Why is gold and why is silver demonized with crushed values, daily manipulation of prices and constant propaganda against its use, categorizing it as a barbarous relic?  Because it represents the last man standing, a Horatio at the Gate, fighting a constant rear guard action against the soldiers of the banksters and central banks with their million man armies.  
This barbarous relic represents the real money currency of the barbarian clans who see, at a visceral level, the type of damage created in the war against gold and silver and consequently the war against us. These wars are 6,000 years old and we are now forced to fight them again.
And this barbarian is hell bent on taking the battle back to the banksters.
Silver and gold will be his PERSONAL WAR CHEST in this coming battle…




I see a connection to what happened during the 85 cent silver flash crash and NIRP.  It’s tenuous but there are linkages to any flash crash.

The formalization of negative interest rates evolved in Europe for several reasons, and just migrated to Japan. I’m certain it’ll come to the US once NIRP’s wrecked its toll in these GDP heavy economies. The EU project with it’s failing currency,  bank debt,  leverage, business disabling socialist friction, crushingly high taxes, and thuggish control polices were quite predictable 5 years ago.  Even before that time the issues of uncontrolled borders and infiltration of migrants began to press on the movement of people and currency as the situation grew slowly to critical mass.

The Eurocrats are frightened that their experiment of social and economic control is failing. Europe is so far beyond the tipping point only ultra aggressive goon tactics will stall a complete  crash, beating into submission. That action will stay the tide only so long, before the people revolt but bureaucrats always resort to violence when their policies fail to work as the people refuse to be cowed.

The ECB, IMF and EU have declared war on cash and any other sort of transaction external to their DIGIFIAT  paradigm now that the death blow damage done during the Beta test bail in of Cyprus and Greece produced the desired results; cash confiscation and an economically brutalized populace.   The situations in the EU worsen by the day;  the Eurocrats grow more desperate and fearful by the hour. Their means to control the populace; their strident attempts to access the lifeblood of hard currency, even the simple Euro notes, speaks of their desperation.  

There’s a very real war on currency; a real war on the precious metals that represent a counter balance form of currency. The war is fully engaged, complete with limitations even on how much a person can carry, subject to prosecution and confiscation if the amount is excessive. Cash withdrawals are limited in many areas. Payments by cash are heartily criticized.  Everyone is encouraged to use DIGIFIAT. People in Europe have yet to see the worst that is rapidly befalling them but harsh realities will soon come to their front doors.

This creates the perfect storm of total financial fear control. The controlling fear factor, coupled with armored police, tear gas and water cannons, is see as the only means to save the union from its inevitable demise. These moist soft Eurocrats always resort to violence when other means of control fail.  Total control, whether at the end days of the Roman Empire or East Germany, always involves a form of FINANCIAL RING FENCING and goon squads. The only thing that really chnanges is the formatting of order and the control everyone’s  access to their cash. Cash and precious metals represent freedom, bulwarks against statist thuggery

DIGIFIAT has a 100% counter party risk. There is no escape from this paradigm without a total break from the system.  Once the people’s capital, whether bank accounts, bond holdings, stock ownership or currency deposits of any type, are forced into the pig pen of electronic DIGIFIAT surveillance, the banks, central banks and governments can pick and chose the winners and losers in the race to save the Union, at the cost of any form of savings.

Once ring fenced by edict or convention, all forms of digital currency can be taken in first strike bail ins such as inflicted on Cyprus and Greece,  direct theft of bonds income, confiscation of bonds, forced bail ins by bond holders, direct and immediate confiscation of cash, property and pensions (10 separate instances of that in the EU since the crisis began in 2008) OR Negative Interest Rates. All are a direct attack against the people’s wealth.

The Eurozone is completely in the thrall of the Belgium ghouls who issue edicts to sovereigns, ordering them take anything of value. Failure to obey orders results in arrest, prosecution, fines, imprisonment, loss of jobs, benefits and retirement plans.  Even migrants see their cash taken, confiscated by the Danish government if value exceeds $1000.  No person in the Eurozone any longer owns their funds, whatever form that takes. The state is bankrupt, broke, insolvent and desperate.  Now that the ring fence is nearly 100% complete, the sheep are in the pens.

When they’re all penned up, the sheeple are sheared of their wool by the small subtle effects of the NIRP NIRP NIRPING of the Loomenmench’s shears removing their wool by the numbers.

