Alex Jones Piers MorganWe’ve been waiting all day to watch this! No, we’re not talking about the National Championship game, we’re talking about Alex Jones on CNN debating gun control and the 2nd amendment! While it is obvious that CNN is struggling for ratings, we are rather shocked that CNN has allowed the American sheople to be exposed en masse to Alex Jones.
Jones informs Morgan that the 2nd amendment isn’t about duck hunting, it’s about protecting the American people from tyrannical government, and that the globalists have their sights on the Swiss and American gun rights so that their world wide tyranny goals can be completed.

Jones informs Morgan that 1776 will commence again if you attempt to take our guns!!

Full 13 minute Jones/ Morgan debate below:

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    • Yeah I’m not sure he enlightened any sheep.. He almost played right into their goal which was to discredit him by making him look wacky.

    • well I think ‘the tell’ is how cordial Piers Morgan is towards Alex Jones, remember when Piers interviewed Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America? Piers would barely let Larry even speak and constantly belittled him, but yet he treats Alex Jones like he’s running the show. Something doesn’t smell right.

    • I agree.  Strangely though, Alex did succeed in ripping Pierce Morgan apart and laying out LOTS of valid arguments between the babbling.  I asked my significant other what her take was, since she doesn’t really share my perspective most of the time and she was like “Wow, whoever this Alex Jones guy is really made a valid point.  I mean Mexico is insanely violent because the people can’t defend themselves reasonably… maybe Morgan should move there since he can’t go back to Britain.”

    • I’m a ‘limey twat’ who doesn’t even bother to watch Alex Jones. You should choose another spokesman.

      He’s scary and loses his audience.

    • The video above is a ‘soundbyte’. Why didn’t you post the whole video, Doc?

      Watch the whole video, folks. Then decide.

      I’m surprised CNN didn’t pull the plug on him. On reflection, I see why they didn’t. They put him out there for the whole world to see. It’s scary to think that a man like that possesses firearms.

    • If someone thinks he “almost discredited himself” there are as mad as he is. He made “lots of good points”??? Seriously the man makes a living by pandering to the mentally bereft by pretending to be a mentally ill paranoid schizophrenic, ” Wear the Jolly Roger”……….wow – nothing like showing you are as thick as two short planks. 

    • Piers Morgan is far more dangerous than Alex Jones who is just passionate about our second amendment rights. Piers is a foreign national advocating to over throw our constitution. Last I knew that was illegal.

    • Piers Morgan is just a very entertaining buffoon.  And he’s doing no such thing, Mary. He’s just talking.

      Isn’t the 1st Amendment supposed to protect freedom of speech for all residents of the United States? When it was written, there was no such thing as a ‘passport’, ‘immigration control’ or an ‘alien’. Anybody could come to America and make it their home. That was the whole point.

      The dangerous person is Alex Jones. By a mile. Jesus Christ, imagine him banging on your door in the middle of the night because you’re making too much noise. He’s like a rabid dog, waving that roll of paper in the air and challenging Morgan to a fist fight. How on Earth  Americans can condone that behaviour, much less defend it, I do not understand.

    • I agree. What a disaster. Talk about not being able to convey information effectively. Any sheep watching this will never ever listen to any one/thing related to Alex again.

  1. Great performance Alex! (for your style, anyway).  If you could stay more calm, you would come across as more credible. However, with a calm presentatation you would have not been given enough time to make 90% of all the very good points you presented. So I guess you made the correct choice to talk over Piers, to present your points.
    Thanks Piers for bringing up 911. Any rational person who seeks out and examines the evidence will see that building WTC7 did not collapse due to office fires (as proposed in the US Government report).  WTC building 7 was clearly brought down in a manner consistent with a controlled demolition. Once you dig deep enough, you will also see that WTC towers 1 and 2 were also brought down in a manner consistent with a controlled demolition. (yes 1 & 2 were hit with airliners but these did not cause the symetrical collapse into their own footprint) There must be an independent investigation of the 911 events.
    Thanks Piers for inviting Alex. I hope you do so again. Alex, I hope you can present your considerable and valid evidence more calmly.

    • WTC 1 and WTC 2 were not hit by airliners. CGI perhaps, or even a hologram yes, but the planes as pictured were not real planes. The 911 radar analysis by Richard Hall is quite compelling.

    • Alex reminded me of Bill Murphy at the 2010 CFTC Metals hearing. He talked as fast as he could, getting as much info as possible into the public domain, realizing that his appearance was a MSM token attempt at showing their ”openess”. Great British accent Alex!!

    • @The-Doc The 911 question worked. I don’t think it was underhanded. Alex had already started spouting his conspiracy theories. I have a feeling Piers threw that one in ad lib.

      Doc, why didn’t you post the whole video? Wouldn’t it have enabled people to come to a more balanced conclusion? I mean, you knew about the 911 question, therefore you must have seen the whole video. So why the ‘soundbyte’?

    • Once a FACT is introduced that proves the story is untrue and that there are persons attempting to coverup FACTS. Then conspiracy theory is no longer a theory but rather a probabilty of conspiracy. 
      1.the act of conspiring.
      an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

      a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.

      Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

      any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.
      # 4 & 5 makes me think about things I’m told not think about!!

    • i disagree. piers knew exactly who he was inviting on his show, what his views/beliefs are, and ‘where things might go’. he was ok with having alex because of what you/we just witnessed: “proof” on live tv of just how angry/nutty/crazy these type of people like jones are. im surprised piers kept a straight face the entire time without bursting into laughter. i mean, give the guy credit for taking it. he’s a professional after all, and it was HIS SHOW. you think he really had to let jones control the discussion? come on people. this is elementary. alex jones got played, it doesnt matter if what he said was true. its really too bad when (some) true things are portrayed negatively in such a public way.

  2. even if what alex jones said in total was 100% true, and what piers said/implied 100% false, for the average viewer jones comes off way over the top like a nut. piers comes across just the opposite. in fact piers looks more credible giving the perceived whack-job a chance to air his views on his own show. i imagine piers was told to be calm and let jones rant. ive seen other interviews and piers morgan can tear people up.


    in the jones interview he is very composed and just lets himself get railroaded. perception is everything. jones and people like him lose face on this, piers and the ‘establishment’ win.

    • I think you nailed it, see my comment above regarding the Larry Pratt interview, It basically mirrors your thought, although I have my doubts about which team Alex Jones plays for. This debate seemed far too predictable.

    • @AGnostic77 I agree with most of what you said. However, I do think that Piers is a great interviewer, and that Alex Jones is the worst interviewer I have ever seen in my life. He’s also the worst interviewee. I find his YouTube stuff unwatchable.

      I would also hesitate to call Piers the ‘establishment’. What makes you say that? Jones sremed to think so too. He kept saying things like, ‘If you take our guns’. WTF?

      If Jones came to my house with a grievance,  I’d be terrified that he’d shoot me if I stood my ground.

  3. AJ lost the average viewer with his “1776” tirade at 02:14 and therefore lost the argument.  He can make a thousand valid points and win a thousand debates.  But when he brands himself, and by extension all gun owners, as a nutjob it is all for naught and more likely damaging. 

  4. Nobody gets face time unless they’re listed in the cast of characters. This is all staged because our entire reality is controlled down to the last pixel, our overlords can’t take chances. What is now in the works is civil war, or rather war between armed Americans and the federal government, as a cover for depopulation (what was that Ayers quote again about needing to kill how many?) and destabilization and, ultimately, taking total control. They have made sure guns are as available as potato chips at the 7-11. Now, why would they do a thing like that? Meanwhile, they got deathrays. If it’s all you can do, take ten.

