collapse-panic-crash(Editor’s Note: He. Just. Doesn’t. Give. Up. )

One thing is for certain, a crash is still expected BEFORE year-end and/or BEFORE the US Presidential Inauguration in January…


From Bo Polny:

Below is a brief overview of our Long Term cycle calculations.  The first is a long term or 42-year Stock Market CRASH cycle with calculations going back to 1764 and the second is an even longer long term 252-year cycle calculations going all the way back to back to the birth of Jesus, and both point to this year 2016 as a year of extreme interest!




Seven (7) biblical cycles of 252 years equates to 1764 and the Currency Act.  Since the 1764 Currency Act, every 42-years there has been a Stock Markets crash, see chart.


The last crash was the Crash in 1974 and by adding 42-years to 1974 we arrive at HERE AND NOW, 2016! 


On December 9, 2016 the DOW made a NEW ALL-TIME high at 19,757 and regardless of no crash yet based on the cycle calculations and the new highs occurring, the Long Term calculation continue to point to this year 2016 for a crash to occur.






Let’s look at Gold and the compare it’s price movement with the Stock Market and the US Dollar since 2015 now that ONE JUBILEE YEAR has now passed.  A final 4.5-year cycle low was expected the first week of December 2015 and in an interview (link click here) on December 3, 2015 while gold was trading at $1045, and most analysis were looking for $700 – $1000 gold, we stated ‘Gold will go no lower’.  To date, gold has not gone lower and $1045 holds as THE final low.  While gold was making on December 3, 2015, the US Dollar topped at the 100 range and the DOW Industrials topped at the 18,000 range and then EVERYTHING SUDDENLY reversed, gold went up and the US Dollar and stock markets crashed.


Interesting but on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on December 5, 2016, gold made a LOW at $1156, ($111 higher than in 2015) and just as in December 2015 while gold was making a low the US Dollar once again was topping, this time at the 101-102 range, and the DOW Industrials in the first week of December 2016 are making new highs.  At the time of this writing, on December 9, 2016 the DOW made a new high at 19,757; just shy of 20,000 by 243 points or a stone’s throw away.  The DOW at 20,000 is to mark the END to the stock markets and the Dollar!


Is history about to replay and EVERYTHING SUDDENLY reverses, with gold going up and the US Dollar and stock market crashing into December’s month end?


In our latest Interview of December 1, 2016, ‘December 2016, An Incredibly Important Point in Time’ we discuss how our analysis indicates what was in November 2016 will be the opposite come the end of December 2016 and then into 2017.  LINK:


One thing is for certain, a crash is still expected BEFORE year-end and/or BEFORE the US Presidential Inauguration in January and the effects of JUDGEMENT will soon be obvious.


In closing, here is a great quote from Jim Rickards…  ‘People say “I hear you Jim and I agree with your argument, but I’ll wait until it starts to take off.” Sorry, you’re not going to be able to get the gold. It will take off, but you’ll be standing there watching it on television going to $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 an ounce while frantically calling your dealer saying: Get me some gold! You know what the dealer is going to say? Sorry, sold out: back ordered. You call the Mint: back ordered. You’re not going to be able to get it. That’s my point. Get it now, while you can, at a good entry point. Not 100%. Just get 10% of your assets in gold, sit tight, and you’ll be fine.’ 

We hope you own physical gold and silver before Gold Fever hits!

Warm regards,

Bo Polny


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    • @ ALL MY PEEPS:
      Love the Bo-dacious-ne’er-ostentatious (except in nicknames heaped on him) KOOL-AID!
      Yes yes yes!  I love stock markets crashing UPWARDS!
      — Bartender, gimme another pint of Kool-aid!   This is better than Dinar Guruberry KoolAid!
      Download SMULE and input Bo’s report, and play it back as a rap mix – MUCH MO’ BETTA that way!
      Piece!…50 Cent  (Franklin)

    • Fo’ Reals Tho Man…

      I’m on this site as comic relief, but I keep getting 1-upped by Bo POLNY as himself!  That dood is straight up outta da future!  You git 1 right, now, Bo, ya hear me?

    • Please start the title of Pony’s garbage with his name so I don’t have to bother reading the title. Why S.D. continues to post Pony’s delusional blithering is almost as bewildering as Pony’s delusional blithering.

    • I have been following this PENIS for 7 years now.Not only is he always wrong but he lies.I was a subscriber to his newsletter for six years and he never sent emails to his subscribers calling any top in gold or silver.He said $1180 was the bottom for gold and would never break under any circumstances.He said this for 2 years all while saying gold would break out into new highs.He said gold would go to $2000 in 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 by xmas of the year we were in.When I asked for a refund he said he miscounted in his cycle theory and was off by six months but refused to refund my $500.00 and just blocked my emails.Of course BOB he will eventually be right.In the mean time he is taking advantage of people and destroying their wealth.I hate to say it BOB, you are a DUMBASS IDIOT.I have lost thousands of dollars because of this PUNK.I HATE HIS GUTS!!

