ron-paul-dont-steal-government-hates-competitionDon’t say I didn’t warn you about your 401k’s and IRA’s.  Orrin “Magic Underwear” Hatch has introduced legislation to “create a new public retirement plan in which insurance companies pay benefits through annuity contracts”.
Now it’s the Government’s turn to takeover your retirement funding.
Good luck to you all who keep your money in your IRAs.  Don’t cry that you weren’t warned when it happens in totality.

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From Truth in Gold:

If the economy is so fragile that the government cannot allow failure, then we are indeed close to collapse  – Seth Klarman, money manager, via Zerohedge

We’ll know the collapse is coming sooner rather later when CNBC’s viewership plummets to nothing – Dave and Friend of Dave circa mid-2002

That Zerohedge link is worth the quick read.  It has been reported over the past couple of weeks that CNBC’s viewership has fallen to all-time lows this year.  It’s a trend that’s been ongoing since the economy crapped out in 2007.  In fact, the New York Post has reported that Larry “Cocaine Brain” Kudlow’s show – “The Kudlow Report” has been cancelled, citing that viewership in its key demographic, 24 – 50 yr olds – is off 60%.  Kudlow’s rise and fall as Chief Economist at Bear Stearns (he fell victim to a vicious cocaine, pill and alcohol addiction) was emblematic of the way in which Wall Street as a whole will rise and fall.

Interestingly, the Fed-money printing-driven pop in the stock market has done nothing to reverse the falloff in CNBC’s viewership.  And Fox Biz and Bloomberg barely have any viewers.  It tells me that most people understand that the big stock market move higher is completely artificial and absurd.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you about your 401k’s and IRA’s.  Orrin “Magic Underwear” Hatch has introduced legislation to “create a new public retirement plan in which insurance companies pay benefits through annuity contracts”  (New York Times).

Annuities?  I have written some posts over the years in which I said that eventually the Government will takeover the retirement fund system and replace what you have with an annuitized fund that will be primarily funded with Treasuries.  It’s a most convenient way to keep the Treasury bond treadmill funded when foreign buyers like the Chinese disappear.  I also said back in 2003 that before the system collapsed, the elitists would sweep every last crumb of public wealth off the table and into their own pockets – the last great asset of the public being the $16 trillion in retirement assets.

If you look at Hatch’s biggest contributors by industry, #1 is Securities and Investments and #4 is Insurance:  LINK  I suspect that at some point in the legislative process that JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs will barge their way into seats at the retirement fund feeding trough.  Certainly they’ve given Mr. Magic Underwear enough money to earn that seat.

Now that the Government spies on every aspect of everyone’s life – with Hatch’s full support, especially given that the massive multi-billion dollar NSA facility which houses all the computers used for its esponiage is conveniently situated in Utah and Obamacare is proving to be a complete financial clusterf*ck, now it’s the Government’s turn to takeover your retirement funding.

Good luck to you all who keep your money in your IRAs.  Don’t cry that you weren’t warned when it happens in totality.


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  1. As I understand, there’s similar ‘legislation’ in place across the world now. And people thought Feudalism was gone forever by the late 1700s. Monarchists, however, NEVER, EVER give up their eternal plots against humanity. A thousand years can pass and they’ll STILL be claiming title in EVERYTHING.

    • Yup, PF! 
      I am fighting this on my own, with my 401A thru the union. 
      It was set up YEARS ago, and they always had it in for us. 
      I’d love to string up the traitors that I personally know, 
      who stated that “those guys can’t handle their own money” 
      whom I attended apprenticeship school with, and worked with… 

      Note to NSA:
      I MEAN IT FIGURATIVELY!!! A Financial “Spanking” would suffice! lol 😀

    • Vlad the Impaler knew how to handle scum of this type and his solution resulted in ZERO recidivism.  Must be about time to bring it back into service to humanity.  
      Ed_B’s Rule #12:  Never ever f**k with a guy whose middle name is “the”.  😉

    • I closed out my 401k back in 2007 to cover medical bills. It took me a threat of taking the investment company to court to get them to pay it out. He seemed to think it was his money to use and not mine. Last time I invested in anything I can’t hold.

    • Ed_B … “Ed_B’s Rule #12:  Never ever f**k with a guy whose middle name is “the”.  ;-)”

      Holy Cow!If that’s rule 12, rule 1 must be some doozie of profundity.

