Wednesday we reported that another JP Morgan banker has been found dead, as the latest banker to meet a sudden and untimely demise is Ryan Henry Crane, the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group.
Today, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted that a wave of banker hits was imminent when the very first bankers began dropping last week, has dropped a bombshell regarding the death of Ryan Henry Crane. 

V states that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and worked closely with Gabriel Magee of JPM’s London desk (who fell 32 stories off the JPM London roof moments after texting his g/f he would be home shortly), and that the pair had access to the exact same info.
V concludes Crane & Magee: “Knew each other and had uncovered something“. 

V’s update on the latest JPMorgan banker to turn up dead is below:

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From Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”

One other thing he was the head at the program trading desk. Meaning he over saw all of the trades and was familiar with all of the software (trade platforms) that these trades were done in. This job works closely with guess what? That’s right the London desk and who died last week in London? That’s right Gab$7.77 Shippingriel Magee the one who jumped off the 33rd floor. What was his post? Head of IT and trade platforms meaning he had access to info that Ryan Henry Crane would have.

They knew each other and uncovered something– they were about the same age and these hits happen when two big announcements by JPM.
1. They are out of commodities, and
2.  The wholesale selling of their HQ downtown to the Chinese.

“V” The Guerrilla Economist

V’s claim aligns with what Jim Willie’s sources informed SD readers on the recent rash of banker deaths, that we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details on FOREX fraud.

Jim Willie’s exclusive update for SD readers on what is going down with the sudden spree of banker “suicides” can be read here:

  1. Truth always surfaces above lies. The trick is to make the truth … seem … implausible. A big part of forming that illusion is … to kill first-hand witnesses and destroy direct documentation. It’s like the contention that ‘there’s no definitive proof of market rigging’, despite blatant and voluminous circumstantial evidence.

  2. When you realize you have arrived at a place where you can not go forward nor backward nor can you stay where you are…the lies and deceptions are all that is left.  The promises will all be broken.  The paper will flow in their place.  The wealth of nations swindled…gold and silver sent away to maintain a few at the expense of many.  And now there is no more to give and those that only take will certainly not be givers now.  One chapter ends…another begins.

    • Those that have taken are going to be hunted down like traitors, their names will live on for generations and to be from one of the families will be a death sentence.

    • “…their names will live on for generations…”
      Far better vengeance is derived from forgetting they ever existed.  That gives them NO place in history whatever.

  3. Many a true tail is spoke in fiction where life imitates art, this reminds me of films like “The International” and the short lived but very cool “Rubicon” series. that was pulled.
    Question is, what on earth could they have discovered? Being a Programmer, the only things I can think of is a line tap or discovering something about the data feeds coming in or going out of JPM. Whatever it was it has gone now, and was probably very illegal, what ever that means these days.
    It would not have been something of a static Data nature, such as recorded information, or indictable but probably something to do with “wire taps”, either going from JPM to the state/PTB, or the state/PTB to JPM. Its something to do with insider information.

    • WaitingForSilver

      What if they were toying around with the code, out of curiosity or ‘personal development’ aspirations and discovered ‘Programmer’s Notes’ of text nestled between instructions and discovered the programmer worked exclusively for the Exchange Stabilization Fund? What if there was also a normally invisible ‘back door’ designed into the program for altering instruction parameters issued from the ESF?

    • I agree Pat, if the whole thing isn’t circumstance or happenstance that is.  I also muse that perhaps the routing of instructions exposed something rather like the worlds net routes all going through the US but in any case for a group or person to go round bumping people off without appearing in evidence someway is a bit `out there`.  We will see as time unfolds. As for this `V` character, thats a good excuse to say something and attribute it to a source that cannot be verified or enlarged upon so shshss, it`s a secret, don`t tell or ask questions because Mr Q isn’t gonna answer. Funny how Mr Q`s source didn’t predict all this until after it happened.
      A bit off track:   Didn’t notice anyone jump up and down at the debt ceiling being `waived` for another year, great big can kick that is too.  I also notice the debt clock dropped 50 billion or so over night.

