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Chaz Napolitano is off her rocker.  TPTB are hell bent on turning this country into an English speaking version of the East German Stasi spy state,  complete with recruitment of every citizen in every apartment building on every block told to report on their neighbor, or else.

Wait until the 53% of this nation’s population receiving  federal benefits are told they must produce reliable leads in order to get their monthly rations.  You’ll soon see people willing to do anything to keep the goodies flowing.  This system worked like a charm for decades in the USSR, Cuba, North Korea and Red China. 


Chaz Napolitano is off her rocker.  TPTB are hell bent on turning this country into an English speaking version of the East German Stasi spy state,  complete with recruitment of every citizen in every apartment building on every block told to report on their neighbor, or else.
CHAZ is working overtime, with brief pauses for some sister-hood fun and games, to create the perfect society of narks, informants, false flags and bad guys.  If you remember that fine Nazi, Hermann Goering, his rampant homosexuality coupled will his obsession of prying into the affairs of very German, the parallels are spooky.  Ask the 12,000,000 exterminated in Germany how Hermann worked out for them.  And this from one of the most cultured civilized countries in Europe.
How does all this begin?
Wait until the 53% of this nation’s population receiving  federal benefits are told they must produce reliable leads in order to get their monthly rations.  You’ll soon see people willing to do anything to keep the goodies flowing.  This system worked like a charm for decades in the USSR, Cuba, North Korea and Red China. 
It starts slowly with “if you see it, say it’.   This is the first nudge complete with informative videos at bus and train stations.  Then roving TSA VIPR patrols stopping people at random, demanding that they ‘produce their papers’.
Merchants are told to report suspicious activities like a customer paying in cash, people who use the free WIFI at Starbucks, swarthy middle eastern young men talking furtively, associating with social media along with 25 other things the government thinks purport  to indicate covert activity. I am sure I fit at least 15 of the indicators, including the contents of the post.
Soon enough you’ll be required to report, if not in an obvious manner such as completion of a neighborhood dossier, something more subtle like completing a form as part of your receipt of  benefits that acknowledges your willingness to be an informant.  Nothing really obvious there.  Just a subtle line of questions regarding your willingness to ‘take a poll’ of your neighbors—just for data processing purposes, you know.  And of course it will all be held in the strictest of confidence.
Think of it as a census taking–not like the  various nosy parker questions posed by some drone with  the intrusive decennial head counting quiz—but something quite subtle in its intents and conclusions.
We won’t have to be told our freedoms are forfeited.   We will giving them up by the very nature of our willingness to become another set of eyes and ears of Big Brother and made to feel good about it as well.   We will race to the door to keep our funds flowing from Big Brother.  Forget about honest, morals, character and decency.  Certain ones of us will  throw Granny under the bus at light speed in exchange for a free cell phone or a bag of Soylent Green. Unless Granny throws us under the bus first.
There is a rule of thumb that has always been true.  The first-est gets the most-est.
 If someone offers something for free, the first ones in line get the best deal. Sign up today for some free stuff!!!
 If someone offers something to get you off the hook; think tax amnesty, the first ones in get best deal.
 If Walmart offers a 50% discount off some Chinese POS cheap-jack gizmo to the first 100 buyers, you better be well back of the front doors.  The crush will consume these idiots racing for the shelves and people die as a result. See You Tube for examples of this phenomenon.
So think how easy it will be to farm out some harmless intel on neighbors, friends or just some stranger that looks different.
The nation’s population is converted into some crazed demented social herd animal who’s only thought is getting something for free as they race for the exits.
My thoughts for this Sunday morning.
  1. Thumbs up!

    What I find scary is that there are always those who gladly spy and snitch and conspire against their fellow human beings.  These sociopathic people are those the Hitler-and-Mao-types recruit first in their campaigns to subjugate the decent majority.  


  2. Great piece! Using the poor as ciphers for big government has gone on for centuries… give them presents in return and they don’t revolt. You would have thought that with electronic databases and surveys, TPTB wouldn’t need informants but then, the point behind Napolitano’s scheme is to give the people on state benefits a good reason to stay on side.