Nibble, nibble, nibble, the demand deposits and bank accounts are steadily and stealthily drained.  It doesn’t seem like much does it-50 Basis points ?But if your account is being drained at negative 50 basis points, your account bleeds FIAT daily, right into the coffers of the central banks and central governments like a tapeworm’s lunch or a leech sucking your blood.  At first it doesn’t seem like much.  You can always eat more. Maybe you can get a blood transfusion. Maybe you can hold out longer than anyone else, thinking they will stop. Central Banks, like tapeworms, never stop eating. No matter where NIRP invaders hit the beaches, the tax increases, declining wages and pernicious inflation found all most consumer level make the 50 BPS leeching of your substance build quickly into a real wear and tear on your wealthy and capital accounts.

The ring fencing began in its worldwide efforts in earnest around 5 years, formalized by the central bankers bail in provisions signed 3 years ago; a story broken by Silver Doctors. Actions that stated FDIC and their like insurance coverage would not protect against bank and central bank confiscation if a serious banking crisis hit laid down the first dramatic marker of  the banker’s war against their account holders. FACTA and FBAR made all American bank accounts held abroad persona non grata.

When the G20 nations signed an agreement last year, formalizing policies that made your bank accounts the property of the bank, treated as nothing  that a bank liability; nothing more than any other unsecured creditor, subject to seizure by some super collateralized creditor at any time of their convenience, overnight the depositors found themselves thrust into ground zero of that second salvo in the banker war against us.

The third salvo is the now institutionalized policy of silent, stealthy theft of these deposits by Negative Interest Rates.  Now that your accounts are largely uninsured,  treated as unsecured creditors of a failing bank; (IMO 90% plus of all major banks are on death’s doorstep), you have very few places to protect your cash, deposits, currency and investments. Who ya gonna call?  Bank Busters?

We are all in the gun sights of the banksters who’re just biding their time to launch a major attack on their customers as well as the stock and bond holders in world wide brokerage houses and bourses.   No one’s safe and no one can escape these assaults. The bankers have declared war against us. If you leave yourself in the gun sights of the banksters, the total counterparty risk you run of having bank accounts taken falls on directly on you. Just because you decide to ignore the war does not mean the war will ignore you. Ask the Italian pensioneers how they’re faring after their pensions were stolen in recent weeks.

If you are stuck in the DIGIFIAT paradigm your counter party risk is total. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when; when  the American TBTF banks will implement NIRP. All banks are always connected all the time. The rot will cross the ocean in short order.  Japan just started down that road with a 10 year government bond that yields 10 BPS.  A year ago it yielded 40 BPS. 2 years ago it was 80 BPS.  The BOJ worm eats its tail.  How do you say WTF in Japanese? The Japanese are nothing more than a proxy in the US-inspired and enforced currency wars, with little control over their currency, banking system, economy and future.  As an island nation they are in a death spiral from which there is no escape.  Fukushima is just the radioactive cherry on top of this Wagashi cookie crap cake.


As the US slips in its economic strength, burdened by massive debt and declining economic fortunes, socialist policies and building tax rates, it’s launched a multi front war with nearly every GDP of any size in the world.  If it can’t invade, destroy and take  over a country, it will bribe its way in the front door. If it can’t bribe its way in the front door it’ll come in the back door with financing and debt to a country, securing valuable assets as collateral.
The IMF and its proxies undermine the country with an attacks on its currency, industries and commodities, thus making the debt unpayable, completes an economic coup. If a country finds itself in a zone of war, ask yourself what precipitated the war. Who was the aggressor? Who’s the victim? The answers become very clear.

Instead of helping build other countries, the US has become a parasite infesting other countries.  This was clearly seen in the subprime mortgage crash attack that cost trillions of losses in Europe. When the Goldman Sachs AAA rated toxic waste pits of garbage mortgages reached the saturation point in the US, this Vampire Squid offed the poisonous brew to the Europeans, Chinese and others.
GS just paid a $5 billion fine for the sub prime blitzkrieg waged against the world. That economic blow was so severe the EU is still digging themselves out of that mess. Their banks are still filled with junk bonds and mortgages, a financial brownfield of hazardous waste that issued from the bowels of this US bankster clan.

Crashing crude prices are another manifestation these wars in which the Saudis are trying to remove themselves from the thrall of the PETRDOLLAR.  They’re being hammered badly, bleeding cash, with wars on two fronts. They may lose their battle against the petrodollar. THey may lose their country, leaving the remains for jackals to feed upon. In their death throes, the countries that produce petroleum are seeing very hard damage in their oil production infrastructure as well as the debt used to finance their petroleum industries.  A kill shot of low crude prices actually works to the benefit of the top bankers as they’ll simultaneously get bailed in on bad loans while buying assets on the cheap.  This is just nice side benefit of currency wars and collateral damage that inures to the benefit of the uberbanksters.

