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Some have compared the current path the US is headed down with the Soviet Bloc experience.  However, there are some differences. 

In the US, we’ve seen a multi-decade long process of gutting the middle class and propagandizing people to the point of turning much of the nation into a zombified state.  However, there are at least 20 million Ron Paul supporters in the US, and while not every person down to the man in that movement are entirely aware of what’s going on, compare those numbers to resistance pockets and periods of any resistance under Soviet rule you care to examine.

I contend there’s a deeper reservoir of latent resistance in the US.  It’s mostly dormant at the moment, because an insufficient number of people have yet to experience economic hardship and the destruction of the so-called “American Dream” for a long enough period of time to engender rapid social mobilization.
But that’s coming, and the powers that be damn well know it!

For example, the Soviet Bloc was consolidated after massive social upheaval following the Great Depression and World War II, which greatly diminished the power and resources of the average Eastern European, making it easier to consolidate a dictatorial system.  In the US, we’ve seen a multi-decade long process of gutting the middle class and propagandizing people to the point of turning much of the nation into a zombified state.  However, as per standard psychology well known by the intelligence community, there usually remains about a third of any given population that is almost impervious to any significant brainwashing under “normal” methods (I’m not talking about torture chamber conversions, but rather, day to day media exposure, the education system and peer pressure).  Even hypnosis fails to work on the same 30 some-odd percent of the population.  To prove my point, there are at least 20 million Ron Paul supporters and while not every person down to the man in that movement are entirely aware of what’s going on, compare those numbers to resistance pockets and periods of any resistance under Soviet rule you care to examine.

I contend there’s a deeper reservoir of latent resistance in the US.  It’s mostly dormant at the moment, because an insufficient number of people have yet to experience economic hardship and the destruction of the so-called “American Dream” for a long enough period of time to engender rapid social mobilization.  But that’s coming, and the powers that be damn well know it and are building police state infrastructure to deal with it.

In Russia and Eastern European nations (especially Russia) there have been long periods of history where the masses lived under quasi-feudalism, where the average folk just tended to their own business as much as possible outside the iron hand of the Czars,  and that ingrained culture continued on into the USSR, with people more traditionally just keeping their heads down in the face of Stalinisim.  The history of America isn’t directly comparable.  Most people have had it “so good” for “so long” that they haven’t experienced a long enough period of time to get political.  Unlike the historical period leading up to the Soviet Union, Americans have been living in a world of privilege while holding the view of entitlement.  A great many Americans are going to get angry when things devolve further.  The culture and US history has set-up latent resistance to totalitarianism far more so than what existed as precursors to rebellion against totalitarianism in the Soviet Union.

The powers that be also demonstrate on a regular basis outright fear and uncertainty about the degree to which they control the masses.  As an example, consider what happened when Google, FaceBook and other sites pushed back against SOPA and internet censorship late last year.  The powers that be backed off because people power expressed itself.  Sure, the tools of censorship and clandestine programs moving the US in the direction of totalitarianism continue, and the powers that be usually choose to back down and fake surrender on any given issue when caught, only to quietly continue on doing whatever it was that elicited initial protest.  But the SOPA example is one of many.  Americans have considerable checks and balances remaining within this badly damaged system, along with a shared belief system and culture and a heck of a lot of guns that make a direct comparison to the Soviet Bloc an imperfect analogy.

In any event, there are many Americans that are leaving the country, and surprisingly, some are simply middle class folk.  But most people don’t have the means to pick-up and leave, and family and other considerations enter into the picture as well.  Others choose to stay because they feel they can keep their heads sufficiently distant from the gears of the machine while possibly helping to prevent totalitarianism taking hold.

When it comes to strategies for diversification of PM ownership in the face of all these risk factors, that ground has been amply covered on Silver Doctors.  But I’m sure many here would welcome discussing the subject anew.

Most SD readers are not under any illusion about how hard the coming period is going to be.

  1. I think , in the end there will be No difference Soviet union and USA . You have to consider those facts : After second war , there was a lot of weapons with the people , there was almost No technology for the government to use , No real media to brain wash ( talk about propaganda in the Old east european countries is a MYTH compared to the propaganda of the last 40 years in the USA ) . Everybody , hated their governments , everybody  knew how people live in the west from the people that made it out in time ( consider Chicago for example , it is called the second largest Polish city after Warsaw ) , There was NO illusions among people and still , The governments managed to seal the boarders from the Baltic see to the Mediterranean (air tight ) , they jailed or killed the most visible opponents of the regime , they have cut all the ties with any outside government that wasn’t the same , they guaranteed people jobs , flats , basic food , healthcare . And here comes the best part around 1971-1973 all those countries (soviet block) left the GOLD STANDARD , ISN’T THAT AMAZING ? ( how did they do it world wide , at the same time (USA 1971) , even in countries that were “ENEMIES” OF THE WEST ???) And the rest is simple , as I stated , my friends family had about 120lb of  dental gold plates and 300lb of silver , USELESS , nobody would touch it for anywhere close to a market price . Sure there were black markets , but only for western made goods ( shoes , jeans watches ) .
    As for americans , most are brainwashed beyond help , most are spoiled beyond help , and most are scared beyond help . I just hope you are right  about 20millions of Ron Paul supporters , but the laws for the new regime are firmly in place and the Technology the us government has is amazing .
    for what ever is worth , I apologize for my tone in the first post , I also own silver bullion ( 5000 oz ) and am just a simple “numbers guy” . For me it is no science , that the economy will collapse and the market price of PM’s will be much , much higher . I am just affraid , we will not get to enjoy it in the USA unless a miracle happens .
    good luck to all of us. 