    • Congratulations AGXIIK… your mentor Joseph Goebbels would be very, very proud… I mean really, who let this whack-job out for the weekend?

  3. Really?  I’m astounded at how ridiculous these posts are becoming.  Oh wait, I know……don’t I know history?……how do I know it won’t happen?   Then there’s the old….”if you could see what I see where I live….”.  I have no idea how people are able to put there pants on in the morning and make it through the day.

  4. Cool, here I am at the tenth comment and the breadth and depth of the sites members are represented in the above entries.
    Spot on AGXIIK, nothing like being prepared and it’s among the reasons I moved my family 4 years ago to a place where I can step out my back door onto 50,000 acres of forest and can let go a few rounds of buck shot in any direction on my place and be very confident it’s not gonna land in someone elses garden.
    To the speculaters who choose to “poo poo” the possibility of this whole scenario from happening then I wish you the best of luck for the future, truely. Because even though I’m taking steps to limit the impact of this possibility and even though I do have a reasonably elastic “Luck Muscle”, I do hope that it never happens. However . . .
    I don’t intend on relying on my “Luck Muscle” to see things right if it comes down to it.
    Keep stackin : )

  5. I’m with clambake on this one. Face it folks, the big cities and throngs of people is exactly why “our” … “leaders” are so scared. You know…scared…and need to hire the sons and daughters that can’t afford a good education to suit up and protect.
    But if peeps would just move to a smaller area and accept maybe less salary they will find that all this buzz about drones and military in the street and protests and…and…and just ain’t happening. It is a HUGE country and they can’t BOTHER everybody. Also I know of hills packed full of Silver. 

  6. If anyone thinks I’ve slipped my trolley with this post, rest assured I have not.  My reason for writing a post in this manner is to bear witness to what many of us see, know, are now learning and may have even experienced first hand through minions of the state.  History tells us that we can lose liberty in one generation.  After studying up on the rise of the modern police state in many countries such as the UK, Spain, the US and even Canada, I fear that we are allowing our liberties to slip away in the hopes that we receive protection from our government from some elusive enemy.
      I think it was Ben Franklin who said that those who give up freedom and liberty for safety and security with end up with neither.   Silver Doctors promotes and sponsors many diverse and divergent opinions.  One overarching theme is awareness and knowing that there are some who mean us harm is worth a post or two.I read all the posts and enjoy them tremdously since they add to my storehouse of knowledge.
    I promise not to cry wolf unless I see a wolf.

    • AGXIIK, see my initial response and then look at your last response.  Shocker, you assume to know history better than most of us and you see things that most of us don’t.  Based on a LOT of your posts, I’m guessing that you will soon be in another country, if not already there.  Are you providing any insight to the future of silver with these posts?  You make a post of homosexual nazis and 12,000,000 exterminated.  Tell me where in this country do you see this happening and how soon?

    • Yes, it was Ben Franklin who said that quote.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”
      – Benjamin Franklin

      The US founding fathers warned us about today’s problems but still, a lot of people don’t follow the basics of the Constitution.