All along the way, NIRP infestation, the leeching of hundreds of billions of FIAT from the tens of trillions of accounts just feeds the bankster war machine. The central banks of the world are working overtime to effect a total take over of the lives of every person on this planet.
So what’s with all this talk about silver and gold? Just rantings of the yapperti class? Not exactly. It is a conversation so vital that we might find it taking precedence over any other at the dinner table.

Why is gold and why is silver demonized with crushed values, daily manipulation of prices and constant propaganda against its use, categorizing it as a barbarous relic?  Because it represents the last man standing, a Horatio at the Gate, fighting a constant rear guard action against the soldiers of the banksters and central banks with their million man armies.  
This barbarous relic represents the real money currency of the barbarian clans who see, at a visceral level, the type of damage created in the war against gold and silver and consequently the war against us. These wars are 6,000 years old and we are now forced to fight them again.  And this barbarian is hell bent on taking the battle back to the banksters.  Silver and gold will be his PERSONAL WAR CHEST in this coming battle.

Whether we are smart money, dumb money or Joe Average who smells gun smoke in the air, whatever reason we decided to start accumulate a PRECIOUS METAL WAR CHEST;  how much we have in our stack; whether 100 ounces or 100,000,  whether we started 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago, buying silver buffaloes for 59 cents over spot, we’re the shock troops living on the front lines of the currency and banker wars.

Right now it’s not particularly dangerous for the average person able to avoid direct conflict. We have the present day luxury of being the observers.  Unless you find yourself in country where the rule of law no longer exists,  where inflation is 200%, where basic consumer commodities are unavailable, or where someone like that freedom loving cowboy patriot who charged against the machine; like LaVoy Finicum,  murdered by the state because he and his people saw up close and first hand how the government steals from the people, (check my article about that under Prepper Jack on The News Doctors), you won’t see the mounting death toll that’s building in front of Democide’s death machine.

NIRP is one of the most violent, assaultive machineries of war waged against the people since the dawn of history. It’s theft pure and simple. It’s a punk with his gun in your ribs telling you “Give me your money or I’ll kill you”  It’s a  virus or cancer, spreading throughout the body, invading every organ, destroying everything it touches.  If NIRP hits our shores we will know that the war is now at our doorstep. What’s the antidote? It’s certainly not turning tail and walking away.

The countermeasures to stop this  viral cancer infestation must be aggressive, violent if necessary, with a total commitment to its full and absolute eradication.  Our tactics will evolve in time but evolve they must or we will go down without a whimper, done in by the friendly, smiling round face of your corner banker, replete with offers of free toasters and cheap pink plastic piggy banks made in China.
Can you hear me now? Oink Oink Oink!
What’s in your wallet?

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    • “Western Bullion Demand” sentiment is changing. Physical Silver supply problems are here.


      Last year 3rd straight record year for ASE with another 47 million ASE sold.
      Expecting something around 15 million for a 2016 sales FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. (Means we are at like 40% of that total already, with another Mint updated 2016 total coming out this week.)
      Time is NOW to be stacking Physical.   Can you get it, is the thing to be asking, RIGHT NOW.  Physical Silver  availability is the issue moving forward.
      Am  completely convinced that supply problems are going to hamper ASE sales in 2016 & convinced that allocations will begin before the end of February and happen off and on throughout 2016 and beyond.
      Silver spot price, may even go down for a while longer…. as supply dwindles even further. Even so,  we’re all going to be talking about Silver premiums increasing dramatically in March and then we’ll watch as premiums will go up to equal, then on to exceed spot by late summer… Think about that for a minute…….
      So if spot is $13 and premium is up at $13.50 per ASE people add pay $26.50…. If spot is $15.75 and premium at 4th of July is $16 per ASE people are paying $31.75…..you get the idea….
      I submit that a whole new issue faces stackers this summer —-as even grizzled veteran Stackers begin to feel the pressure to sell…to sell/cut some losses….the whole game in Phyzz Silver is gonna be different…. Think about it…It’s Labor Day and the grill is fired up…Silver Spot price has jumped to $17.25 and with premium at 130% or so at $22.50, selling bring $39.75 per ASE down at the LCS…..tell me the game wouldn’t have changed……
      Do you have the stones to hold? Kinda hoping a lot of nay-saying dweeb posters her on SD cave and take the $$$ when they can get $20…..still hear Sinclair saying a while back that the next rally was, “not the one to sell.”
      So many have spoken about triple digit Silver, or coming currency devaluations… buckle up!
      Phyzz Availability & supply problems, are going to change the premiums…it’s so simple.

