On this Thanksgiving in which a record 45 million Americans will purchase their Thanksgiving dinners via food stamps (EBT cards), we present the ultimate infographic on the modern bread line:  America The FOOD STAMP NATION.
From our friends at Demonocracy:



  1. It is almost equal to having South Africa’s whole population on food stamps. Imagine how bad it will be the day when the dollar is completely dead. This being said, I wonder how many parasites out of the “You Owe Me” crowd abuse the system? This cannot end well by any stretch of the imagination. I am afraid gallons and gallons of blood are going to be spilled as a result of gross stupidity, greed and what have you. We can all be ashamed for allowing it to get to this point. In fact, I am more and more thinking that it is actually a blessing to be born a retard. Retards fit right in, don’t they?

    P.S. Sorry, I suppose I am just frustrated and pissed at all the progress we’ve made. What a fcked up world to raise kids in and to keep head above water… slaving away.

    • …Or that’s a lot more than the Canadian’s population which is 34,482,779 persons as of 2011. That’s like if the whole Canadian population is on food stamp! South Africa’s population is 50,586,757 persons as of 2011. That’s a lot of people!

  2. Folks have a false notion that ‘State Socialism’ had its origins in the early to mid 1800s … not so. The most glaring Ancient model was Rome, with its ‘Bread and Circus’ stupification and placation of the Roman commonality. America’s version is credit-card-welfare (bread) and the intellectual wasteland of television (circus). With the ‘Barbarians’ refusing to remit their ‘Tribute’ of late, it won’t be long now before Senators, Centurians and The People themselves, begin stabbing their Ceasars on the porticos.

    • @Patfields Right on, and if I may add out of my own observance of history, including that of Ancient Rome: It always started with money debasement or race mixing or a combination of both and developed into a beast that cannot be tamed. I mean, what is really different this time around? We of course have a choice to restrict ourselves with shackles of ‘political correctness’ and what have you, but what will the profit of that be to any of the parties involved? Patfields, I am not directing these questions at you personally, but I am rather placing it on the table for consumption by a larger audience. Needless to say, they idea is not to spoon feed or to offend, but rather to encourage freedom of speech in the truest sense of the word. We’re shackled and mentally many of us are on ‘food stamps’ already, but let’s at least pretend to come as free men to the table. This is now of course assuming that we have a real hunger for freedom, liberty and all that is good. 

    • Exactly! The USA is just like the Roman empire. Same thing, different era! The Barbarians to the USA is some Asian and Arabian countries. The USA is debasing its currency, suffering from inflation, controlling other territories and more just like the Romans. 

  3. 4 years from now, one presidental candidate will call to quit the food stamp program, the other will keep things as they are. Guess who’ll win the election, with at most minor complaints about miscounting and whathaveyou?

  4. I am a commercial fishing boat captain and work on the north atlantic ocean year round. The work we do is extreme, long hours, bad weather, and away from home a lot. Normally, I would have something to say about people getting a hand out(except one’s in real need)but, not today. Today I’ll just say…I’m thankful I got a job, my health and dependent on no man!

    Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.  

  5. @silverbullion on many points we share common ground. On this matter of ‘race’ however, we stand distinct’

    As I seek communion with God, not through dogma handed down from ‘powerful’ or ‘influential’ groups of men, but through thoughtful and … constant … contemplation, I’ve arrived at a view that while Nature’s God has made this world’s ‘races’ of Peoples a delight for their infinitely manifested intellectual interaction, it was as well, for their melding, or else such would be made biologically impossible.

    Thus, I hold it as one’s unalienable and rightful free will to contain one’s self within bounds … and so much so, to venture beyond them, with the sole porviso of good will and comity … in BOTH cases.

