collapseManipulation is KING in the future’s casinos and only those who understand how they do what they do will profit right along with them…
Will there be a rebound from the recent manipulative take-down?

Quite possibly, but it is only going to be a short term rebound as the Precious Metals DEPRESSION IS the goal of the bullion banks and their minions heading into 2015 so all precious metals investors everywhere will lose their confidence in the metals and other hard assets, invest in paper stocks, and then be raped when the world wide economic collapse that I believe is coming takes place in the Fall of 2015.


Submitted by Marshall Swing

Rape is a terrible crime.

According to biblical law, it is punishable by death if the man rapes the woman and she is in no way a willing participant.  But these days, the perpetrators of terrible crimes deserving of death seem to get off with barely a hand slap.

Deuteronomy 22:25-27 

25 “But if a man finds a betrothed young woman in the countryside, and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. 26 But you shall do nothing to the young woman; there is in the young woman no sin deserving of death, for just as when a man rises against his neighbor and kills him, even so is this matter. 27 For he found her in the countryside, and the betrothed young woman cried out, but there was no one to save her.


The man has forever violated the woman and her life will never be the same with that memory of being taken, exposed, and brutally pillaged.

Society, in these modern times merely winks at the crime of rape.

We see numerous reports about Universities that cover up the crime.  Their goal is profit.  If they release the information to the public about what happens on their campuses, many father’s and mother’s will not send their daughters to those schools, fearing for their child’s safety and that causes the University profit margin to go down.

The elite professors love their profit, their handsome tenure, their fat, hardly earned retirements.  They have taught their minions well and those minions graduate into society, become lawyers, politicians, and educators who continue the brainwashing ways of their mentor professors.

The silver and gold futures world is not different.

The bullion banks LOVE THEIR PROFIT.  So do the mining companies!  They will do anything in their power to see to it their profit is secured no matter what the cost to the people who invest in their products whether the large investors who hire the bullion banks to manage their gold and silver futures trading or the swap dealers who are there in the future’s casino manipulating the price of metal albeit against the very people who have bought their stock shares.

It is not a pretty picture but it is what it is.


It is the Taming of the Shrew.

In this Shakespearean “comedy” people are using people for their pleasure.

It is a very sick affair but one that has captivated and tickled the ears of play and movie watchers for many lifetimes, since before the year 1600.

The plot is about a “nobleman” (royalty/white collar entitled) who tricks a tinker (poor craftsman/blue collar type) into believing that he too is a nobleman.

Petruchio, the “gentleman” of Verona, is after Katherina, who is labeled a headstrong, obdurate shrew.

Obdurate:  “refusing to do what other people want : not willing to change your opinion or the way you do something, stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing, hardened in feelings, resistant to persuasion or softening influences“

Shrew:  “used to describe a woman given to violent, scolding, particularly nagging treatment, as in Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew. The animals of the same name were believed historically to behave aggressively and with cruelty, and to have a venomous bite; the term “shrew” was then applied to a person thought to have a similar disposition“

“Katherina is an unwilling participant in the relationship, but Petruchio tempers her with various psychological torments—the “taming”—until she becomes a compliant and obedient bride.“

Here is another excerpt from the Wikipedia article:  “A more recent adaptation is Charles Marowitz’ acclaimed 1975 production The Shrew, which was performed at The Studio in the Sydney Opera House. Refashioned as a gothic tale, the adaptation removed all the comedy, and instead concentrated on examining the themes of sadism and brain washing. Petruchio was played by Stuart Campbell as a savage and vicious misogynist, who rapes and beats Katherina (Elaine Hudson), ultimately driving her mad. At the end of the play, as Katherina delivers her speech, she does so as if she has learned it, without any emotion or inflection. In this version, the happy ending of Shakespeare’s play thus takes on a disturbing irony. Due to the extreme nature of the performance, the play divided critics, but those who did enjoy it celebrated it as a genuinely original and relevant treatment of a difficult Shakespeare text.”

Yes, a future fan of William Shakespeare took the play and developed it to its logical conclusion which is the wholesale, brutality of women, it all its “glorious”, Satanic driven ritual, demonizing women who will not obey the desires of “noblemen”, those born into “ royalty”, who by birthright have attained the privilege to get what they want no matter what the means and anyone who tries to stop them will be crushed.

Our blue collar tinkerer is tricked into “taming” his own wife and engages willingly in the whims of our nobleman.

Enjoy reading the Wikipedia article to see all the other plays and musicals, and movies these characters have been adapted to and how much money has been made off their sins and indulgences over the centuries!

The silver and gold futures world is no different, at all.

