holder respondsIn the wake of yesterday’s historic 13 hour filibuster by Rand Paul in protest of the Obama administration’s refusal to answer the simple question as to whether it believed it has the authority to make a targeted lethal drone strike against a US citizen within the US that is not an imminent threat, AG Eric Holder has finally submitted an official response from the Obama Administration.

Holder’s official response on the Obama’s Administration view on drone murder of US Citizens is below:


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holder responds

The problem with this answer is the term engaged in combat.   Just what is the Obama administration’s definition of engaged in combat? 
A member of the Tea PartyAny journalist disagreeing with fascism?


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  1. What a fucken joke these Politicians are. Bring on a third Party and let’s call it the Constitutional Party. We need to get these people out of there or we are doomed. Well you guys are as I can go back to Scotland. Lol But I wouldn’t do that as I will fight to the death for this Country. I am an American.

    • We can all feel like something is boiling.  It’s in the air.  Hopefully everyone is starting to get prepared for anything that could happen in the near future.  Timing is the hard part to predict but it really seems like there is a big divide in this country about gun rights and other constitutional rights.  I stopped buying silver in the last few weeks.  I have been buying a lot of 40 cal. and just bought a shotgun.  I’m loading up on those kinds of things instead of silver.  Everyday I’m waiting for another school shooting.  The politicians need another event to go full on assault on the 2nd amendment.   They don’t need much more to push their agenda.  This issue will totally divide the country.  No way in hell will 100 million American’s give up their guns for any reason.  They will dig in deep and fight to the death to keep their guns.  That is my biggest fear is that this will turn good people on each other while the criminals go out the back door.  I have talked to people who are against assault weapons or whatever you want to call them, and they really have no idea what that ban really means.  It’s not just assault weapons but now it’s anything over a 8 bullet clip in some states.  Things are about to get really wild and kinda scarey. 

    • ” The politicians need another event to go full on assault on the 2nd amendment.”
      They can and will arrange anything they think they need to move this steaming pile forward.  They really ought to consider something first, however.  The Dems have a HUGE problem with this.  LOTS of “working guys” like guns and traditionally are Dems.  This issue is not only dividing the country (fully intentional) but also the Dem party as well (oops!).  If they are going into a full-on, knock-down, drag-out fight with the Repubs, they better have their crap together and be united.  If they are not, they are gonna get their gluteus maximi well and truly kicked.  They will have spent all of the political capital they have and for what?  Very little in return.  There IS such a thing as picking one’s fights and this is NOT a winner for them.

  2. On the run, armed and dangerous. How much more engaged in combat do you want to be? And, this pretty much goes for every anti-gov American. All armed, and when they’re exposed, they’re going to be on the run. Expected to take hostages, kill innocent women and women. Y’all gonna be droned. It’s Obama’s new way to balance the budget. Fewer citizens is fewer food stamps and unemployment benefits. You, the people, are your government’s problem. They’re trying you know.
    I don’t like the way it sounds though. As a non-US citizen, I suppose I will not even need to be in combat to be shot, just suspected to have bad intentions for national security?
    Anyway, your silver and platinum are not taxed, and half dollars can be had for half a dollar with silver in it. Those things I envy you for. Please put those privileges to good use?

    • If a country declares war on its citizens, it deserves what happens to it.  A large and well armed professional military is one thing but it works best against the same from a different country.  It does not do well at being on the D, fighting its own people, or at fighting insurgents and saboteurs.

  3. That’s not very fair people.  The AG did bother to answer the good Senator from Kentucky in a letter.  Would a “yes” answer have been more satisfactory?  How about maybe?  The answer is definitively however no.  too bad 

    • Yes, he did… finally… and after much kicking and squealing, rather than just answering it straight up when it was first asked… as MEN would do.  Without Rand’s filibuster, we would still be waiting for an answer from Mr. Fast and Furious.  We are still waiting for answers to the Benghazi debacle, something that the gutless wonders, McCain and Graham, failed utterly to achieve, even though they could have applied sufficient pressure via filibustering other Obamunist appointees too.

    • @Ed_B The fact of the matter is that I don’t care very much for any of the players in the political realm on any part of the spectrum red or blue.  I don’t ever recall our former president George Bush being much of a man and willing to answer questions  either.  Why did George Bush need to hold Dick Cheney’s hand during his 9/11 commission testimony?  hmm?  The truth of the matter is that opponents of the Obama administration wouldn’t be happy with any answer that Holder provides.  Fact.  

    • “The fact of the matter is that I don’t care very much for any of the players in the political realm on any part of the spectrum red or blue.”
      Very few of us here do.  We recognize that the Red-Blue argument is nothing but a distraction.  The real lines of divergence are between the rulers and the ruled… as usual.
       “The truth of the matter is that opponents of the Obama administration wouldn’t be happy with any answer that Holder provides.  Fact.”
      Agreed.  But then, known liars often have that problem.  In any case, the Obama regime is now in power and they are the ones with whom we all must deal and be directly affected by.  Who came before or after Obama is interesting from a historical perspective but not particularly relevant to what is happening now.

    • @Ed-B The Obama administration is going to try Sulaiman Abu Ghaith in Federal court as opposed to a military tribunal in Guantanamo.  It sounds too good to be true.  If Ghaith is allowed to testify he will probably say that the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11.  The red side of the false paradigm is going to fight this tooth and nail.  I haven’t voted since 2000 and I believe that Holder knows how to avoid a parade at Dallas in his honor. 

  4. Read between the lines: “you have now asked an additional question.”
    Translation: “My first answer still stands, but I will rephrase the question in a very vague and ambiguous manner so that I can answer ‘No’,  whilst not invalidating my previous answer.”
    Spoken like someone with complete authority, making up the rules as they go along. Like a father scolding his son in public, having to restrain a total show of authority, but still including enough subtle hints to show who is really boss.

  5. Even if one of the official government’s member answered one of the question, it doesn’t mean that the answer is true or maybe the members will change their ideas later on. Never trust the government!

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