On this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets, Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler dig deep into all the market movements as gold and silver pop, fear in the markets spikes, and the real possibility of nuclear war comes front and center amidst all the geopolitical turmoil.

In this week’s SD Metals & Markets:

Trump’s unprecedented comments regarding North Korea earlier this week shook the markets, shooting the CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX®) to nearly a ten month high. The Dow is down over 200 points this week, and precious metals rose steadily.

Physical demand for precious metals is hampering the gold cartels ability to manipulate prices, says Fund Manager David Kranzler. Eric Dubin agrees the gold cartel is having a hard time keeping prices down.



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    • Yes, probably Obama most of all because he was President for the last 8 years when North Korea probably perfected they’re nuclear capability most of all, but baby Bush and Clinton are responsible as well. Actually, Jimmy Carter too because he negotiated that agreement where in exchange for nuclear energy and some other stuff North Korea wouldn’t pursue nuclear weapons all the while working on a secret plutonium facility. Trump inherited a big problem that political opponents will no doubt try to pin on him.

    • “Trump inherited a big problem that political opponents will no doubt try to pin on him.”


      Indeed… and the low IQ / info types out there will believe it IF it is shown on the TV news.  Insert eye-roll here.


      SpeedRacer says: … reason for the racial B.S.

      What part of the world is Kenya?   Nothing Racist, I never believed anyone who talked so badly about this country could have been from here!

      Sorry to offend you! I’ll promise to be good Daddy!

  1. Is this from 3 years ago? Remember Greece was gonna blow the whole thing up! I went and told my neighbors to buy a bit of silver. What a laugh, I won’t be doing that again based on the advice of the impeccably incorrect “Fund Manager”. He should team up with the reverse-trend forecaster Jarhead Cemente then I could really get full laughs as I sniff the pot of glue I keep next to my silver.


  2. If you had lived in Greece you would have been damn smart to get your money out of Euros and into silver. If you lived in Argentina same thing. Canada same thing. Any one of a number of countries whose currecies devalued same thing. People who complain when silver isn’t up are mostly dumb. I have made money trading silver since I was 20 years old and only halfway through college. Stop complaining losers.

  3. Cryptocurrencies are not in a bubble … they are a Ponzi Scheme. They are backed by nothing, they produce nothing, they are not legal tender …. The only reason they are going up, up, up is because of new money going into them … classic Ponzi Scheme. When confidence breaks and withdrawls exceed new money they will collapse so fast no one will be able to get their money out fast enough. I don’t think the government is tolerating them so much as they’ve been blind sided. Block chain technology definitely has a future, but that future does not include individuals circumventing legal tender and digitally printing their own money through cryptocurrencies. A lot of people are going to loose a lot of money and instead of admitting the folly of they’re ways they will blame some B.S. Rockefeller, Rothchild, Illuminati … conspiracy.

    • “A lot of people are going to loose a lot of money…”


      No, they are going to LOSE a lot of money, not “loose” it.  Loose = opposite of tight or to shoot an arrow.


      Agree with the sentiment, however.


      As to whether or not cryptos are a Ponzi scheme, who knows?  But they ARE a mania.  Those of us who were young adults in 1980 had the chance to see what a mania is like firsthand with gold and silver.  It’s a buying frenzy with the object of the mania reaching absurd prices as many people pile into a limited investment.  Price is how a free market equates supply and demand, so when times of great demand meet times of limited supply, prices rise, often swiftly, and to ridiculous levels.  This is not to say that money cannot be made in a mania but it requires true discipline and nimbleness not to hang around too long and lose it all.  One MUST be willing to sell and realize their profit when just about everyone else thinks it will continue to rise to higher and higher levels.  Dollar cost selling can be used to try to maximize one’s profits while also trying to minimize one’s risks.


  4. If you want to find the beginning of the North Korea problem, you could probably trace it back to Truman. No lack of blame anywhere in hindsight.

    Post WW2, there were generals who wanted to push on and take out the Soviets while they were still weak If that had happened, we might have avoided the entire cold war, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.

    IF IF IF…

    • @pmstudly…  mate… Only one mistake was made… We didn’t take out the deep state money changers.   Know your true enemies… and its not some token proxie third world dictator with shit for brains.

    • ATH, $3816 bitcoin a couple hours ago. We are coming up to 3 ounces of gold = 1 bitcoin. $4k next week? Silver will explode soon, when the big boom happens next year. It will be a very bad day for the world. But mostly bad for the USA citizen.

  5. I been buying pm since 7/1/88 when I worked for a pm reclaimation company in Southern Arizona. Stacking gold and silver ever since, sometimes low, sometimes high.

    Plan your work, work your plan.

    First gold coins were South African krugerands back in ’88. Been monthly stacking ever since. 

    Stacking the pm shiny phyzz one coin at a time.

  6. @silversnout  I have no problem with crypto currencies but own none. Just a personal preference.

    BITCF (trading symbol) is a nice addition to my portfolio with 122% increase since date of purchase two weeks ago.  It’s some sort of fund that parallels BTC and Monday should show another nice pop.

    • good on you! great financial tool you have there, better than any special drawing right out there. don’t get lulled in by the dollars numbers. at twelve ounces of gold it might be time to look back down and take the lead as money. hope you can eventually report it down to eighty or hundred ounces for one bitcoin. getting rid of fiat dollars is like getting rid of fartsuckers. we don’t need ’em anymore. we’re sick and tired of them. Screw the race to the bottom, competitive devaluation BS. Only complete idiots believe you can maintain anything but a bubble economy on such a foundation. cheers!

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