    • Code buried in the high speed trading algorithm that siphoned off .001% to someone high up? Doesn’t sound like much but after billions in trades a day over years?

  4. Off-topic…
    Does China Plan to use gold to internationalize the Yuan?
    China’s official reserves of gold stand at 1,054 metric tons, that’s worth about $45 billion. This figure has not been updated since 2009 and Lombard says the number may not be accurate because since that last update imports of gold and domestic production amount to over 4,500 metric tons.

  5. David Krieger on his site, Liberty Blitzkrieg, says this guy was also with the CIA.  That would make the rest of the story very interesting.  The CIA takes care of its own.  JPM has some deep connections to the CIA as well as polilce forces. 

    • @AGXIIK Hmmm … the plot thickens. Who would have thought that the CIA had anything to do with banking? Industrial or Finance espionage wouldn’t be part of US Govt (or Shadow Govt) Policy would it? … couldn’t be true [sarc]
      From what I gather, J.P.Morgue and Barclays are the two biggest lynchpins in the Underground Economy with their money laundering operations (which the CIA used during Gladio and AJAX to name a few) through the international clearing houses I have been talking about recently (Euroclear, Clearstream, DTCC) … and these direct Securities and Cash settlement systems and depositories have been coming under severe attack by sovereign governments the world over since the 2008 meltdown. Britains Tax Haven/Laundering network is getting utterly hammered in the foreign press but is completely absent from Western News Whores.
      So my theory is that JPMorgue and Barclays are shutting down their conventional laundering systems and are placing the laundering mechanisms WITHIN their Derivatives Trading Platforms, so that they can make credits disappear from one bank from a certain country to another bank in the destination country on the back of a Derivatives Bet … this is the PERFECT washing of transactional details, and the DTCC have a subsidiary that they have setup in City of London that is to handle all major derivatives trades between US-UK and the rest of the world. This is heavily linked to FOREX also as the clearing houses and Securities Clearing has a big impact on exchange between countries, so we should all keep in mind that FOREX is only one little part of their bigger network of chicanery.
      However, FOREX manipulation is just simple outright theft of real Value between countries, whereas LIBOR was just a benchmark, so this FOREX Scandal is just what other Countries have been waiting for in order to get the desired traction to launch it as a world wide issue for reformation of world finance (away from the NYC-London axis) … Enter the ‘IMF is the solution’ people to try and resurrect the old system as a new one. (I smells a rat with Rickards ).
      I think JPMorgan and Barclays should merge into a megalith called MORCLAYS, somewhat like MORDOR from Lord of the Rings … big Eye on the Tower included.

  6. Remember: There is NO honor among thieves!  Therefore, they will start eating each other until only the strong survive.  Jamie Dimon and his ilk will gorge themselves until all the “loose ends” are neatly tied up.  How high does this go up the food chain?  Well, when you see the likes of Dimon et al getting hit, then you know the end is REALLY near.  The next round are congressional pukes.  Watch for it!

    • And that which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
      Ecclesiastes 1.9

  7. How about a Silver Doctors contest–framed along the lines of a fishing trip
    What is the bet when you step into the boat?   Who gets the first, the most and the largest
    So how about one for the Dead Banker contest
    One ounce of silver for each correct guess
    1.  Best guess as to when the next banker meets his maker   Day and time
    2.  Best guess as to how many meet their maker in the next month
    3.  Highest ranking banker to see his days ended
    A bit tongue in cheek, a bit morbid but what the heck, if McDonalds can announce the number of clients serve, we can have the Dead Banker Mort clock.

    • Good idea AGXIIK

      How about we setup a new Market … Suicided Bankers Derivatives Exchange … the SBDE (based in the City of London of course)

      And we can all set up Derivatives Bets (hypothetical insurance policies) on each banker?

