Bix Weir exposes the criminals at the CRIMEX once again showing that in 2016, with the mine supply of silver falling 3%, the criminal market riggers threw over 100 BILLION ounces of electronic silver at the “problem” to keep the price suppressed!

USMintWhen American investors buy physical gold and silver bullion, it’s often in the form of these American Eagle 1-ounce coins.
Gold’s first new bull market since 2011 last year was overwhelmingly driven by stock investors flooding into gold ETFs.  Traditional physical bar-and-coin demand was actually quite weak, falling considerably year-over-year.  Nevertheless, it’s still important to stay abreast of classic gold and silver investment demand.  One key microcosm of that comes in the form of the US Mint’s sales of its popular American Eagle coins.


market-crash-collapse2017 Is Setting Up To Be A WILD Year…

No one ever talks about the secondary market on American Gold Eagle coins when it comes to the demand side of the equationalways about how many the Mint is currently cranking out
The dearth of back-dated Eagles may be the first sign that the Permanent Fund – which has dumped over 1 MILLION gold eagles and maples onto the market since 2012has stopped selling and may be starting to buy again…