freefallBo Polny warns The FINAL TOP is IN, and a Final and Terrible Crash is Imminent…


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Submitted by Bo Polny:

What is the ‘Dow Theory’?


The theory was derived from 255 Wall Street Journal editorials written by Charles H. Dow (1851–1902), journalist, founder and first editor of The Wall Street Journal and co-founder of Dow Jones and Company.


The Dow Theory is a theory which says the market is in an upward trend if one of its averages (industrial or transportation) advances above a previous important high, it is accompanied or followed by a similar advance in the other.


Two (2) basic tenets of Dow Theory are described below:


  1. Stock market averages must confirm each other.  In Dow’s time, the US was a growing industrial power. The US had population centers but factories were scattered throughout the country. Factories had to ship their goods to market, usually by rail. Dow’s first stock averages were an index of industrial (manufacturing) companies and rail companies.  To Dow, a bull market in industrials could not occur unless the railway average rallied as well, usually first. According to this logic, if manufacturers’ profits are rising, it follows that they are producing more. If they produce more, then they have to ship more goods to consumers. Hence, if an investor is looking for signs of health in manufacturers, he or she should look at the performance of the companies that ship the output of them to market, the railroads.  The two averages should be moving in the same direction. When the performance of the averages diverge, it is a warning that change is in the air.


  1. Trends exist until definitive signals prove that they have ended.  Dow believed that trends existed despite “market noise”. Markets might temporarily move in the direction opposite to the trend, but they will soon resume the prior move.

Let us have a look at today, July 13, 2016…

DOW Theory states…  ‘An upward trend if one of its averages (industrial or transportation) advances above a previous important high…’

Looking at the DOW chart, the DOW currently trades at 18,355 above the 2015 top, has a Bull new market has resumed?

1. DOW


DOW Theory also states…  ‘It is accompanied or followed by a similar advance in the other (transportation)… a bull market in industrials could not occur unless the railway average rallied as well, usually first… The two averages should be moving in the same direction. When the performance of the averages diverge, it is a warning that change is in the air.’



So has a Bull new market has resumed?  Before this question can be answered, based on DOW Theory, we must look at the Transportations.  Looking at the DOW Transportations chart, the Transportations currently trades at 7,875 far BELOW the 2015 top!   DOW Theory indicates… a warning that change is in the air!

Lastly, recall in 2015 we forecast an exact top on a US stock market using our 777 cycle calculation we provided within our videos (CLICK HERE FOR LINK).  Our calculation was based on the NASDAQ specifically, see original calculations within the two (2) slides below.  Beginning on March 24, 2000 the first 777 cycle put in the exact cycle top on the NASDAQ October 31, 2007.


Next, beginning at October 31, 2007 the second 777 cycle put in the exact and FINAL Top on the July 20, 2015 at 5231, the exact day of our Interview calling the top (LINK HERE).


Today the NASDAQ trades at 5011 as I write, far below the July 2015 top we forecast.  Below is the current 2016 Chart on the NASDAQ.



DOW Theory warns… change is in the air… they (the markets) will soon resume the prior move!’

Our 777 cycle analysis indicates July 20, 2015 was the FINAL TOP and a final and terrible crash is imminent.

Bo Polny

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    • Why does anyone make a video or do an interview with such a totally discredited prognosticator as is Bo Polny.  Universal negative comments are directed at this guy on this site every time his material is posted.  He has no respect from anyone.  There is just way, way too much hype and exaggeration about where the prices of PMs are going.  Sure, it’s all possible but nobody, NOBODY, knows when. Bo is the worst of the worst when it comes to all they hype and hysteria.  I wish it would stop and people wake up and get serious.

    • Christine Le Garde went on about Numerology and The Magical 7 at a press conference I watched on You Tube. Look it up! It shows without bias the idiots at the top are playing with silly numbers and crazy head games and don’t know anything about basic accounting fundamentals except-FIDDLE THE BOOKS!!

