The Doc sat down with Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management Tuesday night for an exclusive interview discussing the shocking precedent set by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last Friday that Sentinel’s use of $500 million segregated client funds to secure a loan from the Bank of NY Melon for it’s prop trading desk is not fraudulent but is rather perfectly legal.

Barnhardt’s interview with SilverDoctors will serve as a startling wake-up call for any still participating in the fraud known as the US markets, stating that ‘What we’re seeing is the complete disintegration of the financial system before our very eyes!  It’s Soviet!
Barnhardt tells readers ‘You have got to get your money out of the financial system!  Not just the futures markets, but the entire thing!  Stocks, 401k, IRAGET YOUR MONEY OUT OR ELSE IT IS ALL GOING TO BE STOLEN FROM YOU!  IT’S ALL A PONZI!!!

Barnhardt goes on an all-out rant stating that the 7th Circuit Court decision has set a legal precedent that will encourage banker theft of segregated client funds, and that she expects JP Morgan to make a play for Citigroup in the coming weeks or months.

When asked where the regulators were in the case of Sentinel, MF Global, and PFG Best Barnhardt stated,

‘Look.  The NFA is a CRIMINAL MAFIA!  The upper management of the NFA and the upper echelon of these auditors should do hard time.  I’m not talking camp cupcake.  I’m talking about DECADES OF HARD TIME THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE DOING!  Because they are completely complicit in this, there is NO REAL REGULATORY OVERSIGHT OF THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY IN THIS COUNTRY!!

The NFA isn’t auditing anybody in any realistic sense.  If you’re in the NFA’s mafia, they’ll coast you right through.    If you’re not in the NFA’s mafia, they will tear you apart and destroy you with malicious auditing and malicious litigation.

Who was the auditing oversight body for MF Global?  Well it was the CME.   Again, they weren’t doing any realistic auditing oversight, you know, ‘we’re not gonna mess with Corzine, we’re not gonna mess with MF Global, just sign off on them’ and now the coup de grace is that THE COURTS ARE NOW COMPLETELY COMPLICIT IN ALL OF THIS!!   The courts facilitated the fraudulent bankruptcy filing of MF Global, and now the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals- upholding a decision from the District Court- has now made this absolutely MIND-BLOWING decision, setting precedents that say customers have absolutely no right to their segregated funds held in any depository or financial institution

I don’t know what else people need.  MF Global stole $1.6 billion, PFG Best is $225 million gone, who’s going to be next?  It’s clear there’s no regulatory oversight.  If you’re still in these markets you’re either stupid or on drugs!  That’s the only conclusion that I can come to. ‘

When asked whether it was a coincidence that JP Morgan held the segregated client funds for both PFG and MF Global Barnhardt replied,

JP Morgan has just announced that it wants to hold customer collateral.  It wants to be the body that holds customer collateral for FCM’s.
Now the argument they’re making is, ‘look at these FCM’s.  You can’t trust them, so now we need a third party to hold customer collateral’.  Guess who’s going to get to be that third party?
IT’S GOING TO BE JP MORGAN!!  Look, they know that the end is in sight, and they know that in a lawless environment, possession is EVERYTHING!   They want as much in their physical possession as they can possibly get because they know that when the poop hits the fan and this whole deal collapses, they’re going to be able to keep everything that they have.  They want as much as possible!

No, this is all completely revolving around JP Morgan and Goldman, and I would personally be looking for within the next few weeks to months- I think that what they’re going to try to do is to try to consolidate these mega banks even more, and I think that JP Morgan is probably going to end up making a play for Citi at some point, and they are just going to try to have as much as possible under Jamie Dimon’s roof, because I think they know that the end is coming.  It’s rotten to the core!

When asked whether the court’s ruling means open season on segregated client funds Barnhardt stated,

That’s exactly right.  The other thing people have to remember is people are focused on all this as happening exclusively inside the futures industry.    This has ramifications throughout all financial markets, every sector of the financial industry, and even into simply street corner depository banking.
They’re all doing this rehypothecation.  They’re all doing this, and now they’ve just been given a green light that they are legally protected, and the depositors or investors who are sending their margin to be held in these customer seg accounts have been completely, legally hamstrung!  There is now no legal recourse whatsoever!
The court has explicitly stated that taking somebody else’s money, and using that as collateral on your own personal loan is not fraud

I don’t even know what to say!  What in the HELL IS GOING ON!?! –  OTHER THAN THE ONLY EXPLANATION- WELCOME TO MARXIST FACSIM LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!  It’s here!  Welcome to hell!
Again, reiterating, you have got to get your money out of the financial system!  Not just the futures markets, but the entire thing!  Stocks, 401k, IRA
– and so help me if one more person emails me or calls me and says well what about my 401k with such and such a firm?    I’m going to just go and stick my hand through the wall!   What is the matter with you people?  What part of GET THE HELL OUT are you not understanding?  What is so difficult about this?  It’s the ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM!