    • @Patfields We share common ground on many points indeed.  I will add this much for clarification: I am completely against dogma, or to be exact, religious doctrines that are proclaimed as true without proof. I am in complete agreement with the motto that reads: “Prove All Things”. I believe that the Most High uses His Word to direct our thoughts and actions, while He is actively involved in our lives in the form of a mentality (or more commonly referred to as the “Holy Ghost”). I am persuaded that there is only one God that manifests Himself in the Godhead, namely the Father, the Son and the Mentality of Separation (“Holy Ghost”), and in manifestations such as the burning bush, the pillar of fire and more as mentioned in His Word. It is as His Word proclaims, sweet as honey in one’s mouth, but makes the stomach bitter. In addition, I reject Pantheism where the creature instead of the Creator is worshipped. With help from above, I always try to place God’s Will above my own will, because I believe that’s when one truly and optimally serve the greater good. I acknowledge all the races created by Him, but not those who saw first light on the account of breaking God’s Law and I believe no man should be allowed to destroy the handiwork of the Lord. 

  6. Makes one wonder why Mitt did not use such visualization during his campaign.
    Those inside the beltway should be ashamed.  What a disgrace.

    Had buffalo steak last night, turkey breast today, crab legs (and juicy burgers) this weekend.
    Contributed to the homeless.  I am most thankful I am able to do so.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

  7. There will always be those that are in (legitimate) need, and those that will go to great lengths to “game” the system.  I have compassion for the former, but the latter group are an ever growing bunch. However, their numbers will soon diminish when controls/management are placed on the issuance of EBT and other subsidies.  The first step is to REQUIRE work be accomplished prior to receiving help (cleaning roadways of trash, etc).  Absent that, you will likewise always have Democratic politicians ready and willing to give them our money.  And soon chaos will rein.

    My credo now is this:  Spend fiat on food, water, guns, ammo, medicines, silver–LOTS OF PHYSICAL SILVER–and items necessary to keep BREATHING.  Everything else is unnecessary until things change.   God bless you and yours.  May he have mercy on us.

    • Right on! It sucks that billions of people aren’t buying a lot of extra foods, waters, guns, ammo, medicines and especially some precious metals! People should at least know how to hunt, how to farm and that they should exchange all their savings in fiat currencies for some physical precious metals.

  8. Good discussion here today, but what is missing is THIS:
    Follow the Money.  Who benefits the most from the Food Stamp program?  Follow the Money – the retailers (Wal-Mart, etc.) and the manufacturers of processed food.

    Much of what is purchased with food stamps is cr@p.  Over-processed, nutritionally-deficient, quick-to-prepare stuff.  Want to save taxpayer money and ensure food stamp recipients – and their children – receive proper nutrition from their taxpayer-funded .gov handout?  Then tear down the existing food stamp program and build it back up with specifications for what can, and can not be purchased with food stamps:
    – NO junk food
    – NO over-processed, ready-to eat meals
    – Fresh produce, meat, dairy, pasta, and grains & bakery only.  PERIOD!

    What am I missing here?

    • #Mammoth I think I have just the missing puzzle piece you need …

      “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents…” –James Madison


  9. This is what is missing from my post above…
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I am thankful for this SD community and for Doc & Bull Run, for enabling us to gather here.

    Now – log off of your computer and spend the day with your loved ones.


  10. Copy that Mammoth.  Pause to give thanks for what we have;  pray for those who are less fortunate.  Jesus feed the multitudes with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes  I dare any government to replicate that feat.  EBT and SNAP cards are no substitute for generosity of the soul and heart or resourcefulness of people. 
     All attempts to feed the poor from the government graineries fail eventually since the people grow  too comfortable with government largess. Thus all  empires fail the same way no matter how much bread and entertainment are disgorged from the public coffers.  The only difference is the time in which they take to fail. It seems that the process is now occuring in double time.

  11. Imagine if those companies don’t accept the US dollar anymore! Millions of people would be starving and a lot of them might die because they won’t know how to do farming. A lot of people on food stamp will starving soon when the US dollar will collapse due to QE infinity and due to the loss of the demands of it.

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