    An easy research practice is to put the name of any suspect person in a search engine along with words like “shill,” “controlled opposition,” and “limited hangout.” Go ahead, try “shill” with AJ. Paydirt. I assume Punch’s Judy, Piers, would generate similar bounty if someone bothered to dig deep enough. I don’t bother anymore, I’ve learned the difference between insiders and outsiders. The latter will be found face down, drowned in an inch of water.


  5. Keep in mind that CNN is down from 10 million viewers some 10 or 20 years ago to 500,000 today, so the impact of Jones looking and sounding like a nut will have minimal effect. Besides, the 500,000 sheep that watch CNN regularily would label Jones as such no matter how he come off here.  And yes, Morgan is a Limey twit. If he thinks the UK is all that great, I’ll personally buy him a ticket back….one way of course.  

  6. Alex was right on. Who could blame him for being angry. We should all be livid. And Mr. Morgan is breaking our laws and should be deported! He would already have been kicked out of any other country for what he does. I have residency status in a second country. If I were do to what Mr. Morgan has been doing I would be subject to two years in prison, residency revoked then deportation!

    • @RocketsRedGlare Angry, livid people with guns scare the living crap out of most people, RRG. Watch the whole interview. I posted it a above. The Doc posted only a small soundbyte. Jones comes across as a nut job. And he does it of his own free will.

    • @Tawnyard: This is about Mr. Morgan and should he be deported. Of course he should. He has broken and flaunted our laws. Maybe because you are a subject of your Royal sovereign “and not a sovereign unto yourself as the Gods intended for us to be in their likeness” and are comfortable and well adjusted to the confines of your subjugation & perhaps the consequence is what creates your fear of your fellow man. I don’t know! Kiss the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you. I’m glad you are not included among those I call my countrymen. No disrespect intended. There will always be those who prefer serfdom to freedom. He didn’t look like a “nut job”. He looked like a man with rightious anger and indignation. It was refreshing to see him shut that snobs pie hole and take control of that show and that communist broadcast for the little time he had!

    • @RocketsRedGlare No, I don’t think he should be deported. I don’t think he’s done anything illegal. You’re all sitting around typing away furiously about how the government should be overthrown (sedition) and all he’s talking about is gun control.

      You lot are fanatical.

      @SRV (and others who are exasperated by the level of fanaticism and hoplophilia here), shall we just leave them to it?  I’ll catch up with you guys in a silver thread.

    • @Tawnyard: Somehow I knew that that is what you would say. He has done nothing but break your laws! Flaunt your laws! Who the F are we to have laws anyway? Laws in America are the result of fanaticisim. Everyone, we are fanatics if we pass laws England doesn’t like!! How about that! Lets all go back to talking about silver. Look over here at the shiny thing. This is the “WHEY”.


      We didn’t.


      In America, ‘home of the brave and land of the free’ you can be imprisoned indefinitely without charges. That’s something we don’t do in the UK. We have so much liberty, we don’t know what to do with it all. Sometimes, we come on vacation to the States, just to get a little bit of excitement. It all starts at the airport, with Immigration Control. Hell, I was detained by the police for making out under the Golden Gate Bridge on my last trip to the States.

      It’s funny, coming home to Blighty after the thrills and spills of the Wild West. Bit boring, if truth be told. Toooo much freedom.


    • @Tawnyard.: Your right the two of you in the same block but, it was just you. I fixed it. It doesn’t change who I think you are!! In fact I am pretty sure who you are! Can you please explain to the world the 1935 gun comtrol act and how it effected Germany? If you might humour me and the rest of us?

    • I remember sitting in my car for 30 minutes waiting to pick up my brother from the nightclubs at 3am in a big city. My brother had sunk a few pints, and was totally wrecked. He’d wandered off in search of food. He eventually came back with a bag of french fries. He stood on the kerb, eating fries and shouting insults at a group of police officers standing nearby. They ignored him. Emboldened by the drink, he started throwing fries at the cops. Eventually, one of the bobbies walked over to me. “Does he belong to you?” he enquired, peering into the car.

      “‘Fraid so.” I replied.

      “Take him home, luv.” said the police officer, rolling his eyes at me.

      I nodded. “Hey bro, shut the f*ck up and get your ass in the car. Now!”

      The group of officers smiled at me as I drove away.

      That’s how police handle things in the UK.

      It’s a free country.


    • The whole ‘Hitler’ ‘gun control’ thing is a myth. He made no changes to the law, except to ban Jews from having guns. Hitler enjoyed the popular support of the whole country. Gun control wasn’t an issue, and would have made no difference to the rise of Naziism. The Germans were happy to go along with whatever Hitler wanted. He was there to ‘put things right’ in their eyes.

      You have no idea who I am, RRG, so please, give it a rest now.


    • Lets get this strait. Hitler enjoyed the popular support of the whole country after England brought them to their financial kness and starved them to death!! Then financed his rise to power. Seems very similar to what England is trying to do to America right now! The gun control act disarmed Germany. Now England would disarm us today! History does have a way of repeating itself. Almost by design!

    • England, or Britain? Do I have to remind you? I live in Wales.

      How odd that you think the UK is trying to disarm the American people. Delusional verging on paranoid.

      You don’t even know the difference between “England” and “Wales”, how the hell can you lecture me on European politics?

  7. Folks, I am saddened to see so many people here blame CNN for making Alex Jones look like a nut job. Some of you think it was unfair, and that they trapped him.


    Alex Jones is behaving of his own free will. Watch the whole video. I posted it above.

    • Exactly. You know, sometimes it takes somebody like Piers Morgan to bring out the best – and the worst – in people. I’m not saying Piers Morgan is a good journalist (he’s a bit slimey) but he’s a terrific interviewer. I’m loving his shows.

    • Yeah, his philosophy is not to my liking, but a good journalist knows when he has done his job. It appears Piers knew all he had to do was to let Alex breathe and Alex would end up smothering himself. Piers asked the right questions and Alex took the bait. I am sure Piers was rejoicing every time Alex interrupted him. When Alex looks at the interview, I wonder if he will recognize the ass in the jewelry store?

    • Piers Morgan would not let Alex Jones finish a point, I would get pissed off too. OR how about Alex;s answer about gun ownership, it is our second amendment right.
      Piers Morgan should be tossed into a US jail for trying to other throw the US constitution by a foreign national.

  8. Im not a huge fan of alex jones although i beleive he knows what he is talking about but what a wasted opportunity to be on a major network and to look like a complete nutjob. If he were to b more composed and make some valid points he could be taken more seriously. Now he looks like a crazy nutjob with a gun.

    • Even crazy nut jobs with guns can make valid points sometimes.

      Which raises the amusing possibility that Alex Jones is a crazy nut job with a gun.

    • Piers Morgan is no gentleman, go watch some of his other interviews with gun rights opponents. He creams and shouts just as much as Alex Jones did. You like the guy so much you can have him back… oh wait he might get arrested if he returns there for the phone hacking scandal.

    • If you prefer the idiot inciting civil war to the twat who eavesdrops on a few voicemails that’s your prerogative, MaryB.

      Who needs an enemy when you’ve got a spokesperson like Alex Jones. 😉

  9. AJ has many assignments, one of which is to discredit, to give a bad name to legitimate political dissent. He’s acting. Spend any time reading the news on his websites and you’ll find yourself profoundly depressed and feeling powerless. This means there are mind control embeds. He has been positioned to distort/edit/censor what is said and how it is said about anything threatening to the power structure and to funnel the energies of that part of the population that questions the power structure into ineffectual behaviors.