      Stackers will be able to sell if they choose and get back the $44 they coughed up in 2011…but the game has completely changed…. and after the election even spot will start going up… limit up…maybe even three times a day and then run…. and you’ll still see premium at like 50% of spot….  Just think about what rising premium on Phyzz really means to you!

    • A great article. Clear headed writing and easy to understand. AGXIIK, with this article alone you’ve done a great service for those who don’t understand but who are willing to listen. Scmidt uh also mentions something we need to think about all the time. By some strange ‘gentlemen’s code’ these Bilderbergers/Elites do tell us in advance of what they plan to implement. Maybe this helps their conscience when they meet yearly and say “Well, at least we told them.”

      A quickening is taking place now, with events so diverse yet connected coming hard and fast. Almost too fast for the media to report and too fast for people to process. All of this makes people defeated before the first shot. Now an event where 100 people are killed in some attack fades before the end of the day. For those too young to remember first hand, recall the TWO INCH HEADLINES when Richard Speck murdered eight student nurses in 1966. The American public was shocked speechless.

      The end game has been taking place since NAFTA or before. Now the climax will happen quickly and without warning (for most people). Some TBTF bank defaults, a shocking assassination, another 9-11 magnitude and it’s game on. The game is being played for all the marbles. AGXIIK helps us prepare and China and Russia stand resolute and refuse to be provoked. The criminals will be exposed and that’s what they fear most. Keep up the good work!

  1. Good article – but nothing changes until we get more Fear.  The people like us, who have done our homework away from mainstream thinking, have already bought in and hold the precious metal insurance we need.  All changes when the “herd” wakes up from the dream world they been in.  The stock market is the alarm clock.  The wake up call is close –   1 + 1 = 2   I always knew this equation was true – the “herd” is about to get a math lesson.

  2. LMAO I had to come back for this awesome read @AGXIIK. I hope you are a little calmer now but you sure got the message across (If only the Sheeple will read it) I will be sending it out to a few of my friends that I have been trying to wake up for some time along with another write-up that the Turd did this morning. Both of you guys are on the same page but in different areas of course but it boils down to the same thing.

    Fuck Those Manipulating Banksters and TPTB.

    O! and Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45  I’ve always admired your calm demeanor.  Both of us hark from Bonnie Scotland.  It’s that Irish in me that gets all wound up in the morning  Fortunately it passes around 10 AM. One important thought you provided on your last Silver Recliner report was the notion that you buy when you can but also sell silver to convert to cash.  It got me to thinking that it might easily be more prudent to buy silver and hold it like a CD or hard asset savings account.  The silver that you hold is far more likely something you can sell, whether at an LCS or through your friends online than a savings account that yields nothing and is a target of opportunity for bail ins.   Silver and gold are great ways to stack and store value, far from prying eyes, easily converted to FIAT if bills need paying.

      There’s been a large volume of chatter on the web about NIRP and cashless systems. the more this hue and cry becomes evident, the more we know that some certain end game is in play.   Even the pro pundits are getting into the game. Boobberg is coming down hard on cash with his editorial run on ZH.  He’s not even trying to hide his dislike for cash.  His entire 20 billion fortune rests on DIGIFIAT and his trading machines.   I bet he’ll run for President.

      Just what the country needs.  Two billionaire candidates wallowing in the POTUS mosh pit along with two Goldman Sachs muppet puppetoids, Cruz and Hilary, running for the White House.  If that’s the best we got in this race I am not exactly sanguine over our chances. But we never give up.  Keep stackin’!

    • The cashless society is in the economic textbooks(and has been for YEARS)  It’s the plan.  This isn’t conspiracy theory.  “They” tell us exactly what they are going to do and they incrementally do it.  And “we” will help to usher it in.  It’s frustrating but they have this game on lock.

    • @AGXIIK I have been Stacking and selling my Silver for years at a very little loss and sometimes a larger gain so I’m breaking out even, so may it continue.

      It’s a no brainer if you have the sources to sell and buy with, like BullionStacker and other web site forums where I buy and sell. By the way Docs spot price is a little higher than kitco’s. Lol  That’s the Scottish in me. Lol

      Like you said, all my fiat goes into Physical PM’s when I make it and I leave a little cash in the bank for bills but when something comes up like a new roof (This year) then I sell a little out of my stack to make it happen and when a Bail-In happens, I’ll sit back and watch the maddness. Keep Stacking my friend and glad to see you’ve calmed down. Lol

    • @Marchas45


      “By the way Docs spot price is a little higher than kitco’s. Lol  That’s the Scottish in me. Lol”

      It sure is, Charlie… but then you have to deal with the likes of Kitco to get it.  Some are willing to do that, some aren’t.  It would not be a surprise to me at all to wake up one morning and find that Kitco had gone broke, taking lots of buyer’s money with them on the way out.  Not predicting that, just sayin’.  That same something tells me that square-dealing Doc will be around for a long time, so no problem on waiting for my orders to arrive.