  1. Bo Polny has no Chartered Market Technician certificate and no professional experience on Wall Street obviously. The Polish dork from Canada living in California is not even a real doctor! The con artist chiropractor keeps moving the goal posts after so many failed predictions. The lying fool has 4 years worth of failed predictions and charges $12,000 per year for amateurish newsletters. By the time this shameless idiot gets it right, many subscribers will go broke and starve. That is if they’re not crawling to the breadlines. With $12,000 to spend, the least anyone can do is buy boxes of Mountain House and stack plenty of metals.

    • Maybe Bo not being a ‘real’ doctor helps his credibility, since ‘real’ doctors are statistically the third leading cause of death in the United States.

    • If Blo really gets people sending him $12K each year for his thoughts, I have a new found respect for the man. In fact, I might start more seriously considering what he has to say as he surely must be a type of genius to accomplish this. Hell, I think I will sign up, just to pick his brain.

    • Obviously noone in charge of the site is respecting reader views to cut Polny off, so why not take the opposite tack and invite him on for a podcast intvw w Doc and Eric?  And instead of lobbing him softball precious metals questions do an actual interview and hold him to his record

    • “Crap.  Every time he says the market is going to crash, it’s time to close my shorts. Every damned time.”

      Don’t you mean it’s time to drop your shorts? lol

  2. Sorry BLO Pony- but you forgot 1 thing! The Fed is not going to do squat as far as raising rates for – ata minimum- the next 3 YEARS! Guess what! That means the propped up market will continue upward until the Fed does something to stop it! Crawl back in your hole- yo obviously have no sense of how the market works!

    • what makes u think the FED cannot raise rates? If bankers are trying to set up a new monetary system, they will definitely do whatever it takes to crash the current system. The FED has no loyalty to the US. It does whatever suits its interest.

  3. You know, I’ve been reading a lot of these comments on Bo Polny’s posts and calls over the last while and I am really shocked on how many people think that this guy is wrong 100 per cent of the time! I must say, that he has about an 80 per cent success rate and I can say that number is almost bang on because I have, in fact, kept track of his work over the past 4 years. Does anyone here even subscribe to his weekly news letter? I have had a subscription for quite some time and am an active trader in these markets and I can tell you that a lot of his calls would be mathematically impossible due to their frequency and accuracy rate. I am starting to think that any type of charting, market theory, or even plain statistics are not good enough for most people on here commenting. The markets are not as linear as almost everyone is commenting on this forum. The crash phase ends with gap down days, not the beginning phase, and every good and informed trader (that actually makes more than they lose) knows. Can anyone please show me when he has given an exact date for the “CRASH” that includes him mentioning gap down days and targets?? He is a trend analyst, not a chartist people!!! His trend analysis has been excellent, especially when I can actually say that I have had many winning trades because of it.

    • You’re right…It seems like the popular thing to do is trash talk Bo polny….Yes he has had some bad calls…But he has had many more stunningly accurate ones…Folks never seem to notice those……perhaps it’s because this is a precious metals site and his bad calls have come in gold….But Bo is not even close to being as bad as some posts here suggest…Another thing about cycles which many do not understand is that they do exist even in nature….Stock cycles are like cycles that exists in the seasons…Like the official first day of fall it may still feel like summer and do so for a while, but the cycle is more prone to cooler weather and it’ll come..Same thing with winter you can have warm days despite being winter but those cold days will come….Same thing with the stock markets…Not to mention he’s right about dow theory not confirming the rally in the Dow….Transports are really going to have to get moving…Otherwise a huge market drop is not too far off.

    • i haven’t looked thoroughly into bo, nor have i ever subscribed to anything of his. but i am a student of the sciences – i look at data/evidence and only dismiss things when scientifically impossible.

      whether he accurately predicts stuff into the future or only after the event i do not know or care really (for my needs anyway). consider also that even if one discovers the “perfect” formula, one can never accurately predict all the time exactly when and how it is being applied. some of the stuff he has presented about cycles is next to impossible to have occurred randomly in the markets, especially all these 7-7-7 type timings, and they seem to happen regularly. it looks likely that there is something there that either nature or (IMO most likely) the controllers of the system put in there. christine lagarde’s speech about the magic number 7 is a big sign that various people know something that they do not tell you.

      i’m nowhere near ready to dismiss his work, or to deride it. in fact i see stuff which is not possible to be simply random events. i also clearly see a campaign against him and that tells me some big force out there needs to discredit him.