Ann Barnhardt’s full exclusive interview covered the Sentinel ruling, JP Morgan, what the drought will mean to food prices over the next 6-12 months, Barnhardt’s recommendations for protecting your personal assets, and MUCH MORE!

The Doc’s FULL audio interview and transcript of this most relevant and riveting interview is NOW AVAILABLE BY CLICKING HERE:

  1. All part of the descent into living hell.

    I suspect the bastards are starting to be a little surprised themselves at how docile the general public still is.  Sadly, they will become more and more brash.  I can’t wait for the middle-class-back-breaking event.  Somehow, the silence from the general public seems to be equivalent to the calm before the storm.

  2. Ann says ‘  If you don’t hold it you don’t own it’
    Doc says, ‘If you don’t hold it you  don’t own it. 
    Jamie Dimon and his ilk say  ‘If THEY don’t hold it THEY don’t own it”. They know how it works too.
     What’s the difference? 
      We own ours legally.   Dimon is stealing what he holds. 
    Whatever laws were once written to protect the consumer and account holder have been erased, just as much of the Constitutional protections have been erased by this and previous administrations.  
     In his interview Dimon tries to make the case that bigger is better. Of course it is.  If the banker plans to steal every cent of your funds, and this appears to be the case, they want it conveniently at their fingertips. They are lazy and stupid criminals,   so having your money positioned in an easy to reach place suits their game plans.  Consolidation in the financial industry simply means that the Sheeples money is now stacked in one place. It would suit their plan to have just one or two SUPERBANKS. JPM and GS might work to those ends and seems to be a plan in the works.
    The legal system is set up to facilitate this theft and provide high cover for these coming actions. 
    As much as we shout to those with retirement plans to get out, cash out, remove themselves from the absolute certainty that the goverment will steal your retirement plans, aided and abetted by the banking system (otherwise the feds could not access your funds), people are not getting the message. The Math on that subject is incontrovertible and compelling.
    It must be very frustration for all of us who know what is coming,  that is the tried and true method of expropriation of retirement plans, successfully done in a dozen countries in the last decade, because  people will be shocked when they wake up some day and see on the news that their brokerages have seized the $6,000,000,000,000 in IRAs and 401K. And what will they cry out. How did this happen? We didn’t see it coming! Whaaaa!

    If  you need to cash out, do so.  I hate to recommend that course since you will send at least 50% of your hard earned money to the beast;  the IRS,  but that may seem to be the only course.  You can get an SDIRA which I just completed and buy silver and gold. That might be the optimal solution and I urge that in the strongest manner.  You own it–you hold it. Capishe?

      But ISYN this whole system is going to end badly and 99% of  the people are going to end up trashed.  Ann has been right on this for nearly a year.  The system is collapsing incrementally. From Corzine to the Golden Polish Ponzi every day we see another outrage, another blantant theft of our money by the same people who tell us to trust them.  They know better. They have a plan.  And we must follow their orders.
    Fuggegaboutit.  Ain’t gonna happen. Following them is the Road to Perdition.

    • Can someone provide some information to apply for a SDIRA? I have the perfect situation for it but my tax man told me it is very complicated and expensive. Let me hear from someone who has done it and where to get the forms. I was told I needed some person to act as an agent for the SDIRA.  I want to get the forms right away but I need to know where to begin. To get out of the stock market, are you just paying the taxes and penalty or is there another way?

  3. A few weeks ago the largest bank in Italy went on a month long holiday. I don’t think that month is up yet! No one with an account in that bank can get their money out and has had to live on whatever currency they have in their possession or start selling assets. I warned everyone I know to “get out” while there was still time, it could happen to us just as easily as it did those Italian folks. I doubt that even one person took that warning seriously! When it happens here, and it will at some point I suppose…. oh well. I hope they stored some food.

  4. What ever currency in this bullshit system. I pay bills and purchase metals. There are so many people that have no clue what is going on. They rather just go out and party and charge  everything they don’t need. I rather do without some pleasures to live great in the future. while people are purchasing these expensive rarely used boats and or cars. I just kick back and read, exercise, beach etc. When this thing goes and those, I have told and or mentioned this too. They are going to attempt to contact me. My reply to them will be. I tried telling you and I can’t help you one bit. You never hope you have currency to purchase metals. 

    Yet? You never know you may be able to purchase currency for free. Like in Africa where currency expires.  

  5. Awesome interview.  I think we keep needing this wake up call to keep our funds rolling into the metals.  Is it just me, or at the moment I am emptying my bank account weekly into metals.  I wasn’t doing this at this scale for 12 months.  Thank you DOC !  Pedal on the Metal!

    • Same thing here psycho. I committed myself to this even before I discovered this small PM neighborhood on the internet. Imagine my surprise when I found so many knowledgeable  people that confirmed my thinking wasn’t madness, lol.  Even helped to convince my wife “a tall order”! My bank account has a near zero balance at the end of every month. I don’t think of myself as a “pepper” but, even squirrels prepare! But I don’t say much about it anymore. Few take the stories and warnings I send out seriously anyway, even after 08!

