Does it really matter which bankster puppet is elected today?  In his latest update, Greg Mannarino discusses 4 major things the next US President cannot fix.
The first is the economy, which will continue to deteriorate regardless of today’s outcome.   The 2nd is US debt which will continue to accelerate to the upside as The Fed increases QE to oblivion.   The third is unemployment, which continues to deteriorate.  The 4th is the continued decline in salaries in real terms.

  1. Romney will not be able to fix anything but will make people feel better. The goal is to get the Muslim out of office and to stop the continuance of ruling by executive order and by passing The United States Constitution DIMWITS! If you are a DIMWIT you must realize that B. O. (Bad Oder) will have the ability to appoint several Justices to The Supreme Court!, one namely Eric Holder! Think about our Country First and The Banksters secondly. If You don’t, you have not one living brain cell in your head!

    Romney will stop a lot of the bleeding that is causing this country’s massive debt and change our foreign policy and keep our Military strong. You may make a fortune on your Silver and Gold if either is elected, but if  B. O. is
    elected once again, then you can kiss any fortune that you may or have acquired  Good-Bye!!!!!!!

    • Ranger:  Romney may not be the ultimate answer to our (America’s) problem, however, to say he can’t do anything except put a happy face on the situation (my paraphrasing) is just being short-sighted.  INMHO, Romney, if elected can (1) dissolve Obamacare, (2) eliminate/severely retool EPA, DOEducation, and Homeland Security and start DRILLING in US/ajacent waters.  He CAN do these things.  That will do much more than just give us warm fuzzies.

      And, as you so CORRECTLY stated, naming Supreme Court justices will go light years into the future to rid us of the narrow-minded, scum-filled mentality that the progressives thrive on.

      Go vote!    

    • Actually, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would be able to solve a lot of USA’s most important problems. Some of Romney’s intentions are against the Constitution but all Ron Paul’s and Gary Johnson’s intentions follow the Constitution. The Constitution was purposely made by the American founding fathers so that these problems wouldn’t ever appear. 

  2. Another misnomer,

    The U S Constitution does not give anyone the right to
    vote. The right to vote is controlled by the individual states.
    Congress each four years can only make suggestions to
    all states how to conduct their voting platforms. New Jersey
    has every right to extend any voting situation as well as any
    other state. This can cause a disruption in the voting process,
    but legal.

    • The Americans aren’t following the main rights of their Constitution anymore. For example, it is said that gold and silver are the only legal tender but people don’t use these two precious metals. They now use Federal Reserve fiat notes that are totally against the Constitution.

    • I wish I was better in the art of persuasion and had a gift for mass communication so I could lead the revolution that is needed in this Country. Is there not one person out there with the gift that can take up the cause? I am sure you would have many followers. It would be a hard row to hoe, but the founding Fathers did it. Of course, they had a lot more backbone than the spineless people that we have today.  I would rather look for a solution than hide behind a computer complaining about how unfair it is. Buying silver and stockpiling may be fine for the individual, but what kind of life is it living in a world like this one is becoming? If I didn’t have son, with years ahead of him, to think about, I wouldn’t give a crap what happens. In fact, I would find it amusing to see the world flushed down the toilet with all the indigents kicking and screaming on their way down.

  3. Posted in part from The Sovereign Investor news letter.
    “It is sadly, however, a case of the boiling frog. I’m sure you’ve heard the story many times – drop a frog into a pot of room-temperature water and set the heat to rise slowly over time. The change is so gradual that, ultimately, the frog will simply boil to death without ever having tried to save its own life.

    Americans … we are frogs.

    By the time life in the U.S. reaches unacceptable levels, it will be too late. The water will be boiling and the freedoms we once took for granted will be chapters in a history book.

    While it’s true it doesn’t have to be this way, the likeliest reality is that it will … because Americans have lost the spunk that drove our ancestors to flee the oppression they knew in their home countries. We blindly accept whatever the government imposes because, as a country, we care more about the entitlements government throws at us instead of the liberties it usurps.

    Life sucks when you’re a stupid frog.”

    • Sad, but true. There is however no doubt in my mind that the tide will turn again. The time of the ethnos are coming and nobody is going to stop us from forming an Anointed Nation across the globe… the gates of hell won’t prevail. 

    • Any of you prepared to lead the charge? I will be right beside you. I am not foolish enough to do it alone, people have yet to prove they are worth the effort.

    • The hopes for getting 100% freedom back will be totally gone once the government confiscate all guns in the USA. Everyone around the world are losing their freedoms because of their governments. Most of the people still think that they have total freedoms.

  4. Crissy  You are leading the charge.  Your voice is heard by thousands on this site.  Everyone who reads our words. For those of us who take time to post regularly, we are getting our voice out there.  The internet is easily the most powerful instrument in giving voice to the people since the Guttenberg Press was invented.  The people are waking up to the lies of this and many other paradigms that infect the people.  The next four years will be an eye opener, to be sure.  Leading that charge may involve something more visceral than the internet, I fear, but many of us are ready for the San Juan Hill.