    • @RGR  “”Rule #12″ hehee”
      Gotta have some rules to play this game, RGR, and numbering them is the only way to keep ’em straight.  😉
      @PatFields  “Holy Cow!If that’s rule 12, rule 1 must be some doozie of profundity.”
      That’s the beauty of keeping your own rule book, Pat… you get to assign any number you want to any rule!  😀
      The first 4 rules are just good basic common sense. They are: 1) work hard; 2) save religiously; 3) invest wisely; and 4) spend carefully. These have seen me through a number of times when others were reeling. 🙂

    • @MaryB
      “I closed out my 401k back in 2007 to cover medical bills. It took me a threat of taking the investment company to court to get them to pay it out. He seemed to think it was his money to use and not mine. Last time I invested in anything I can’t hold.”
      I can’t argue with anyone doing that if they see it as their best move.  Still, one should be cautious when dealing with their financial future.  I fully understand that your medical needs were the motivation for this move and not investing needs.  Other people reading this, however, could well be looking at this in terms of investing needs.
      I know what you mean about people who manage money and get to thinking that OUR money is theirs.  It isn’t!  I’ve run into this twice and in both cases had to get rather insistent.  They finally gave in but in both cases it took 6-8 weeks to get them to send us a check.  My wife’s 403b account was especially instructive.  That company claimed that there “could be dire tax consequences” involved in taking the money out of their plan.  There weren’t.  I simply rolled that money over into an IRA in 2001 that over the next several years has tripled in value.  Tax consequences of the rollover were nil.  Then, when I retired in 2004, the company’s 401k plan custodian tried every trick in the book to get me to roll the money over into their IRA.  They failed and I eventually received my check.  They even made it out correctly, as requested.  So, it IS possible to outlast these people but we do need to be persistent.  I agree that it is annoying that we have to do it this way but if we do not persist, they will push us around.  The one company with whom I have dealt that was not like this is Vanguard.  They seem to instinctively know that they are holding OUR money and that what we do with it is OUR business.  They will offer advice, if asked, but otherwise do as requested.  I like that a lot in an investment company.  🙂
      One thing about investing that is not often mentioned is that it is not an all or nothing deal.  It is entirely possible to hold various classes of assets in the same portfolio.  In fact, it is HIGHLY advantageous to most investors to do just that.  These are usually based around what I call “the big 5” asset classes of:  stocks, bonds, cash & cash equivalents, real estate, and commodities (including PMs).  Asset allocation among these basic asset classes is up to each investor to figure out but for me that tends to having about 45% in stocks, no bonds currently, 15% in cash and equivalents, 25% in real estate, and 15% in PMs.  If bonds were worth investing in at this time, I would probably reduce all other classes by 5% and put that 20% into bonds of various kinds.
      For me, a good stack of silver plus some gold is a great hedge against future financial disaster.  I don’t like a lot of what the US Gov and Fed are doing these days.  There is a lot of potential for disaster in their market manipulations.  If stock market history has taught us anything it is that no one is smarter than Mr. Market.  Those who think that they are will very likely come to a very rude awakening that they are not.  This usually occurs when there is some sort of collapse, such as was seen in the 1930s and again in 2008.  I find it amazing that the Fed always waits too long to cut or raise short term rates, stays with their call for too long, and then has to battle the pendulum as it swings back the other way too far.  This is what the Fed ALWAYS does.  IMHO, they need to be much less involved in the market and if they must set interest rates, they need to be more nimble and less fixed in their approach.  I would much rather let the free market set both the long and the short term interest rates, as that would likely lead to a much more stable and responsive financial system.  It is the Fed’s insatiable urge to tinker and measure that gets us into so many economic problems.

    • I had torn the rotator cuffs in both shoulders, by the time one was fixed it was 5 months before I could return to work so they fired me. My back had also started getting really bad about then so I went for disability which I won. But I ended up without insurance coverage for 9 months with medical bills piling up from 2 shoulder surgeries. I had no choice but to use it on bills.