    • No problem trelljin.  I would say that your opinion of Americans is not totally accurate, but pretty much how we are portrayed.  There are enough former military awake that the current government considers them a viable threat.  Add that number to the swelling ranks of militias and you will have a formidable force.  
      I used to rely on the alleged statistic that there were 100 million gun owners in the US.  That may be true, but how many of them will defend liberty? There are lies, damn lies and statistics.  If the SHTF, I would assume many of those guns will disappear when people fight amongst themselves for resources.  The government will just come in and assume control after everybody is dead.  Much like how the Russians staved whole populations.

  2. Two fundamental differences between the US today and the Soviet Union:
    1)  People living in the Soviet Union were much more self-sufficient than the average American.  They knew how to make things using whatever materials were available, and they were able to grow their own food.  Despite the fact so many families lived in apartments, most families had access to a dacha – a piece of land outside the city which could be farmed.
    2)  Americans are much more divided among themselves  Should the SHTF here, not only will we have to worry about the big bad .gov goons; we will also be endangered by the desperate, hungry masses who have done nothing to prepare for this scenario.  You can expect roving bands of armed crazies bent upon taking whatever they want, with no compassion for their fellow humans.

    Essentially, we will have two enemies to worry about – both the .gov as well as our fellow man.  Prepare accordingly.

  3. The biggest difference between America today and the Soviet Union:
    I think some of your predictions are way off base, because the difference between America and the Soviet/Nazi Union is America actually has a free press and alternate news which is quite large.
    We’re talking about millions of internet radio stations, social media, separate TV networks and finally the Fox Business TV show which runs every single day.
    This force is far larger than the quite formidable Corporate Media TV network, that was also employed during the Soviet Reichstags and burnings.
    There is also a very obvious trend by most Americans to distrust anything the government says which was not present in the Soviet Block…..combine that with growing unrest, hostility against communism and a major force of over 100 million armed Americans and daily protests and you have a perfect storm when China pulls the plug.
    The government will be obliterated once the markets go down. They’ll be taken away in custody. Unfortunately, a huge amount of people will be slaughtered indiscriminately. But that’s the price you pay for liberty and you know it.
    There is absolutely no way for the commies, AIPAC etc. to cover up their lies anymore when Newsmax Magazine is actually shouting their plans and agenda from the rooftops. Do you know how many brainwashed zombies use Newsmax, let alone read all that tripe? Millions, which indicates a total failure in planned media censorship.  That would put the numbers who are fully alerted of what Ron Paul is saying to a lot higher than 20 million, which means there is a massive wave of Americans who are quietly preparing:there’s no putting that genie back in a bottle.

    • Petro Chemical 
      Sorry , but posts like this are really hard to read , let me put it this way If you have asked 1000 adults in any soviet block country 20 to 40 years ago , if they know the only Two western radio stations in existence at that time (voice of America and radio free Europe) , you would get 1000 positive answers ( and most people actually did listen to those ) . If you ask 1000 americans , What is Zerohedge , Silverdoctors , SGT report , or any other alternative media , if you are very lucky you might find ONE person . 
      Americans  in general trust  BLINDLY  their government , or you would not have the same two parties , which is one actually , rule this country FOR EVER . HOPE AND CHANGE , YES WE CAN , CLINTON , REAGAN , BUSH , CARTER , NIXON , OBAMA and all the others , PLEASE DON’T TELL ME YOU NEED MORE PROOF ABOUT BRAIN WASHING . 
      The leaders of ex soviet countries , would be ashamed , of how week they were , how little control they had of their people,  if they were to look at USA .
      Americans have been fed for decades this illusion of life , freedom , democracy , every single day , through media , employers , educational system and your post is a proof of it , it is purely based on ACADEMICS and wishful thinking , not reality .
      that is why in the end , when the new regime is in place , it will be the new USSR . 