  10. How is this a Silver related story and why is in on this Website?
    It is so hard to get the average Joe to realize there is an actual story to tell about Silver and this kind of crazy conspiracy stuff just pushes the average investor away.  
    PLEASE, lets keep this site focused on the fundamentals of the Silver story, supply demand, and the actual provable paper manipulation.  Every time something like this turns up on a Silver site it pushes away another investor that was right on the edge of accepting that we aren’t all nutbags for believing in Silver to start with.
    Stories like this DO DAMAGE to Silver.

  11. Extremism in the Pursuit of Liberty is no Vice  Alex is a lighting rod and makes himself one at all turns. He’s on first name basis with the entire TSA network and draws controvery to himself.  That takes some courage.  But it’s also a little like show biz and MMA.  You don’t get to have a name for yourself by being a mouse.  Alex believes what he talks about AND, if you want to gain greater knowledge of gold and silver, you need to study it from all angles. Taking away Constitutional liberties one by one is a step towards tyranny and I think we can all agree that this theme resonates.  Silver and Gold scares the same people who want the First and Second Amendments to go away. Once tyrants control many aspects of our lives, FIAT rules and power of precious metals can take some serious hits. 
    As far as debates go, I’d rather hear anything hear anything Disraeli, Jefferson or Webster.  They were loud and in your face many times and got their point across. Canes, knives and guns were frequently used to get the point across.
    PS Even if a person is wrong 50% or more, some of what they say can add to the overall theme and provide information that’s valuable.

    • In my opinion, Alex Jones isn’t courageous. He’s a bully. He has the charm of an ascaris infestation. I think people who wish for gun control are right to be afraid of men like that.

      AGXIIK, shouldn’t we be talking about silver?  :O/

    • Tawny know why you are a subject of your government and we are citizens? Because the second amendment gives us the right to own guns and overthrow a corrupt government if the need should arise.
      Secondly you are not a US citizen and have zero say in our laws so why are you even commenting here?

    • @MaryB I am not a subject of my government. That’s just stupid. Our queen isn’t our government. She is our monarch. A servant of the people. She will work for us until she dies. Her son has been working all his life, and he will be past retirement age before he ever assumes his main duty. Her grandchildren are serving in the military, one in Afghanistan. I don’t know what gives you Americans such funny ideas about our country, but you’re dead wrong.

      I am a CITIZEN of the United Kingdom, because that’s what it says on my passport, underneath my photo. We have as many freedoms – if not more – than Americans. Those freedoms are protected by not just the laws of our country, but by the International Court of Human Rights. I would rather have a British Passport than a US passport. My passport is respected worldwide. It will get me into countries that a US passport wouldn’t. Cuba, for instance. I’d also be safer in most Muslim countries. My passport doesn’t make me a target for ‘terrorists’/freedom fighters.

      I am commenting here because I am a prepper and a stacker, and because I have the same freedom of speech that you do. Last I saw, the Doc was upholding freedom of speech for all (1st Amendment).

    • I have as much right to organize my fellow countrymen and overthrow our government as you do.

      FFS, I don’t need a constitution and a 2nd amendment to do that!

      BTW, your constitution isn’t a God Given right at all. It was bestowed upon men by men.

      Great debate, MaryB, but I’ve got to hit the sack. It was refreshing to argue with someone who can express themselves without resorting to insults and bad language. Thank you.  🙂

      Nite, all.

  12. I for one LIKE the diversified articles that are posted here.  Without getting into a pissing contest with anyone else (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) if you don’t like it, just ONE KEYSTROKE and you are free from us.
    RRG:  Either you like pushing the “fereners” buttons, or just have extra time on your hands, but those are diatribes I just can’t read…but the articles are CHOICE!

  13. Doc:  You don’t need me to run interference for you, but I will take license right now because I have a keyboard.  Here goes.
    To ANYONE out there that doesn’t like the material on this website, just use the appropriate KEYSTROKE and be on your way. This website is not designed to please EVERYONE, just the silver stackers, preppers, and conservatives.  That leaves OUT the liberal left, government freeloaders, facists, communists, anti-gunners, social media buffoons, haters of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the anti-Christian crowd. There, that should take care of it.  Oh, forgot the effin FOREIGNERS.

    • I’m a silver stacker and a prepper. I don’t believe in big government. I believe in the constitution, but I believe in tight gun control too.

      What makes you say that people who love guns belong in this community any more than people who don’t?

  14. First off, the traffic on this post disagrees with those stating that this post is not relevant and we should stick to silver. 
    Since day 1 we have covered a variety of topics related to the markets and freedom here at SD.  If you don’t like it, feel free to move along to silverseek.
    Second of all, it is interesting to note that nearly 100% of the comments on SD against guns, the 2nd amendment, or the right to bear arms in the US is made by users with foreign IP addresses. 

    • It was hard to tell with all Jones’s shouting, but what I took from that video is that 11,458 people were murdered with a gun in the States last year versus 35 murders in the UK.

      That’s a factor of 330.
      Oh, and that the rate of non-gun related violent crime per capita is 3 times larger than in the UK.

      Piers shows Alex for what he is.

      A bully.

    • Tawnyard: Google democide. The 2nd Amendment was carefully designed to protect people from a tyrannical government…it’s really that simple. Without weapons to defend ourselves we are simply slaves. I’d be fine with restrictions on guns if they were applied uniformly across the board.If you restrict what the citizen can have, you need to restrict the police and military as well. The police and military are no different than the rest of us and can go psycho just like anyone else (see the Fort Hood shooting). can you imagine the police/military being restricted like the citizens? They simply wouldn’t allow it and we aren’t going to either.

    • @Whiskey-Six You mean you’d be fine with a system like we’ve got here in the United Kingdom?  😉

      It’s a sad truth that in the United States you need guns because you’ve got guns.

      It’s too late. The guns are out there. I think more than a few Americans are as sad about that as I am.

    • @RocketsRedGlare  You’ve shot yourself in the foot, you ignoramus.

      The murder rate per 100,000 people in the USA for that year was 5.7. That’s 57 murders per million people. The United States isn’t even on that list you showed me! If it were, it would rank at No 6.

      The UK murder rate for the same year was 1.2 or 12 murders per million people. We would have ranked No 21 on the list.

      If you don’t believe me, look it up on Wikipedia. You can sort the lists.

    • I mearly passed on some stats. How about your conveint lie of omission when you cited murders in Britton as only Gun Murders? just saying. You live in the most violent society in the west. The wild wild west is in Europe, not north America.

    • Two different conversations, RRG. Earlier I was talking about fatal shootings.

      The stats we’re discussing now involve the full spectrum – all murders.

      Do keep up, old chap.

    • Mr. Morgan tried that lie on live TV and Jones called him on it. You tried the same thing. It fell just as flat. I hope that your home is never invaded but if it is I hope your arm’s lenth deterrent is effective against who ever it is. Our Gannies don’t worry so much about who it is. They have the best equilizer known. The gun. chip chip cherio.

    • @RocketsRedGlare You’re dead wrong. I researched the figures for 2006. They’re available at the British Home Office web site, and on Wikipedia.

      I’m a physicist, RRG. I can crunch numbers. I see the holes in your argument. You, on the other hand, can barely string a coherent sentence together.

      That list you gave me (a large proportion of which were ex-Soviet Bloc countries) was dated 2006. Using murder rates from 2006, the USA would have come 6th, and the UK would have been 21st.

      You seriously need to get some perspective.

