SGTJeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada joins Sean from the SGTReport to discuss banking cartel crimes and his recent articles ’3 Reasons Why the USD is Already Worthless’, and ‘The Fraud and Conspiracy of Bullion-Leasing’.

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  1. Anybody here care to spell out (for the audio-impaired) the three reasons why Jeff Nielson claims the $USD is worthless?
    Everywhere that I go, it is my observation that the dollar is still considered money and may be exchanged for more useful items such as food, etc.

    • Well, let me put it this way, a guy all dressed up in a real swanky suit, groomed ‘to the nines’, might meet a group of folks in a night-club and suggest having dinner in a fancy restaurant, charming the group with witty conversation of lavish living and world travel. The encounter would, for all APPEARANCES seem propitious for everyone’s future prospects … until at length, during coffee while waiting for a sumptuous desert, he excuses himself but never returns, leaving the grumbling gaggle with responsibility of paying for his rather indulgent meal. Such is the reality of banknotes, Mammoth. Everyone is still sipping that fine old Bordeaux while their Chateaubriand is settling. Coffee yet to be served.

    • Great analogy. I’d add one level to the story to make it match object reality more closely. Imagine your fine gentleman seeming to be super-human. Day and night, seemingly forever, he’s at that fancy restaurant holding court, as fans rotate in and out. Many get away with full bellies and smiles as the debt bill rises. This goes on for years, and in fact makes the dollars he say’s he’ll pay with seem to be “worth something.” To those that got away before the final exit of our dear benefactor, indeed, it sure felt like the dollars were “worth something.”

      You see, in all appearances, the dollar is indeed still worth something while the ponzi continues. The caveat is that the damage to be wrought once the ponzi dies grows with each day of merriment at the fine restaurant.

      Generally speaking, it’s not really productive to talk about the dollar not being worth something today when it comes to trying to wake-up people new to all these subjects. It so far from their understanding of object reality that such talk often shuts down their minds. We also tend to get into “but it still buys stuff” discussions with people who do understand the problems of the fiat system (e.g., Genuis8 below) and spin our wheels because the exposition of the topic doesn’t always proactively deal with points of semantic debate (e.g., the fiat still buys stuff but that’s not really the point — the point is the problems associated with a fiat based debt system, a discussion that is lost to potential allies for the sound money camp, lost on account of catchy, but unproductive headlines like “3 reasons why the dollar is already worthless”). Just my biased opinion. I’m out to educate the masses, not preach to the choir (well, OK…some of you do sing rather well 😉

  2. Good interview, but also some very harsh realities.
    1. The acknowledgement of central bank cooperation in the gold market,  they are working together on this, central banks are NOT independent.
    2. The Yuan will stay a paper currency until it’s the Reserve currency of the world, THEN they back is by gold, and this will be decades away.
    We are powerless in this game, it will be played on the big boys terms, and they are going to drag it on for many more years, if not decades.

  3. I disagree with Jeff Nielson’s claim that the US$ is worthless. As of this moment it is worth whatever the price is (for goods and services) that is current prices. While it will be worth less and les, it will never be worthless, even if Hyper-Inflation results. What will then happen is a global currency reset, with a new global trade credit (backed by Gold), and a New US$ will replace the federal reserve notes, for everyday local use. The hyper inflated FRNs will be replaced by the New US$ …. I would suspect at a ratio of between 100-to-1 and 100,000-to-1. 
    The 100,000-to-1 ratio could be used to wipe out the derivatives based on the FRNs. Think about this – 1 quadrillion FRN divided by 100,000 = 10 billion. If the New US$ is pegged at 10,000 per oz of gold, it is only 1 million oz of gold (31.1 tons of gold) …. easily affordable by the 8,000+ tons of gold in Fort Knox (wink, wink). Or just take it from the GLD vaults.
    While this massive devaluation would cause great pain to the population, it will also require that we build all infrastructures and produce all the food and goods we need, as we can not afford to buy goods from somebody else. Same problem for all countries.

    • He talks about confidence in the dollar, the key are foreign holders, they have NOT sold.
      If they haven’t sold by now, they are not going to sell.
      As long as foreignors accept the dollar, the dollar has value, this may go on for much longer than anyone expects.

    • Genuis8 … “As of this moment it(an American banknote) is worth whatever the price is (for goods and services) that is current prices.”

      Yeah, and a grain of sand is unarguably worth SOMETHING. But to claim that 100 grains of sand constitutes an appropriate trade for a cop of coffee is only sensible to … oh, I don’t know, a beach bum in control of an armed Predator Drone overhead? In a word, the concept (of EITHER sand OR stamps as ‘money’) is … irrational.

      And, ahhh … zman … so, as long as someone is stupid enough to fall for out-and-out fraud … that somehow makes it … okay in your mind? Jeez, use a little discretion. Turpitude is NOT an admirable trait.

  4. Very funny ironic and telling tale, Pat.  When Joe Gotrox exits, the rest of the guests, thinking their host will pay for this sumptuous $3,000 dinner, realize they brought nothing of value to the table with them. 
    While I wouldn’t say they were members of the Mooch Class, if a person accepts an invitation like this from a ‘swell’ should alert a wise person that something was amiss.  Where was the hook? The sales presentation?  A multilevel opportunity?   Nope.  The swell seduced enough rubes to the table to give it an appearance of something special.He had a great meal.   The Maitre’D was impressed.  He was taken in too.
    End result.
    The guests were left scrambling to find anything of value in their pockets.  Finding insufficient funds, they had to go to the owner with their problem. The owner didn’t need a bunch of slackers working the scullery. The police arrive and haul this pack of ne’er-do-wells off to the chain gang where they worked off their debt, 80% for the police scholarship fund and 20% for the restaurant owner. 
    I get the lesson.
    Free is good until it’s not free.  No free lunch.
    Money? Ditto.
    The menu is now turd sandwiches with a side of pocket lettuce and a cuppa joe with sand.  There is a hook in every sandwich. 

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