    • “I had no choice but to use it on bills.”
      That was an honorable choice, Mary.  I’d have done the same.  Some people would have just declared bankruptcy to discharge those bills and kept the 401k money.  Retirement plans have many protections built into them that help people preserve them for their intended purpose… retirement.  These vary by state, of course, but paying our way in life rather than scamming others is a very good thing.  I like to think that we get brownie points for things like this.  Not that it matters, of course.  We do what we do because of who we are and that is something that is WAY too precious to ever sell for money, even though doing so can lead to considerable hardship.
      I was very fortunate to work for a company that had a devoutly religious man in charge.  He was a hard-headed business man but was well aware that money isn’t everything.  He treated people as he wanted to be treated, which is to say fairly and with respect.  The only people he ever fired were engaged in stealing from the company or gaming the benefits system via fake injuries and illnesses.  These were very rare events but they did happen a couple of times during the 30+ years I worked there.  Everyone else there behaved like a family, worked well together, helped each other, and made every effort to grow the company.  It was a great experience and I wish that more people had work experiences like that.


    I had an actual conversation w/@AGXIIK about Kudlow, and he gave me some of the financial 
    back story on the guy, but none of the Personal Stuff! So it was just pure FACT. 
    Seems our boy Larry K is a real piece of, errrm, Work, wouldn’t you say AG?  😉

  3. Yes indeed RGR
     I guess that a certain percentage of the strap hanging surfnazi slacker generation would lend an ear to Stoner Kudlow but the novelty wears off like a good powder buzz.   As for that pasty faced golem Orren Hatch, having him suggest that our IRAs get rotating into the Fed buzzsaw makes me pine for Barney ‘pixie pants’ Frank.  At least he stole honestly—–honestly I say.

    • “They will have a helluva time getting THIS GUYS SDIRA! I can TELL YA!” 

      Indeed so, AG.  Just remember the 4 magic words… “interlocking fields of fire”.  Then, it becomes a matter of just how bad do they want it.   

      Of course, if you knew a good chemist, you could also arrange a VERY nasty surprise for anyone who did manage to get to your stash.  lol

    • Speaking of some of your Off-Hand References, AG, I gotta say this: I’m a bit concerned!First, you wanna shine yer BARE hiney at Big Sis,now Pining for Barney “pixie pants” Frank… <RGR shudders> Here’s a little KLUMAC humor to cheer you up and right your ship! 

    • Yup! I took action two years ago… Swapped my old 401k to a traditional IRA, vested it in Silver Eagles IRA held in Fidelity’s vault, then three months later took physical delivery of ALL Eagles, had a lot of dental work done for myself and the family, made some repairs on the rental house, then at tax time the 401k tax penalties were offset by the tax writeoffs and I essentially paid nothing extra for receiving all that silver!  Unlike cash, they cannot FORCE sell the coins, so you get it ALL, and face the tax man the next year on the taxable value of your ASE’s.  Hope this inspires others! There’s nothing to steal, it’s all in the ground with a pirate map tatood on my dogs @ss lmao! 

    • @PatFields
      I expected no less…
      Mine says:
      “Silver? I ain’t got no Silver!?!” 
      Anyone seeking the tail end of that dog has to deal with the TOOTHY END FIRST! lmao!
      Whilst Shamus is taking aim with his AR, prolly!   😀   Ole Dead Eye! 

    • Agreed, SilverHawk.  This is an “unAmerican activity” in the worst possible sense.  Both recalls and primary opposition need to be used for far more of these liars and thieves.
      Lots of us have investigated annuities as possible additions to our retirement plans and found them to be seriously wanting.  Just for giggles, anyone considering an annuity should do an Internet search for “annuity problems” and see just how many hits they get.