  15. In my research through dozens of sites and nearly as many print and electronic media sources, the data culling and sifting is done almost exclusively to gauge its effect on precious metals.  It’s all about silver in my estimation even if it sounds off topic or tin foil hat.  How the chief thieves of the government and banksters think, even to  their hysterical resentment to critical and free thinkers all over the world, gives me clues as to how they may act or react. This affects commodities and other recources that we need to protect and preserves ourselves.  Food, water, FIAT, silver and gold are all mission critical to our wellbeing and even survival.  I’m fortunate to have the time available to data sift, reporting back on my findings if there is something that might be helpful to the others who read this site.
    I have yet to find alternative media that does not ultimately bear on Real Money, gold and silver, since they are the linch pin to the entire structure of currency and our ability to have something that helps ward off the worst of what these overlords have in mind for us. 
    Silver Doctors is my daily launch point for research as I wander through the blog rolls, seeking data and knowledge to improve my understanding of our world. Its been 3 years since I started waking up, and its be a very gradual process since I’m be the first to admit I’m slow on the uptake.  But I am starting to understand, thanks to the contributions to the many who frequent and comment on SD

    • What I’ve learnt is that society is really, really sick.

      The sooner I find my bugout farm in the mountains, the better. I want peace. Since the world isn’t interested, I’ll just go find some for myself. A jeep, some horses, a cat and some hens, I’ll be fine.

      Talking of “hysterical resentment to critical and free thinkers all over the world”, I’ve seen plenty of that here at SD.

      Catch you later, AGXIIK!  😉

    • We don’t ‘do’ guns in Britain, Mary. We’re a civilized nation. If anybody trespasses on my land, I’ll offer them a cup of tea and ask them if they’re lost or need to use the phone.

      It’s work and commercialism and all that crap I’ll be escaping. I’ll just stick everything on direct debit and be done with it. Chest freezer, fortnightly trip to Tesco and a tank of red diesel. Sorted.

    • MaryB, you make a good point. there are some really bad folks that intend to do exactly that if the choice is their survival or yours. I hope it never comes to that but you need to prepare for that contingency. most of the sheeple are gambling with their lives, they just don’t know it yet. i bieve in insurance policies. find your own or become a statistic, the choice is yours. 

  16. Everything Alex said was true. If he had laid back they would have walked all over him, as they did with other guests. Piers Morgan is a hachet man for the new world order. It was good to see him taken down. 
    Remember folks, these are the same people that are smashing silver.

  17. Roger that Tawnyard.  I seek peace and calm resolution of disputes when the opportunity presents itself.  The rants on SD are generally from the loyal opposition, us.  The other side is pretty noisy too.  I am pretty convinced they don’t have our interests in mind.  It’s 9AM on this side of the pond.   G&T this evening. 
    gotta take my Urban Assault Vehicle, aka my truck, to the transmission shop.  Living in the mountains has a few disadvantages.  Snow and trannys sometimes don’t get along.  Snow won this time. I blew up the transfer case.  About 200 oz of silver to fix it. Damn!!!  Must be bad Carma for all my noisy opinionated blather.  Cheers
    PS Geithner is leaving treasury  We won’t have that sawed off little grifter to kick around any more.  Jack Lew is being nominated to replace him.  We’ll have another sawed off little grifter to kick around. Life is good.  HAHAHAHAHA.

    • Ouch! Sounds expensive. We don’t get that much snow here. But in the winter of 1947, the snow filled the valleys, 20 ft deep. Whole houses were buried. Most of my great grandfather’s livestock died, including the horses. There was no fodder. Some of them were found dead on their feet, frozen solid. My dad was just a little boy, but he remembers my great grandfather standing determinedly in the back yard, shooting crows to try to feed the family. The ground was still frozen in June. The farmers couldn’t plough it. It was a bad, bad year.

      Fast forward to today. Just 2″ of snow, and all of Britain grinds to a halt. It’s comical. If it snows this year, I’m going back country snowboarding, like I did three years ago. It’s been getting warmer for decades. To me, snow is a novelty, except on trips to Austria or Lake Tahoe.

      Jack Lew? I know nothing about him. Is he going to play into our hands?

  18. I have an opinion on why AJ is absolutely boiling over with uncontrolled excitement about this topic of gun control and so many others of legitimate concern. He has studied this ( by this i mean all things concerning our collective liberty and those that would trample our God-Given Rights) and the preponderance of evidence points to a systematical depreciation of freedom through multiple mechanisms used to our detriment. Quite simply the man is pissed off, mean and doggone angry at our present condition…not only in the United States but on this rock we self-imposed slaves live. As an example, we all know that if every adult in the U.S.A purchased just one ounce of Silver right now, it would be game over for the Banksters. We also know that it wont happen. And thats what ticks us off, because “we” know what and how and “they”, meaning the masses) dont have a clue. There are many books, essays, poems and speeches on the subject of tyranny, conspiracy, duplicity and monopoly. All of which one must reference and cross reference to finally arive at some measure of truth. Stay the course, patience faith and a bit o luck 😉  

  19. It speaks oodles how so much feedback focuses on AJ’s passion for guarding the 2nd ammendment. Anyone with passion for this topic is now some kind of uncontrollabe nut job conspiracy freak? I think this website is being co-opted by the libtard freaks!!! There seems to be a lot of libtard passion is denouncing AJ’s passion…..Doc, perhaps you need to filter your comments, sad to say. This is all just flooding the website with phony/false sentiment supposedly by the public…..sort of like MSM having everyone believing conservatism and the 2nd ammendment belong to nut job yadayadayadas……

    • Well, yeah, when he’s depriving someone else of their 1st amendment rights, i.e., the freedom of speech.

      Alex Jones is nothing but a bully. He bullies his guests. He bullies his host. The hell with that.

    • You advocate that the Doc ‘filter’ our comments. Censor them. Really?

      If the Doc did that, this web site really would be heaving with phony and false sentiment.

      What you don’t understand, @BigTom, is that the Doc is allowing us to discuss the issues freely, without intervention and censorship, because he is protecting our rights to the 1st Amendment.

      Did you ever study the constitution? Like many on this site, you seem to be fixated on the 2nd Amendment in such a way that it appears you don’t give a sh*t about the rest of it.

      The right to hang tough and play with dangeous toys.


    • Well Tawny….ever watch Piers get on his high horse on his bbc show and talk down and over those opposed to him and his agenda? Perhaps bullies are all to frighting for you. Perhaps a farm hidden away somewhere with your cows and stuff will keep you hidden from the bullies. Better yet? Have yo mama wear a bigger skirt, I’m sure that will keep you well hidden from all the bullies. Be sure to attack the messanger here and forget all about the message…..freedom is wasted on those who don’t deserve to keep it!

    • My ‘mama’ wore jeans and boots, Tom.

      I’m not hiding from anyone. With my stack, I’m going to be wealthy and free. There is a difference.

  20. Piers had the circus come to town, and the circus clown did not disappoint.
    Doc… your negative NON-US comment misses the mark. The real story is how the US commentors on your site are clearly from the far right, pro gun fringes… do you really believe the majority of US citzens place defense of arms industry profit at the “fight to the death” level?
    On the latest “feel good” story from the fringe (the brave lady that shot the evil, unarmed, black intruder… never hurts the story when the villian is an “other,” prompting comments like “this head is now full of holes”). Ever stop to think what may have (actually would have) happened to those children had the intruder been armed? Odds, and statistics agree, are she would have been putting her and her children’s life in grave danger by “defending” her home with a firearm. She clearly just sprayed bullets in terror (sad visions of Sandy Hook with the kids in a closet)… the man was able to plead for mercy and drive away. If he had gun in hand when he opened that door, they were all gone after the first shot… please think long and hard about that before you arm your family gentlemen… their lives may depend your decision.
    * I am in no way defending the criminal (had a break-in myself once and the mother and children must have been terrified and will suffer for months at least)… just looking at the other side of the “insane” (IMHO) “stand your ground, wild west” meme fed to the fringes by the morally bankrupt “for profit” gun lobby, and their almost religious supporters.

