership and possessions. One day all people will live lives like real rock-stars on a world tour richer than any known by any kings and more exciting than any movies.

    • Sorry, that was a crazy reply, but I hope somebody enjoyed it. I really need a venue to rant in
      But I do find this whole story to be a part of a very interested story as the death of the current currencies unravels itself. Very exciting drama.

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