  4. The whole issue of possible changes to the 401K and IRA tax laws is one of those things that has such serious repercussions that it gets a lot of attention.  I don’t know how much political traction it will get, however.  Messing with a sacred cow is a great way to foment a national uprising.  Whether that is violent or not is another issue.  The fact is, however, that no government can lead if a significant portion of the citizens refuse to follow.  Any attempt to do so will definitely unmask any “we’re doing this for your own good” BS, which most governments try to avoid.
    Many Americans are trapped in their retirement plans with no viable exit.  I do not think for one moment that this is an accident that “just happened”.  No, this is part of an over-all plan and we can all be sure that it was not designed in our best interest.
    Hatch may be proposing legislation of this type but that does not guarantee acceptance of it by the rest of the senate, not to mention the house.  Yes, the lack of caps on those two congressional bodies is intentional.  Should they become sufficiently worthy of caps at any time in the future, they will be added.  😉
    Something that seems more likely than any annuity program grab of retirement plan money is a VAT that takes the money via taxation.  As more and more people retire and begin taking money from their retirement plans, this added tax would hit them when the money is spent.  Besides… it is just so European and we all know how much the Obamunists admire and want to emulate their system of high taxes, womb to tomb benefits, and massive government.  I mean, shoot, it has just worked so very well that everyone should be doing it, right?  lol
    For myself, yes, I do have money in some IRAs.  But, I also have a plan for removing the money from them over time to fund PM purchases and to try to keep taxation on the money below a confiscatory level.  It is a balancing act for sure.  The good news is that I have a decent stack that serves as insurance against IRA losses.  I still believe in diversification, so continue to own various asset classes.  Is the sky falling this time?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  But I DO know this… no one knows when the financial / economic sky will fall with any kind of certainty.

    “Employees would then receive fixed income annuity contracts from the insurance company, “thereby building an annuitized pension year-by-year during their working lives” and making pension plan underfunding “not possible.”

    Underfunding might not be possible but bankster / insurance company theft and incompetence surely ARE possible… more than merely possible; likely I would think.

    • It’s the Banksters that are running the show in DC.  These [email protected] politicians can barely balance their checkbook when they’re voted in, so along with the campaign bribes and the influence they carry, ex-bankers scare the congresspeople into doing what they say “Or the whole system collapses”.  When GW brought up a simular plan, it got buried right away when the people found out.  It might work this time since the MS media terrorists have cut back on reporting what’s important.
      No matter how you look at it, if it has government involvement, it’s sure to fail and/or cost way too much.  Crooks, all of them.
      Sorry to hear you diversify.  The only winner will be gold and silver when this game of Monoploy is over.

    • I’m with Silverhawk on this one, I’m 25 years from collecting 401k without penalty, we do not have that long, I cashed mine out as stated above and hold all of it in physical. No one will bail in my retirement, or destroy it with the stock market, and I’m pretty certain Silver will be really scarce by 2040. And if not, I’ll cash it in ONLY when it peaks, or pass it down if I die. But no one will control my financial destiny but me, and I can live with that.

    • Ed_B … “Messing with a sacred cow is a great way to foment a national uprising.”

      Well, Ed, the bankers and governments … universally … have no god but The Banknote and now that the slaves (and even their cohort monopoly industrialists) are refusing to borrow interest servicing currency into existence, which is what feeds ALL the ‘cows’ to begin with, the only way to keep THEIR GOD from evaporating back into the ether, is to ‘sacrifice’ the slaves’ cows. Interest on banknotes is Labor; the most fundamental Real Property on Earth, however variable it’s ‘price’ might be. Their ‘joke’ on the hoi-poli is that they pay for their very own enslavement!
      C’mon Ed, you can’t really believe at this point that anyone ultimately pays any kind of interest on banknotes but yourself, do you? These ‘Bail-In’ and ‘Guaranteed Annuity’ word-game boondoggles are really so many ‘Escaped Slave Re-capture’ statutes. You’re correct about political backlash, but we’re talking a ‘Holy War’ here. It’s their god of ‘The Banknote’, or ours by ‘His Granted Liberty’. The two are antithetical. One MUST die for the other to thrive.