    • “Piers had the circus come to town, and the circus clown did not disappoint.”

      Aye. Well said.

      I’d be inclined to give the Doc a break, though. He’s allowing freedom of speech.

      I just think we should be focusing more on our financial health, instead of our rights (or otherwise) to pepper our fellow man with lead.

    • SRV, this isn’t about profits, although if you want to attack that, direct your efforts to fighting the military industrial complex, an absurd 683.7 billion. This is indeed a fight for our lives. You don’t understand that, and apparently never will until your locked down with drones flying overhead, by then the realization will dawn on you that your distrust of the ‘gun lobby’ was fatally misplaced. As far as I’m concerned, and this may sound harsh, people like you will get what they deserve when the dollar finally dies. You’ll be begging for a weapon to defend yourself and your family from the zombie hoards. For the record, I’m not far right, I’m a libertarian.

    • @Tawnyard… Doc crossed the “trust” line with that comment. We come here as his customer, and boost his income… what’s next, names and addresses of those who dare offer a dissenting view?
      @Whiskey Six… You are so right about the miltary. Of course the reason they won’t touch the spending is the same reason they will do nothing about guns… the cesspool of bribery by the arms (including public sale of military weapons) industry in congress. Somehow, I doubt you vote Democratic… that puts you on the right of the political spectrum. Libertarian… so you believe in gay rights and gay marriage; putting an end to the racist policy of prison and criminal records for simple drug posession; anarchy; the right of workers to collectivly bargain; collectivism (btw. Ayn Rand was a devout athiest, are you?) … or do you just crave the company of those with an unatural addiction to guns?

    • @SRV Maybe Doc hasn’t traveled much. He sounds pretty young. I’d be inclined to cut him some slack if he’s pro-gun or USA-centric. I think that America is a pretty divided nation on this line.  I’d be interested to know the proportions, like on a pie chart.

      I also don’t think for one minute that Doc would reveal people’s IDs. 

    • @SRV Splendid job. I might drop in for a cup of tea someday, old chap!

      Do come and visit me up at the farm if ever you’re in old Blighty.

      You too, @AGXIIK.

      Tawnyard (Beaming round the room)  🙂

  21. As I am a Swiss, I will say a word.
    I don’t consider that “more guns means less crime”.
    Army is mandatory, I received a SIG 9mm handgun. It’s funny too shoot. I gave it back now. Like a huge majority of my people, I think that a need of protection from the government is a complete joke. However it is true that in many other countries, owning a gun can be very very very very helpful.
    The natural conclusion is that in civilized countries you don’t need to go that far in personal protection.

    • In other words, you are saying America is uncivilized, or has the potential to become very much so.
      The aftermath of hurricane Katrina was the eye-opener for me.

    • ddclop: “I think that a need of protection from the government is a complete joke” You’re kidding right? Have you bought all of the media propaganda? Do you study history? Have you heard the term false flag? Have you studied 911 in depth? Operation Northwoods? Gulf of Tonkin? Waco? Ruby Ridge? The Israeli Lavon Affair? I can go on an on…

    • @whiskey six: No, no, Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No, No, No. You quoted me wrongfully: if this is unintentional, that’s not smart, if it is, that’s evil. 
      My turn: Have you ever traveled abroad USA? did you study the Swiss political system? Did you ever actually had to defend yourself using a gun? Is your government explicitly threathening you?
      What you must understand is that:
      1.- without us the government is broke
      2.- the monopoly of legitimate violence must stay in the hands of the government to prevent people of making justice themselves – some paranoid people (not especially you) could cause a lot of damage (you have several examples in recent US news…)
      3.- the governements dont use weapons to attack people, but propaganda, in which case a gun isn’t a proper shield
      4.- so your best protection is education. Wissen ist Macht the nazis used to say – by the way do you speak a foreign language?
      Whiskey six you exposed no argument, only personal attacks. Your methodology is the one of a fascist.

    • @ddclop you said that “… the monopoly of legitimate violence must stay in the hands of the government to prevent people of making justice themselves  …”
      That is Euro-think mentality. In fact it’s essentially un-American at its core, because this country was instituted on the foundation of self-governance, whereby the tacit organs of governance are ONLY ideally empowered by the Common Law in accord with Constitutions. Had government, in it’s surreptitious and nefarious nature not ‘slipped from its chains’ by shape-shifting between ‘public’ and ‘private’ manifestations and thereby corrupted courts and police into instruments of plunder rather than bulwarks against it, we’d not be suffering this nonsensical, idiotic notion that ‘legitimate violence must stay in the hands of the government’,
      Now, many of us are deciphering how government’s private, corporate alter-ego fishes people into convoluted ‘contractual’ obligations with plastic bait-worms of ‘benefits’, ‘immunities’ and ‘privileges’, obscuring MATERIAL FACTS that IN TRUTH render their barbed ‘contracts’ wholly void for FRAUD AB INITIO. So, perhaps you bring this Euro-think to the discussion as a ploy to dissuade folks from consideration of forsaking these ‘contracts’ and re-claiming their LIBERTIES as FREE MEN whose RIGHT and DUTY is to contain governance in its proper mode of OBEDIENT SERVANT, as opposed to self-styled ‘ruler’.

    • @ddclop: Yes, I have traveled abroad. Have you been to the United States? What is the point? I know very little about the Swiss, what I do know, I like, but comparing Swiss/American systems might as well be apples/oranges. Never had to defend myself using a gun, and I hope I never will. Have you ever had to use your life insurance? 🙂
      1) The government is already broke and in the case of the US, can print money, they don’t necessarily need taxable income, since they spend more than they take in anyway.
      2) WOW…try googling democide.
      3) Huh? Governments don’t use weapons to attack people? Again, democide.
      4) I speak some Spanish
      You never addressed my argument regarding false flags, you just responded with more questions. It’s clear you have a Euro/socialist view which is completely opposite to the American way.

    • @Patfields and @Whiskey Six : ok we agree that we have a different vision of life. and comparing our systems is pointless. I’ll just say that I don’t have a life insurance, because I consider that this is for suckers.
      But let me draw your attention on that: armed people don’t have a much greater chance of survival in war against goverment that unarmed people. Guns don’t help against modern warfare stuff. You don’t think so? Ask the talibans, they survive because they hide in the mountains, having guns is permitting them to resist against the country who has 50% of the global military power but the majority of Afghans are peacefull and their life haven’t changed much.
      And what’s the point behind false flag attack? Is “false flag attack” an argument on its own? Yes such things as democides happen. I dont need a gun to avoid that, I just live thousands miles away from those places. Obviously if you’re a New-Yorker you need to move because your gun won’t help against the crash of 2 commercial planes.

      I recall from university that an assistant, speaking of Algerian resistance against French occupation tought us what we need to resist against the army: a place to hide! This is woods, montains, deserts. So you have already everything you need in USA. (a country that I visited but it’s been a while. No chance that I come back to visit those fascist. Land of the free, what a joke, I’d say land of the jail)

    • @ddclop … “your gun won’t help against the crash of 2 commercial planes.”
      Hang onto those straws real tight there fellow, your forlorn handhold won’t last long.
      If government hadn’t criminally prevented the passengers on those planes from arming themselves as they’ve a God-given right, then there would likely never have been any such thing as ‘9-11’ and the World Trade Towers would still be standing.

    • @ddclop … those straws are snapping off … diversion and redirection won’t help you … maybe you ought to just give up and bail.
      Regardless of the controlled demolition, the ‘plausible denial’ supplied by the planes STILL wouldn’t have been possible if the passengers could have killed the ‘captors’. Now, will you quit with this gossamar propaganda, please?