      I am willing to sell a Bet on a death from Barclays Board of Directors, also the name will begin with ‘Sir’ (as in a British peer of some sort, about 40% of the Board), who is willing to oppose my bet? ..let’s match up some trades because I have a Derivatives Squared package I would like to sell on into the market after we are all finished matchings. I’ll phone Blythe Masters and see whether she is willing to wager against her own demise, she might be willing to profit in death as long as we bury her with a sack of fiat cash.

    • OKAY!!! 
      I will tabulate THIS ARTICLE, and it will be our “official starting point” 
      We can take “bets” (guesses) for 1 week, and go until, let’s say, something like Mar 14? 
      Total Dead Bankers after Feb 21 until Mar (14?) wins 1 Toz
      Next Dead Banker after Feb 21 (date and time) wins 1 Toz
      Highest Ranking Dead Banker, should go by Name and/or rank/office held (as in CEO/Jamie Dimon, etc) CFO, Vice President, etc. 
      I think AGXIIK himself will be the judge or final vote on this last one. I’ll also be on the panel, and we need at least one more person, to judge what/who is closer or settle disputes 😀 
      We can set up a “counter” Thread on user forums. I’ll start it and do updates. 
      Only Bankers covered in a SILVER DOCTORS (TM) article will be counted for the contest. 

    • RGR  the First banker guess was a tie due to geographically dyslexic judge (me).  2 OZ of silver—[email protected] and Jccj–
      Jim Willie’s Golden Jackass report had two references to Silver Doctors and the suspicious banker deaths.

    • MaryB … “Saw elsewhere that worldwide it is closer to 20”

      Awww, c’mon. Mary! You can’t put a tasty morsel like that out on the table without a … link! Go back through your browser history and dig it up… please?

    • I was thinking of using a source that links back to SD, they have all the names and dates. 
      The bad part is that the growing suspicion is TPTB are knocking off mid-level folks who 
      are onto the crimes or know something and are being “pre-emptively eliminated” 🙁
      They are at 6 plus one financial journalist… and they seem to be linking this to JPM
      and the London Banking Cabal.

    • Looks like Gerald Celente
      He says he lives in Dumfukistan, that country located between Mexico and Canada… 
      He says that because he got clipped in the MF GLobal collapse and the F’ed Govt. 
      allowed the bankruptcy structure to be inverted, and shareholders got HOSED!

    • @Marchas45
      Much as I like Gerald Celente, he needs to study some economics.  The fact is, when one chooses to “defend their currency”, they MUST raise their interest rates, otherwise there is no defense.  Yes, this makes it more expensive for borrowers but it also pays better for lenders and it is the lenders whom the governments are seeking to attract.  If they can offer a higher rate of interest, more people will be willing to lend them money.  This goes for both foreign and domestic lenders.  
      Currently, the US Fed has cut rates so drastically and held them at such artificially low levels for so long, that very few people are interested in lining up to buy UST paper.  They aren’t lining up because these “investments” simply do not pay well enough to be financially interesting.  Why buy a government bond that pays 2% interest when one can buy stock in a multi-national blue chip company that has a 3-5% dividend AND the potential for share price appreciation?  Not only that but interest tends to be taxed at income rates while capital gains held for a year or more get taxed at about 1/2 the income rate.

    • Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m not saying I like or dislike the Video or it’s context. I’m replying to MaryB’s statement above.
      Which States:Saw elsewhere that worldwide it is closer to 20 banksters that have died unexpectedly.” Sheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
      Keep Stacking

  8. willnotbeaslave
    Your encyclopedic knowledge is always refreshing to read.  My surface skimming reminds me of the some of the theories that are a puzzle wrapped in a enigma surrounds by a mystery.   Derivatives and FOREX and paper puff.  Trying to rotate those things into a trading platform seems beyond the competence and abilities of mere humans.  Suicides result from the simple overtaxing of the brain matter. It’s like a computer exploding after being fed GIGO. 
    In my simple way I see humans working these strings and levers in the same way I watch someone try to juggle nitro glycerin in one hand and chainsaws in the other.  Aside from the inevitable conclusion of that exercise, the video would be highly entertaining.  Like a remake of the Demotionist and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  One suggestion.  When watching, be sure to cover yourself with a large plastic sheet.  Like  a Gallegher performance.