      Hey, speaking of The Silver Recliner Report… when do we get our next fix?  I could sure use one of those about now.  😀


    • @Ed_B you just rubbed me the wrong way this morning. Kitco’s spot price is used by lots of other Dealers and Sellers of pm’s. I sure as hell would not use Kitco to buy or sell my silver and I never said that I did. I only said Docs sell price is higher, roughly 10cents higher than anyone else to be exact. So that only .59 cents above spot becomes .69 cents.

      He is the only dealer I know that does that but I may be wrong and if I am then I apologize. I hate users of people. I use to donate to this site but when I saw that and questioned it, I quit. That’s the real reason why I left.

      Now I have to go and take a shower and get to work and calm down.

      Bad subject with me.


    • @Marchas45


      “I sure as hell would not use Kitco to buy or sell my silver and I never said that I did.”

      Then I must be the only one who received that implication.  I too would not use Kitco, not least of all for all their anti-PMs propaganda.


      “He is the only dealer I know that does that but I may be wrong and if I am then I apologize.”

      I don’t think that you are wrong on that or much else, Charlie.  We are on the same page about 99% of the time.  How bad can that be?  To me it looks like the difference between the bid and ask prices.  Regardless of this, I almost always get a better deal from SD than I can get elsewhere.  No doubt that there are many places where one can buy PMs.  SD is but one of them.  But it has been a very good place for me to shop.  The problems I have had with this are damn-near nil, unlike with some other vendors.  I have no problem recommending them to others, which I would not do if I thought that there was a problem here.


      ” I hate users of people. I use to donate to this site but when I saw that and questioned it, I quit. That’s the real reason why I left.”

      We all have that choice to make wherever we happen to go.  I can’t say that I appreciate those who use others either.  But then, it is good to question what we think that we know to ensure that it was and is correct, such as our definition of this or that particular word… such as “use”.  I have not found that to be the case here at SD.  Others are completely free to their own opinion on that or any other aspect of this site and without criticism from others as to their choice.  I did not think that I did that.  If you do, then so be it and I apologize to you.


      “Bad subject with me.”

      Apparently so.  :-/



  3. Just a heads up folks…Lady Rothschild was on fox biz a while ago…watching cavuto lick her feet was nasty, what a douche…why was she on…Stumping/raising funds for their dear friends…the Clintons…ignore this at your own peril.

    I haven’t watched this crap for 4 years.  I  just started first of the year as I have some time and as an exclusive follower of “alternative media” wanted to see what the msm is spinning.  The only thing different is the heat has been turned [way] up.  Bigger names in corpco being brought to bear saying “don’t sweat it”.

    Great interview with David Stockman over at http://www.usawatchdog.com.

    Great job AGXIIK…your efforts are appreciated.


  4. Some years ago when I ran the radio network and had my weekly hours with Bob Chapman, he shared a realization he had made over the years about what he termed an undeclared state of war declared by the New York bankers, notably represented in this arena, by Goldman Sachs, on the European Union, and it’s bankers.  Seems the New Yorkers were determined to be the last man standing in the herculean battle for control of the New World Order’s financial hegemony.

    A few days ago, I posted this quickly composed off-the-top-of-my-head expose of this take-no-prisoners war against the Europeans on a facebook thread I was a part of:

    “…New York’s bankers have been in a state of undeclared War against the European banking system for about 10 years now when they decided that they wanted to be the undisputed rulers of the financial hegemony in the coming New World Order One-World governance scheme. In this war, which more precisely was prestaged with the Maastricht treaty in 1992 creating the European Union. The US bankers led by Goldman Sachs have waged a scorched earth, take-no-prisoners campaign against the European centers of financial and economic power. From the now European Central Bank head Mario Draghi regarding his involvement in the masking of Greek debt to get them into the Eurozone, to the former Prime Minister of Italy’s Mario Monti, who did the same for that country’s entry into the coalition, the banking firm has its tentacles in nearly every seat of power in the world, but Europe has been a special target.