    • No see that is what I mean. I didn’t say there won’t be violence because that will be palpable.
      But it isn’t even close to the same situation when it comes to the media.
      Example being, I asked more than 800 people out of 1000 surveyed if they had heard of Newsmax, Newsweek or Zerohedge. 75% had heard of Newsmax, if not watched the program about Ron Paul’s warning on the banks. 100% had heard of Newsweek and also agreed with a news article that said the Federal Reserve plan would end in disaster, that Ron Paul was right.
      20% knew of something called Russia Today, 30% had heard of Zerohedge and a little over half had heard of Jesse Ventura. So you, in your rush to conclusions don’t judge that as progress.
      However, mathematically we judge that as enormous progress. The fact is Newsmax is one of these major propaganda papers, and it was forced to print the truth to everybody, whether you admit it or not that is leaps and BOUNDS of progress which was never made available in the Soviet Block.
      Combine this with Fox News having to allow Jesse Ventura on the air. I view this as stealthy evidence that there is a much larger block of Americans getting prepared now than you or anyone else might believe.

  4. you are still missing the point , people here don’t pay any attention to the truth , the might read it , but that is it . they have been brain washed for far too long, they have NO idea about what is real . In eastern europe , nobody has ever believed the lies , from the start , which means people knew the truth all the way . here you are trying to turn people’s life long believes upside down , trust me , it will NOT work as you might imagine . 

    • No I’m NOT missing the point. I’m illustrating to you of why the point is moot.
      80% of the public doubts the Mainstream media and sees them as biased, holding radical beliefs.(communism)
      If just half of those surveyed which is 40%; starts acting on the beliefs and puts two and two together then a third party will become unstoppable. There will be an enormous uprising, and we are only talking about less than half of those who view the news….
      All it takes is some event, something to set them off and they cease doing what they are told and then all government credibility goes out the window. Sure, they might have in the back of their minds (what? could Israel etc really be evil?) but by that point it wouldn’t matter because there would be nothing but boots on the ground rising in every state & jamming all the highways due to inflation.

  5. Nice article Flying Wombat! I hate to see a powerful country going into bad situations. What would the founding fathers think about USA today if they were revived?
    Anyway, is the US turning into a Soviet-like country? Let all the sheeple get up and listen to their future national anthem!
    ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ ☭

  6. Thanks Flying Wombat. 
    I wrestle with the thoughts of how many are prepared to fight for liberty and freedom.  I cannot get a handle because many of of those in my back yard are still blinded by all the propaganda and Normalcy bias.  If the original revolution was fought by 3% of the population then today that is 9 million people.  Can there be that many in the US ready to defend liberty?  
    What if they did?  What would be the outcome fighting against a highly equipped force utilizing the latest drone technology?  How many of the current military and police would honor their oaths?  Will the oath breakers prevail?  Many questions and no answers.  So how can you theorize as to what will happen?
    It matters not how many RP supporters there are.  It matters not who watches Fox News.  What ultimately matters is, are there enough people willing to sacrifice their lives  to defend liberty.  I know there are many in my generation willing but may not be able.  This battle will not be fought by the boomers, but by younger generations.  Are they ready?

  7. Big Cities are where you find the clueless who will likely die when things turn bad. Get out into rural America and self sufficiency is still alive and well. Along with being well armed. I disagree that boomers won’t fight. I am a boomer and even tho I am disabled I can still fight locally if needed. Or stand guard while the youngsters go off to fight.
    Welcome to the USSA!

    • MaryB
      Don’t get me wrong.  Most of those I know are ready.  My comment was simply pointing out that there are a lot of boomers who will not be able to participate for various reasons and wars are fought by the young, led by the old.

  8. MaryB I would say you are right about that. I bought a small farm 5 years ago and moved out to rural america. There are a lot of people prepping out here and every one I know seems to be well armed. I went to a local hand pump manufacture (bison pumps) to install a hand pump on my well head in case of loss of electricity. The lady said they were back ordered  and business was booming. 

  9. What we are witnessing is the establishment of a Police State.  

    Our government, as well as all SD readers, has known for several years that financial collapse is inevitable.  And with that will come civil unrest like we saw in New Orleans after the hurricane except it will be throughout the country.  

    Americans are waking up, but it is too late to save the Keynesian fiat paper money paradigm.  Unfortunately, there is no political will to transition to a sound money system.  That will lead to a global crash and years of violent unrest.  The State is getting ready.  As individual families we need to be ready, too.

    FEMA has already carved our country into ten regions.  I live in FEMA Region 9.  Individual state governments will become more or less meaningless as the Federal control grid restricts travel and decides who lives and who dies. 

    With oppression comes war.  Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

    Have a nice day.


  10. Great to be with a network of preppers.  I’m attempting to move out in the country myself right now…I’d like 100 acres + with a creak and some big ditches surrounding the property.  Nice security system and some big guns.

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