goldPM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler explains why he believes that there’s good probability that the next move in the sector will be more powerful than the 2016 move:

dollarWe have stated that Donald Trump would be the cause of a barrage of news and market movements.
He’s not even President yet and it has already begun.


war battle manipulationThe Former Congressman Joins Silver Doctors to Sound the Alarm: There’s An Assault On Our First Amendment rights.
If this ongoing assault on free speech succeeds, then all of our liberties are endangered…

launch-rocketThis type of price action is indicative of a rally that may be in the early stages, rather than near an end…

From the moment China became an elephant player in the physical market – selling gold is a one way street!
Western sell-offs are shipped to China but do not return
The global gold game has changed.
This will TURBO CHARGE the ramp up in the price of gold the next time the West shows interest in the metal…

silver-trumpDoc & Dubin Are Back in the Saddle Breaking Down the Big PM Rally to Start 2017.
Doc Presents A Potential Black Swan For Silver Entirely Off the Radar:

Could Donald Trump’s Border Tax Plan Unleash Absolute CHAOS in the US Silver Market?  

Buy Gold Bars at SD BullionWhat does the recent volatility and surging price of bitcoin mean for the future of the crypto-currency, and does its recent out-performance mean that it may supplant gold as a safe h
aven currency? Can bitcoin rival gold as a safe haven? Do bitcoin’s recent price gains herald gains for gold in 2017?

hyperinflation“How on earth are we going to resolve $120 trillion on balance sheet and off balance sheet liabilities before we consider state and local debt and underfunded pensions?  My suspicion is we get out of this in one of two kinds of defaults.
I think we will have a series of unofficial defaults where we devalue the net present value of the obligations, which is a different way of saying we devalue the currency, gradually like we did in the 1970’s. I think that will have the same impact on gold and silver prices…

paper goldJohn Hathaway of Tocqueville Funds says the physical gold market will defeat the paper gold market leading to a much higher price for the monetary metal in the coming months and years in his Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter (Fourth Quarter 2016 Investor Letter):

goldWhat is interesting about gold and silver’s rise so far in 2017 is how it correlates to their rise in 2016.
From the very first day of 2016 gold and silver rocketed higher.
And gold didn’t stop rising until it hit nearly $1,400 in July.