    • One of the secrets of a successful life is to own everything WE do, without trying to off-load the blame for our actions onto others.  Yes, there are people in this world that offer bad advice to others but there is no law that says we have to accept it.  Once we do, everything that happens after that is on us.  Those who follow this bit of advice understand the truth of it.  Those who do not?  Well, they have a more difficult path to follow.


    • I think in general, that what Bo is saying will happen. The problem with this idjit is the constant “Date Picking”. No one knows with absolute certainty what will be the catalyst that begins the decline in the stock markets and no one can pick the date. It will happen, that I could not be more sure of.

  1. It’s not hard to predict things if you’re wrong most of the time.

    Say it loud enough and long enough and people will start believing the town crier or village idiot.

    Jeez Loowheeze!

    The shanghai spread is $54 and silver nears $2

    The western gold price is run by people much worse than village idiots.

  2. I’m in the process of liquidating my bars as there will be no 30% fall in the stock market in general as over the last 3 months every piece of news which should have caused a gigantic flight to safety and pm’s has in fact resulted in the total opposite happening, italian banks which are bust – their price rises 18% in a week and then goes up again when they cant refinance ???. Brilliant news we are even more busteder than before but it doesn’t matter because everything is Awesome (waving of Italian arms) buy buy more shares instantly worth a tenth of their value day 1. That doesnt make any sense …there is too much euphoric buying everywhere of every stock , as a result there will be a 30% fall in the silver price over the next 6 months . When corporate earnings plummet in the 2nd quarter as the focus will have shifted off the fed and on to companies and do they actually make any bloody money I will buy back in when the silver price hits $9/oz.  The silver market has simply no good news to tap into it rises 3% gets slammed down 4% next day…  so I’d get out while you still have a shirt…then by all means go back in when US earnings go south and the buybacks can’t be financed. I’d watch Caterpillar 1st quarter earnings as a global telltale.

  3. AGXIIK,

    I feel like an idiot getting on this site! Your articles are the only ones worth reading but I have become accustomed to reading the comments from those like myself who are trying to make our way through these uncertain times. It’s enjoyable to make fun of Bo and others but I have hundreds of thousands on the line. Need to find a site featuring an ex banker, PM manipulator that will tell the truth.

    I’ve pretty much had it with SD.

    God Speed to you all.

  4. We are living in a world of opposite polarity. Everything is backwards, the reverse of what it should be. Someday reality will set in but for now we are living in one of these most bizarre times in history.

    • As Ayn Rand once wrote:

      “We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.

      At some point, those consequences will be like the proverbial chickens and they WILL come home to roost; which will be when they cannot be ignored any longer.

  5. Is his 42 year cycle comparing stock market crashes, depressions or recessions? For example the great stock market crash was 1929 not 1932 – so if he is comparing like for like there is already a 3 year discrepancy in his calculations which tells you straight away this is a load of twaddle! As if you needed telling, after all this is Bo Polny. What a burk!

  6. OH My!  Sigh…..

    And just this morning I said to myself, SD finally did it. Yahoo…..they stopped carrying the this meaningless drivel.  Finally, they made the move for credibility and quit carrying authors that have totally trashed and discarded any believably what-so-ever.

    Bingo….here we go again.

    Anyone want a good homework assignment? ….go back and list the multitude of “ITS GONNA HAPPEN ON ___”  by this author and never a word or mention of why it didn’t happen.  Never a word of apology to any newbies who may have actually bet on his prediction.

  7. This Turd Merchant knows no better than anyone else.
    As long as the dollar is going higher and the ten year bond keeps rising until the bond market crashes with the stock market following we have no choice now but to put up with the downside of Gold and Silver. Anything else, bullion banks, traders and manipulation of the commodities will continue until the Free Market is recognized once again. All of the suppositions in the PM sites such as Silver Doctors is meaningless.
    Have a Merry Christmas (hopefully)

    • Shill Meisters

      Guys like Bo Polny and Jim Willie are doom and gloom sensationalist. First off, who do you know can predict the future? I thought so…No One Can, yet these two clowns make these sweeping prognostications which, when the time frame comes and goes, are never held to account. No doubt we, as a country face many challenges, however, listening to these two idiots will get you nowhere unless your reading this for pure entertainment value. Maybe Jim can ask the voice where silver will be on the 15th of next month More like talking to the hand….What a joke. Yes we all get it, making a prediction is a fools errand and anyone who does so, is putting it on the line. You also then open yourself up to legitimate questions regarding how you got to the point of making the prediction. Its like a stopped clock, its right twice a day but what good is it for the 23 hours and 58 minutes? Okay, so let me ask you something, why would anyone listen to these shills when they are consistently wrong? When it comes to gold and silver, good luck predicting anything especially in the rigged casino we are now in. The best you can hope for is, a reversion to the mean at some point. When that is, is anyone’s guess and listening to BO Polny or Jim Willie won’t get you there.

  8. Ahhh yes! liquidate the stash of Real Money!  That’s what the crooksters want!  I submit (They) are buying.   I have re-balanced, but not interested in selling anything.   Maybe I will buy some Mexican Libertads instead.  Yes, that sounds like a plan…

    • Yep Falco, As fast as they can .  Pay attention to this blame Russia propaganda machine in both the US and Europe , looks like picking a fight.

