In this interview with Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital launches into another epic rant regarding fraud in the US banking sector and the fascists who have taken over the US from within- and overthrown our constitutional republic.
Barnhardt’s latest on Obamacare, the markets, and the future of freedom in the “Land of the Free” is below:

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  1. I actually agree with about 10% of what Ann says, specifically that the government is run by wealthy unelected people who don’t give a damn about regular Americans or democracy, but the other 90% of what she says is loonytunes.  If Obama, and the rest of the government, actually want single-payer healthcare, the way to do it is by putting up a fake Obamacare website they know wouldn’t work?  I like my conspiracies, but this is way out of my league!

  2. She sounded good until she got to Obama Care. I don’t believe this is about trying to sneak in single payer. I believe Obama Care is nothing but a secret bailout for the banks. Another thing, these guys are fascists, not socialists.  I get suspicious of people using this term loosely.  It makes me think that they have a secret agenda. Alex Jones does the same thing, and I’m very suspicious of him.

  3. We are losing our Republic.  Our country has changed dramatically in our generation.  I feel like the frog in the warming water and believe some have the same sentiment.  The only thing I know what to do is prepare to the best of my abilities.  Am I ready?  No, I will never be ready.  Am I prepared?  Yes, much more than many.
    I echo IE999, we all know the problem, how can we get to the solution? 

  4. Ann of Dragons quit her brokerage thang and then held classes about trading a tractor for grain, corn for property, and ya’ know do the opposite of what “they” do…(divide and conquer). Food commodities are at such a basic of Life whereas properties are manipulated as well. Jim Rogers pointed out that the average age of farmers is 59 since the kidz just don’t want to do it. But I eat fresh eggs, miss that pig, and am waiting on steaks from the cows out yonder. If there was a way to make it “Kuel” to farm and cool to trade SILVER for the things we desire and Kool to tell our boss we ain’t taking fiat currency we want silver or gold for our labors then the freaks that got us into this mess will just have toilet paper for money. Also any of us can sell stuff to China like food and heck lots of thing they need. Read “One Billion Customers” that came out some years back.

    • I buy a large part of my food direct from the farm, and the farmers selling it are making  a nice profit while selling food BELOW the retail of a grocery store. Like the quarter of beef I just got, $3 a pound cut wrapped and delivered.

  5. Another problem is the “convertibility” of Silver to Dough. When I run “low” on cash I run down to the hock shop and he gives me 80%. Provident and others offer a “buy back” program (for less than sold) and look here folks!! An ounce is an ounce is an ounce!! We know all kinds of big shots like SD and Harvey and the Jackass and David Morgan and Gerald Celente and Eric (big time) Sprott so why don’t we put a CARTEL together of our own and when ANYBODY needs some fast cash we give them SPOT (less shipping) anytime they want?

    • “…so why don’t we put a CARTEL together of our own and when ANYBODY needs some fast cash we give them SPOT (less shipping) anytime they want?”
      Excellent idea.  Maybe we could call it, The Silver Exchange?  It would be good to have an intermediary who would hold the silver and the payment, verify them, and then pass them on to each party if they are legit.  A fee for that would be needed but it would not have to be exorbitant. Business opportunity, Doc?

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