Our friend Sean from SGTReport.com has released an excellent interview with GoldMoney’s Head of Research Alasdair Macleod discussing the critical German Constitutional Court decision due on September 12th which may mark the END of Germany’s ability to fund the endless Euro Zone bailouts, which now total more than $2 TRILLION for Germany alone!
If Germany bails on the bailouts… the EuroZone will fall and all hell will break loose globally.  Macleod also discusses the developing shortage of physical gold and silver, and the total DENIAL of the average American that there is any problem whatsoever.

Part 2

  1. Has anyone else had trouble getting uploaded avatar .gif files to animate on the site? I really want my Roy Rogers and “Silver” image to animate. I have tried uploading a dozen times to no avail. I have asked the doc but he must be busy……

  2. I have been in the silver market eight months.  Follow the spot daily & read SD.  I stay current on world events and feel Germany is not going to continue to prop up the Euro.  One factor influencing my buying decisions has been the U.S. dollar.  I scored well (for 2012) 6.28 for $26.32, and am proud of my acquired inventory thus far.

    I have the fiat for another significant purchase.  I guess I am looking for input regarding my rationale with the U.S. dollar.  IMO, when the Euro rapidly declines, the value of the dollar will increase, thereby reducing the silver price.  I feel as though I have painted myself into a corner.
    I am excited by the recent uptick & my position is long.  

    Perhaps I should purchase regularly and not be overly concerned with quantity buying.
    Any ideas? 

    • @Sheep Dog.  Take a longer term view.  Question – Which would you rather have in your hand today: a $20 bill from 1920 or a $20 gold coin from 1920.   You’re never going to time the exact bottom.  Buy your silver and sleep well.

      On the short term remember currency values are relative to each other and all are falling in reference to gold.  The Fed wants the dollar down and the Euro up to stimulate U.S. manufacturing and reduce unemployment.  China is buying euro sovereign debt as part of the deal.  For which we are allowing China to bail on treasuries and buy gold if they keep Iran in check. Of course this depends on us keeping our naval ships out of the South China Sea.  Which of course depends on the Russians keeping N. Korea from seriously misbehaving.  Which depends on us giving them a billion dollars. Which we have to borrow or print. It gets messy trying to connect the dots. Then of course if Israel attacks Iran before the election because they are afraid Obama may win all bets are off and gold goes to $5000

  3. @SilverSucker – send the image you want as your avatar to [email protected], and I’ll see if I can get it to work for you.
    @Sheep-Dog -all fiat currencies are circling the same toilet.  Once the Euro situation is resolved one way or another the focus will shift to the debt problems of the US and the UK.  Thats when the REAL moves will occur in the gold and silver market.  We personally added to our positions into $26, and went long yesterday as price crossed $30.  Silver is now above its 200 DMA, the gold/silver ratio has broken its 6 month uptrend, and we are hearing numerous reports of exrteme tightness in the physical silver market.

    If you are interested in helping support us at SD and using SD Bullion for your physical purchase give us a call at 614.300.1094, and I’ll make sure our bullion manager Anthony hooks you up.  We ship to Canada now, and even take the phyzz across the border ourselves to ensure it makes it through customs!


  4. fiat is toast and the social upheaval when it gets really bad will disrupt global markets in a way that has never before happened. As this happens I see governments trying to ban private ownership of gold and silver in order to hoard it themselves. Many will just hide what they have and wait for things to happen.

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