In this interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhard Capital Management exposes the blatant fraud in US financial markets, the recent IRS scandal, the financial enslavement of the American people, and whether Obama is conspiring to intentionally collapse the US economy!
Barnhardt, who warned SD readers last year to get their funds out of the system (prior to the Cyprus bail-in shot that was heard round the world) stated:
It doesn’t matter how honest your local bankers or wealth managers are, the problem is systemic and it will touch every person on earth!



  1. What a brilliant deduction! I think folks realized The Oreo started doing that as a Senator in his lame ways of doing things, but with a sinister long term plan!
    Tell us something New Ann! We love you girl!!
    Ann, do you also realize the man is a coward? Like would any other American President not meet with a Russian leader over a “Whistleblower”, even Jimmy Carter? Hell No! Oreo has just got to throw his “It’s my way” and throw his tantrums!

  2. I think Berri gets too much credit. No doubt he’s the equivalent of a pyromaniac in a match factory ( who happends to also be a closeted homosexual drug addict ), but this is way bigger than he is. We’re all doomed I think, which is why I have focused on having my families affairs in order so we can care for ourselves.
    It’s a sad day when I am proud of places like Syria and Russia standing up to the west.

    • I’m actually not so sure it’s a sad day now in the way it was, say a year or two ago… people are agreeing with us.  Perhaps there is a better end to the empire when we realize we are no longer the only pitchfork bearing people in the country…
      It’s interesting that Barry decided to tell Putin we are not attending a summit where the main topic is actually to be how to more quickly adopt a trade settlement schema worldwide that does not use the US Dollar.  They don’t want Barry and the US there anyway… we may have crashed Ankara a few months ago, but the meetings in Moscow might be a bit harder to crash… eh Barry? The Snowden affair just gives you a little diversionary cover for your deceptions…

  3. Angry Ann.  Love listening to her interviews.  Always learn something new.  Now all we need to do is get Lou Scatigna on board with cashing out 401K’s and IRA, like I did back in 2002, and put it all in Physical Shiney Stuff.
    October 8

  4. As far as keeping some dollars on hand, that they will remain a unit of value for some time, it seems like keeping currency might be better: quarters, dimes, etc and get rid of all the dollars. Not sure. Just a thought.

  5. I agree totally with her that this has been done purposely. These people know exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately, there are too many people who still think “they” have lost control and the system will collapse and we will be done with this entire group of people once and for all. Like Ann says, they are collapsing the U.S. (and then stealing all the wealth in the process…Why not get a little something extra on the side why they’re at it?) and then bringing in a Global Dictatorship.
    I’ve said for a long time, there has been two groups of people that are being targeted these last 13 years: one group knows they are targets: the Muslims. The other group is clueless: the American people. What better way than to pit Americans against the Muslim world? I don’t agree with her talk about the “Mohammadians coming to kill you”. It has been quite the reverse: we have attacked them. It is very clear we have murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent people in their own home lands, including thousands of little children (the photos of tons of children with missing limbs and dead bodies can be found easily). Even if the Bush Conspiracy of 9/11 is true, the crime does not give us the right to “collectively” punish entire nations, many of whom originally sympathized with the United States (until the bombs started dropping on their neighborhoods and children). The Muslim world, (except for the Saudis, Qatars, Yemens, who have sided with the WEST in killing their own people), basically just wanted us out of their nations. I certainly wouldn’t want the Chinese over in the U.S. with Drone dropping bombs on my kids. That may likely happen, as the Western traitorous Oligarchs have already conceded land in the U.S. as collateral on the debt. We will soon see a great influx of Asians, particularly Chinese. The Chinese government wants nothing more than to off-load a large segment of their 1 billion strong population. So, I really don’t think we were ever going to be annihilated by the Muslims.

    • @cindy.. realize that Ann has put a lot of her energy into warning us of the moslem ‘offensive’ against us over the years.  She’s in a class with someone like Brigitte Gabriel.  But what you have to remember to bear in mind is that the muslim world is propagandized by the western-controlled media into believing the Americans are just as evil as we are told the Muslims are…  and we further reinforce the meme with drone attacks, our complicity in the Arab Spring progression of regime change (Jan – Tunisia. Feb – Egypt, March Libya, (oops, muammar wouldn’t go quietly!) April, Bahrain, Yemen, et al… on the way to an erosion of support for Iran… so the Arab world has plenty of evidence to demonstrate to their masses that we are indeed the evil caliphate…  In the west, we rely on our CIA-operative Al Quada units, false-flag events, and embassy-emptying scaremongering to frighten our people that the muslims want us dead…   I can’t really say as I blame them…
      Note- I said western-controlled media — think Al Jazeera and remember that they tell the arab world what we tell them to say…. or else, we blow up their broadcast facilities:

    • @cindy >>> I don’t agree with her talk about the “Mohammadians coming to kill you”
      Ann has videos on the web where she breaks down in tears about loving the State of Israel and wanting to take her Assault Rifle with her on a crusade to kill anyone who would dare to attack Israel … even though the only people talking about attacking a sovereign country in the ME is Israel backed by the US Hawks who see it as a good excuse to take out their only opponents to the Petro-Dollar ‘diplomacy’ in the ME (Commercial Imperialism). Blessed are the peacemakers! …and you shall know them by their fruits. And what is ironic about all this is that the country who would benefit the most from an Iran invasion and destruction would be Saudi Arabia, even though the Sunni Extremists make the Shia in Iran look like a Bear Trap compared to an IED.
      If I could separate Ann’s financial mind from her continuous re-direction of blame against the Mohammadans I would say she was clear thinking and right on, but all I see is a much better looking female version of Lindsay Graham with a Pink Assault Rifle. She really knows her Bible in many videos she posts on the net which is why I smell a rat because;
      Mat 5:39  But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
      These scum bags in charge have overcooked their own system and lost control of the chaos. Believe me when I say that the agent of destruction that will take these people out are themselves. The only thing that makes any sense is;
      Mat 12:25  And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
      MODERN CONTEXT: There are too many power factions in the New World Order system for there to be any actual Order.
      Don’t worry too much about the NWO, they have but a short time before they self destruct. Agents of Chaos can only create chaos. Their arrogance is their belief that they can control world wide chaos, which of course they cannot. Saving ones soul is all that is important because you will die some day anyway, that was already decided.

    • I agree with you.

      Ms Barnhardt makes some valid points, but she loses me when she rants about the Muslims and homosexuals.

      I AM homosexual. I find it fascinating how a smart woman who claims to be righteous and principled could be such a bigot.

      Then again, they say that repressed homosexuals can be the most homophobic of all. And she does look kinda butch with that firearm. Maybe I should ask her on a date…

      Hey, Ms Barnhardt, would you like to discuss MF Global over dinner? My treat.

  6. There will be one strange sight that we could see  sometime in the future.  A picture of a Noballs Peace Prize winner being tried for war crimes, received 6 months after he was elected. 
    When the  prize was given to Carter at least he did something to earn that.   Arafat–not so much. But that depends on whose side you are on. 
    Anyways, A visit to Ann’s site always shows a profile in courage. Her voice is a clarion call, calling out the SOBs who infest this country.  And yes, KLUMMAC intends to knock us down a notch or 5 and he’s doing a fine job. 

    • that is an incredible statement, Net.  Greek unemployment is 65% What’s a balanced approach? 80% 90% 100% More?
      Austerity kills jobs, it does not improve an economy. Our Debt to GDP approached that of Greece; 240%
      This is one of the most clueless statements I;ve heard from this fiscal moron. I would also guess he and his family will never experience austerity. If you take a close look, most of the 50 million people on food stamps, EBT and SNAP cards are not experiencing the austerity of the Greeks. We don’t have riots in the streets and starvation. We have digital EBT breadlines. When those stop we’ll see something else.

    • I guess that we all have our own definition of “austerity” but for me, it is refusing to spend more than we have.  We don’t have a spending problem in this country.  We have an allocation problem.  Allocate about 50% less of the national wealth to non-productive activities, such as government, and people will be both thrilled and amazed at just how fast the economy and jobs will boom.  Not to worry, though, big spenders.  This is likely far too practical an approach to have any chance of passage whatever in this bizarre new world.  Instead, we will continue on this same course, ignoring the quickening current along with the roar and spray of the huge waterfall just downstream.  The stackers among us will be the ones paddling madly for shore in our heavily loaded canoes.   😀

    • I agree with Ann on some levels, but not on all. She is a real American whether she believes in something or not. However the way you my think, behave, execute, & follow is up to you. That’s what makes us United States Citizens.

      The United States of America has been Occupied by the Banksters for more than 100 years. Our Founding Fathers were well aware of this in passing Bills and Laws into our Constitution.

      Resources are Act Of 1871, federal reserve of 1913.

      We need to End The Federal Reserve in producing Slave Coupons as currency for depreciating the value in medium of exchange. Wars they put us through & taking away our Republic As A Country.

      Finally, we need to end our involvement with other countries.