    • @SilverHawk
      “It’s the Banksters that are running the show in DC.”
      Yes, it is and a lot of us know it.  This is not different than years ago, but it is better documented and understood now.
      ” It might work this time since the MS media terrorists have cut back on reporting what’s important.”
      That is true but it is also true that MANY Americans are now disenchanted with the MSM and are now getting more of their news and info via the alternative news sites on the Internet than from the typical radio and TV outlets.  The Drudge Report comes to mind.  If and when they come up with another skulduggerous plan to rip off retirement savings plans, it will NOT be a secret, the lapdog MSM notwithstanding.
      “Sorry to hear you diversify.  The only winner will be gold and silver when this game of Monoploy is over.”
      Not a problem.  I have plenty of both.  Until it is over, however, there IS money to be made and those profits can be put very nicely into adding to my stack.  I do not seek to become immensely wealthy via PMs going to the moon.  Having enough wealth to live comfortably is all I need and want… and I do.  🙂
      I respect your comments on this and recognize that you are younger than I am so must have a different point of view on it.  In your situation, I would likely be doing something similar to what you are doing.  In my situation, however, doing what I am doing makes a lot of sense.
      “Their ‘joke’ on the hoi-poli is that they pay for their very own enslavement!”
      If they are thinking that this is a secret, Pat, I have some terrible news for them.  🙂
      “You’re correct about political backlash, but we’re talking a ‘Holy War’ here. It’s their god of ‘The Banknote’, or ours by ‘His Granted Liberty’. The two are antithetical. One MUST die for the other to thrive.”
      Indeed we are, Pat, and if I can grab some of those bank notes away from them and buy PMs with them, it will simply be all the sweeter!  HA!!  The difficulty in making this pudding, however, lies in the fact that no one knows quite when it will be done.  It could be tomorrow or it could be in 20+ years.  I think shorter than that, possibly quite a lot shorter but WTH.  We all prep with what we have and in the way that seems best to us.  If others feel differently, that’s fine.  None of us has quite the same financial situation or needs, so will not need to do the same as others who have a different situation and needs.  If we knew the exact date of the cars leaving the tracks in this train wreck, all of this would be moot.  But we don’t.

  5. I appreciated your article and timely warning and I agree with your assessment that retirement funds are at risk  I also think Hatch should be voted out of office because he is a traitor IMHO. 
    However, what I really did not appreciate was your repeated reference to “magic underwear” obviously referring to his Mormon beliefs.  I know many Mormons and almost all of them are really good people and are super patriotic.  Just because you don’t like Orrin Hatch’s politics doesn’t mean you should see it as a green light to attack his religion.  A lot of Mormons, I would guess most, would not agree with this stupid plan of his. 
    If you don’t believe in “magic underwear”, as your denigratingly refer to it, then fine, don’t join the Mormon church.  If you are Jewish, do you believe in “magic hats”?  If you are a new ager, do you believe in “magic rocks” or crystals?  But why do you feel it necessary to mock the belief.  Tell me what religion you are and I will be able to turn a phrase that also makes you look ridiculous.
    You lose credibility when you resort to baseless attacks that are completely unrelated to the subject matter and which reveal you to be a religious bigot.
    I’ve been following the Silver Doctor’s site for some time now, but I will stop if that is going to be the basis for their articles.

    • Thank you for bringing that up. I wanted to as well. The argument is strong enough, no need to alienate mormons. In fact, mormons are natural “preppers”. I can imagine a lot of them read your site. A lot of mormons I know are stackers and they buy with me. No wonder they have Utah legal tender laws. They are generous and good people, except for Harry Reid. I still can’t figure out if he is “Jack”. I can’t see how he isn’t.

  6. Shamus   It sounds like you rotated your IRA into phyzz with a twist. I like the tax angle.   That’s  something I am taking for a 2012 IRA distribution.  I took a 25% chunk of the IRA then worked my business income into a ‘loss’   Between that and personal deductions we might be able to reduce the tax hit to 5%.  The rest is ready to be tucked into the Bank of AmmoCan NTSA if need be.  Wifey rides shotgun with the 12 GA Biden blaster just like the stage coach days.  We roll out of town in a blaze of glory
    Chemist?   Oh yeah.  Thermite is a ‘must have’ for preppers along with other volatiles, or so I heard Ed B and RGR
    Big Sis is joining the Mooch Class in Kleptofornia.  She’s gonna be the big cheese, running the University Of Cali.  Whoo hoo.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal.
    I’m happy for the UC system.  My opinion is that she screwed the pooch  The NSA/DHS FUBAR with Snowden said heads will roll.
     With all the little secrets now out in the open, she’s damaged goods.  Screw up and move up.   University sinecures are the traditional way to send a failure packing.

