silver exclusive investigative reports published this week indicate that conditions appear to be improving.  Ammo shortages have been front and center among gun owner concerns. 
These are important stories that need to be read by gun owners and the preparedness community.
The Buzz At Reno’s Giant Grand Sierra Casino Gun Show

Ammunition Shortages: Real or Imagined?

“These articles inaugurate our exclusive coverage on the gun industry and issues of interest to the preparedness community,” noted Eric Dubin, Managing Editor of  “Given the sensitive nature of his position, we have agreed to honor anonymity for our newest reporter, ‘Prepper Jack.’  His wealth of experience and industry contacts will be behind eye-opening reports in the weeks ahead.”
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  1. My mags cost me dearly a couple of months ago but I traded silver for them so it was reasonable.
    I set up my silver table at the Reno Convention center gun show 2 months ago and it stunk on ice.  It was “The Land with No FIAT” 
    Silver was $20 an ounce and usually people will buy at $25 since there is no waiting.  All I heard was “Pay $25!?   I’ll wait until it goes to $16′ 
    Or the classic   “I bought silver when it was $7 back in the day.  Sold it at $12′
    Yeah, so what. Crack open that moth eaten wallet and buy it at $25, you’ll look like a genius in 1 year.
    There was one good contact from that show that made it worth the time spent.  A person called me off my card and bought some gold at $65 over spot when gold hit $1,300.  The sorry part of that was I hesitated buying more silver, didn’t listen to Charlie, got distracted and missed buying at $21.  Now I’m stuck with a stack of Benjies and no place to spend it 
      with these ammo prices I’ll buy at the next show. Or wait until silver drops to $16.
      Ah crap  Decisions Decisions
    Charlie  what do you suggest I do?.
    Oh yeah, right
    keep stacking  

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