In This Exclusive Interview, London Analyst Alasdair Macleod Issues A Dire Warning: If Trump Fails to Learn THIS, He Will Lead America Into A Repeat of the Great Depression…


Since the beginning of the year, gold and silver have been some of the best-performing assets. London Analyst Alasdair MacLeod joins SD to discuss the recent price action in the precious metals markets. MacLeod sees inflation to be the story in 2017, which means higher prices for gold and silver.

MacLeod says Trump is missing the fundamental reason behind trade imbalances. The solution to trade imbalances is sound money.

Macleod Warns If Trump fails to learn this, he will lead America into a repeat of the Great Depression…

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  1. Inflation has been with us for some time now (I’ve done the weekly family shopping for decades) but this year it could really gather some momentum how that will translate into gold price is anybody’s guess but I am not so confident that the bullion banks won’t get their own way (again).

    I had to listen to trade vs sound money segment twice, at first the idea is counter intuitive but it does make sense, however I disagree that China is moving away from the West as it’s primary export market.

    As far as I can see a recession is already here and a Great Depression for most of the West seems inevitable just too much debt for it to be a common or garden recession.


  2. Yet again we have a ‘financial expert’ quoting figures from the beginning of the year and saying whether Gold and Silver are up or down.   How many of these characters sell everything they have on the 30 December and then buy everything back on the 01/o2 January to start afresh?   It’s completely useless information.

    It all depends on when you bought your PMs and is the only real picture of how up or down Gold and Silver are.   The only other figure worth looking at is how Gold and Silver are doing in relation to their highs.

    As soon as one of these ‘experts’ says gold and Silver are doing well since the beginning of year I switch off.

    • If your’e thinking to adding to your stack or planning to sell this year more information can only help, it was quite a measured and plausible scenario which I for one will keep in mind.

    • Year to date (YTD) is a standard time frame for financial analysis. It is used through out all the financial spectrum: stocks, bonds, commodities, options, private debt, vix, etc. , etc. You are the first one I see complaining about that particular time frame. Never seen anybody complain that some one told him his stock is up YTD and he didn´t took into account that he is down since his purchase on August 17th.

      What do you propose? You would like a different analysis for every possible time frame?

      An analysis for that lucky guys that bought in 2000 and that not so lucky guy who bought in 2011. Also an analysis with a minute chart for that guy that bought this morning?

      Your comment is as useful as “bolas de toro” and so robust as a “pico de gato”.

  3. I hope everyone got the point he was making. Sound Money.

    Bought a house a while back and both the seller and I made out very well. I offered him 10k more then he was asking if he would finance it over 5 years. I saved about 50k in interest and he made an additional 10k. Win Win for both of us at the expense of the banks. Payments were relatively low compared to a bank loan.

    Imagine if all transactions were this way. Our standard of living would go through the roof without any extra income.

    Sound Money

  4. From reading people’s comments on this site, and other similar ones, it seems that often people are missing the point about investing in precious metals.

    Silver may go up… or it may not.  That’s okay.  It is the fact that silver and gold are REAL money and fiat currency isn’t worth the paper its printed on.  Convert what you can to silver/gold.

    We all know that the price of silver is being manipulated to stay low.  It is likely that silver will go up considerably.  When, who knows?  It drives me crazy when people make predictions on when “exactly” things are going to happen.  The world is going to end on…  The stock market is going to crash on…. The economy is on a “precipice”….  blah blah blah

    We all know that things can not keep going as they are.   It’s a mathematical certainty.  Also history tells us that all great empires collapse as does their currency.  The USA (and Canada for that matter) is not immune to the fate that other nations have experienced.

    Many countries are considering getting rid of paper money.  Some have already done this. Other countries are also getting rid of large denomination fiat currency… “to combat crime and drug trade” (eyes rolling).  It will be worse when things get switched over to digital.  Then TPTB can switch off the system when ever they want.  Just one more way to control the sheeple.

    Anyways keep stacking, only if you have other more important things taken care of such as water, food, guns/ammo, medical supplies and most importantly your relationship with God & Jesus!

    SolarGuy out




    • Yes it does.  As in they are suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion.

      It would not surprise me to learn that it was the big NY banks and others like them that actually create depressions, great or otherwise, and that these are nothing more than milking machines that these banks use to milk entire nations of a substantial portion of their wealth.  Using a “whip-saw” method that depends upon inflation followed by deflation, they first build up a lot of credit among people (think Roaring 20s here) and then pull the rug out from under them by replacing that very loose credit system with one that is very tight (think 1930s here).  A great many people then go bankrupt and their assets are sold off to satisfy creditors, including various taxing entities.  These are often sold at pennies on the dollar because by this time a deflationary depression is in full swing, money is dear, and very few actually have any money with which to buy these distressed assets.  But the big banks do have the money because they are not making loans.  In fact, they are calling in almost all of their loans.  The  net effect of all this is that hundreds of billions of dollars get funneled into the banks.

      The passing of time allows many to either die off or forget about all this and go on with their lives.  After 80 years, the process is repeated.  1929 + 80 years = 2009.  Hmmm… pretty close to 2008 when the US economy crashed.  Additionally, a lesser version of this happens about every 40 years just to make sure that no milking opportunity is ever wasted.  1929 + 40 = 1969.  Not as good a match but there was a significant recession in the US in 1973-74.

      IMO, the so-called “Great Recession” of 2008 was not a recession at all but a depression.  Recessions usually last about 13 months on average.  There are job losses when it starts but when it ends many new jobs are created.  A depression can last a decade and sometimes longer.  Job loss is severe, pervasive, and of long duration.  Now, just which of these two descriptions sounds more like 2008-2017?  Recession?  BZZZZT!  Not even close.  But those in government dare not use the “D” word because Ds are not allowed to occur!  Even when they do occur, they are redefined into something less ominous.  Otherwise, many politicians who contributed to the creation of such an economic mess will not be re-elected.  As one fellow once said, “When things get very bad… LIE!”… and boy, have they ever with virtually every number associated with the economy massaged until it is presentable in polite company, regardless of the true facts of the situation.


  5. Ya well, I’m just having too much fun playing JNUG and watching gold finally go up a little to get too depressed about who will actually trigger something already in the cards. I wish it would get here sooner than later. I’m more concerned about some recent evidence I discovered regarding global warming. I know, I can see it too, it’s undeniable.

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