silver shortageGermany recently announced it was moving some of its gold back to the homeland. Investment manager Tom Cloud says, “People are starting to pull away and take care of themselves. . . . You don’t want to be the last guy holding the bag.” In his 35 years of investing, Cloud says, “I am now seeing countries buying gold that are talking to me. . . We have banks buying the heaviest they have ever bought.
When it comes to silver, Cloud contends, “There is a real shortage out there. . . . You’ve got industrial buyers competing with the investor.” Cloud predicts, “There will be a time we’ll see a parabolic rise in the price of gold and silver, but we’re not there yet.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Tom Cloud of

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  1. Off-topic, but Hillary Clinton finally spoke to Congress about the Benghazi attacks, in which the US ambassador and three other Americans were killed.
    Snippet:  “Benghazi did not happen in a vacuum,” Clinton said. The instability brought on by the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011 has expanded the reach of extremists across North Africa, she said.
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    In other words, the Obama Administration is acknowledging that removing the iron-fisted leaders of the ‘sandbox’ countries was in fact a mistake, because it caused instability rather than a democratic, peaceful, more equitable region for the people who live there.  And yet they are still insisting that Syria’s runer Assad has to go.
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    Doc, apologies for the thread-jacking, but this all does indeed tie in with PM’s & finances.
    Now, as to shortages one only needs to visit APMEX, Provident and other sellers to see for yourself just how many items are currently ‘out-of-stock.’

    • There are countries in the world that are completely incapable of governing themselves successfully so are controlled by strongman type dictators.  They achieve control by being harsh to the point of being cruel, perhaps even vicious.  This is very unfortunate but that’s the way it seems to be.  Much of the Arab world seems to fit into this category.  Remove the guy who has 21 appendages stuck in the dike, preventing a massive flood, and then act surprised when a huge wave sweeps everything away.  That is definitely a classic, “WELL, DUH!” moment.

  2. Can someone here explain the use of the word parabolicthat is mentioned in this story ? I have looked it up from online sources and dictionaries but it is a bit confusing as to the context of the word. I have been seeing this word used alot lately concerning gold and silver. thanks

    • Parabolic means an exponential growth, which means an accelerating growth (as opposed to constant growth or straight line).  A parabola is represented by a rapidly rising curve.  It is said that the ‘mania’ phase is when this kind of growth would occur.  But in the case of precious metals, ‘mania’ is not the right term; the real cause will people waking up to the true nature of debt-based fiat paper money.

    • @Boompi
      I have in the past held SLV and realized my mistake. The foolish holders of SLV and GLD are going to get hosed so badly as they rally back and forth on the Yahoo SLV message board. Not only is JPM sacking the price at a dollar plus under spot, but they are losing money on the premiums now placed on physical Silver. I got almost all of my investment back shy of 8K and went straight to physical . JPM has supposedly 2 Trillion in assets, but 79 Trillion in derivatives that will eventually time out and collapse.  Hard lesson to learn, but like The Doc says, “If you don’t hold it, You don’t own it”

    • If the supply / demand data of phyzz isn’t too manipulated, I think $500 will be very conservative in today’s dollar valuation.
      The beginning of remonetisation of silver is what we’re starting to see here, and that’s going to lead to a whole new paradigm.
      If you’re having trouble in stretching your mind around this, then I can translate: Just hold on to your silver!
      There’s only 1/7 oz of annual silver supply for every world citizen. After industrial use, 1/20 oz. Just think about it!

    • @Silverrrrr
      Please find some way to forgive me, I am so sorry. I have a dog and I love dogs. Please hug your OREO for me and tell him that my word was not aimed at him. Now I am going to set myself on fire.
      (PS)  Always wondered why Obama didn’t rhyme with ALA-BAMA

    • My dog is named Marvin, from Starvin’ Marvin off of South Park.
      I guess Obama and Starvin’ Marvin are both from Kenya, another similarity may be they both make good cartoons.

  3. This was and is a great thread, very positive and great follow up posts. Thanks @4oz and @Ranger for the other links. I’m starting to get excited again, maybe I’ll go out and sell my plow truck seeing it’s still winter and get some funds to Stack some more. Lol

    • Apple released their Q1 earnings after hours.  Earnings were a new record, but CFO indicated they were going to change the way they report future guidance that spooked the market.

    • Silver and Gold physical is still battling the shorts (SLV), (GLD) and until they go away we won’t see a great deal happening, especially since Moody’s won’t have the opportunity to down grade U S Credit until May, but rest assured Congress will most likely kick the can further down the Yrllow Brick road!

  4. HSBC just bought 28MOZ of silver  China bought 72MOZ last month— rapidly increasing since beginning of last year.  China’s buying annualized is nearly the entire annual world wide production of silver if that buying continues.  Something might actually break—maybe—this time.

  5. Whether it has anything to do with not being able to get Silver— as we were all reading right here last week or not—who knows?? But that is an unbelievable drop on a stock that was already declining in the after freaking hours….wtf???
    Maybe—-  the SHTF tomorrow??

    • Absolutely, Charlie.  There is a race currently in progress as to what will implode first and begin The Greater Depression; sovereign bonds or derivatives.  So far, they are neck and neck in the race and either one can do the deed.  Keep the peepers peeled and directed towards the EU and the UK.  First, the EU will slide into depression and then the UK.  That will be our final warning because what happens in the UK will happen here next.  The US and UK are joined at the hip in many ways.  Bernanke will try to bail them out if disaster strikes but he will not be able to do so.  That effort, however, will destabilize the US financial system and cause us to slide into depression shortly thereafter.  When the UK starts to do under, that will be the final warning to exit the US financial system.  Yeah, I know… others have been warning about that for some time.  Although they were and are right, they were also early.  Early is not bad. Better to be a year early than than a day late.

    • SilverEagle – If you’re looking for a comprehensive kind of education on “how the world really works,” with a special emphasis on silver, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Chris Duane’s program, the Sons of Liberty Academy. It is totally free if you don’t want to pay. Just sign up, click on the free membership and they’ll email you the link to start your first Module. He is the guy who started the “silver bullet silver shield” series of coins that the Doc carries here at SDBullion. Here’s the link: 
      His main website is 
      Hope you take advantage of it, I know it has been invaluable in my education process. Happy stacking. 

  6. I am supposing that the Asians are having a Silver and perhaps Silver and Gold buying festival tonite, since our beloved Congress has postponed the Debt Ceiling down the road until May. Just saying here that I don’t expect PM’s to move much in a really positive direction unless Morsi in Egypt starts using the F-16 jets and Abram tanks against Israel that we so kindly gave the Radical Muslim Bastard by another Radical Muslim Bastard. Turkey’s banking system now requires 30% of it’s assets in Gold, up from 10%. The dumb assed FDIC just doesn’t get it after backing off the Gold requirement for U S banks to stock Gold as a Tier One Asset January 1st., just an asset now. Can’t take it from Fort Knox, because it ain’t there and you can’t take it from the New York Fed because it ain’t there either. Who knows? The Shadow Do!

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