      More to folllow

  7. Good comments all! Instead of addressing each author, I will just address. Could be, this bad economy is designed. Pre-WWII, certainly post WWII, entire deposits of gold bullion have been stolen by TPTB, or as Adam Smith said, the “all for us and nothing for you” crowd. Having done so using our industrial-military complex in the US. Even our gold has not been audited since Eisenhower. From pre-war Hong Kong to post war Germany, the world’s gold is missing. Where is it? Who has it? What are their intentions? Which brings us back to 2013. Too much money has been leveraged and printed since the repeal of Glass-Steagal to suspect human error, even greed. More like they designed to control or perpetuate the financial “nuclear” bomb. Yes, we are poised for collapse and whomever has the world’s gold, set it up and could control the planet’s destiny after a collapse, either man-made or an astro-geological upheavel. Never mind hundreds of millions of people will die. Never mind the large areas of earth that will be uninhabitable. They factored that in when they used our tax dollars to go underground.
    The missing “i” in Religion is telling. One, the press, journalists trained in college for a noble career, are suppressed. The news is not getting written objectively. Financial data is manipulated by government bureaucracies. Government corruption is not reported. Narrative on live unfolding news events is manufactured. To perpetrate a global collapse or even a new world order, media and religion must be controlled. They have been trying to crush Christianity since day one. They created schisms. They created religions. They corrupted Christianity from inside. Protestantism and Islam must be liberalized as well. They attacked Islam so as to liberalize and control the believers as they did Catholicism, Protestantism, and Hinduism. Progressives, liberals, socialists, communists, Zionism all hate Christianity and plot to eradicate or control. Our war on terror is really a war on religion, and it is working for them.

    Look at Mother Earth. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has all but killed the life source Gulf Stream. The Pacific Ocean is dying to being exposed to radiation from Fukushima, waste dumping, nuclear bomb testing, and debris fields from earthquakes. Ever notice the atmosphere? We are spraying chemicals in our atmosphere world wide. Only the US can pay for this and 13 trillion of debt proves it. Never mind the delicate balance of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gasses in our atmosphere. An imblance can take thousands of years to correct. An influx of methane released from under hydrates can swing the pendulum towards life extinction rather quickly. And we cry about the collapse of the dollar?

    So, with all of this, can anyone really predict what will happen next? It will take whistle-blower’s, insiders who rebuke their plans, and sheer luck in surviving our physical world to keep life as we know it from disappearing. It will take the final battle between Good and the created Good that chose to be Evil to rid the planet of human machinations against our Creator…and I do not wish that solution on anyone.

  8. Is this an old interview? It sounds very familiar, or maybe she repeats herself a lot!!

    Could you imagine arguing with her over who was going to do the washing up………. She needs a holiday!!

  9. @Thomas
    Amazing footage! Rule of thumb folks, when the water gets pulled out so fast………RUN to solid high ground! I would be leaving once I saw water receding like that, and would be trying to get everyone else to leave too. Forget the cameras! He who runs away, lives to film another day.

  10. Ann’s pink M-4 is her signature prop.  Molon Labe.
      Before the bank took her home she gave her address and directions to her house. Just in case some Muslim with a chip on his shoulder decided to pay her a visit.  Her accuracy at 200 yards and more was pretty darn good and she pracriced regularly.
      She also said something that i took to heart. If you can’t take your assets, build them into a bunker and defend them with your battle rifle, you were  vulnerable. 
    I shouldn’t have to say what I did.  But I’m not giving my address out.  And there will be  no warning shots.

    • “And there will be  no warning shots.”
      A warning shot is the one that hits the front man in an assault team.  Anything else is a waste of ammo, surprise, and intent.  There will not be any time for playing by the current rules, unless you are using the Al Davis rule book… “JUST WIN, BABY!”.  😉

  11. Heck Tawnyard, I’d subscribe to ESPN sport package to see that.  Anyone with cable catches unholy heck from Ann, almost as much her rants on gays.   As a heathen WITH cable, I would probably be sent for a short stop in purgatory  and then to places south.  
    Her veerings do not help the learning process much because when she takes the time to teach, she handles the material well
    Ann tries  to focus on so many subjects that when she lurches off to subjects that are best left to a college class on sociology, she dilutes her message. 
    She seems to have lived a pretty solitary life.
    IMO That  can leave a person without a shoulder to lean on or a soul mate as a person who can act as a sounding board.  A lot of times the solitary thinking makes a person more than a little extreme. 

    • “A lot of times the solitary thinking makes a person more than a little extreme.”
      That would be my thought as well.  A well balanced individual is kept in balance by their soul mate.  We all wander off the true path from time to time but it is our soul mate who most notices this and gently herds us back onto the straight and narrow.  OK, so occasionally, a smack upside the head or a boot in the @$$ is required, but it IS done with love. 😀

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