    In no particular order as I write this stuff off the top of my head, the Fed rejected Germany’s request for it’s gold starting in 2009, The US passed FATCA as a means of inserting itself intimately into the European banking system. Not only did they destroy the Swiss banking industry which had been built on secrecy, but they also managed to purloin the physical gold held by these institutions, notably the gold belonging to the Arab states. The Fed swapped dollars for Euros and other strategies to torpedo Europe’s financial foundations, which is at the heart of the problems befalling Deutschebank. The London banks were hit with Libor fraud charges and whole host of similar debacles, all fomented and blown up by Goldman/US/Washington operations. Then the US then engineered the conflict in the Ukraine, knowing full-well, Russia would move to retain the Crimea, which would give the US a basis to level sanctions against Russia, which would then be forced upon Europe to accept under threat of US reprisals. This essentially burdened the European Economy… Goldman placed their Trojan Horse Mario Draghi in the ECB/EU control center to insure a paralysis of the Europeans ability to respond effectively to the financial weapons leveled at them by the US… The US, behind the scenes next forced the Troika to keep Greece in the EU at any cost and they threated to assassinate Tsipras of Greece if he didn’t go along with the plan, (which is why their finance minister Yanis Varoufakis bailed out at the last minute <grin>) This was to prevent Greece from setting a precedent of leaving the EU and defecting to the Russia/ BRICS alliance. This would insure the US the ability to maintain power and control over NATO by insuring the EU remained intact. Finally, when the US war against Syria drove out the refugees, the US controlled NGO’s under George Soros paid these refugees to flood Europe in a Cloward-Piven attack on the European Social systems. This has caused a massive reaction by the European People against their governments. The US has leveled fines on the European banks, without any particular legal authority to do so beyond the threat of financial sanctions or, in the extreme assassinations of the influential leaders of those systems and countries. And let’s not forget the attacks against European industry, notably, charges against Volkswagen for emissions tampering which are completely BS fabrications designed to send a message that the US is to be OBEYED… or ELSE? Anybody remember the attacks on Toyota back at the time when the US had to rescue General Motors? Toyota brakes were FINE!!!!!!

    Bottom line: While all this has been happening to Europe, has the US banking cabal suffered so much as a scratch? NOPE! Save for a few token “cost-of-doing-business” fines levied by the US government, they’ve been untouched.

    Bob and I actually devoted a whole show to this topic and what I recall was that his analysis was far more in-depth and detailed than I have recounted here, but while he passed in June of 2012, we can clearly see that New York’s war continues to this day.


    • Thanks for that…I listened to Bob several times a week and got his sitrep.  Wow, has it been nearly 4 years since his passing.  Seems like yesterday.

      Lots of us here still carrying your candle Bob.

    • Where does Israel fit in? I’m inclined to believe there is no US vs Europe war, rather it is the Rothschilds at the top from England / Switzerland who direct the Troika and the US Fed / ESF, whatever you want to call it, to enslave the people of N America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and they try in India but Indians too smart and save in PM’s instead.

      Israel will be the motherland, and Mossad organizes a lot of the dirty work for them like 9/11 and the various other staged terrorism fear-mongering, all furthering the goal of the Greater Israel plan against the Muslim world and the Christians whom the elites do not respect and enjoy spitting in their faces.

      As for Russia and China, I do not believe they are controlled; if they were then all this tension would have been a grand play which I don’t see as believable. This means that the western elites are losing control against Asia / Russia and I am thankful for that.

    • Interesting summary of events. The other day a dyed-in-the-wool liberal was telling me how Bernie Sanders was standing up to the NY bankers and how he coule bring about some real change in Washington. I told him that if Sanders gets elected he will do what he is told or the bankers will have him “removed”. He just looked at me incredulously as if he couldn’t believe his ears, that anyone would challenge his naive view of how the world was supposed to be.

  5. thanks @sovereign economist     Those are some excellent dots connected

    The Eloi in Sweden are revolting and going after the Morlocks.

    @Dan Daley  Nope.  The barbarian with the battle axe is a little old school for me.  I prefer my Chinese war sword and Gladius.  The avatar moves my edged weapons up to the M4 class and a 1911. Ever thought of a rifle as an edged weapon?  Same principal. Sharp object moved up to cutting edge speed, reliable at long distance.  A bullet is just an arrow without feathers. An arrow is just a spear with feathers. A spear is a knife designed to be thrown.  We haven’t come a long way from  Moog and Og getting it on, hunting brontoburgers.

