MaguireLast week, an attempted attack on me was made based upon unreliable and misinformation. The most important question to ask from it is why? This is extremely easy to answer. I am exposing the imminent default of the LBMA unallocated bullion banking system. Ever since Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group made the mistake of admitting that a 100/1 leverage was routinely employed by the LBMA Bullion banks, it would appear his credibility with regard to his industry peers, was brought into question by exposing a default vulnerability of the entire LMBA unallocated Bullion banking system. My work in telegraphing and publicising this information has put him on the defense to try put negative spin on my highly successful trading career.
Attempts to discredit my work by focusing on my credentials 40 years ago, using unreliable sources, confirms that the recent information that I am uncovering is exposing the very real risk of a potential LBMA default.

Andrew Maguire’s full response to Jeffrey Christian’s fraud allegations that Maguire has no precious metals markets experience is below:

90 Sale 2-Recovered

Submitted by Turd Ferguson, TFMetalsReport:
Andy sent this off earlier today to Kitco and requested that they post it and forward it to Forbes. We’ll see about that. In the meantime, he’s shared it with us and it’s posted below.

Here is the entire text of Andy’s response:

It mystifies me as to why my 35+ years of trading and banking history is of such importance when I am recognised by my peers as an international and respected trade and investment advisor providing over 20 years of service to institutions and accredited investors. I am recognised as a Metal Trading specialist and an accredited CFTC ‘whistle-blower’ and I want to make the following information categorically clear. I have never said I worked for Goldman Sachs. This no doubt arose because J Aron was taken over by Goldman Sachs and I suspect that is how people have wrongly attributed to me that I worked at GS. With regard to my tenure at J Aron, this was a very short term junior position taken 41 years ago coinciding with my first emigration to Canada and I do not attribute any of my trading experience or skill set to them.

My full-time institutional banking career started in Canada in 1972, at Associates Capital International, a division of Gulf and Western, prior to its acquisition by Citigroup, where I fulfilled numerous senior management roles in both Canada and later in the UK, specialising in derivatives trading. I left ACI in 1982 to become an independent trader, specialising in the precious metals markets whilst also pursuing several other business opportunities.

False information was recently given that one of my companies, Custom Lease Capital, had failed and inferred that it was my sole business interest, this is totally untrue. I personally received an Entrepreneur Award in 1992 for excellence for this company and was sold in good legal standing.

Alongside my wealth of experience as an independent trader, I have had directorships in several highly successful companies, including VSE listed Guilderand Mining in 1992.–guilderand-mining/1000131933

Recently posted misinformation relating to a 1998 trading account having a ‘dismal performance’, actually relates to an ex-wife’s retail equity trading account which indeed underperformed and was closed by me.

It is not a prerequisite that if one has not worked at GS or JPM, one is not an accredited trader. Many of the most successful traders do not work or never have worked for these organisations. However, I do have very good contacts at both of these banks.

Not being given the opportunity to rebut misinformed articles before they are posted further creates unnecessary confusion. Despite claims to the contrary, I have never directly been given the opportunity to do so.

In Summary, attempts to discredit my work by focussing on my credentials 40 years ago, using unreliable sources, confirms that the recent information that I am uncovering is exposing the very real risk of a potential LBMA default. Publicizing this information obviously strikes fear in those who try to discredit me or else why would it matter? This merely tells me that I am succeeding and am very encouraged to continue the pursuit of the truth exposing a very opaque and protected cabal of banks who are increasingly being caught manipulating global markets.

In providing this response, it is not my intention to perpetuate a distracting and time wasteful exercise and will, therefore, not make any further comments relating to this matter as not only is it a waste of everybody’s time but it attempts to detract from the key issues of my work.

Andrew Maguire

October 29th 2013 


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  1. Andrew Maguire’s only mistake ( as pointed out by chris duane ) is underestimating the lengths the satanists in power would go to, and their ability to keep the charade going ( as most have and did).
    God bless him for his efforts ( and everyone else pushing the right way ).

    • CDL,  Maybe it really doesn’t matter because we have a “consider the source” moment here.  J.C. is not a source to consider, never really was, and anyone still following him is feeling the hot burn of embarrassment on their faces after this last prattfall.  I think anyone who really matters in PM dismisses that loudmouth prattler, J.C. anyway, but, and I agree: J.C. will continue as you say, in the tradition of carnival barkers to try to keep drawing a crowd; he won’t ever shut-the-eff-up I’m afraid.

    • To me Jeffrey Christian is at minimum a compromised pervert or a psychologically damaged individual who is being manipulated to get the attention he didn’t get while being raised in a cellar.
      The Sad part is, as we see, he does get mainstream support as the wallstreet journal ran with the story. These guys can all report to the nearest fire and die in it as far as I am concerned.

    • Hey Canadian Dirtlump– First, let me say that I don’t share Jeffrey Christian’s view of the world. Let me ask you something. Do you really believe he worships beelzebub? Do you really think he’s a pervert? You know what I think? I think that you have your life savings invested in precious metals(all $623 worth). And when the price goes down you blame people like Jeffrey Christian. I’m into precious metals because I see human stupidity everywhere. I see it when people like yourself talk about satan and your imaginary sky god. It’s human ignorance.  I think I see where all this is headed. The vast majority of the population does not want short term pain. The fiscal recklessness is kicked down the road until there is a collapse and then there will be massive money printing. That is why I buy “hard money”. It doesn’t make any difference what Jeffrey Christian or your fellow bible thumpers think. Always bet on human stupidity.

  2. Here’s an idea. Quit inviting Jeffrey Christian to the silver summit. He’s got no good business anymore using the event to spread disinformation.

    Just youtube his name and you’ll find video after video of him airballing his shot calls. He’s a shithead amongst the others that perpetuate the banking lies and theft on the American people and the rest of the world.

    • the fact that christian ( I understand his birth name is Jeffrey Shitstain and he changed his name for obvious reasons )  is invited anywhere the metals industry in my view amply points out that many in the industry are in fact no allies to us ( as Eric Sprott has pointed out lately ). When I first started stacking I kept coming back to the question “what the f**k is kitco doing giving people like this a platform or interviewing them?” Good to see I’m not the only one scratching my head.

    • Indeed. Time to take these assclowns on directly. I called out Jon Nadler at the Cambridge House Conferences years ago and told him I would track him down and punch his lights out if I saw him on the floor. He quit coming to those events. Go figure.

  3. I have more respect for Mr. Maguire than I do any current or former employees of JPM or GS, which I view as criminal enterprises.
    Don’t worry, Andrew, we don’t pay much attention to the liars in banking and media anyway.

  4. Well said Andrew.
    Now you’ll be dodging unearthly charming women (with bad intentions) left and right, claims of abandoned bastard children, etc, etc. This is how they operate. Stay on your toes, but keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing something very right..

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