Ann Barnhardt, who last summer warned SD readers that “If you’re still in these markets you’re either stupid or on drugs!” before the first sign of bail-in risk to depositors emerged in Western markets is back with another explosive interview with Elijah Johnson.
In the wake of the recent IRS scandal targeting tea-party groups, Barnhardt discusses her tax revolt against the IRS, declares a federal tax strike, and promotes an idea Ron Paul has promoted for years: Abolish the IRS!


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  1. There’s a financial reset coming.  Oct 8th.  Lots of new 100’s sitting on pallets in the back of many Central Banks ready to go.  Wonder how gold and silver will be priced with a two tier currency system?  Western gold and siilver vaults should be cleaned out by then.

    • @silverhawk. I’ve seen the new hundred dollar bill, and sure I notice the interesting “gold-like” references printed on it; but aside from the fact that it’s just another new bill, not unlike the other new bills, what has you so SOLD on anything other than ” Thanks for the pretty design!” ? (I’d love to see or hear of any news that I’m unaware of)

  2. Ann has the right sentiment, but the wrong approach.  Agreed the IRS needs to go.  A 60,000 page tax code is ridiculous.  The IRS and the Fed Reserve are paired at the hip.  It was no accident they both were formed in 1913.  We are told the income tax is a voluntary tax.  Try not volunteering.   What they mean by voluntary is that when you spend a Federal Reserve Note one “volunteers” for the income tax which is nothing more than the repayment system for the bankster’s debt based money.
    The strategy needs to be 1) End the Fed.  With the Federal Reserve gone, their is no one to champion the income tax.  But how to ‘End the Fed’?  Start by a grassroots effort to demand 2) an audit of Fort Know with full accountability to not only how much gold is stored there, but more importantly who really owns it.  Hard for the Fed to justify the lack of an audit of the nation’s gold supply to the common man.  Once Fort Knox is exposed, the jig will be up for the 12 families that own the Federal Reserve Bank.

    • They also need a scientifically correct sampling and analysis of an appropriate number of randomly selected bars to avoid the “yes, it is all here” reply when most of it actually could be gold-dipped tungsten.

  3. Again, the Doc is repeating the “if you’re still in these markets, you’re either stuped or on drugs” quote.  He loves, loves, LOVES that quote.  Any excuse to re-post it.  Really, it’s an ignorant, juvenile quote.  Nothing gets people to come around to you’re way of thinking faster than calling them names!  No wonder so many people consider us wacos.  The Doc does some good work here, but some of the articles shouldn’t be posted at all, IMO, and some things should be down-played, such as this unfortunate quote.  Zero hedge comes across as much more professional.

    • For Doc to do as you say would be de-facto censorship. This is his site, he loves the quote, and you don’t have to read it. That’s the American way.

    • Exactly.  Anyone else who can do a better job is free to demonstrate that on their own web site.
      While I do not necessarily agree with the Barnhardt quote, I respect her right to say it as many times as she wishes and for anyone else to quote it whenever they wish.
      As to Zero Hedge… yes, their articles are quite good but so many of their readers act like complete twits.  That alone makes me not want to visit their site, which is my right, just as saying what they want is theirs.  The commentary here is FAR more interesting, IMO.

  4. “For Doc to do as you say would be de-facto censorship”
    You seem to be saying that the Doc must (A) publish her quote, and (B) repost it at every opportunity, or it’s censorship. Rediculous.
    Also, it goes without saying that it is the Doc’s site and he can post whatever he wants, and NOTHING in my post says or implies otherwise.
    If you feel you really must respond, perhaps you could address my ACTUAL point, which was that hurling third-grade insults at people is not an effective method of persuasion.
    Finally, why is every dissenting view automatically un-American?  That’s a tired, pathetic refrain that also makes us look like wacos.

    • Mage, it takes all kinds. I personally don’t care for the “you just don’t get it, do you?” insulting quality of the quote, but it works for some. I also take umbrage at the anti-smoking crowd’s insistence on telling us that we’ll be old before our time, ugly and scarred if we smoke (as if GMOs and depleted vegetables and AMA medicine–among other insults to the human and Earth’s genome, soul and character–weren’t the real cause).
      Some people win with vinegar. Others win with sugar. At least it’s not that horrible High F(r)uctose Corn Sh(yrup)it that the MSM poseurs try to feed us.

  5. Did anyone hear the short comment from President KLUMAC telling us about the non-issue, to him, of surveillance. 
    He began by saying  “If you are an American—–‘person’ there is no way we are listening to your private conversation
    I want to point out two things in that short sentence
    As he muttered the words  “if you are an American—–person;    two things jumped out. 
    There was a telling, pregnant pause before he blurted out the word ‘person’  He had to think for a second or two as to how he should refer to us.  The word ‘person’ is EXTREMELY telling.
    We are not CITIZENS to him. 
    We are ‘persons’,  not citizens 
    We are Zeks.
    We are inferior races.
    We are biological units. 
    We are head count, tax slaves, a set or group in a statistical caculation, the vast unwashed lumpen.
    But to KLUMAC we are not citizens. He could have chosen any of the above.
    It is one of the most telling stumbles and little noted or appreciated in the wash of news today.  He managed to extract  the word ‘person’  out of his mini-lexicon of descriptive phrases of the Americans.  I guess that’s about we can expect from  one of those  Kenyan Indonesian sorts.

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