  22. We live in Tahoe, north end. Not as much snow as the west side  but enough to mess things up.  The SUV work will either cost 100 oz of AG or 220 oz  I offered the owner silver just in case.  He looked a little quizical.  Visa or mastercard please. 
    OK, I get frequent flyer miles. Visa

  23. After listening to Dershowitz calmly and methodically denounce the 2d Amendment and knowing what this quisling alien stands for, I made up my mind. I am going to buy a few assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

  24. What all out foreign posters here tend to overlook is the USA bailed them out twice in WWI and II by might of arms. The second amendment is what has kept this country free for over 200 years because the threat of an armed populace that is given the right to other throw their government if it becomes tyrannical in the same constitution has kept them in check.
    Is the time here to exercise that right? I am thinking it is awful close and coming legislation may be the tipping point.
    Citizens have guns and are not pushed around like subjects of other countries are that have been disarmed.

    • MaryB,
      Perhaps you may want to actually read your beloved 2nd Amendment (instead of parroting the right wing talk show jibberish that Mr. Jones spreads every day). It describes an armed militia, and of course the purpose is to defend the fledgling union FROM threats. So, the purpose is to protect the government not overthrow the dam thing… seriously, why would a founding document lay out a path to overthrow the very government it created! What they really feared was a standing army (you know, the one with the $700 billion buget you pay for), hence the armed militia to defend the country and the government from foreign, or internal threats.
      The individual right interpretation began to take hold in the eighties (as the corporate takeover of almost everything was taking hold)… clearly a profit driven game to re-define the constitution in order to sell more guns (creating a climate of fear may have been a secondary goal). In the last ten years the Supreme Court (actually the five right wing members) have capitulated to their corporate masters (now corporations have all the rights of a citizen) and revised the interpretation to apply to individuals. BTW, they also said the government has every right to create reasonable gun control laws, and the NRA lobby’s stranglehold is the only reason assault weapons and high capacity magazines have not been banned. 
      You are not “defending the constitution,” you are defending an interpretation by five far right activist judges that also gave you George W Bush, in what amounted to a conservative bloodless coup.

    • Srv, You’re not clear on American law. Whether the rule of law still exists is another discussion, but let me bring you up to speed on what the books currently say. The average US Joe such as myself, are part of the unregulated militia which is defined under 10 USC § 311Militia: composition and classes: consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
      (b) The classes of the militia are—
      (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
      (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.
      As individuals, we are already part of the unorganized militia. Anyone that tells you different is full of crap. In the United States, the individual’s right to bear arms was confirmed in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia[1][2] There are also additional state laws that pertain to my state (the CA Military and Veteran’s Code) and I’m sure other states define specifics as well. I won’t go into too much detail there, but one of the gems in California is
      The military is subordinate to civil power.
      No one mentioned anything about overthrow, I personally believe they will fall all by themselves, ala Rome.
      You’re right about standing armies. There is no distinction between internal vs external armies, or preserving the status quo. There has always been concerns regarding ‘standing armies’ be it Federal or State sponsored or ‘organized militia’ vs The People. The founding fathers seemed to have intentioned the ‘unorganized militia’ as the ultimate counter balance to standing armies, the following is from THE MILITIA AND THE CONSTITUTION: A LEGAL HISTORY by William S. Fie…

      While in The Federalist No. 46, Madison argued that a standing army of 25,000 to 30,000 men would be offset by “a militia amounting to near a half million of citizens with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves . . . .” [119] The Antifederalists were not persuaded by these arguments, in part because of the degree of control over the militia given to the national government by the proposed constitution. The fears of the more conservative opponents centered upon the possible phasing out of the general militia in favor of a smaller, more readily corrupted, select militia. Proposals for such a select militia already had been advanced by individuals such as Baron Von Steuben, Washington’s Inspector General, who proposed supplementing the general militia with a force of 21,000 men given government- issued arms and special training. [120] An article in the Connecticut Journal expressed the fear that the proposed constitution might allow Congress to create such select militias: “[T]his looks too much like Baron Steuben’s militia, by which a standing army was meant and intended.” [121] In Pennsylvania, John Smiley told the ratifying convention that “Congress may give us a select militia which will in fact be a standing army,” and worried that, [p.34] with this force in hand, “the people in general may be disarmed.” [122] Similar concerns were raised by Richard Henry Lee in Virginia. In his widely-read pamphlet, Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican, Lee warned that liberties might be undermined by the creation of a select militia that “[would] answer to all the purposes of an army,” and concluded that “the Constitution ought to secure a genuine and guard against a select militia by providing that the militia shall always be kept well organized, armed, and disciplined, and include, according to the past and general usage of the states, all men capable of bearing arms.”

    • The malitia is every man between the ages of 17 and 45 except for a hand full of politicians. The constitution is all about the limitations of the federal government. The Bill of Rights is all about the rights of individuals and states! The 2nd Amendment is about the security of the STATES, not the Union. It was included as another check on federal power over the states and federal and state power over the individual! But the 2nd Amendment is not the source of the right to keep arms. That is a birthright of all people. Just as speech is a human birthright. It has never been needed more than it is right now! These authoritarians either don’t have a clue of what they are talking about or are just intentionally spreading disinformation. Americans have seen this all before, haven’t we. It will never work. Nine people out of ten people own a gun. No one is going to take them by force from us. The areas with the highest crime, most corrupt government & police, poverty, poor schools… “the list is long” are all where they control government. No matter how many times their flawed and sick ideas fail they will never admit how wrong they are. They think if they can just take more and more control over your life it will finally work. These kind of people really do hold free humanity and individual rights in contempt. They believe they have all the answers and you have nothing worth while to contribute. See them for what they are. Arrogant aspiring tyrants. Look at England. As voilent as the United States is, one is two and a half times more likely to be the victim of a assult in Britton. In the U.S. your are certainly more likey to be murdered. But, only where the laws are nearly identical to those of England because they share the same social problems due to the same lack of liberty and disrespect for natural law. Criminals don’t surround us, we surround them. But the socialist/leftist/ fascist laws protect the criminal element by threatening the law abiding citizens into inaction. It twists and spins justice about and stands it on it’s head. It does this to perpetuate itself & it’s own power. As far as a Bush coup de’tate. We have been living under a federal dictatorship for at least a century. It’s the time to take our liberty back.

    • @Whiskey Six … What a fabulous posting! The uninitiated will get a valuable lesson from it and we who are already familiar with the points of Law and history you raised are every bit as blessed by its review. Thanks Loads!

  25. C&P from FB side …
    Hey guys … in assuaging the marxie slimeball’s tactics on the ‘strength’ of his ‘calm demeanor’, you’re falling head-long into his Pavlovian ‘conditioning’. Like some of you, I’m not anyone’s sycophant … Alex Jones included … but to dismiss merits of his position merely because he was adamant in prosecution of it, refusing to ‘play along’ with the marxie slimeball’s falsely contorted ‘data’, is rejection on mere style alone. As in the truth of a ‘just war’, there IS a time to the purpose of ‘fighting fire with fire’. My own opinion is that the occasion was such and admire Mr. Jones for his manly execution of that duty.

    • He was on a marxist program and the typical dyed in the wool lib would never listen anyway. However when he took control of that show there were many out there who may have never considered some of the points he made. He literally destroyed Mr. Morgan! The spin from the left is the same as it always is. The truth is, THAT WAS EFFECTIVE!