  6. Notes from books I’ve read
    From the book  The Monetary Sin of the West          by  Jacques Rueff
    Page    16)       Between 1930 and 1934…. I had noted day after day the dramatic sequence of events that turned the 1929 cyclical downturn into The Great Depression of 1931 – 34. I know that this tragedy was due to the disruption of the international monetary system as a result of requests for reimbursement in gold of the Dollar and Sterling balances that had been so inconsiderately accumulated.
    Page    55)       President Roosevelt devalued the Dollar by 69% in 1934 by increasing the gold price from $20.67 to $35.00 per ounce. This decision by President Roosevelt put an end to the crisis and, eliminated the consequences resulting for the U.S. from the reimbursement of the claims that had so dangerously accumulated under the gold exchange standard. This grandiose monetary policy saved the U,S. as it saved the economy of the western world.
    Pages   55-56)  The holders of gold – and probably silver – would have had an increase in the amount of Dollars they could buy with each ounce of about 69% because of this dishonest action by the government to devalue everybody’s Dollar notes by 69% against gold … Patriotic Dollar holders were left holding the bag. … The government was in effect saying, for every 100 of your Dollars we’ll take 69% of its purchasing power and redirect it.
    Page    143)     Special Drawing Rights (S.D.R’s) Notwithstanding a by no means complete reimbursement clause, will only be nothingness dressed up as currency.   Page    207)     To fix it… Such a system must exclude any procedure that would generate unearned liquidity assets such as SDR’s or increases in IMF quotas    From the book  Money         by     J.K. Galbraith
    Page    29)       John Adams held that every bank bill issued in excess of the quantity of gold and silver in the vaults “Represents nothing, and is therefore a cheat upon somebody”
    Page    59)       “The currency as we manage it, is a wonderful machine. It performs its office when we issue it; it pays and clothes the troops, and provides victuals and ammunition; and when we are obliged to issue a quantity excessive, it pays itself off by depreciation” – Benjamin Franklin. 

  7. @AGXIIK


    Well done, Bro.  I see that some of that Sunday morning rant got legs and became a major new article here on SD.  Enjoyed the piece.

    OK, guys and gals… now we know what we gotta do to squeeze another good article out of this guy.  Tweak his tail on a Saturday night.  Let it ferment overnight.  On Sunday morning… SHAZAM!  The creative juices WILL gush forth!  lol


    • Ed_B

      As a new poster, just want to say thanks  for all you pass on to others.  I am vacationing in the D.R. All of Feb.  Have lost Internet due to travel and bad connections  in the D.R.  As I might have lost  access  to past replies to my comments and question, I will run this past You. About 3 weeks ago (. by accident ) I found videos by Illuminati Silver.  One of the questions they ask is (  if we believe silver to be in short supply, with the availability to buy possibly coming to a soon end.  Would you sell yours for .59. over  spot?

      For those wondering, yes I own silver, am buying weekly, and have purchased  1  monster box from the Doc when Buffaloes were at about $24.    All comments appreciated.   Putzer

    • @Putzer


      “About 3 weeks ago (. by accident ) I found videos by Illuminati Silver.  One of the questions they ask is (  if we believe silver to be in short supply, with the availability to buy possibly coming to a soon end.  Would you sell yours for .59. over  spot?”

      I am not familiar with those particular videos.  There are thousands of videos on-line these days that cover practically any subject, so it is doubtful that anyone sees them all.

      In any case, my silver stack is not for sale except in extreme circumstances and I do not make my living by buying silver and rapidly turning it over for a small profit per oz., so, no, I would not sell for that.  I doubt that very many stackers would because it contravenes their reasons for stacking.  I also do not buy and sell insurance policies for small profits on each policy.  Both are something that I would buy and hold for strategic financial reasons.  My stack is my “Oh, crap!” insurance against financial disaster and the hard times that are sure to follow such an event or series of events.  I doubt that this is at all unusual in the stacker community.  Perhaps others will comment on their approach on this?


  8. Bravo @AGXIIK

    It is always a pleasure to read your take on things. A cut-to-the-chase, no BS summary. Love your work.

    Connecting dots is always a rabbit hole isn’t it? Sometimes I like to think that us ‘stackers’ are one step ahead of TPTB… the tiny fraction of 1% that look at the world and THINK about what is going on … and that maybe, we might make it out ‘alive’ so to speak. Other times I wonder whether our opposition, who have had decades or perhaps centuries of practice are laughing at our paltry efforts.

    Look at the weapons they wield:


    Bail in laws…

    The ability (and desire) to OUTLAW cash…

    The media and the power to influence broad public opinion…

    The weaponry and force of the state…

    So, our small band of brothers and sisters, we trade our fiat and digifiat for physical. Our motivation is largely an effort to protect our savings, our inheritances, our legacies and let us say the plan by the elites is to REVALUE gold to $xx,000 /ounce… our thinking, our questioning, our due diligence in the face of almost overwhelming propaganda and ridicule could well be rendered moot.