Manipulation is KING in the future’s casinos and only those who understand how they do what they do will profit right along with them…

At first glance, price did not do very much this past week and the numbers can appear tame on the aggregated COT.

But, going to the disaggregated COT, we see some revelations!  There is some short covering by the Producer Merchant and some short positions taken by the Swap Dealers.


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If we examine the silver COT Week price chart, we see massive volume concentrated on Thursday jumping price in a few minutes.  This is HFT manipulation, at its finest, and serves to entice the speculators to buy longs as they think the worm is about to turn and price is set to rocket upwards.

Not so fast, boys!

The excitement does not last and price returns right to where I show the slight upward trend line then it levels out and softens at the end of the COT Week then an HFT short covering crash is delivered to rape those speculators out of their longs.

In this case, what we should see in the numbers next week is the small speculators were greatly punished.  In a moment of weakness, they thought they were smart, forgot my advice, hoped against all hope and reason, and purchased 710 long contracts as they believed for a few moments I might not be right about how I analyze price movements in conjunction with the COT numbers.

Welcome back home, kids, you went out on the street and the bully beat you up, now hopefully you have learned your lesson the hard way and will pay attention to your teacher in the future and not waste your money trying to second guess a rebound on a whim.

Will there be a rebound?

Quite possibly, but it is only going to be a short term rebound as the Precious Metals DEPRESSION IS the goal of the bullion banks and their minions heading into 2015 so all precious metals investors everywhere will lose their confidence in the metals and other hard assets, invest in paper stocks, then be raped when the world wide economic collapse takes place in the Fall timeframe of 2015.

I know most do not believe me yet but have I ever been wrong?  😉

Speaking of manipulation, my recent new readers might just be interested in a more thorough essay on the subject, from early 2012, and it can be found here:


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Not wanting to keep preaching on the “milk” but to move on to the sincere meat of the word, let’s talk about gold.

In gold, we see the attack lines are more pronounced which means gold was the main target of the exercise by the bullion banks and their minions the swap dealers.

Here we see more revealing numbers as the commercials unload a bunch of longs, and it is painfully obvious where.  On Thursday and in the wee small hours of the morning on Friday, for crying out loud:

I like that song:

That was an interesting album by Frank Sinatra…

I will record it for next year for the time of the worldwide economic collapse as the economic portion of the Whore of Revelation falls in one hour, see Revelation 18, as the derivatives and the bonds, all paper fiat and worthlessly back by nothing at all, crash and destroy all currencies in the world.

I will record it just for my readers to enjoy, those who have filled their coffers with hard assets and have protected themselves from the crash to come, have protected their families, and will be able to purchase, for pennies on the dollar, or maybe just one penny on the dollar, companies all around the world which will fuel the economic boom after the President of the United States rushes in, several months later, to save a world that has disintegrated into civil disobedience and anarchistic chaos.

It is very important to understand this economic crash is COMPLETELY PLANNED by the elite of the world.  It is to induce financial and moral slavery.

“In the wee small hours of the morning,
While the whole wide world is fast asleep,
You lie awake and think about the girl“

The merchants of the earth will miss that whore.  This is a completely calculated exercise to take wealth from remaining companies that have even a little moral fiber and trash them so they can be bought by the elite of the world who are rich in hard assets.

You here are not the elite but are wise as serpents and harmless as doves!

But, I digress!

In gold, we see managed money large speculators cough up -4,778 shorts.


You idiots tried to play the short game and got busted and here is your payback.  You have not learned your lesson and are tempted by profit in paper not hard assets.

We are in a depression and you are trying to make money off the woes of the people, not help them.  You are greedy but you will be hard pressed to give up the remaining shorts you have accumulated at prices lower than $20.50 because you know the metal’s crash is coming as the swap dealer short numbers prophesy this truth.

Best of luck in the paper rush at the bottom.  I know you do not believe in the world wide economic crash I predict but when you are out of work and penniless late next year you will remember my words and they will haunt you.  Maybe then you will learn to pay attention and serve people instead of using them?

Notice the gold small speculators fared better than their silver counterparts.  They did not fall to temptation to rush into longs on a whim.

We also see both sides of the commercial house picking up significant short numbers.

Is DEPRESSION starting to sound like a broken record?

I hope so!

Wake up and get ready!

Until next week, keep liquidating your paper investments, looking forward to the day silver is below $19 and buy every ounce you possibly can at those prices (the really smart buy now and do not wait for a mere $1.50 better position).

Oh, and stay thirsty for physical hard assets, my friends!

