SGTreport has released an excellent interview with Ron Hera from Hera Research discussing the FOUR ways the Dollar could die. Ron believes the most frightening and imminent possibility leading to the death of the Dollar is not lost confidence in the Dollar or in the Treasury market, but rather in the financial markets as a whole — as Ron puts it, it is the unpunished and rampant financial crimes that will likely lead directly to a Black Swan event which in turn will lead to a total collapse.

Full interview below:

    • Yeah, I agree, they’re too special to go to jail… they should be hanged and shot instead. Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath… I almost killed myself the last time around. It is not worth the effort. lol

    • The Road to Roota and similar theories appeal to me. I read one about a “satanic monetary conspiracy” which has a “good guys” set of people saving the day for humankind, and the economic disruptions would be only about THREE DAYS, which is really great if it goes down that way… However, I have seen too many twists engineered by the bank$ter$ to think they are going to do anything other than disappear and flee. Prosecutions? Maybe some mid-level bad guys, but the Rothschilds & the other 5-6 bad guy families, they will likely just go underground and try to re-emerge at a later date, to try and take over again. In a few hundred years or so. it would be nice to prosecute the bad guys at the top, but somehow I think they have a bug-out plan that would make any prepper awestruck! 

    • I don’t think that any financial officer is going to jail because justice in this system is corrupted. These kind of people will either receive a complain, a warning or only a fine. If one of does go to jail, then it is only to show everyone that the American justice is fair.

  1. This was an especially fascinating interview for me, because Mr. Hera (displaying highly impressive logic) broached upon the core of my thesis underlying the banknote scheme.

    I’ve been pensively awaiting an earnest challenge to the thesis since I raised it a few tears ago, going so far as to directly invite  some of the most respected economic commentators to mount the task by e-mail contact. None have yet to seriously reply.

    While Mr. Hera’s assessment didn’t diminish the essential tenets of my thesis (instead, in fact enhancing their ramifications), because he premised his macro-view in focus on the American banknote, largely in isolation, his timeline conclusion doesn’t coincide with mine.

    It’s my contention that the banknote scheme is a monolithic structure and the systemic forces acting on it can’t be broken out to examination of any one of its mere appendages. Like the fabled group of blind men examining an elephant, to arrive at an accurate definition of the animal necessitates apriori recognition of its whole extent.

  2. @undeRGRound the brief synopsis is this …

    The banknote scheme ia a thoroughly new monetary paradigm which commenced in the mid 1960s once precious metals ceased, in all practical effectiveness, to trade pari passu with banknotes. This event forced all intrest servicing funds accruing on loan of banknotes to become solely sourced from commensurate new borrowing of banknotes into existence for the purpose. Formerly, mine production of PMs (only silver at that point) ameliorated the growth rate of interest burden, but at that juncture, it began an exponential progression assuring that interest service would first overtake investment capitalization, then ordinary capital expense to supply consumption.

    The intensifying crises we’re watching unfold with increasing frequency, fit into the final stage, where requisite funding for production of goods for consumption have been superceded by the infinitely growing necessity to rather borrow interest service funding into existence. Because the mathematical framework of this paradigm is exponential, the faster it goes … the faster it goes. The worse the predicament becomes … the worse it gets. It isn’t local; it’s global. The systemically automated co-generation of currency-debt is theoretically infinite so no banknote currency is any different than any other except in sheer name. It is a monolithic Maw that once debt saturation among peoples sets in and it’s interest service funding drops below a critical level … it self-destructs.

    I contend this is extremely close at hand.   

    • Close at hand could be Next week, Next year or 3 even. I see possibly 3 years, but unforeseen catastrophic events would hasten this timeframe greatly. It seems the bank$ter$ have a level of sophistication and control that I never would have believed even 3-4 months ago. It is astounding. 

      Thx Pat! 

  3. When I saw the name Ron, I thought it was an interview with Ron Paul but it is in reality an interview with Ron Hera. 🙁 But anyway, this interview also gives great information. We do have to stop the crimes made by the banking institutions because they are accelerating the collapse of the fiat system.

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