messengerAs SD readers are likely aware, CPM Group’s Managing Director Jeffrey Christian publicly called out silver manipulation whistle-blower Andrew Maguire as a fraud with no real precious metals market experience Thursday at the Silver Summit in Washington. 
In response to an SD reader (and Coghlan client)’s inquiry regarding the matter, Andrew Maguire’s employer Paul Coghlan of Coghlan Capital issued the following response:

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Submitted by SD reader Gold Thumb:

I appreciate your concern in relation to the recent Kitco interview and the aspersions cast over Andrew and his background but can assure you that in talking with Andrew he has confirmed to me that the interview represents a horribly negative spin on reality. It is no secret that Jeffry Christian and Andrew have been adversaries for some time and so one does have to take that into account when looking at the motivation behind it.

Andrew’s institutional background emanates from time he spent working at both J Aron & Company and subsequently with Gulf & Western’s Associates Capital division prior to its acquisition by Citigroup. Since then he has been an independent trader, specializing in Gold and Silver. I have known Andrew for several years and can say without hesitation that he is a straight arrow, honest and loyal. Based upon both what Andrew himself has supplied and due diligence performed upon his background I am comfortable that Andrew is precisely as he presents himself, a long time veteran of the markets with both institutional and independent experience.

His skills and knowledge have never come into question and despite the fact he worked at these companies 30-40 years ago what is far more relevant is his more recent experience. Of this I don’t see any doubt or question.

A final thought. It strikes me that the inability to shoot down the message has morphed into an attempt instead to shoot down the messenger…

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  1. Talk about muddying the waters.  Nobody’s background is relevant pertaining to the question of manipulated markets.  To suggest that a person who could be found to be “a fraud” is not qualified to expose “fraud” is nonsense! 
    Further, I don’t care if Andrew was born in the U.S.A. what is important to me is if he lied about being a citizen so that he could get into a prestigious university as a foreign student, thus gaining his pedigree to be president – oh that wasn’t Andrew – sorry – never mind!

    • Jeff Christian’s background is fairly well known. He has worked for outfits like Goldman Sachs. He is on the inside protecting and defending the Bankster crime syndicate. Do we really need to continue talking about this worthless shill whose only objective in life is to discredit truth tellers and whistle blowers?
      And why on earth is he being invited to speak at the Silver Summit? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • Well dont you know?  The best liars have the best charisma!
      Plus- I don’t recall anything in this letter having anything to do with B. Murphy? What gives?
      Lastly- My mother has a slight verbal dyslexia of sorts. Engaging in a quick conversation with her would lead you to develop an opinion that she isn’t that educated. However a longer conversation with her in the subject matter reveals she’s quite educated and knows a great deal about many things.

      In summary, “Confrontation may be a forgone conclusion”: Although its human nature to judge others, you’ll serve yourself better, and wiser to try to fight off that nasty trait we all succumb to. B. Murphy’s skills as a “Spokesman” does not reflect his knowledge on the subject matter. Digest the matter, and be less shallow, and you might learn something. He is also surrounded by prominent figures, whom I might add are better spokesman than himself.

    • Murphy said Andrew worked for Goldman, during the same Congressional hearing that JC admitted 100 to 1 leverage in the LBMA, and now “they” are jumping all over that “misrepresentation”…he worked for J Aron who was purchased by Goldman to be their commodity arm, prior to the Goldman aquisition, so no, he did not actually ever work for Goldman.  Murphy has been around a long time and just associated J Aron & Goldman…like all of the old timers do.
      The cat is out of  the bag so they now have to discredit the messenger since they cannot discredit the message.

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  3. This thing seems like another meaningless distraction to me. Who’s right and who’s wrong in this back & forth doesn’t matter to me because the recent result of the 5 year CFTC investigation showed me that COMEX silver price suppression is going to go on until it can’t anymore. Ditto gold. Whistleblower evidence will just be swept under the rug by whatever corrupt regulatory body is involved in perpetrating the continuation of this fraud. The demand for physical (both delivery at the exchanges and elsewhere worldwide) will eventually overwhelm the bullion banks’ naked shorting and other tactics.
    I see GATA’s important contribution to be sounding the alert to many large and small investors everywhere about this fraud, which will beg questions such as: Why do the bullion banks, central banks and probably even the Bank of International Settlements need to suppress PM prices? Are they doing this to hide something big that might be evident if PMs were allowed to trade at prices based on demand and supply?

    • Google search “the Silver Stealers.” You will see this importance of suppressing Silver as a monetary instrument has been going on many many years. Fiat (“it shall be”) currency will always be compared to Hard currency whether you have some in your pocket or not. The reason it is manipulated is that all Fiat would fail otherwise. If you back your currency with Fairy Dust you must create a Fairy Tale.

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