  7. Stacksmack 3000  I don’t think I said that others are unaware of history. Quite the opposite. Most people on this site are very aware of history and I learn regularly from their posts.
     As I mentioned, I post this sort of rant to bear witness to what is apparently unfolding in our country and feel the need to make others aware of my finding.  Spending 4-6 hours a day studyiing these issues as well as those relating to precious metals, I find there is a direct connection between the illegal manipulation of metal and commodity prices and the unraveling of the Rules of Law.  These two vital matters are directly connected to increasing police states IMO because the value of the  currency and the ability of the  common man to be able to feed and house his family is directly related to the value of the money in his pocket.  That value is evaporating rapidly.  When you add this to the fact that 50% of the people in this country depend on the government’s willingness to provide for their basic necessities, this brings us very close to a tipping point of overreliance on an increasing unreliable Federal government.
     Unfortunately much of the last century’s history is being rewritten or left in the dustbin.  I would be the last to make some claim that I am more knowledgeable about history that others.  Many of the people who post on this site have lived up close and personal in the crucible of major historical events.  At age 60 I’ve spent many  hours reading up on the history of the 20th century while looking closely at the events we see unfolding across the globe and comparing those events with some that happened 2,000 years ago and with many of the same bad results we saw over the last 100 years.
      Over 275,000,000 innocents were exterminated by the the rulers of their own country or the demented leaders of nearby countries.  Think Hitler, Mao and Stalin.  There are some parallels in this century that bear close scrutiny and the Middle East is a real flash point.  The deaths in Chad and the Sudan show the result of internecine struggles and the course of war dictated largely by the wars over food and hard assets.  The entire Arab Spring resulted from one vegetable vendor who set fire to himself and thus sparked the overthrown of 3 important ME countries.  I think that food shortages, inflation and the potential for violence in the inner cities leave us quite vulnerable to some large scale deaths.  According to a couple of sources 15,000,000 people, mostly children, died in the US during the Great Depression.  Doctors didn’t call say the child died of starvation.  Their medical records showed the child ‘failed to thrive’  My family suffered during the depression.  My grandparents lost 3 children during this era   Little was spoken about this but it was clear that these kids did not make it due to the privations of the Depression.
    I live in the US and don’t plan to leave any time soon even though  my home country is Canada and I have dual citizenship.  My believe is that our present situation can be remedied given time so  I plan is to stay the course. My plans are such that I am pretty much embedded in the US for the duration.  As a prepper, as such, my plans include a large store of precious metals This storehouse of value is set up  to help in any way I see possible given worst case scenarios. 
    Those are the same sentiments of my personal band of brothers. I met with a senior of this group and we talked about those issues that are clearly pressing on us and made my intentions on this matter clear to him.  He got 3 deer during his latest hunt and it was poignant to see him butchering the deer and laying down a couple of hundred pounds of venison knowing this might be the best meat available as prices ramp to unaffordable levels.  I hadn’t seen that much deer meat since I was a kid.  Back in those days if you didn’t hunt you didn’t eat. And here we are again, looking at living off the land to make ends meet.
     Please be mindful that Federal agencies that one would never think of as bellicose  are now armoring up with hundreds of millions of rounds of jacketed hollow point bullets. If they’ve stocked 1.5 billion rounds of man killer ammo, I have to wonder what they think might be the body count.
    The Congress just passed a resolution and laws that are designed to deal with massive body counts, some say numbering in the millions.  They are referrring to a body count that could include  you and me.  I am not sure what they know but it’s pretty sobering to read publically of these facts.  
      Can you imagine the Social Security Administration needing hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo? Why would they want to armor up?  Maybe because they expect massive civil disturbances that could result when the SS recipients are cut off or watch the purchasing power of their incomes drop 50-75% due to inflation or a currency collapse.  Once again, the value of silver can’t be ignored in light of the potential events that are buzzing in the internet. Those who have precious metals will be uniquely prepared to weather some of the storm since they possess a stockpile of real value.
     Many police forces are being equipped by the Federal government with military style vehicles that are best used in urban combat, not just patrolling for speeding tickets.  This sort of thing worries me.  As a volunteer in the law enforcement community, I’m concerned that I might even be called up to take action AGAINST my fellow citizens–that is how much the police state concerns me. The officers that I know are so covered with guns and armor they can barely move. Very strange.
      I am not sure where the flashpoint might take place but large urban cores with restive and quite poor people who rely largely on government benefits and welfare seems to me a likely place where violence may explode. 
    Sorry about the long post. You bring up many good points that I wanted to comment on.  And if my Gloomy Gus conclusions are wrong, and I hope in the long pull they are, then good for you for making your thoughts clear.  I hope for the best and plan for the worst.  My best to you and keep stacking.

  8. Of course I’ll throw Granny under the bus at light speed in exchange for a free cellphone, if the bus is made out of pillows. 😀 No, I actually won’t do that because it will be disrespectful to do that even if the bus is made out of pillows. Whenever there’s new gadgets, people would always be rushing which shows how desperate they are for just a gadget that will become obsolete in a few years.
    Rushing over new gadgets, what the heck!:

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