Obama has decided to use military force against Syria- apparently regardless of whether Syria turns over its chemical weapons stockpiles to international authorities as originally demanded by the US.
Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhardt Capital Management, believes the looming Middle East war will end up involving more countries than only the U.S. and Syria; Barnhardt predicts this war will be World War III.


    • Okay Mr.Boompi, who do you trust?  Obozo or Barnhardt?  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not suggesting you can’t switch Ann’s name with a million other humans on this planet, however,  the bottom line here is that her track record is LIGHT YEARS ahead of this schmuck residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  And that was as kind as I can be in his identification!

    • @silverrrrr That is the same sort of boneheaded logic used by the mainstream to have have everyone choose a side between Republicans and Democrats. This woman makes some good points, but the over-the-top racism and homophobia in here rant was very off-putting. I have recommended this lunatics videos to friends, something that I now regret.

      This video is a great reminder to all of us to listen to people’s points one at a time, as opposed to deciding that we agree with a person then blindly accept everything that they say from that point on. She makes some good points, and has some good insights, but overall this woman is pretty ignorant.

    • I hope the 17 year old kid she’s ranting to can pick through and sort the sense from the homophobic, racist bullshit.

      In my opinion, Ann Barnhardt is in a bad place. She seriously needs to ask herself why she is so homophobic. And so self-confessedly misogynistic. What is she repressing? I can spot it a mile off, so why can’t she?

  1. In my view, Radical islam as espoused by radical Sunnis ranging from the msulim brotherhood, wahhabis, salafis and takfiris are a scourge of the world, and most moderate muslims I’ve met don’t consider them muslim. They are members of a death cult. If one applies this to all of islam I would of course say that is terribly wrong, but the aforementioned should be wiped off this earth.

    • Funny, I’m re-reading Hatred’s Kingdom by Dore Gold…the Saudi’s spend billions promoting the Islam of Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab on all continents. These jokers are playing for keeps and we think they’re playing for an ice-cream cone or something. 

    • DD…absolutely should be required reading for every member of Congress, Pres., and VP.  Wahabbiism is a poisonous menace and like you said they play for keeps.  Saudi’s are committed to spread Wahabbiism globally and they use our petrodollars to do it.

    • I have lived in islamic countries (Indonesia and UAE ) for 15 years and even married a muslim girl (who subsequently converted to Christianity) I can honestly say there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. There are some very nice muslim people, but sadly they all want and believe in the same thing – universal acceptance of islam – and if that means through violence then so be it. That is why you never hear a ‘moderate’ mulsim denounce the extremists. They might go through the motions, but deep down they believe that what the nutters are doing is allah’s will. When my wife converted FROM islam, she was threatened with beheading.. in a ‘moderate’ muslim country, by ‘moderate’ muslim people.

  2. I think despite her financial understanding of the events Ann has no clue of geopolitics in general, especially with her unmask hatred of the Muslims. She never mentions that the only country that should be creaming left and right against the “rebels” is actually supporting them, even though on this website there is a new article entitled: Sources: Syrian Rebels Plan Chem Attack on Israel from Assad-Controlled Territories
    So logically the Israeli army should be fighting on the side of Assad. But it doesn’t. The question Qui Bono needs to be re-examined. Oddly enough Israel insists on striking Assad and helping the “rebels” that promise to bomb them. A theatre of absurd to an untrained eye. I am sure she knows of the Kissinger oil-for-dollar deal made in 70-x with he house of Saud, who in their turn agreed to divert part of their profits into the American market. The Saudis are on the hook and blackmailed. They know “Al-CIAda” is coming to them after Syria and Egypt. That’s why they supported the Egyptian military kicking Morsi out against all logic. No, Obama is not a Saudi protégé. Hi is a protégé of the global banking cartel that runs the show from behind the curtains. Saudis are on the hook with their “investments” in US in bond market, real estate market, etc  and they are about to lose it if they don’t “behave”.  BTW, they are going to lose everything anyways-this a price you pay for making deals with Satan. That’s why they are in a panic mode. I think the recent meeting of Price Bandar in Moscow was a cover-up. He was offering some absurd deals to Kremlin to give up Syria, while I think he was making a new deal with new alliance-the Gold Standard Alliance. Remember, right after that visit the Saudis announced their support for Egyptian military? BTW, a lot of what I am saying here is uncovered by Lindsey Williams in his lecture on the whole Middle East destabilization program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8_LwgROxN0 The information is out there people, you just have to put it all together.