Reporting from the Wilderness of Southern Illinois and loving it here, the most interesting man in Precious Metals,

Marshall Swing

  1. Just asking, were we not supposed to have a derivatives meltdown in 2013 and I guess sometime this year in 2014? Just moving it >>>>>>>>>>>> Forward all of the time huh? Of course I forget the Gurus know everything…my bad.

    Proverbs1616, Oh please pray for us heathens.

    • No, they do not know everything and those who have a bit of common sense will tell us that.  Unfortunately, the future is not like a song where we can just reel it off by line and verse.  It is stacks and stacks of inter-related probabilities, always in motion, some losing while others gain favor.  It is absolutely unpredictable.  All we, or anyone else, can do is look at as much data as we can and try to see if there are any recognizable trends that we can spot.  There are many things that we know but this is hundreds or maybe even thousands of data points out of millions and millions.  We see 1% or so of the dots at best and then try to connect them into a cohesive and intelligible picture.  Most of the time, we miss the target.  Occasionally, we hit close to it.  But, we don’t just give up.  Instead, we keep trying.
      We absolutely do know that the current US and Western world financial system and economies are unsound and unsustainable.  What we do not know is WHEN they will collapse or suffer major reversals.  Inevitable does not imply immediate.  So, we plan as best we can.  We stack because it is better to be a few years early than even 1 day late.  If we are wrong, then so be it.  But the likelihood is that we are right, just early.  This doesn’t really harm us but some seem to think so.  REAL harm is what will come to those who are completely unprepared for a financial or economic collapse / reset / Greater Depression / melt-down, etc. and not to us stackers.  At the very worst, we end up making less money than we might have.  At the very worst, the unprepared will starve to death or get killed trying to take food and other preps from those who are prepared and are willing to defend what they have.
      The really good news is that we can prep or not as we choose.  No one forces us to do this and no one prevents us from doing it.  We do it by our choice alone and if at any time it seems not to be the thing to do, we can always stop doing it.  🙂

    • Ed, you are as diversified as about anyone here (from what i can gather), I think you hit the nail on the head, inevitable does not mean immediate.  One would be wise to assess there own situation and prepare for both immediate and inevitable, understanding they may not live to see the inevitable.

    • @mikeyj80
      I hope that is the case, Mike.  I have made a considerable effort to be diversified, although that term is somewhat loaded and means different things to most of us.  I once discussed this on another blog site that specialized in PMs with a fellow blogger and his opinion was that since he owned gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, he was “diversified”.  This would be similar to someone owning 4 different oil companies and thinking that they were “diversified”, IMO.  We discussed this at length but his mind was made up and we ended up agreeing to disagree.  From my point of view, that was not diversification because 100% of his assets were in PMs.  Yes, they were different PMs but PMs all the same.
      “One would be wise to assess there own situation and prepare for both immediate and inevitable, understanding they may not live to see the inevitable.”
      Exactly!  It troubles me not in the least that I may not live to see a major collapse of the US dollar, US Treasury bond, or the US Gov itself.  In fact, I am hoping not to see that with these earthly eyes.  But I do recognize that it is possible that I will and that if I do not then my children and / or grand children most definitely will.  The investing, stacking, and prepping I do is as much for them as it is for me, if not more so.  I am OK with that.  If I can leave them in a better position to handle whatever comes next, then that will be all to the good.  They are my life as much as anything is, so protecting them to the extent that I can will be one of the best services I can render.

  2. Things are deteriorating,  a large part of the world is ready to explode into war, we have a fascist in chief that refuses to protect the borders while he manipulates the unemployment numbers to make them look good while thousands to millions of illegals will be given amnesty if he has his way.
    Sure things may have been called for earlier but world events are what will lead to a collapse and we are getting close.

    • copy that MaryB   Good to see you back posting regularly
      I’m still working the Saiga angle.  Sellers are starting to get the word that Saiga is banned.  I had on seller bump the price $200   No inflation there

    • It should be distressing beyond words that the chief Obamunist is far more concerned about the borders of Ukraine than he is about the US borders.  This farce of children flocking into the US via Mexico is ONLY possible because HE allows it.  Hell, he is encouraging it as a political stroke to pressure the US House into adopting some sort of amnesty for millions of illegals.  There is zero doubt in my mind that if the president of the US wanted those invaders stopped, they WOULD be stopped.  If necessary, just close the border between the US and Mexico.  Roads, bridges, rail lines, and waterways could all be stoppered “tighter than a crab’s buttocks”, as they say.  The rest could be handled with some roving patrols with drone eyes in the sky to spot incoming illegals and vector troops to their locations.  Letting ICE do its job would be an amazingly effective 1st step… and WAY cheaper than the current farce and its $3.7B proposed spending.
      The most effective immigration policy imaginable would be one that encourages legal immigration and strongly discourages illegal immigration.  Illegals should be given 60 days to leave the US with no stigma attached to them.  They should be allowed to apply for work visas and eventually citizenship.  Those who remain illegally should be arrested, deported, and permanently barred from ever returning to the US in any capacity.  They should be made aware of this before taking any action against them, as the goal here is to enlist their cooperation.  Many would cooperate.  Those who do not are likely career criminals and should not be here anyway.
      All nations have the right to enforce their laws within their borders, to defend those borders with force if necessary, and to decide who can enter the country and who cannot.  There is no right to come to the US or any other country.  This is a privilege and it is one that has been sorely abused, both by the illegals themselves and the slimy politicians pandering to them who not only allow them to do this but encourage them to do it.  Those politicians need deporting too but who would want them?  Antarctica?  lol