    • @Falco

      Maybe those who liquidate their stash should stack a new type of coin that has no gold or silver in it but just looks pretty?  We could call it the “Libertard” or some such spiffy name.  😉

    • Indeed.  Peter Schiff also said that the Fed would not raise rates and then did a follow-up video a few days later to explain why they did.  lol

      A great many people recognized the signs and signals of the Fed and knew with a high degree of certainty that the Fed would raise rates in December of 2016.  As usual, it was a piddly little 1/4 of a percent raise.  They have painted themselves into this corner and are having a hard time extricating themselves from it.  Even though they do not want to raise rates, the bond market IS raising the long term rate at a rapid pace and the Fed MUST raise rates or get left hopelessly behind.  They always think of themselves as leaders and not followers, so this really rubs their fur the wrong way.  A rate increase of 50 basis points would have been a lot better, regardless of how many pairs of Wall Street panties it would have bunched.


    • Successful investors are too busy making money to worry about talking about making money.  All these subscription sellers remind me of those who used to sell maps to “lost” gold mines.  😉


    • Not sure I understand why you always post about paying much higher prices for ASE and 90% from a coin dealer than from SD Bullion unless it is the fact that perhaps the coin dealer only deals in cash and no paper trail for the ole Govt.  Why do you pay more than what you can buy for online?- Perhaps I answered my own question?

  9. Love the Bo-dacious-ne’er-ostentatious (except in nicknames heaped on him) KOOL-AID!

    Yes yes yes!  I love stock markets crashing UPWARDS!

    — Bartender, gimme another pint of Kool-aid!   This is better than Dinar Guruberry KoolAid!

    Download SMULE and input Bo’s report, and play it back as a rap mix – MUCH MO’ BETTA that way!

    Piece!…50 Cent  (Franklin)

  10. While some of Bo’s predictions may have been wrong (thwarted perhaps, or a tweaking of algorithms that he has not been able to detect/perfect????) I’d rather hear Bo using mathematics and pattern prediction (which has been accurate at times in the past) than Snyder’s (IMO) fear mongering and disinformation.

    I will have a read of this article. (I sometimes read the comments first!)

    • Sucker Nurse,Name one prediction Blow Pony has nailed and then back it with the proof.Not going to happen!!! Every time Blow comes on you defend him.I have five years of down loaded news letters of nothing but lies and wrong predictions.By the way its called CYCLES not pattern prediction.You are a retard.

    • @silver-streams (aka silversmith)

      1) “defend him”. put it this way… most people viciously attack him. it is much more harsh than for anyone else. i feel that it is over the top. sure, slag him off for making wrong predictions (and i feel he might be foolish to continually open that door for himself) but there is sone merit in his pattern predictions (aka cycles analysis).

      2) pattern vs cycle. yes, the common term is cycles. but a cycle is a repeating pattern. making a point of this insignificant point proves the insignificance of your point and that you don’t have any other significant point. (was that too complicated for you to understand?)

      3) you have 5 years of newsletters. congrats. i recall you saying a while back that you subscribed to bo and he is a charlatan or something like that. i do not, have not, and will not subscribe. so… who is the retard here? ROFLMAO.

      p.s. i think point number 3 above proves you have an intense hatred for bo. right or wrong , i don’t give a rats ***. don’t blame me or bo for YOU being silly enough to let him take your money. sorry if that’s burning you up inside. nice chatting with you.

  11. Bohdan Stephan Polny has been making wrong calls since forever. No $2,000 gold since at least 2012. Here is a list of his failures. No wonder his chiropractor clinic went out of business. The customers in chronic pain had to get treated by a real doctor.

    Bo Polny used to call himself a doctor. Then the gold community exposed him. He barely qualified as a chiropractor. Now Bo Polny calls himself a market cyclist. No certificates for a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) or a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). What market cyclist has no $125,000? Citigroup is suing this debt slave for unpaid bills. Harry Dent and Martin Armstrong, the real market cyclists, spend at least $125,000 on a one week vacation at an exotic destination. Bo Polny should just call himself a pathological liar. Greg Hunter will no longer invite this lying fool.

    Bo Polny tries to rip off Bill Murphy and his readership. It didn’t work. Thank God.
    September 04, 2016

    “Ready to Explode”: GOLD, SILVER & THE BIG PICTURE FOR 2016 – Bo Polny

    PayPal refuses to do business with Bo Polny. Ask him why he uses for online billing? PayPal will actually dispute questionable billing practices for their users. Bo Polny is so petty and poor he can’t even refund $1,000 for buyer’s remorse.

  12. What happened to the Jubilee? Daniel’s Timeline? Shemidah?

    Ex-subscriber EXPOSES Bo Polny’s subscription service. He says Bo Polny’s forecasts have been wrong 90% of the time. More proof that Bo Polny lies to his subscribers.

    Bo Polny has a fetish for fiat and no real love for physical gold. Another dumb daytrader buying worthless call options.


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