“I Think We’re Close…”


If Silver Breaks Through $18.50, and Then Through $21, Silver Could Start Trading “Almost Like No Other Market In History…”

Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee says not only silver, but also gold, may be ready to breakout to the upside.

But here’s the caveat:
“Until the gold cartel is defeated, the precious metals will never go up in our lifetime,” Murphy says, “But I think it’s going to happen, and I think we’re close.”

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  1. This clown has been spewing out the same narrative for the last 2 yrs.Give it a rest Billy Boy.Since paper losses mean shit to the banks/govt  this charade can go on for another 5 years barring a major global financial collapse.The preceeding will continue with the wash and rinse. Once the paper price approaches 19-20 it will be bombs away with paper shorts back to 16.50-17. Anyone expecting to make an overnight fortune in physical should be prepared to hold for years and not months before.

    Thanks anyway Doc for the Infomercial.

    • I agree.I 1st. bought silver in 1979 at $24 an ounce.I bought $100 FV of Franklins[BU] cost $1750.Then in 1980 I bought silver from a company called Deak Perra[spelling] I stored the metals in  a  Swiss bank.Sometime later I wanted to take possession.A 10% fee to transport metal out of the country.Yes! The day the Gulf war started I went to the Bank of De. and bought 3 bags [$3000 FV] [1992 or so].In 2001-2002 I bought a few monster boxes.In 2008 I took delivery on a few contracts [10k oz.].I made a few other purchases since that time.What I’m saying is I’ve been in the game for a long time.I saw it go to $50 or so in 1980 and again in 2011 FOR and HOUR OR SO.Over the years I also bought a lot of metal stocks.I made a lot of mistakes.Not selling-storage fees etc.The  big question is “Was it worth it?”Fuck NO!!!”Buy gold




    • Yeah, I can’t even listen to this GATA person anymore.  Their advice has ruined people’s lives and yet they continue to paint false hope.  Its very simple, until the massive paper manipulation which has capped gold and silver since 2011 ends the price is going NOWHERE!!!

      These people are as bad as the manipulators just on the wrong side of the trade.


    • Bill Murphy and GATA are heroes, they put their chests in the line of fire while you 3 are just common fraudsters paid by your big jewish money masters. You come every day with your lies and showing your disgust with PMs supporters, Why don´t you just go to the sites that promote FB, Snap, google and the other parasitic spy sites? Just CIA scum

    • @Sammy


      Sounds like quite a ride.  I did it a little differently.  I bought $2000 worth of silver bullion coins from a local coin shop at $21 an oz. way back when.  I wanted to double my money, so sold it back to the dealer at $44 to cover the cost of the transaction and generate a good profit.  As it turned out, that was a little too soon but I had a nice gain so was not unhappy that I did not sell at or nearer the market top.

      While that was a positive experience, I got away from silver then and went into the stock market.  I did well there and did not get interested in gold or silver until early 2010.  My buys were slow at first because Internet buying was new to me, so I was cautious.  I got a few rolls of dimes and then some quarters.  A friend of my wife had about 2 dozen Morgan dollars that were in good condition, so I bought them from her for spot, which was a reasonable deal for us both.  Some dealers would have offered her 80-90% of spot and she probably would have taken it because she did not know any better.

      Since then, I have used dollar cost averaging to build up a reasonable stack over time.  I tend to buy every 3 months or so, buy a little more on the dips and a little less on the rises, but am pretty much always buying.  I did set a buy limit of $35 an oz., so did not buy any silver above that price.  Most of my buys have been larger more recently, so my average price per oz. is not all that bad at just under $20 an oz.  I am satisfied with that as a fair price and continue to add to my stack when a good deal comes along or something attractive becomes available.

      I’ve also gotten a little gold but that is the small part of my stack.  I like the concentrated wealth effect of gold.  It’s very space efficient and portable, so is good for bugging out, should that ever become necessary.

      I keep my stack reasonably simple.  I only collect ASEs, Silver Maples, and Gold Maples.  I have a few bars, a few proof coins, a fair amount of US 90% silver coins, and a few commemorative silver medallions (mostly as gifts) but am not adding to these categories.