    • Marshal went off the deep end some time around his honeymoon.  prior to that he was more facts and figures, less pulpit preaching and salvation show style prose.

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      @GBS @mikeyj80
      I am thankful that there are sound analysts who don’t corrupt people with ridiculous pro-Kremlin, anti-Jew, anti-America, vulgar and hateful speech, but who instead give honour and reverence to God even in their public discussions of secular issues.
      America’s Founding Fathers (even the devilish masonic ones) openly and frequently gave honour and reference to God.
      It’s funny: most PM bloggers would feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable spending half a day in the presence of those men of yore. I think Mr. Swing would have enjoyed their God-honouring and God-mentioning company.

  3. After wading through all that Bible stuff, and Shakespeare I finally got to the story thanks.  i could have made a cup of coffee in the time it took me to wade through that Churchy post.  I must agree with Ranger.  Derivative blow up was 2012, then 2013, then 2014, now I read from another ex King World News Horror story poster Marshal Swing, that it is 2015 or even 2016, and then some mysterious “Gold Standard” is going to be presented to us, by these Criminal Bankers.  Oh yeah its all backed up with Gold.  Just another Bullshit FIAT to replace the old FIAT with the lovely stamp Gold Standard on it.  Lets hope all the Sheep out there run to the banks and cash in their “Gold Standard notes”.  If they’re not cashing their Shitty Greenback for Gold at APMEX now, they aint gonna be doing it under the Gold Standard.

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      You would have had the same comments to make to the Founding Fathers who spent much time mentioning and honouring God when discussing secular aspects of Early America.
      Not every PM blog reader enjoys anti-American, pro-Kremlin, vulgar and hateful articles (I think of Jim Willie in particular).

  4. @Proverbs1616
    It didn’t take your God fearing, loving, respecting Founding Fathers to sell out to the Central Bankers and their debt money.
    Now look at all of those God quoting politicians you have in power that can’t wait to smash countries that don’t want Central Banks.
    The good old USA can teach the World how to destroy countries and kill millions of innocent people.  All in the name of God of course.
    Your God loving country has turned from being a Republic with rights for the individual into a Fascist Oligarchy.
    So much for your God.  Are you sure your not praying to the Devil?

  5. Satan the chief luciferian disguises as a prince of peace, netanyahu Obama leaders of the Anti-Christ time for the redeemer to appear not as a Lamb but as a Warrior Conquer soaked in Blood of the Luciferians whom he shall destroy 1/3 of the luciferians USA ISRAEL ,UK ,FRANCE ect ..praise God Amen ..Promised time ? Before the World destroy it’s self,since we are very close to WW3 ,any day NOW…………………………………………… ;>)

  6. Would you guys count Sprott gold trust as hard asset since they back it up 100% with metal and you can take delivery? You have to have quite a bit though, to take delivery. What off site metal vehicle do you guys use, if any.

    • I have exposure to Sprott’s PHYS gold fund in my IRA. I know it isn’t the same as holding the physical but I trust that fund much more than GLD or any of the other gold funds out there. I like the idea of being able to sell some of my shares and easily rotate into other undervalued opportunities as they present themselves. I’m not worried about ever taking delivery since I don’t have enough shares to do that anyway but it’s nice to know that there is a delivery option. 

  7. 2015? I call goal post movement.  That’s OK by me.  It means more time to stack. I’ve been spending the most of my cash at the veterinarian’s office this year anyway.  One of my dogs goes in for surgery this week.  If there’s any change left afterwards you will see me stacking.  Or maybe you won’t.  I will be though.  You can bet your bottom dollar on that. 

  8. It is happening right now! The BIGGG crash! Stock market is down 5 points!!! All the news heads tonight will sound “somber” as they sadly report the 5 point loss of their masters. “tonight we are sad to report that the stock market had a major correction today and fell almost 5 points” sniff sniff

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