Last Friday we updated readers of an astonishing 3.6 million ounce REGISTERED silver withdrawal from Brink’s COMEX vaults.
The physical silver drain continued Tuesday, as a massive 1.2 million additional REGISTERED ounces were withdrawn– again from Brink’s vaults!!

This brings the total to nearly 5 million ounces of REGISTERED silver withdrawn from a SINGLE COMEX DEPOSITORY in the span of 3 days!   This is approximately 25% of Brink’s entire REGISTERED inventory, and 12% of the entire COMEX REGISTERED SILVER INVENTORY!!!

This brings the total COMEX registered silver inventory down to 36.8 million ounces.  Clearly there is a MASSIVE DEMAND for physical silver as the cartel hammers the paper price to prevent a breakout above $35, and extreme physical tightness among the cartel bullion banks!


  1. Certainly SEEMS ready to pop………………I am 98% confident of a imminent breakout. All the signs, and I mean ALL the signs, point to it. If the metals do NOT rally soon, I would then have to believe that almost everyone is brain dead. Even the non believers up until now, who have any gray matter whatsoever, have come to that realization. I am not surprised that physical metal is moving fast. I am holding on to my stack with the “Kung Fu Grip”, (for all you older kids who know what that is).

    • Can someone please explain to me how the price can move sideways if supply is indeed tight?  And if the sideways movement is due to the Cartel’s manipulation then what’s to keep them from continuing capping the price below $35?

      The main problem is that NAKED SHORT SELLING is allowed at all. That means that anyone (ok, not anyone, but certainly the big banks like JPM&Co.) can sell unlimited ounces of let’s say silver, because they don’t have to deliver it in a physical form to the buyers. They don’t have to own the commoditiy at all. All they have to do is to pay up when the contracts mature. And because they have uncle Ben with unlimited QE printing press to cover their asses, that is a no-brainer. So, they can dump unlimited ammounts of paper silver on the market WHENEVER THEY WANT. No matter how strong the demand is, as long as this stupid system is on, they control the game and there’s fucking nothing you can do about it… for now.

    • But the naked short selling only works for as long as the big banks can settle the contract in dollars. As soon as the recipient asks for the contract in ounces (which they can), then things will get exciting. It could take a long time to happen though…

    • The endgame is coming closer! More people are starting to understand the concept of “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”. Once everyone starts to withdraw their physical silver, the COMEX will crash.

  2. Thorishere:  As ANY silver stacker knows, the cartel has NO physical silver.  What they have is MILLIONS of ounces of paper silver shorts/long.  They play the game of applying pressure shorting silver and pushing the price down for the sole purpose of shaking those “silver leaves from the tree”(traders who are long paper silver).  What has typically happened over PAST DECADES is that JPM and HSBC would reap MILLIONS in profits in minutes doing this.  NOW, here’s where the worm has turned.  Instead of taking the $$$ from Ms Bitch (BM) liquidate the paper contract, traders are DEMANDING the silver.  Every time that happens, that’s less physical silver availble to these GEBs (greedy elitist bastards) JPM et al.  Concurrently, the stackers run out and buy more physical silver on the dips.  Soon, there just won’t be silver available to replace the paper silver.  Look at it this way.  High speed trading trades more ounces of paper silver in five minutes than is physically  mined in a YEAR.  So, how long can that go on.  Not long.  Just keep stacking….

    • I am a stacker and have no idea how much silver you have, anyone else on here has, or what the cartel has. Hell, I barely know how much I have.

  3. Considering all things said here are true , What comes next ? The mine owners go broke , not able to get the price for their goods but cost keep going up. Unless of course they get bailed out with subsidies. But wait what about demand, industrial demand will cause the price to climb. Not really if the price gets to high Manufacturers will cheapen products and use more corruptible copper ect. Possibly media campaigns to stop the use of silver in the medical field . All you need is a brain dead public. I might add all these are happening now. No one said this is a slam dunk but does it not feel good to Know you are completely on the right side of an issue and all they have to do is stumble for you to succeed. 

  4. Ok…

    So who’s buying it?  Where is this going?

    Is it just being shuffled from one “storage” to another to cover certain holding requirements….and then next month, this same silver will be “withdrawn” from JPM or Scotia Bank back to Brinks?

    And…as far as Short Selling Silver  –  if I understand this right….for every short, doesn’t there have to be someone / some organization willing to offer that option…or willing to take the other side of the trade?

    So, how does Naked Shorts / futures come into the game?   Who creates these instruments….and….how much does it cost?  I know there are costs for every option / put / call/ future… etc…etc….so how can a bank like JPM (or whoever) make enough of a return on short-selling silver to make it worth their time.

    SOMEONE on here….who knows about the ACTUAL IN”S AND OUTS OF THIS GAME, ought to write a mult-part expose’ on hos this game works…..and should tell the story from a “first-person’ pont of view….putting themselves in the postiton of the person or bank buying these naked shorts  – expliaining what the goal is, who they are buying these positions from, where these postiions are traded, how they profit off of it, what effect it has on the price of the metal, and, most importantly, show us a realistic scenario of how this can (might) just end up blowing up in their face and cause their entire financial world to fall apart.

    I guarantee you…if someone wrtoe that article (story), I’d read every last word of it.

    I know there are quite a few smart and informed people on this site….who have been dealing with the physical and paper sivler markets for a LONG TIME….so, instead of conjecture and hyperbole….we need one of you to sit down…take some time and do a thourough examination of how that process works…..if, for no other purpose than to inform people, like me, who have a hard time understanding how a piece of paper…that supposedly represents silver that does not even exsist…can manage to knock the price of the actual metal down…time and time and time again.

    Furthermore, if thre really is a shortage in actual silver….why doesn’t some super-rich guy like Carlos Slim…(or any other multi-=billionarie) open up about 10,000 contracts and stand for physical delivery….and DEMAND the metal….not a cash settlement  (you know damn well they would not be able to produce 1.75 Billion dollars worth of silver….that would be about the entire market size. 

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