    • I don’t know about that Mr. Ranger Sir.  Ed_B is one smart cookie in my book.  Ag12K carries his own weight, too.  DD reads more serious books than me even.  And the Canadian DL is pretty sharp.  Our host, the Doc, is spot-on.  MaryB routinely nails it with just a line or two.  And RGR has reached near legend status.  And PF’s posts I need a dictionary to keep up with him.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  I even think some of the posters I might disagree with are pretty sharp.  And don’t sell yourself short Ranger.  You’re more well rounded than Ann is.  Even with just one lung you hold your own.

    • She’s smart and she has a good grasp of economics, but she loses me with all the homophobic and religious bullshit. I’ve never seen a woman more repressed in her obvious homosexuality in all my life. My guess is that her masculinity is fighting with her piety and she’s all torn up and angry as hell at the world. She needs a nice cup of coffee, a piece of cake and a chat. Maybe even a good cry. I feel for her, I really do. 

  3. Both things can be true at the same time, Obama is a loser and a sellout to the financial and military elites, and Ann can be crazy as a loon.  Obama is a Manchurian candidate for Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood?  If that’s true, so was the Bush clan.  If we suck up to the Saudis, it’s because we need their oil, plain and simple.  But let’s not make believe Democrats and Republicans are any different when it comes to that.

    • http://www.i24news.tv/en/opinion/130911-aipac-s-syria-policy-will-return-to-haunt-israel
      Israeli view: AIPAC is harming Israel by pushing for Syrian strikes.
      Reminder: Most American Jews are disconnected from Israeli realities and are quite liberal; they have more in common with Italians in NYC and Irishmen in Boston and Weirdos in LA than Jewish patriots in Ariel and Hebrew heros in Hevron.

      Israelis, while they love America for its tough guys in the Marines that whip Muslims terrorists, typically make fun of America’s gung-ho culture and massive beefy men with sunglasses that look more like the Michelin Man on steroids than an agile and quick warrior, and their big-time overweight tubs of margarine that blame their gluttony on their “genes”. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but just saying that Israelis are not the same as liberal Yankee Jews (who see themselves as primarily American and pledge allegiance to America more than Israel often, though not always… now… Canadian Jews… they’re typically more conservative and pro-Israel, and the ones I’ve known would put Israel ahead of Canada any day… case in point, 95% of overseas Jewish volunteers in Israel are neither American or British or French… they’re Canadian Jews!!).
      French Jews are typically VERY pro-Israel, and extremely active in promoting and helping Israel’s interests. 🙂

  4. Anyone notice this too, that in light of the Oct 8 release of the new $100 bill with its hints at gold, Apple’s new phones might be a second clue from the elite about coming changes. The 5S is in black gold and silver, representing the elite who have stacked as well as the global core of oil( black gold), gold and silver, with the 5C representing the coloured currencies of the world’s different countries for the common man and daily transactions which would be backed up by the three big commodities at the core.

    • Very interesting observation.  These people are crazy enough that you might be onto something.  I’m not a huge Bix Weir fan, but the symbolism(similar in subtlety to the items you noted) that he deciphered from the Fed’s “Wishes and Rainbows” comic book is compelling.

    • If I had to guess the symbolism precisely, here’s what I would try and guess:
      black(oil)-gold-silver phone represents the core of the new system Mr. Willie has talked about, the colourful leather cases offered for those phones would be the colourful global currencies being backed up by the core, and the colourful cheaper phones would represent a connected system of currency baskets associated with the black-silver-gold core.
      This is my interpretation based on what I’ve been reading.

  5. President Obama is on live television basically asking to strike Syria to send a clear message for our National Security. Yet he turns around and says Assad and Syria are not a threat to the United States. So now your talking out both sides of his mouth. Russia and China will come to the aid and will send a can of whoop ass. 
    Putin basically punked the President and Kerry. Now Kerry is heading to Russia after telling congress Assad is a threat to Israel . I never read anything in the Bible stated Israel would attack anyone. However, God would defend Israel. 

    • Ranger, and all the bible thumpers out there— Have you ever wondered why the Jews are god’s “chosen people”? It’s really very simple. Who the **** do you think wrote the bible?? God must be on our side. He couldn’t possibly be on the side of our enemies.  This Ann Barnhardt is a religious lunatic just as crazy any muslim zealot.

    • I will believe in Christ Jesus, Son Of God & The Holy Spirit! The Holy Trinity! Another thing is Gold & Silver goes back Biblically! The Dollar is (It’s) control. Figure it out?