    • @AGXIIK >>>Trying to rotate those things into a trading platform seems beyond the competence and abilities of mere humans.
      But remember, these are no mere mortals we are talking about! What we are talking about are the inventors of the CDO, and the CDO squared and cubed … a Derivatives Trading Platform that hides Analytical Laundering Algorithms/Code behind its world wide betting operations is a natural progression for Super Trash Criminals.
      Insiders to ClearStream in Luxembourg used to refer to their employers name as meaning ‘the stream that washes’, so a world wide derivatives laundrette run out of the City would be quite the addition to add to London’s already renown criminal tourist attractions.
      Here you go, checkout the DTCC Derivatives Repository Website … headquartered in The City, even though the DTCC is founded and run (on its Securities Depository side [CEDE & CO]) out of NYC. This is proof that New York is so ‘spiritually’ connected to London that they might as well be considered the same city (the DTCC holding company is 2/3 majority Fed Reserve Owned, with the other 1/3 being American Sec. Association Member Owned!!!)… except London has such a lack of regulation, so that Derivatives trades from US Banks will be run out of the City to stay away from US Regulation … British Regulation is NON EXISTENT, everything is turned into a sideshow in Westminster where the reigning Prime-Criminal makes a speech about ‘coming down hard’ and then does absolutely nothing. It is easier for the World Banking Cartel to control the British Legislature … US Congressmen and Senators require bigger bribes whereas the British come on the cheap, and this also gives the NYC-London axis a bridgehead into the European Union.

  9. willnotbeslave  I like that idea regarding banker Death Watch betting pool.  We can work with Ladbrookes,set up the Banker Hunger Games  Figure the over/under, a decent spread on September Madness and get Barklays to cover the action. Maybe we can get the bankers to be on each other. That will make it really interesting. These sharks love to eat their own.
    I can take my 3 silver ounces used as prizes for the best guesses, working it into the derivatings market, use the Bitcoin carry trade which I’ve heard is really wide between Mt Gox and the JPM Argentinian Bond Bourse.
    Once the games are done my 3 ounces would be worth at least 3,000,000 ounces of silver. We can sell the world wide telly rights to ESPN for at least $150,000,000 plus future options.  
    The Banker Games goes international with syndication in at least 120 countries and we end up billionaires. I feel richer already.
    We do need a couple of G5’s, some supermodels for arm candy and a few dozen button men from the Russian muscle mob.  I’ll look up Corzine and Madoff to see what their take is on this.  We need some ‘color’ to give a good face to this enterprise.  Anyone have a Coat of Arms from the City of London we could rent, along with a Baronial title?  

    • Banker Hunger Games … this is a Winner!
      I can see the list of weapons;
      – Automatic Stapler,
      – Nail Gun,
      – Computer Screen.
      – Photocopier Lid.
      … it is an unlimited field for creativity (sorry … ‘innovation’ is a better buzz word)

    • @AGXIIK
      I tried 3-4 times to get that posted in User Forums, but it seems they are FUBAR again. No new postings are working, 
      at least not last night. But I saved the content. We could do that HERE? 

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “I can see the list of weapons;”
      Don’t forget the push from a high place.  That one seems a favorite lately.  Then, of course, we have the really bad “death by paper cuts” move that occurs when a bankster speaks with regulators and then works alone late at night on a major report that is due the next morning.

