Our friend Sean from the SGTreport.com has released an excellent interview with author James Wesley Rawles.  The pair discuss the inevitable wave of inflation coming to the US as a result of the Fed’s policies which James says will be “Weimar-style”, which means HYPERINFLATION. Where it gets really scary is that precious few people are prepared and in James own words, “People have no idea what the collapse of Western civilization might look like.”

Full interview below:

Part 2: ‘People have no idea what COLLAPSE might look like’

  1. Yesterday, PowerBall wrote, “a big wave of inflation is just around the corner and just about everything is going to cost more by end of year.  So everything will go up except your paycheck.”
    –  –  –
    You almost got that right, PB.  Saturday’s visit to Costco was an eye-opener; it is clear this wave of inflation has just begun to break upon our shores.  The price of EVERYTHING was higher than it was during my last visit there two months ago.
    Meanwhile, how many of the SilverDoctor folks reading this have received a pay raise this year?  The annual raise that was due back in March was deferred for six months.  Well, September came and went – but no mention of the pay raise.  (However, the union workers did get their pay raise since it was in their contract.  Good for them!

    • How much did stuffs at Costco gained in percentage? I don’t do any shopping so I don’t know if my local grocery shops’ prices went up recently or not. I just recently started to work which is one month ago I didn’t receive any pay raise. Although, my wage is 9.90$ per hour.

  2. Thank goodness the inflation won’t affect the silver prices!  When we need a hundred bucks for a pound of bacon, ASEs will be about $30..
    I’m always looking for the silver lining in every dark cloud.

  3. In my opinion, I think that first there will be QEs to infinity which is already a reality, then more investors are going to flee away from the US dollar, after that, hyperinflation will arrive and then finally, the US dollar will collapse along with all fiat currencies.

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