      In spite of all the hype surrounding the PM market, I only have two requirements that I hope to meet with my stack.  First, if there is a deep depression or other severe economic / financial disaster, I will have some hard money on hand with which to deal with the worst of the consequences from it.  Second, this is a LONG term holding that will be useful for dealing with inflation.  At nearly 68 years of age, I have seen for myself how inflated US currency has become.  I remember prices from the 1950s and 1960s where everything that was a common need was MUCH cheaper back then.  I now know that the value of those goods has not changed very much but the value of our currency sure has.  It’s become a LOT cheaper, so much more of it is needed to make everyday purchases.  If it turns out that I do not realize a significant benefit from my stack during my lifetime, that is OK with me because my children and / or grand children surely will.


    • “This clown has been spewing out the same narrative for the last 2 yrs.”


      Yea so? Have you checked out the charts? He was largely right. Maybe you don’t understand the silver market. Not sure what “charade” you are referring to, silver goes up when there is a reason to (QE, stocks crashing). Just because you are short minded and want instant profits and find it easier to play arm chair quarterback than trying to truly understand what these experts are telling you.

  2. The problem that Bill has is that he is arguing manipulation then saying that prices are also responding to trading patterns. He can’t have it both ways. Either Silver is freely trading and will reflect trading patterns or it’s manipulated and those patterns are meaningless because the PTB will move the price anywhere they want it (within reason) as long as they maintain control.

    • My read on this is that he is looking at a 2 stage development here.  Currently, the gold and silver markets are manipulated, so prices are lower than they would be without this manipulation.  If / when this manipulation system breaks, for whatever reason, then we would have true price discovery and much higher gold and silver prices.

      We know that these markets are manipulated because there simply is no other reason for dumping HUGE quantities of gold, and especially silver, futures contracts during the most thinly traded part of the trading day.  No one seeking to make a profit on those trades would ever do this.  They would not dump a lot all at once and force the price lower, for one thing, and for another they would do it when the most buyers were around to support a higher price on what they are selling.  Clearly, this is being done to hammer the prices lower because that is the predicted and actual result of these repetitive actions.

      So, in this case, we CAN have it both ways, just not at the same time.


  3. Here is the deal…
    Silver is at a VERY important crossroads. IF it crosses its long term resistance then we can possibly look for higher highs. IF it does not – we could see some very low lows.



  4. OK, This is why silver is going to skyrocket!

    Goldman sacks owns silver. They say for shorts, but think, if you own, you are by definition long. First they short to buy cheap, then they go long.

    The price has risen from $12 to $18 already. Due to China and Goldman sacks long, expect continuous rise to $50.

    • “Price doesn’t matter since the dollar has no real value anyway.”

      Technically, you are correct.  However, most on here get paid in US dollars and then spend US dollars to pay our bills.  We’ve only got so many of them so try to stretch them as far as we can.  It’s what we’ve got and since ALL gold and silver vendors WILL trade us gold and silver for these US dollars, they DO have worth until they do not.  We will know that they do not after they have wildly inflated and those who own gold and silver will not exchange them for US dollars anymore.  That very well could happen but it has not happened yet.  Until it does, our currency still has at least some kind of perceived value.


    • Consider that if the number of stackers out there is increasing, there will be new folks coming into this market who probably have not heard this record played before.  Such info is for the newbies, not the old hands.  🙂


  5. I am just so shocked!  Do you all realize that there are actually websites out here that will post and/or say just about anything to try and SELL YOU SOMETHING.  I mean, some sites don’t care if they know what they are telling you is total hogwash and that they are feeding you the same old BS over and over, day after day, and year after year… if they think the end result might make them a buck, then honest and truthful  content has no place.  It’s just crazy isn’t it, that at least trying to be up front and honest and telling the truth has taken a backseat to “just feed ’em more BS… because some people apparently don’t recognize BS when they see it!”  Ah, it’s just more of the “dumbing down” of America.

    • “It’s just crazy isn’t it, that at least trying to be up front and honest and telling the truth has taken a backseat to “just feed ’em more BS… because some people apparently don’t recognize BS when they see it!””


