While in reality the Fed is the market for US debt via QE∞, there is at least a thin line between the Fed’s indirect monetization of the US debt/deficit, the Bank of Japan has obliterated that thin line, announcing open ended direct monetization of JGB’s, beginning with 13 trillion in JGB monetization in January 2014

Welcome to the start of full-blown currency wars. 

Full announcement is below:

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  1. Seems amazing that Bank of Japan would actually wait all the way until January 2014.
    We read all the time about the “Lost Decade” for Japans population turning into the “Lost Quarter Century.”
    Certainly hope peeps are waking to Phyzz because for some reason I’ll bet the wheels turn a little faster than this open ended monetization announcement indicates.

    • Absolutely agreed. They are always messing with our perceptions, and one way is in time. I also think this will come sooner than Jan 2014.

  2. History shows that fiat paper money debt is ALWAYS re-paid through inflation. For the middle-class of citizens, inflation is the hidden tax whereby governments+bankers steal from their citizens will their FULL CONSENT. For the 1%, inflation is how they become wealthy and powerful at the expense of the labor of the remaining 99%.

    The only way for the 99% to fight back is to stop accepting the fiat paper money that has been created out of nothing, and put their life savings in physical Silver and Gold instead. History shows this is the only way to weather the financial storms. Gold and Silver are the only sound and honest money that remain.
    Someone in Japan asked the following:
    “i know somebody in japan who plans to change all his yen savings from his bank account to euro/dollar in cash because he doesn’t trust the economy at all anymore… is that really recommended now or too much?”
    Well, changing Yen into Euro or Dollar cash is just exchanging one bad fiat paper currency for another bad fiat paper currency. Japan, the Euroland, and the USA are all printing paper money like there is no tomorrow. It would be like jumping from one sinking ship onto another sinking ship, but all will sink regardless.

    The only safe protection is exchange of paper money into hard currency (hard money) such as physical Gold and physical Silver. Silver and Gold have been money for thousands of years in human history. They are proven to retain value as real precious metals.

    There is a world-wide currency war going on right now… Currency war = To see who can print the most paper money (to inflate away the national debt via inflation). In a currency war, those who hold paper money (paper currencies) will lose the most value.

  3. What if all this time we the american people have been scamed. What if all this time say since 1963 all the foriegn gov money that ever came to buy usa treasury bond was a giant money laundary sceem? How is this possible you might ask? Easy all the govs from over seas just bought each others treasury bill with there own printed up money. Like japan buys usa bills with money they printed up an in say 5 years they get it back plus interest. This seem laughable but i bet its the truth to an extent. Which means i be tour national debt could be defaulted on or cut back ahole lot since the money came out of thin air to begin with. I wonder if i could sell the movie rights to this an call it (NEW WORLD ORDER IN PROGRESS) The movie ends with the gov usa defualts an declares bankruptcy an the big banks have all the power.

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