    Wouldn’t they simply:

    Ban cash (for the children!).

    NIRP. (for the economy!)

    Outlaw the sale of PMs. (for the children and the economy!)

    Done deal.

    That would leave bartering on the black market our only option. Really!? Look at the populace – sooo many law-abiding, people that seriously beLIEve the BS they’re fed on TV. What hope is there?

    If they want to crush us entirely, they could. Our only hope is that maybe they allow a few small fish through the net in an attempt to salve their poxy consciences?


  9. @AGXIIK

    Yes sir what you write  is correct.

    Let us turn for a moment to the role of the Great Savior of the West the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It is my contention that the day we turned to negative interest rates we have admitted that we cannot ‘reflate’ with cash any longer because the world is not valuing the cash sufficiently. Hence the ESF is de facto out of business.  Also, the Shadow banking system which depends upon the so called good faith and credit of the US treasury  is lost in value so all that leverage they have built up works in reverse causing a potential massive economic collapse of the credit based banking  So what weapons have the west left? Military ones used upon its own people, taking control by force and bankrupting everyone.   My contention is this won’t work either because of what Bill Holter just wrote.  People turn towards each other in times of great stress..he called it organized religion, but whatever you call it the people will not allow the government that bankrupted them to control them any longer. My view anyway.

  10. @Old Doctor   Events do seem to be turning out that way.  Cloward Piven strategies include increasing the volume of gross insults until we’re insensate to them.  Like Disneyland of 50 years ago the Autopia was a slow rail guided car ride that was fun if you never rode in a self driving ‘car’  Today, if you aren’t being assaulted by a warp speed jittery shot down the worm hole effect it doesn’t grab your attention.

    That is the case of the confusilennials, needing constant stimulation after soused in Ritalin, Adderal in their kiddie school year,  then the relentless bombardment of  I-Pad EMPs,  bathed in electromagnetic flouride, subject to sickening radio wavelengths, like  a 24/7 florescent-lite  Chinese water torture chamber.

    The classic scenario is one where the prisoners are subject to psychotic sensory overload/deprivation until they snap, give up, go psycho or FULL RETARD Stockholm Syndrome, completely in synch with their captors or killing them, like the Swedish Eloi who are now finding themselves  captives of this dialectic in the ‘Nicest Place on Earth’     The Morlocks are winning, for now.

    Swedes and the Norse used to be badasses. My great grandfather was a Viking.

    I guess the berserker was bred out them over the decades. Socialism tends to do that.

  11. Hey @MontanaMel  I got a big M.F.’ing hammer coming your way

    BTW  Disney was a M.F.’ing CIA, Gladio, Beta Kitten psyops son of a bitch.  He’s frozen somewhere in a glass case in Langley, hopes for resurection in the new world. Break glass in case of emergency

    How many kids go missing from the Mouse House in one year?

    But hey, who needs Walt when we have MeGyn Fawkes starring in the Trumptation of the Vanities.
     What a Guy!

    ‘Me so horny, me love you long time’ says MeGyn
     “Too beaucoup, too beaucoup’

    MeGyn, Delilah to Trump’s Samson, strips the orange locks from Der Donald; a fresh scalp hanging from the lodge pole of her hogan.   Picture that one, if you will. Flaunting new orangy yellow merkin around studio, viewers never see her from waist down. Even Mr No Spin Zone is impressed.

    T.  Rafael Cruise, husband of G.S. squidlet Heidi Nelson Cruise, is a fresh muppet-puppetoid to Blankfein’s world-ruling ambitions.

    My question is:  who’s the catcher and who’s the pitcher in that love fest. Reminds me of the new show Billions.  
    Like Old Doctor says they’re telling us their plans.  Yup, They’re gobsmacking us in the face with frozen mackerels.

    Catching the first few episodes of Billions, the US Attorney is going after hedgie Bobby Axlerod.  His wife is Axe Capital uber shrink. Their sex life ranges peach vanilla ice cream to the totally freaky, S&M Dominatrix with ropes, whips, cattle prods and burning cigarettes.  IMO This is direct characterization of Ted and Heidi frolicks in the bedroom.

    Nelson?  Hell yes.  Full Nelson?  Double Hell Yes.  Full Rockefeller.   A** up, t**s down;  pube lube by the gallon jugs.

    Teddy’s tramp stamp? Lloyd’s laughing face with the label.

    “Bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs—enter at your own peril.’

    Heck with Iowa ethanol, I’m  long on Camels and KY

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