morgan willieThe sudden rash of bankers expiring in mysterious ways has been well documented at SD Jim Willie revealed to SD readers that we are seeing bankers removed who are on the verge of revealing big data details on FOREX bank fraud.
News of the latest JPM banker to be found dead (Ryan Crane, the Executive Director of JPM’s Global Equities Group) went viral after European banking source V claimed that Crane & the JPM London banker who fell from the top of JPM’s London HQ last weekknew each other & had uncovered something“.
If the bombshell news the investigative journalists at Infowars have just released is accurate, it appears that the number of bankers found dead in the past several weeks has now swelled to over 20, and includes a slew of mid-level bankers as well as the top level execs that have been chronicalized on SD.
Gerald Celente & Alex Jones discuss the news that the number of dead bankers has now reached 20 below:

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    • And very good for the top banksters who may be implicated in whatever pile of chit they have gotten themselves into……….20 less whistle blowers to worry about. I have a feeling that they couldn’t possibly kill what they are hiding…..truth will out! Things are getting real!

    • I feel sick for my daughter. She is facing a catastrophe that is worse than the world has ever seen. She’s just a kid.
      Gold and silver MAY grant you some time but not when we pay for our iniquities. “Obama” is OUR president. Pure evil.  May God save those who fought against this tragedy. 

  1. Interesting post JonL   It does ties much of the dots together
    From my POV, our BANKER DEAD POOL with its 3 silver 1 ounce coins as prizes for the First, Most and Highest Office, will start with the zero mark as of today’s date, and the present body count of 20   Today’s date is Sunday February 16.   The zero mark is 20. 
    Start date for the BANKER DEAD POOL  is Tuesday February 18  Monday is President’s day–a banker holiday in the US.  Any bankers capped on Monday represent a Monetarist Mulligan.  That’s a free one and not counted as a guess in this contest
    Determinations for guesses.
    That is determined by the time stamp of the first person to note another banker is RIP
     COD is material.  Natural causes are not acceptable. Family members in the banking industry do not count.
      Time of death is material.
      Ping me an private message using Pacific Coast Time as the time mark. I will log this as FIRST
      Best guess of the total number of bankers that die of suspicious causes with the next 3 months. That is from Tuesday February 18 to May 18 2014. First correct guess logged is the one counted.
      First person who guesses the highest office is the winner.  Be specific as to the office.

    This will accomplish one or more of 3 things
    1.  A little harmless fun for those who want to play  I determine the winners as provider of the 1 ounce coin and will pay for postage.
    2.  It make people on this site more aware of banker shenanigans and the nature of banksters.
    3.  Maybe it’ll shed more light on this criminality. 
    Doc will be the final determinant if this contest is appropriate for the site. 


    • A DEAD POOL!    Mah-velous!!!  Let’s have some fun with this!!!!
      I will tie my guess as to number to the rise in the gold price.  For every $5 rise in the gold price from now until $1400. there will be one DB, (Dead Banker)  From $1400 – $1499 , two DB’s  from $1500 – $1999 15 per month.
      The reasoning is that the rise in the price of gold is the gas guage on the collapse of their system.  The quicker it rises, the quicker their system implodes and they start cannibalizing each other (and they say you can’t eat Gold…. HA!)
      The wild card is found in the ramp-up of investigatory zealousness here in the US.  But the hit lists will only grow, consistent with the rampant crime and corruption in the banker system itself.  Watch also for personnel inside government regulatory agencies, a la SEC and CFTC et al…   and… the clincher:
      At least one high-profile recognized name member of the PLCG (Punched Library Card Group) will break into the mainstream reporting before Gold hits $1900!

    • Bay of Pigs  i was thinking about the over/under to BANKER DEAD POOL—MAY MADNESS.
      Unlike Buffet who is offering $1 billion for anyone with a perfect score card on March Madness, I was thinking ‘Honorable Mention’
      The 3 people closest over and under the correct guess would be noted.  there could be many people close so the time listed on the guesses would be my indicator. 
      Overall this is for fun for us Silver Doctors Irregulars but it’s going to be a bitch for the bankers   The next three months should be pretty dicey for bankers.  There are many investigations, many crimes and many people feeling hot breath on their starches collars.
      I’ll be up early on May 18 to tally.  The first guesses may be correct or not.  We will see.

  2. Deaths make for splashy press, but perusing mundane SEC filings can tell a more alarming tale. That boring exercise by an investigative reporter in 2012, revealed that corporate board resignations over four years had been rocketing up to a total of … 20 Thousand in the US alone. This likely includes some more publicly tracked number of banker resignations found at the same time to be around 1,200 worldwide.


    This is an episode that seems to have completely fallen off the ‘radar’ ever since 2012, as I can’t find any current updates. Given the rapidly rising number bailing out of the system by early 2012, the figure could be near 50,000 by now.

    • @PatFields
      Yes, that is VERY alarming because the real cretins will tend to remain in an organization that is sinking into evil-doing while all of the good people who have some ethics will be the ones resigning.

  3. endthefed2012   this story is interesting   I’d be inclined to see conspiracies here except for the fact that the minivan driver was 78 years old.  Leaving aside Jack Ruby and his low life expectancy, this might just be what it seems—an accident
    Karma?  Oh yeah.    I do not count him in the Dead Banker Pool so my count is 5 or so.  with just under 2 months to go.

    • The story of “up to 20+ more” from “V” is possibly misinformation. 
      That would make the lesser total look like coincidence, as opposed to conspiracy… 
      TPTB have a huge capacity to plan ahead, and seed a cover story even before 
      they go on a killing binge or a spree of robberies of allocated PMs and such. 
      $neaky Ba$tard$

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