COMEX SILVER 41013Epic drainage of physical silver inventories continued Tuesday, as 17.3% of CNT’s physical silver inventories vaporized for the 2nd consecutive day, cutting CNT’s physical silver inventories by 1/3 in only 48 hours!
Brinks’, CNT, Delaware, HSBC, & Scotia (every vault except JPM) all saw significant physical withdrawals, as a massive 2.7 million ounces of physical metal fled COMEX depositories.

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Chart Courtesy SRSrocco




  1. Is it just me or is there something about the depletion of silver that affects every depository EXCEPT JPM 
    Lucky stiffs.
      Except Blythe.  Unless there something about her I don’t know. 
    Maybe Turd can enlighten us.

    • “Except Blythe.  Unless there something about her I don’t know.”
      It is likely that for every thing we know about this creature, there are 1,000 things that we do not.  Take joy in that, AG.

  2. C&P from FB side …
    The confetti in the branch banks is of no real importance. THAT can be run off on presses for eternity. THIS is the REAL ‘bank run’ that MATTERS. The percentage of hypothecation has gone well past the ‘comfort level’ of the true depositors and the sheer volume of ‘claims’ against their metals guarantees that if they don’t act now, just the cost of lawsuits ALONE will wipe them out in the end. So, it’s the proverbial ‘now or never’.

  3. Hi Doc,
    I’m new to the game, but noticed that JPM had an increase the exact same as Brink’s withdraw.
    Nobody seems to be mentioning this, is it noteworthy?

    Did JPM just close 1.5 million ounces worth of shorts with physical metal as they moved from registered to eligible.

    • Hey MexSilver,
      Naaah, absolutely nothing concerning JPM is noteworthy. When these crooked bastards commit murder, they only get a slap on the hand. I am just waiting for JPM to implode and take Lloyd Blankfein (penis head) Morgan Stanley along with them as a start. When all this happens, Uncle Ben Bernanke can bend over and kiss his rotten ass so long as well. All is not well whatsoever with JPM.
      Have a great day, sit back and wait for the fireworks!

  4. Stockpile physical silver while flooding the paper market with shorts.  Why is it that the U.S. markets even allow this?  Normally you do not own what you short, you are selling it to decrease in price.  Unless your customer is the Fed. or the U.S. govt.  Keeping gold and silver prices “under control” with short selling to make the dollar look good is one thing, but owning gold and silver along with shorting them as well, can only be leading up to one thing.  Pulling the rug out from underneath (if we only knew when) will be profitable, to say the least.  85 billion a month should be securing the U.S. quite well for a future.  What is the end game when they finally let the price sky rocket?  Are each of the players (Russia, China, U.S., Europe, etc…) allowing themselves to be equal sharers of the PM’s?  If nobody is crying foul, in the finacial world it must all be fair game.

  5. This fits with the same situation in gold.
    Also, on CNN on Sunday there were two stories containing 9 and 11, respectively, both about people killed. There were numerous 9’s in various stories (all about dead people). Today on both CNN and BBC news, there are stories with the number 13.
    Our ‘friends’ the j ws communicate with each other using their very own MSM, and they, coincidentally, are the ones who own all big banks, and who will have already decided the date that the trigger is pulled.
    Coincidentally, tomorrow is 12 April, the anniversary of the first day of the US Civil War, which was all about slavery, and which eventually abolished it. 12 April was a key date for each of the 4 years of this war
    Would 12 April be a good day to pull the trigger to bring back slavery on a grand scale?

    • @Chief – Propaganda from Socialist Public Education Alert. The Civil war was not fought entirely over slavery. It was fought for oppression over the southern states as sovereign entities to withdraw from the united states at any time.
      That would be the equivalent to today if we fought a civil war and they said it was only because “the rebels/domestic threats” were against ObamaCare. That is just completely silly because everyone would know that we were fighting against oppression over our rights and liberties. Slavery would have ended on it’s own without a war just as it did in Europe. Same with the vietnam war they eventually became a united country again anyways. Not to mention the Northern states had slaves as well.

      – Abraham Lincoln:
      “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

      Was slavery right or moral? NO, but to say that 15 year old boys went to die on the fields of war just to keep a black man working his fathers cotton farm is a load of crap.

    • Well said, Orion.  It is clear from history that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was a clever political ploy that absolutely prevented either England or France from openly supporting the Confederacy.  Both of those nations had strong anti-slavery laws in place at the time, so sending aid to the Confederacy would have equated to official approval of slavery.  That was a political step that they could not take, much as they wanted to aid the Southern States and continue to benefit from inexpensive high quality cotton and tobacco.  They did send covert aid, however, mostly via highly paid private blockade runners.

      As to slavery itself, it was a stain on the soul of humanity that will take a very long time to expunge. It continues to this day but, thankfully, in greatly reduced numbers and with no official approval whatever.

  6. so let me get this right…1 million and a half ounces + is withdrawn from Brinks vault and the exact same amount is put into JPM vault??!! Frist question : Are the vaults in the same building and if so do they actually move the silver from one to another or is this a bullshit paper notation to indicate “ownership” ?
    Second question: lets put that much silver into perspective. Simple math says that1,524,661.800 ounces equals 94,000 lbs of silver, which is about 47 tons+, what system is employed to move that much silver to have an activity date and a report date only one day apart?! Is the transaction complete? If not is that physical moviment of phyzz to take place “soon” and if so i want to meet the men who can hump that much weight in that single day.
    I call shenanigans !!! whose with me?! 

    • Move 47 tons of physical silver in a day?  Sure, no problem.  The stuff is stacked on special very heavy duty steel pallets of probably 8-10k lbs. each, which can be picked up  by a forklift and loaded onto a truck.  Doing this for 1 pallet takes, what?  20 minutes?  Multiply by the amount of pallets needed to get your 47 tons.  Drive truck to party receiving the metal.  Unload the truck with another forklift. Place the pallets in the new vault.  Finish paperwork.  Any vault set up to handle large bullion movements would be doing it this way because it is about the only practical way of doing it.  How do silver and gold miners and processing plants move their gold and silver bars around?  Same way.

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