  10. January 11, 2014
    MISSING: David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room, went for a walk on Saturday, January 11, 2014, near his New Jersey home and disappeared without a trace. Mr. Bird was a reporter of the oil and commodity markets which happened to be under investigation by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for price manipulation.
    January 26, 2014
    DECEASED: Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, was reportedly found dead under undisclosed circumstances.
    DECEASED: William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, was found hanging in his home from an apparent suicide. It is important to note that Deutsche Bank is under investigation for reportedly hiding $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis and for potentially rigging the foreign exchange markets. The allegations are similar to the claims the institution settled in 2013 over involvement in rigging the Libor interest rates.
    January 27, 2014
    DECEASED: Karl Slym, 51, Managing director of Tata Motors was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. Police said he “could” have committed suicide. He was staying on the 22nd floor with his wife, and was attending a board meeting in the Thai capital.
    January 28, 2014
    DECEASED: Gabriel Magee, 39, a JP Morgan employee, died after reportedly “falling” from the roof of its European headquarters in London in the Canary Wharf area. Magee was vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM) London headquarters.
    Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, plunged to his death from the roof of the 33-story European headquarters of JPMorgan in Canary Wharf. Magee was involved in “Technical architecture oversight for planning, development, and operation of systems for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives” based on his online Linkedin profile.
    It’s important to note that JPMorgan, like Deutsche Bank, is under investigation for its potential involvement in rigging foreign exchange rates. JPMorgan is also reportedly under investigation by the same U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for its alleged involvement in rigging the physical commodities markets in the U.S. and London.
    Regarding the initial reports of his death, journalist Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade astutely exposed the controlled, scripted details of the media accounts surrounding Magee’s death in an article written on February 9, 2014. Ms. Martens writes:

    “According to numerous sources close to the investigation of Gabriel Magee’s death, almost nothing thus far reported about his death has been accurate. This appears to stem from an initial poorly worded press release issued by the Metropolitan Police in London which may have been a result of bad communications between it and JPMorgan or something more deliberate on someone’s part.” [Emphasis added].

    Ms. Martens also notes:

    No solid evidence exists currently to suggest that the death was a suicide. In fact, there is a strong piece of evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Magee had emailed his girlfriend, Veronica, on the evening of January 27 to say that he was about to leave the office and would see her shortly.[Emphasis added].

    Based on information she developed, it appears likely that Magee did not meet his fate on the morning his body was discovered, but hours earlier. Considering the possibility that Magee might now have died in the manner publicized, Ms. Martens offers speculation, and notes it as such:

    If Magee became aware that incriminating emails, instant messages, or video teleconferences were not turned over in their entirety to Senate investigators or Justice Department prosecutors, that might be reason enough for his untimely death.

    Looking at the death of Magee in the context of a larger conspiracy, it is difficult not to suspect foul play and media manipulation.
    January 29, 2014
    DECEASED: Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investment for five years, was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State. Dueker was reported missing on January 29, 2014. Police stated that he “could have” jumped over a fence and fallen 15 meters to his death, and are treating the case as a suicide.
    Before joining Russell Investments, Dueker was an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis from 1991 to 2008. There he served as an associate editor of the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics and was editor of Monetary Trends, a monthly publication of the St. Louis Federal Reserve.
    In November 2013, the New York Times reported that Russell Investments was one of several investment companies that were under subpoena from New York State regulators investigating potential “pay-to-play” schemes involving New York pension funds.
    February 3, 2014
    DECEASED: Ryan Henry Crane, 37, was the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group. Of particular relevance is that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and had close working ties with the now deceased Gabriel Magee of JPMorgan’s London desk. The ties between Mr. Crane and Mr. Magee are undeniable and outright troublesome. The cause of death has not yet been determined, pending the results of a toxicology report.
    February 6, 2014
    DECEASED: Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title, a company he founded in 2001. Talley and his company were under investigation by state insurance regulators at the time of his death. He was found in the garage of his Colorado home by a family member who called authorities. Talley reportedly died from seven or eight “self-inflicted” wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head.

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