    • Manly execution of that duty? Seriously? I could hardly past the 2 minute mark before I got tired of his playground bully style of arguing (I did finish it eventually). Doing that stupid english accent is even worse, I’d sooner call it childish than manly. Frankly, I think AJ did a lot more damage to his own argument than Piers did, because with an interview like this you will never change anyone’s mind. I highly doubt anyone anywhere who wasn’t already in agreement with AJ would change his/her mind after seeing this interview. In fact, i’d say it’s more likely they’d agree with Piers. Perception matters.

      AJ hardly answered any of the questions Piers asked him and the ones he did answer, Piers had to ask him several times. And while I agree, that Piers’ questions were somewhat skewed, dismissing 35 gun-murders in the UK compared to 11.000 in the US as a little factoid is just stupid. It’s not a little factoid. If it really was a little factoid, he should have explained why it was a little factoid, he did not. I’m tempted to think that’s because he can’t. His argument that 74% are gang related, implying that we shouldn’t count those, is even worse. What, when it’s young men from impoverished neighborhood shooting each other, then it’s ok? We shouldn’t care? AJ is right that non-gun murders in the UK are higher as than in the US, but he completely failed to explain why, when you compared murder statistics as in total, gun and non-gun murders, the UK still ends up with 2-3 times less murders per capita than the US.

      Perhaps this is just somewhat hard for me to understand as a citizen of The Netherlands. You know, the country that legalized marijuana, same-sex marriage and euthanasia, but banned guns. The situation seems so different here that I’m having a really hard time equating owning and/or carrying a device that can literally end another person’s life with push of a button with “freedom”. I do however, recognize the argument that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws would have guns. If you would simply outlaw guns in the US right now, that’s likely how it would end up, because the guns are already there to begin with. You’d also have to start an enormous campaign to get guns of the street, which would take many years and probably only be marginally successful. 

      There’s other big advantages to banning guns though. For example, when carrying a gun is a crime, police can use the suspicion of having a gun to get search warrants for people that they actually suspect of other crimes. Also, while burglaries are as high or higher than the US, burglars are typicality unarmed and try to only break in when nobody is home, because having a gun more than triples their sentence when they get caught. Even criminals that do have a gun stashed somewhere, do not normally carry it down the street. They can get arrested for that. Even muggings are usually done with knives at most. Typically criminals only tend to carry guns when they fully expect to use it.

    • @Chrodarcniss …”i’d say it’s more likely they’d agree with Piers. Perception matters.”
      ‘Perception matters’ to those who allow the whim and fancy of politicians to rule their lives. Such is the predilection of subjugation under Monarchy and ‘Rulers’.
      “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters” –Daniel Webster
      “A well regulated Militia (meaning all able bodied men of a State), being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Am. Const Amdt II.
      That phrase is LAW upon government, directly from The People … whom are the Sovereign Power authorizing government’s very existence in the FIRST place.
      What you and this marxie countryman of yours, Morgan, are propagating toleration of is OUR government’s CRIMINAL VIOLATION of the Law confining the limits of governance! Is it any wonder Mr. Jones is justifiably PISSED OFF AT YOU FOLKS? I think not!

  26. @Tawnyard … I suggest you saw what what you wanted to ‘see’ … what your government’s lifelong Pavlovian conditioning pre-disposed you to ‘see’.
    Having spent MY lifetime in full-on resistance against such government-centric, Orwellian NewSpeak … I rather saw a MANLY AMERICAN defending his People from SUBJUGATION under the same damned social enslavement we’d thought we’d rid ourselves back in 1776.
    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” –Sam Adams

    Or … cousins … so to speak.

    Now, THESE of YOUR countryman and women are ADMIRABLE from MY viewpoint …

    • I respectfully suggest that ’tis you who is conditioned, sir. I saw a buffoon, a laughing stock. A man of ill manners and low intellect. A schoolyard bully. A tantruming toddler. A man with no grasp of the facts, and a complete inability to answer legitimate questions.

      He capered and taunted and mocked and evaded like a village fool. His ‘answers’ were cretinous at best. ‘How many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin?’ shows that he was completely and utterly stuck. Without a leg to stand on. His retorts were the smokescreening and bullshitting of a bully.

      I have ZERO respect for the man. He is the best spokesperson the anti-gun lobby could ever wish for. I hope the NRA and GOA embrace him with open arms and the complete lack of insight they are blessed with. With friends like Alex Jones, who needs enemies?

      I think they should put him on every talk show in America.

      Good day, sir.

    • Alex Jones’s personality screams one thing to me:

      W I F E B E A T E R .

      He is exactly the type of man you could associate with that type of behaviour. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, if he was violent behind closed doors.

    • @Tawnyard … to which I might likewise (though less denigratingly) say that Mr. Roger Hayes ought to regularly appear on all UK television programs. Perhaps more of your fellows would suffer their government-contrived bondage less passively (so sad).
      It is THE LAW of American governance, that The People are, OF UNQUESTIONABLE RIGHT, to be freely armed at their personal desire under RESERVED RIGHT. So in fact, you’re ‘defense’ is offered to ORGANIZED CRIMINALS in the mere guise of ‘government’.

  27. As most Americans know there has been a massive growth of internet traffic and web sites since 2000. For more than a decade socialist, communist and left & right wing fascist operatives payed for by governments and organisations have been trolling the internet. They pose as normal people but in fact are payed to spead disinformation and propaganda. There are tens of thousands of these posers on the internet at any given time. Never have governments and others had such easy access to the minds of ordinary people. You never really know who that person is you are chatting with! You only know what they tell you. The U.S. government is heavily envolved in this. But, so are almost every other government. When someone tells you “you don’t want that liberty”. Or that passion for freedom makes you look like a ‘Nut Job” or a “cook”. There is a good chance you are dealing with one of these operatives. They try to brainwash one mind at a time. @ FREEDOM FORCE INTERATIONAL. We are fighting the internet psi-ops to change American society and destroy liberty world wide. When one of these operatives is challenged and having trouble many times you will see reinforcements arrive to the website or chat forum to stop or drown out opposition. This is how war against liberty is waged in the 21st century.

    • @RRG,
      That resistance to imagined enemies lurking everywhere is such a central focus of your life, and your linking of killing machines as the essence of your freedom is proof enough to me that you, and the rest of your paranoid pack of “Patriots” are not of sound mind, having succumed to the ranting of the likes of AJ (most likely a corporate plant used to stoke the whaco mindset, and keep the rabble divded… and conquered!). Your world view is shaped by the likes of Alex Jones and Wayne Lapierre… nuff said!
      We (us bleeding heart Liberals… and I say that with pride) are simply trying (why makes me question my own sanity) to argue against the folly of a military weapon ownership culture… as a remedy for… gun violence. You are clearly blinded by ideology and fear (of the “other”), fed to you each day (here; at other sites; by right wing talk radio hosts who make millions a year stoking fear, hate, and paranoia; the shameless shills at the NRA; and the likes of Faux News et el).
      You could use some help, your country needs help, and I have said all I have to say to that end. I thank you for listening, and am convinced you’re a decent guy when “out of the paranoid bubble!” Good luck with your fantacy war on the ghosts of centuries past… where life seemed so much simpler (but of course was not at all but hey… they had really cool uniforms didn’t they… Go Pats).
      Sincere best wishes to you and yours,

    • @SRV: What Imagined enimies would you be referring to “lurking of course”? Must I post pubic knowlage? You are not talking to the youth as you well know! You think you’re the cream talking to milk! Disappear and consult.

    • @SRV … Inviolable right to keep and bear arms is THE LAW OF THE LAND. Exactly what part of that isn’t clear? The ONLY way that government has got away with what it’s ‘accomplished’ so far, is by surreptitiously ‘shape-shifting’ into its commercially corporate capacity and fraudulently cajoling people into contracts (colered as ‘regulation’) through suppressed MATERIAL FACTS.
      Now, you folks bristle at this, but it’s a FACT … what you’re pushing is FUNDAMENTALLY UN-AMERICAN. Sorry, but that’s just the plain truth of it. 