    • Ha! Yeah basically, in a way it kinda happened in reverse, I changed over to IRA ASE, then had all this work done and didn’t have enough extra income worthy of ALL the tax writeoffs, so I decided to take it in hand. Mike Maloney and Sprott talking about it not being there when you NEED it was the Deciding factor. I rest easy these days, silver and guns, and food and water. As reasonable prep as can be had without going over the top/all in. Now, I try to have fun with the kids, with occasional gun upgrades, lol what can I say? PMs and guns are addicting! Haha. But I crammed for two years, now I am mild, and just keep my eyes open….waiting…. Until then, might as well enjoy living on the richest country while it lasts! Your going to need plenty of feel good stories to tell your little Mad Max grandchilderen of a world that once was. 🙂

    • “Thermite is a ‘must have’ for preppers along with other volatiles, or so I heard Ed B and RGR”
      Indeed so… as well as many other things that go hisss and boom when treated rudely.  Would list them but Big Shit is watching and listening.  lol
      Other handy goodies are also make-able, such as glass, soap, aspirin, and… good beer and wine.  🙂

  7. Well here in ol’ blighty i did a similar thing (sort of) i took a long standing pension early. The government gave me a pile of tax back that paid the entire 20% that we have to pay on Ag here unless you buy from Germany (10%) or Lithuania (0%) but thats another story.  Needless to say the pension now helps my stack pile up even more every month. 

    • @Arctree. I believe that a private UK pension plan can’t be converted into 25% cash lump sum, with remaining 75% converted to monthly annuity, until the holder reaches the age of 55? Anyone under that age has no method of ‘getting out’?
      German VAT on monetary coin silver is 7% I believe, 19% on other silver such as rounds and bars? In UK it’s 20% on all ag. 

    • @Arctree. I’m guessing that you’re over 55 if you’ve managed to start converting your pension plan to cash? If under 55, i’d be very interested in how you went about it because I want out also; especially since UK government have started paying ‘celebrities’ (Dragons Den dragons, Karen Brady, etc.) to promote the mandatory employee pension schemes. Just another scam to inflate the FTSE and have control and access to the savings of the population.

  8. ROM  now that’s some truth.  If someone minted a silver coin with the Joker and that message I’d buy 1000 of them and give ’em to all my friends.  That’s as good as Molon Labe.  heh heh. 
    Hell, I know Jason Hommel’s dad is running the mint over in Grass Valley. With 10 of my 100 oz bars and about $2,000 in mint mold costs, that would be entirely possible 
    Should I ask the question? 
    Is anyone game for a printing mint production of some serious SOB inflammatory  silver coin sentiments.
    Not something like Von Nothaus and his Lady Liberty $20 pieces. I don’t think I’d do well in jail.  Just a huge finger in the eye of the Fed, POTUS, FRNanake and the rest of the bastards floating around the Potomac.
    But damn, I like that Joker theme ROM
    If Chris Duane can do it, so can we.  Just sayin’

    PS My buy price for most of the 100 oz bars is about $33 a ounce. If the manufacturing and silver costs are factored into a reasonable sales and each coin loses money then so be it. I can take this loss against my other income, thus sticking all 10 fingers, an elbow, knee and foot into the all-seeing eye of the IRS and other assorted a****** in DC.
    The more I think of it the more I like the idea of doing this. Losing money on a business venture is the American Way LOL
    Now I need to come up with a good design

  9. $40 for an ASE?  This ain’t no gun show prices RGR.  I use to charge $50 for a BU 2012 ASE at the show. I might reduce the price to $40 for the next show since silver is down so much  We’ll see what the traffic will bear.
    But as far as minting some unusual and unique silver coinage, I figure the price would be maybe $25-27 or so  per 1 oz coin.  A production run of 1,000 would have $2 an oz for the mold, maybe a bit more for the art work. Say $3,000 total or $3 an oz for a run of 1,000.  $2 for marketing and a bit for shipping.  I’d lose about $8 per coin using LIFO costing for the 100 oz bars.  If the run was popular and I upped the production to 3,000 coins, the cost of the mold and art work would be amortized to $1 per oz.  Hopefully silver will go up so the losses aren’t too steep.
    Anyways, I’ll sleep on this.  But the Joker caption is just too good.
    Maybe something on the front side like:
    A “Don’t tread on me” coiled snake as the graphic
    On the back something like:
    The Big Brother Illuminati  eye with a finger jabbed into it.
    Words to the effect  “If the EYE offends,  you pluck it out”
    Kind of like in the Three Stooges, Moe giving Curly the what for
    The Guy Fawkes mask might be a good replacement for the Joker. The royalties on the Joker’s semblance would be astronomical.
    The rest is freeware

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