      Yes, it is.  This is known as “The School of Mushroom Management”, where the plan is to feed ’em BS and keep ’em in the dark.  😉


    • @Bravo Whiskey51

      No shit???

      Gollee gee!

      Wasn’t “Bravo Whiskey51” the call sign of Gomer Pyle, USMC???

      What they are doing DOES NOT mean they are STUPID.

      The fact that people keep reading it, and buying enough of their product to pay the bills and give them a profit, is a sad commentary on the audience.

      They keep doing it, apparently, because a lot of their audience is STUPID.

      I agree with ED_B, we should have thumbs down, or mute buttons, or such.

      But I think most would not use them.

      A lot of people here read stuff that they know is crap just for the entertainment factor.

      Look at the views and comments that some of the entertainers get!

      Blow Pony says gold will go to $10,000 in a month and gets 10,000 views and 50 comments in less than 8 hours, even though everybody recognizes him as a moron with some incredible drug suppliers.


      Then look at the paucity of viewers, and almost no comments, on the better articles that most readers can’t fathom.




    • @Faranginkorat

      “Then look at the paucity of viewers, and almost no comments, on the better articles that most readers can’t fathom.”

      I like to use a gold mining analogy in regards to these articles.  There’s mud, sand, and rocks by the ton and then… a tiny fragment of bright sparkling yellow!  Yee- HAW!  GOLD!  Those are the articles, few and far between they may be, that keep some of us coming back here… and not the worthless drek spewed by Blow & Co.


  6. Its gonna get Ugly. A lot of stuff going on here and a lot of stuff coming to the Public’s eye in the future. I’m standing by what I think is going to occur so I will keep stack.  Like a really good game of chess!

    • Indeed so @Falco

      But be advised that when the financial SHTF, it will not be due to the lack of foresight or the incompetence of our fearless leaders but… THE RUSSIANS DID IT!  lol


  7. After 8 years of this here is pretty much where I stand

    Please please please, puleeeze, pretty please

    Just give me just one more bubble; just one more little bitty F’ing bubble

    I promise I’ll be good.

    I pink swear I will never buy a single asset class again

    I double triple promise I’ll never tell anyone else what to do

    I’ll just live in my cave, without internet, without cell phone, eating bugs n stuff

    Just give me one more silver and gold skyrocket and I will never say anything again–ever.


    • OMG, Bro… reduced to begging at this early stage of the game?  Where da f*** is that squinty-eyed gunslinger I have come to know and love?  He should be standing tall, ready to slap leather and watch ’em fall.  😉



  8. Fair warning. Stay away from technical analysis concerning precious metals. TA is rendered useless in the most rigged markets. Bo Polny is a bankrupt cuckold chiropractor as the result of reading sketchy charts.

    Precious metals investors are either banking on a sound money financial system or a quick get rich short squeeze. Everything else is long winded garbage. Avoid the fourth floor.

  9. Nothing will change until we see Jamie Dimon walk the Green Mile. However, it’s good to see “Flying Hedgy’s” again. Doing the old Double-Gainer off the 20th story balcony. Must mean something is afoot. Stay thirsty…

    • “Nothing will change until we see Jamie Dimon walk the Green Mile”

      Maybe he will do a swan dive from the 40th floor instead.  Flying banksters are not an unusual thing these days.

    • @AGXIIK


      “Facetious I am.”

      I’ve got to get you trained up in the fine art of the use of 😉 s to show when you are not being serious.  Otherwise, written words really have no clues as to that aspect of communication.
      “I heard this from a hedge fund trader who was terminated and replaced by some software trading platform”
      Yep… and no doubt he has to program this algo on his way out.  😉

    • @AGXIIK


      “Must put smiley face on post.”

      Yep.  It helps set the stage.  🙂


      “Big swinging d*** hedgy dude, his own description…”

      Yep, those guys really like that kind of description.  “Masters of the Universe” seems to be going out of favor of late.  😉


      “probably did have to train the algo software that replaced him  Boo Hoo Hoo”

      Rough job, lol.  That’s why they get the HUGE bucks.  From what most of those guys make in a year, we mere mortals could probably live nicely for about 10 years.  Oh, well.  sh… er, stuff happens.  🙂


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