  4. Aw now just a minute. I took up for Blo Pony just last week at the pool hall. A guy shouted “Blo Pony Eats Chicken Shit and Chases Rabbits !” I shouted him down. I yelled back…”I have never known Blo Pony to Chase Rabbits!”

  5. Right,

    Based on listening to Bo I got Monster of Maple and Monster of Kangaroo end of November 15.

    Also started playing stock Jan 7, 16 for the first time since I was born in 1946.

    On investment of 56 K I have now 87 K, investing only and only in silver TSX stock like K. YRI,

    RIC, BTO, BRI, FM etc. Some of it was days trading or weeks trading. To volatile to hold for longer.

    I buy in thousands and sell 50% when I can gain $.

    Now I am winding down, because silver stocks and silver is in decline to maybe $16 IMHO.

    That is not bad for me and all of you as we can stack for less, 100 at the time.

    Good luck.

    • This a Jubilee year, so it rolls over to the 8th just like he said it would. When everyone was calling for a crash last year, Bo said that it wouldn’t crash until this year because of it being a Jubilee year.

  6. At the risk of being labeled a “Botard”, I must admit I enjoy reading Bo’s stuff. It doesn’t matter to me if he is right or wrong because I’m not putting any money on his predictions. I think it’s wise to remember this site is for entertainment purposes, and Bo and the comments he gets sure are entertaining. Bo’s posts here are free, so goes the saying “ya git what ya pay for” …so keep that in mind alla you “Boknockers”  PEACE

  7. My guys are saying we are going above 20k on the Dow if this new high holds for a few weeks. They have been right for the last 4 years. That being said, I put in stop losses here and will go all in on short options when it turns. Either way we win. Meanwhile stacking on the side and gobbling up cheap real estate. Oh and our mining stocks have absolutely been killing it!

  8. Every has an opinion.  Here is mine.  Even if Bo is not on target exactly,  none of your comments talk about the gross nation debt vs GDP.  This country is broke. and one day this game will end and probably soon.Look at the other countries in trouble.  Its just a matter of a short time that everything blows up. There is a lot of truth in the 7’s and the 252 day economic cycle ending on Oct. 2, the Shemithah, and Jubilee.  WWIII is right around the corner.  The One World Government will introduce a new “DOLLAR” in 2018 because this one will be dead.  People will be on their knees to get back to some sort of normalcy.   You have been warned !!

  9. This stock Market is one big giant bubble of make believe is virtual money…don’t believe me go to Market Watch website at the top is says “virtual market”..I would get out and stay out…it is a death trap…..patience is a virtue!

  10. Blow Phony…. If you keep saying the same thing over and over for years it just might happen…. Silver going to the moon except when it doesn’t. $50,000 gold except when it’s still at 2013 prices….

    Wish I could make a living writing such BS…..

  11. “If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.”  Bo Polny – Feb 14, 2016  – on Greg Hunter interview.  

    His own cycle analysis has failed him yet again, so now he’s using Dow Theory?  Anyone remember his Bear Market Chart of Lower Highs and Lower Lows from interviews earlier this year?

    I love his NASDAQ chart here – “NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A NEW HIGH”.  Really? Just 100 and change to a new high.

  12. “We have a gold bull market and a collapsing of the world equity markets. . . . If you are not positioned before the end of this month, June is the zero hour we are days away. If you are not positioned, it’s going to be very painful.”  Bo Polny – Jun 26, 2016 – Greg Hunter Interview.

    Gold on June 30, 2016 – about $1322  Today, July 22 – about $1322

    Dow on June 30, 2016 – about 17930  Today, 18570     Feel the Polny pain yet?  When is the next Zero Hour?

  13. Blo and Marinara sauce don’t seem to know what the words “imminent” or “dead ahead” actually mean. They mean days or maybe a few weeks.

    While talking of predictions, Rob Kirby said it’s over this month, Holter said October. Celente said 2010, 2011, 2012….

    The prognositicators fall on their own petards…

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