Jamie DimonIn the latest Keiser Report, Max interviews gold expert Alasdair Macleod about 400 ounce London .995 gold bars being sent to Switzerland from Arab holders and melted down to 1 kilo .9999 bars, thus moving gold from the London standard, to the new better Chinese standard – suggesting we may be entering a post-petrodollar world. In which case, petrodollars could be flowing back into NY in pure dollar form to cause high inflation. And, finally, Max and Alasdair suggest that unless you rig gold markets, your forex and libor rigging won’t work.

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  1. If a bank tells you that in order to qualify for a business loan you must take out an interest rate swap first well then guess what.  You can’t afford it.  As the old saying goes it takes an education to really screw things up. No sympathy for the goys and gals that borrow money from the banksters.   

    • Glad I am debt free, sure I don’t have much but I live comfortably. More Americans need to learn to live within their means as I do. That includes government and businesses.

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