  28. @Tawnyard said… “That’s how police handle things in the UK.
    – – – – –
    I remember being in New Orleans for Mardi Gras when I was in my early 20’s. After being on my feet for hours, I decided to sit down on the curb for a few minute’s rest.
    A police officer came by, hit me on the knee with his billyclub and yelled at me to get up. I did NOTHING to provoke him.
    Could you imagine how the ‘authorities’ would treat us ordinary Americans if TSHTF and there was civil disorder? This is one reason why many Americans choose to own guns.

    • @Mammoth … having lived in New Orleans about 14 years, I can say with first-hand certainty that the town has ALWAYS been run by ‘chicken in every pot’ commies who believe everything of anyone else’s is theirs when they want it. It’s government, top to bottom, is as crooked as a bramble bush. To squeeze money from from the citizens, one year, the cops went on strike just a few days before Mardi Gras and the National Guard had to sit in for them. I was living in the French Quarters at the time and the Guard were FAR more reasonable and cordial than the goons. That year was probably the best, most ‘old timey’, of all the years I recall.

    • @Tawnyard your ‘holier than thou’, self-aggrandizing, sophisticate attitude has become thoroughly intolerable. Go look down your crooked nose at someone else.
      I can only imagine your outrage if some goofball from our country came on your television to propagandize a ‘law’ against door locks, allowing free ingress of police at their mere ‘suspicion’ of myriad ‘transgressions’ at their contrivance.
      Our right to arm ourselves IS THE LAW … PLAIN BLACK AND WHITE ENGLISH LANGUAGE … GOT IT? That right is qualified as … INVIOLATE!
      Now, go stick your nose somewhere ELSE it shouldn’t be and take your girly-man, ‘Piers’, along with you.

    • @Tawnyard … I’ve got news for you, little lady, as an ‘American resident’, you ain’t got squat.
      “The right to trial by jury in civil cases, guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment…and the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment…have been distinctly held not to be privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment …and in effect the same decision was made in respect of the guarantee against prosecution, except by indictment of a grand jury, contained in the Fifth Amendment…and in respect of the right to be confronted with witnesses, contained in the Sixth Amendment… it was held that the indictment, made indispensable by the Fifth Amendment, and the trial by jury guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, were no privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, as those words were used in the fourteenth Amendment. We conclude, therefore, that the exemption from compulsory self-incrimination is not a privilege or immunity of National citizenship guaranteed by this clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” Twining v. New Jersey, 211 US 78, 98-99.
      “Privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States, on the other hand, are only such as arise out of the nature and essential character of the national government, or are specifically granted or secured to all citizens or persons by the Constitution of the United States.” Slaughter-House Cases, supra, p.79; Re Kemmler, 136 U.S. 436, 448, 34 L.ed. 519, 524, 10 Sup. Ct.Rep. 930; Duncan v. Missouri, 152 U.S. 377, 382, 38 L.ed. 485, 487, 14 Sup.Ct.Rep. 570.
      In the course of your entire life, you’ll NEVER have the Natural Right to bear arms ANYWAY. Don’t that just warm your heart and leave you in sublime consolation?

    • Only ‘seeing’ what you WANT to ‘see’ again, huh? Your rights are GRANTED by the federal ‘government’. Hey! just like back at home … a SUBJECT of a quasi-monarchial entity, living each and every moment … under its jurisdiction.

  29. @PatFields Read the damned post. Not once did I say I have residency in the United States. I can choose from Paris, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin and a hundred more magnificent places. Why would I want to live in a place where freedoms and rights have been eroded so badly?

    I hope you signed the petition. The useful one.  😉

    I’m with @SRG all the way.

    Good day to you, Pat.

  30. That’s an interesting petition.  In the normal course of bank oversight,  any Federally regulated lender and many which are not usually under federal review are usually subject to intense scrutiny. At least that’s the way it used to be.   In our bank, when the senior officers got long faces,  it usually mean the Feds or State were paying a visit and doing their perfunctory inspection of the books and records.  Our bank dodged many regulatory bullets while we engaged in  some questionable income recognition, deposit sources and loan accounting.  We received an MOU, an action that often preceded a Cease and Desist.  Nearly 1000 banks were taken over during the last rough patch from 1989 to 1994.  A C&D was a death sentence.  Most banks in San Diego failed.  We didn’t.  It was a tribute to the abilities of our senior officers who were especially adept at the Banker Two Step. Call us the least of the worst.   I knew I would not do well in prison so I left before things got really serious.
    If we fast forward to the present day, we can now clearly see an   institutionalized breach of trust and good faith  in banking as these Mega banks engage in intercontinental and multi generational theft of historic proportion. They are in collusion with the governments of most countries.   They are  also welded hip and thigh with  an equally corrupt Federal Bank, Federal Government and US Treasury. 
    When it gets serious, lie.  And it’s serious.  The skein of lies is so dense and thick, it’s difficult to see where the truth ends and the lies begin.  Our personal safety dictates that a prudent person accepts the sad but important recognition that our governments and their allies, the big banks, are engaged in a  globe-spanning empire of lies and deceit.  Trusting bankers and governments today is a sure fire way to lose your money, property, freedom and even your life.   In my opinion, we are little more than federalized chattel, held prisoner  by UCCs, liens, mortgages and extra-judicial restraints against our natural rights and freedoms. When these leviathans shift their bulk to find a slightly better feeding ground, we are squashed under their weight; regarded as nothing more than collateral damage in their quest for control and wealth acquisition.
    No large bank can afford to open its books in a manner that was  once consistent with regulatory requirements even as little as 20 years ago. This is true most especially for the largest banks and the government agencies.  If there was a serious attempt to inspect and adjust the assets of a large bank today, that bank would see its capital evaporate, the shareholder equity disappear, assets vaporize and stock value shot to zero.  The bank would be taken over in a weekend, just like hundreds  of major banks did in the 1980s and early 1990s.  Fort Knox would probably be found to be little more than a large hold in the ground. 
      There was once a semblance of honesty in the regulatory oversight and willingness to take the bitter  and costly medicine in  shutting down a bank back then. There was real pain in those. Today Megabanks slough off human capital like a reptile sheds its skin.  There is no more  oversight than the line from Casablanca  ‘I’m shocked, shocked there’s gambling in this establishment’     Or maybe even a simplier view from the writing genuises of South Park.  “Aaaand, it’s gone” 
    Since the Federal Reserve bank has never been fully audited and Fort Knox has not disclosed its stock of gold for the last 60 years, we can only assume that this two entities are involved in an enormous coverup that involves a gargantuan theft of our wealth along with a depletion of the country’s financial stength and substance that’s not been seen for decades.  The failure to disclose, when it involves a financial institution, is prima facia evident of fraud, incompetence, theft and misappropriation of assets.  I’ve personally seen it dozens of times in my banking career   When things get dicey at a bank, the first action of the typical banker is CYA and lie.  This is a normal human response as when events prove that a bank is in trouble, the bankers running the show are regarded in the same light as a bank robber who holds up a teller line.  The only real difference between  the thug totting the gun and the banker is their attire and where they stand; either in front of the teller line or behind it.   When my boss hired me, he told me TWO VERY IMPORTANT RULES.  1.  Stay out of the vault.  2. Don’t go behind the teller line.    I always thought it was because I couldn’t count very well and liked to chase skirts.
    Now I understand what he really meant. 

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