  6. Wanted to offer some insight that most of the professing Christian church does not understand. The Jews that reside in the modern State of Israel today are from the House of Judah(only 1 of the 12 tribes of ancient Israel). Yes, the Jews are part of God’s “chosen people” if by that phrase you mean they are the recipients of the covenant promises that God promised to Abraham.But, so are the other tribes which are not in the State of Israel today. I find it interesting that many believe that “God’s quote chosen people” reside in Israel today, yet the majority of those living there reject Christ as the Messiah outright.All the millions of those quote chosen people that have lived and died there since 1948?Problem lies in the fact that the term “chosen people” and the identity of those”chosen people” as all of the House of Israel is not true and is like many beliefs today, manmade.Jesus Christ is returning literally to set up a literal,physical kingdom at his second coming centered around Jerusalem. The reason the area is a powder keg of what can only be described as satanic chaos is because it is,literally. Satan knows Christ will return there to establish His kingdom, and will succeed in advance of Christ’s return of ruling that area thru the Antichrist and False Prophet.The problems in that area are all spiritual.

  7. Chapter and verse for your views.
    Romans 11.
    This says the GOD HIMSELF blinded Israel because of their hard hearts so that Gentiles could be saved, and that one day this rebellious nation would be restored to right fellowship with God.
    Also says that while they presently the enemies of the GOSPEL, they are still God’s chosen nation.
    This NT passage is irreconcilable with people’s oddball Khazar beliefs and tribes etc. beliefs.
    Quit believing oddball online teachers and believe God’s Word.

  8. Men cannot perceive what it means to be an angel of God (Matt. 18:10) in the Kingdom of God except they believe and obey God and are immersed in water (John 3:7,8) and then grow in faith.  Ann, while mostly correct, is only wrong with her perspective as she looks at the world through a Dark Ages theology, the same one that Mohammad exemplified  (note: the Kingdom of Heaven will last for a thousand years Rev. 20:4 – proof positive that the thousand years of the Dark Ages were not a part of that reign, as the church is still here).   
    Though the world can’t see, we as angels of God (Christians) are engaged in spiritual battles in heaven against Satan (Eph. 6:12) his Obama’s and his Muslem’s, as we prepare ourselves to inherit the new earth (Matt. 5:5) which will be together with the New Heaven (Rev. 21:1).   In the meantime, yes Ann we get out of the evil government fiat system and stack our monies so that we can provide for our own (I Tim. 5)!

    • According to, sometimes right, Wikipedia; Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality. Notice that no one system has a monopoly on it and there is no mention of logical thinking involved. People make fun of others that believe in invisible friends, but they are okay with themselves believing in invisible gods. 

  9. Proverbs. Sorry to disagree with you my friend but you do not have a monopoly on understanding scripture. I didn’t get the understanding about the identity of Israel from the internet. When scripture speaks of Israel, it is NOT referring to the modern State of Israel. Scripture is referring to the House of Israel dating back to Abraham. You are simply stating an understanding that you were taught from someone else. When God speaks prophetically of restoring Israel, He is speaking of a time in the future where He will call ALL the House of Israel to understand the gospel. Again, the people living in the State of Israel today are the Jews primarily from the House of Judah. They are identified by the fact that they still keep(try to) the law including the 7th day Sabbath. The rest of the House of Israel has lost their identity and their understanding of who God is. What you believe is the doctrine of most of the evangelical church today, and it doesn’t diminish your understanding of the gospel of grace thru Christ, but there is more to the story. Don’t disregard what I  have just said here. Regards.

  10. On Ann, she is a 2007 convert to the Catholic Church. Hehehe, she is on fire with the glory of Jesus Christ through the Grace His Passion merited from the Father, the Holy Spirit! She believes in the Good News, and she is walking His Way. Islam was started by an unsupported subjective dream Mohammed had where the Arch Angel Gabriel visited him saying he was chosen to reset the Gospel message some 500 years after the fact. Reset as in bringing back the “true” gospel back after the “heirarchy” changed the message. Where have we heard that before? lol. Only Mithraism says the opposite where the Church stole their idea. I am a practicing Catholic. Spirits, dreams, angel visitations must. be. discerned. Satan can take the form of an animal, human or angel. Not completely, mind you, only partially. The old saying is look at the feet. If Satan has appeared as an apparition, the feet are covered hiding the cloven hooves.  Ever notice why images and statues of the Holy Family always show the feet? Now you know why. Anyway, the so called message from Gabriel says “Mohammy” must bring back the intended gospel message…killing everything that refuses to convert to the Islam message from Gabriel. Charming, not. How do you kill an idea? With another idea.
    Other than that, Bezkrilov gets the background. It is about fossil fuels, broken promises, and the House of Saud’s last hurrah. Meanwhile, after all the jostling, there still a ground war in Syria accepted by all sides. The Syrian people and the Coptic (catholic) Church are being annihilated with impunity. The Coptics are catholic, one of the seven catholic rites having true apostolic succession, btw. 

    Smash in progress…no worry, I have finally reached 500 SD Bullion dollars, post by freaking post. Btw, my past language, thoughts, actions when sinful, are all forgivable when I make a confession in a confession booth with a validly ordained catholic priest.

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