Gold & Silver: The Stakes in the REAL World Series of Poker

Gold & Silver are the REAL stakes in the World Series of Poker. In this video, JS Kim of SmartKnowledgeU discusses issues of paper gold & silver vs physical gold & silver:

Power grabs of other country’s gold by leading Western and EU nations through war and debt enslavement. Duplicitous fantasy holdings of gold by Western nations that keep “leased” gold that is NOT in their vaults as an asset on their balance sheet. China & the Middle East’s secret, stealth underreported accumulation of gold reserves. Germany’s concern about gold that is “held” in other nation’s vaults that is likely gone forever. Currency wars are at hand and the Western nation’s bluffs are being called in the World Series of Poker. When Financial Armageddon hits, will you understand the World Series of Poker well enough to ensure you are positioned on the winning side?


  1. The brief take down in Gold and Silver today, should be proof positive that real value lies in real assets.

  2. Well, Gentlemen, I believe we’re sitting with a pretty strong hand and that has to count towards retirement or something. 

  3. Yo dude … your laying out way more truth than is good for your health … keep an eye out for a drone in your area in the not too distant future.  Good luck.

  4. Well I guess I’m like China I don’t tell anyone about my asset either but it’s away, way smaller than theirs but hopefully adequate for my families survival.

    • I’m also like you and China since I don’t tell anyone about my assets but my family are the only one who know about them since they have discovered them at my house by themselves. Also, one of my friends knows about it since he also knows the fundamentals of gold and silver.

  5. The WSOPM has been going on for more than 60 years.  The USA, aka Mike Matusow, had the largest stack in the world, 75% of all the chips.  And like Mikey, the USA has a lot of tells. He’s way too predictable.
    He did not manage his chip stack, going into hands with people like  France/Charles DeGaulle, aka Doyle Brunson, trying to buy the pot and getting bluffed off.  I’m not saying Mike/USA has had to borrow to keep up his stack but in my opinion Mike has ‘air’.  He’s gone in  so many times he owes everyone at the table.  Some are hard players and expect Mike to pay up.  And like Mike, the USA will have to serve time in the crossbar hotel for transporting drugs LOL

  6. He really did not say much.  Those of us on the Doc’s site already know what is happening.  As a fairly new newbie, what I would like is some factual information to research.  I am talking about historical, not contemporary.

  7. The bluff is going to be called and the federal reserve is going to go down in flames.

  8. Read my lips.  No new taxes.

  9. You Rock Doc !

  10. When the currency war will end, all fiat currencies in the world would collapse. Gold and silver will be the last men standing and resisting against the collapse. The Asians are preparing against the disaster by buying precious metals since they already had experiences with previous paper currencies.

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