*Update:  APMEX has raised premiums AGAIN to $3.99 (for qty>500) for expected Oct 7th inventories
In shades of 2008…

Clearly physical demand is plummeting today, hence the 17% (30% 2-day) sell-off in silver.
And by clearly plummeting, we mean physical demand is skyrocketing. 
(Just what you would expect when an asset is correcting by 30%…skyrocketing demand… right?  Right??

APMEX is now SOLD OUT of 2011 Silver Eagles, and has increased premiums for their future (Oct 7th expected delivery of silver eagles)

2011 1 oz Silver American Eagle(Oct 7th)
As low as $3.69 per coin over spot!
These items are on a slight delay. We expect to be able to ship these coins by October …
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Availability: 10/7/2011

APMEX Buy Price – $32.36

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  1. Just wrote this at TF's:
    For those of us who are understandably shaken, let's get one thing straight, right now: Silver and gold investing(but especially silver) is not a picnic….it's a war.

    When I convince someone new of what's happening, and they buy gold or silver, the first thing I always impress upon them is that they've now taken a financial stake that is diametrically opposed to the stakes of the world's most rich, powerful, and malevolent parasites. If you think those parasites will give up this immense power to some nobody who went to a coin shop…without trying to turn them into splinters, think again.

    Silver's a war. Period. The enemy just launched Operation Barbarossa, and they're DEEP within Russian territory. When the dust settles though, comrades…the last inch of ground they won will be all there is to their future. Whether it's $30, $28, $24, or $21….that's it, they'll never put it there again.

    I so firmly believe this, that today I called up my broker, and sold alot of the paper assets I had(no, not miners), that haven't fallen as far. I have freed this capital up to buy more silver. By the eternal God, if they're going to pillage and plunder in broad daylight, with the government's help no less!, I'm going to take this tanker full of lemons and make enough lemonade to stock all the kiddie stands in front yards across America! But I haven't pulled the trigger yet…I'm waiting, waiting….gotta make this broadside count the most.

    These people are sick and demented, but they're on the wrong side of the trade…and of history! Remember, when the dust settles….that's it. Onto Berlin.


  2. I go to buy more silver today and big surprise! The coin dealer was TOTALLY out silver. All types. I then go to 2 other dealer in town. No silver, anywhere. So I call nearby town. No silver for sale. This tell me there are lots of buy people. Funny thing is I see business all over still buying it! "We buy gold and silver" sign everywhere. But no one selling!

    Silverdoctors, keep up the good fight! Thanks for all your information. Very helpful.

    I now try to find place to buy silver online, but I prefer local.

  3. On the other hand, it may be CME's intention to keep gold and silver on their backsides while the banksters scoop it up depriving the common man of an alternative to the fiats.

    Are the banks scheming to launch a partial gold/euro currency?

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