Gold, the Titanic & Lifeboats – Why it’s Important to Own Physical Gold

titanicWhy it is so important to own physical gold and why does the spot price not matter that much in determining the real value of gold?
We try to explain this by making an historical parallel with the Titanic shipwreck.


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  1. I agree with the opening sentiments “Why it is so important to own physical gold and why does the spot price not matter that much in determining the real value of gold?”
    As Mike Maloney has said, what is important is not what gold is worth in terms of currency, but how much stuff you can buy with it.
    Whilst I’m not a fan of analogies, this little cartoon absolutely nails it as far as describing the shenanigans surrounding paper gold (& silver) vs the real thing.

  2. Love the easy to understand explanation…  The question I commonly get is why does spot not reflect supply and demand.  Great sharing material for those that just don’t get it yet!

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    • Mars was the Roman myth god of war and fertility. Mars was highly esteemed by the Romans because of their fascination with bloody warfare.
      Mars is associated with Baal of the Sumerians (one of the three members of the odd Masonic deity “Jahbalon”… “Jehovah, Baal, On”).
      Mars in the occult, in the Kabbala and others forms of witchcraft, is associated with the number “5″, which has an association with fear.
      Seeing as Mars is associated with the number “5″, it is associated with the Pentagram.
      The planet mars in the occult has a very prominent.
      So I don’t know what a “Republic For Mars” is supposed to signify, but my guess is that, seeing as you’ve mocked biblical Christianity before, you are somehow involved in the occult and/or masonry?

    • P1616, you’re stretching a long bow there.
      Mars is a planet – the 4th out from the sun. Sure it’s name can be associated with any number of things, nefarious or not. Maybe RFM sees himself as an ambassador for Mars Bars?
      If I tell you I have 666oz of silver stacked, would you conclude that I have links to the antichrist?

    • There’s a question mark in there… I’m assuming there might be a connection, but not accusing.
      Just go to any big bookstore or Amazon, and you’ll see that the New Age-Occult book section is much larger than the Christian section… meaning much more people are into the former rather than the latter.

  4. Realizing it was an advertizement, it was nevertheless informative and accomplished its goal of ‘demystifying’ all the technical mumbo-jumbo complicating plain comprehension for novices. I agree with saddle that it’s a very good introductory tool.

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