    • Stop the theft! A vampier needs blode to survive. Do what ever you can to remove yourself from the system. Brake the back of the system by overload it. Take advantage of the handouts that there taxing us to death on. Reduce your taxes were ever you can.

      I would veture to say that most who do not like the way this country has headed are BABY BOOMERS. We have overloaded every system since birth do to sheer numbers. Our work has supported this country and made it grow to extreem highest and along with it “The Government” 

      If we stop working so will this massive government, if we put our hands out for all the entitlements they will not be there. When we want medical treatment it will not be there. Our SSI is not there as most of us expected since we paid into it.

      What the hell are we doing? think about it Baby Boomers can stop the system cold. What do you think will happen if we removed ourselves from the work force in mass, sold of all our stuff not needed. Pulled out of the monetary flow and lived a vary simple life. Ya I know all with children have always worked for a better life for them, well the better life just might not have anything to do with monetary security. The Government Has Plans For That As Well…..      

    • I don’t have a job on purpose. I have no credit cards. I pay no income taxes and qualify for food stamps. I have rental property income that puts me below poverty level and it pays my house payment. I use no air conditioning, working on alternate energy systems for power and heat, have a garden, chickens and getting ready for some rabbits. Yesterday walked to the local food bank and got a free box of food. There are three other local places I can get free food, but don’t want to over do it. I buy my cloths at the Salvation Army. I use the waste from society to live on. My cars and truck are paid for and have extra parts (and know how) to keep them running. I also live very well, eat better than I ever had (had a rib eye steak yesterday) , have a lot of free time to work on these things, and don’t have a boss or anyone to tell me what to do. Come to think about it, life is pretty good, much better than when I had a steady paycheck. In about five years I will, hopefully, get SS and soon to get free medical insurance, thanks to the big O. I could easily go on disability if I wanted to and also qualify for a small veteran check if I wanted. I work within the system and at the same time have removed myself far from it. Got to go and do some more work on my wind generator. I have a DC motor out of a treadmill someone gave me that I need to get working as a generator. Might try some left over VW generators and voltage regulators that might work also. I use to work at a company building solar collectors and have a degree in Electrical Engineering, so I might come up with something really cool eventually. If I do, I will publish the plans for free since it will be stolen from me if I tried to profit beyond personal use. Think I have the ‘removing myself from the system’ covered fairly well. Knock on wood.

    • Yes you are totally right! We are advancing our goal to wake up everyone around us for the truth and it is mostly thanks to the Internet. It’s thanks to it that I was able to discover the truth one year ago especially at a young age! 🙂

  5. If You’re Looking For A Leader Look Within Yourself. I don’t need a group to survive I’ll be able to handle myself just fine. Plus my group won’t know where my Stack is hidden. LOL
    Hell look where our last Leader has left us, now he gets 4 more years. AAAAAAAAAAAH
    Chris Duane’s motto “Listen To All, Follow None.”

    • I like the philosophy of Aristotle. The individual is what counts. If you take care of yourself then the collective is automatically taken care of. The world philosophy follows Plato, where the collective takes care of the individual. I have been leaning toward the Plato side recently in order to survive, but that is only fair since the system deserves it. I call it proactive passive resistance. If someone wants to do a Scottish Mel Gibson on the system I am there too, just be ready to finish what you start.

    • Ultimately, people operate within families, communities and societies, to enhance the situation of individuals in good times, and, in worst case scenarios, so that one or more members of the group can cover each person’s back. The connections among people ordinarily grow organically over time, but my belief is that this has been intentionally undermined and even destroyed over large parts of the world’s population.

      It looks to me like these organic emotional and social connections must be intentionally and actively created and cultivated by people who have found themselves awakened outside of the current system. I read in a psychology book focussing on who survives that the smallest unit of survival is two. And as an extreme example, I also agree with quotes I’ve read from survival books that one person alone can’t pull a 24-hour guard/watch/lookout. I don’t remember what the exact numbers are, but some survival theory, maybe pulled from the military, says a group should be from 12 to 16 in number. I would opt for the higher number to account for attrition, again for worst-case scenario (gasp!). My phiosophy is clear in my posts, I welcome communication from like-minded souls, to at the very least build a loose network. Others here would know how hard it is to find people aware of what’s going on.

      Edit to add my comment was not directed at you, Crissy, somehow it ended up appended to your comment. I applaud your endeavors, you are really TCB (taking care of business)!

    • @Precious, Your comments are very good ones and contains some real information that is actually useful compared to most. I hope one day my talents can be combined with the right people to maintain the survival of the species.

  6. My question is how long we all survive with a declining salary due to the loss of the value of the dollar without a raise. One of the only way to solve people’s loss of purchasing power with their savings in fiat currencies is to convert them into physical gold and silver.

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