  6. AGXIIK,
    Re: Credit Cards with the Criminals in your earlier post….

    I too agree — NOBODY should have a credit card or any kind of account with the criminal banks*.  If you have a card with them, call them up and close it.  Do what I did and when they ask why you want to close it: Tell them that you’re tired of doing business with a criminal organization.

    I put a * on that statement above, because I do see how accounts could be very beneficial if exploited correctly.  Specifically: If you have a high limit card with zero percent interest for >= 18 months from JPM Chase, Citi, or BofA, it may make sense to load up on PMs and pay the 3% transaction fee (indirectly to your silver dealer).  This is a _HIGH_RISK_ operation, but if silver or gold returns more than 3% (or as a different perspective: the dollar depreciates 3%) during that 18 month period, you’re break even again (minus bullion premiums).  In a sense, its a very highly leveraged operation to shaft the banks…. and with leverage comes a big risk to you.

  7. Saddle  Funny you should mention the idea of using those zero interest rate credit cards with the 3% fee.  It does pay to use this since 3% cost to buy some silver, something that will likely exceed the 3% cost of the credit card, may be a good plan. Play the bankers at their own game.

  8. The Chances that Ag will move 3% or better in the short term are very high! Worse case is one breaks even because there is no way interest rates will rise anytime soon! Its free money and a bigger stack. Back up the truck and pay the card off after silver price moves higher. Got to think like a banker to beat a banker! Be The Bank.


      Armed American’s as a group are the most powerful standing army in the world.

      Those fools are barking up the wrong tree. 

      If they taught us one thing in American History class that noone has forgotten, it was how the Revolutionary soldiers defeated the sorry British.  We’ll do the same thing again, but with a modern vengence.

  9. Re:  Sentinel ruling may hurt MF Global clients

    What part of IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY! is the appeals court not grasping?!

    Also… we need to distinguish between the big NY criminal family syndicate banks and the regional and local banks and credit unions.  My local CU is very service oriented and does not engage in any of the criminal behavior of the banksters.  I am not afraid to keep SOME of my money in the local CU.  I also have a safety deposit box there and do not fear anything happening to SOME of the silver I keep in it.  I have watched the local news for 40 years and there has not been a single problem of any kind regarding the misuse of CU client funds or SDB kept property.  Not that there can’t be in the future, I suppose, but they have a pretty good record so far.  As in many other aspects of life, spreading your money and PMs around so that they are not all in one place is a really good idea.

    As to Ms. Barnhardt… I just love her.  She’s been on the inside of the futures trading business and well knows the shenanigans that are going on there.  Her advice to get out of the futures markets is spot on and it is excellent advice that anyone who doesn’t want their money stolen should follow.  NOW.  

    That said, I do think that there are a few places where we can invest in relative safety… at least from the sticky-fingered banksters and brokesters.  Certain mutual fund companies with solid long-term reputations for excellent customer service come to mind as well as the dividend-paying stocks of big cap companies that have been around for a long time, increase their dividends regularly, and that will survive just about any financial shock that comes along.  I am not a fan of owning these in street name, however, and want the certificates registered in MY name and mailed to me.  Yes, this makes it more difficult to sell these shares but at least when I want to do that I know that they will be there waiting for me and not stolen… er hypothecated, rehypothecated, or even re-re-hypothecated!

  10. You can’t get the average Joe who knows nothing about money (other than bring his check home to wife) to withdraw his life savings and put it all in silver and or gold.  All because the Conspiracy Nut at work is saying so?  Come on!  Everything turns out OK and those CN’s end up losing their money.  What did we figure out one day, that there is one ounce of silver for every American currently above ground and ready for sale?.  I’ll be pissing off a few small towns.  Smacky Stacking while it’s still relatively cheap.

    • 750,000,000 oz of Ag mined annually divided by 7000000000 people = .1 oz per global capita. Industry uses 500,000,000oz annually, leaving 250,000,000oz annually. divided by 7,000,000,000 = .03 0z per global capita annually. CAN THIS MATH BE CORRECT? If everyone wanted to buy a little, they couldn’t get much. If That isn’t telling how rare Ag really is. and what it’s price may be when the manipulation ends and the other 97 or 98 % of people need it for money. OMG!

  11. I’d really like to know if the German Bellhop actually bought the hotel from his boss with a gold Mark.  If anyone has links to actual Weimar interviews or stories, that describe what the power of gold and silver had during the inflation, please post them for us to see.  I could use some more ideas…

  12. Hey @the-doc and @bullrun – it looks like your articles are being stolen from you.  I saw the same post here: and they didn’t even give you a link back to your site! I think it they are going to steal your work, you should at least demand some link juice!

    Anyway, I just thought you might like to know 🙂  Maybe I can get some SD points for my detective work??

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