Gold & Silver Greeted With Waterfall Smash on COMEX Open

Gold and silver were greeted to a familiar 2-stage waterfall smash on today’s COMEX open, with silver being smashed back under $28 to $27.39, and gold back under $1600 to $1579!


Silver’s waterfall began precisely on the COMEX open, and knocked silver well off the $28 level silver had traded around throughout the entire overnight session:



Gold is down over $25 from levels seen during Asian trading last night and back under the critical $1600:


Clearly the cartel continues to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the market to keep the paper gold and silver futures price under $1600 and $28 respectively.


10ozntr ban


  1. Better hurry up and buy before prices go back up. This may be your last chance to buy Silver below $30.00/oz…er…make that below $27.75.
    A quick check at the APMEX website shows quite a few ‘Out of Stock’ banners.

    • @Mammoth the reason their out of stock is because they don’t want to sell at a loss. It’s happened before and it will happen again lots of dealers are doing it.
      As for buying, I’m glad I held off, I’m going to see what happens down the road before I buy again. I already have my items in the basket on the site I use. they accept checks and free shipping. Lol
      Also I’m in touch with a guy that has a bunch for sale in a town an hour away from me with a bunch of 90%. So I’ll see what happens there. Lol
      People are dumping and not true Stackers but investors.Lol

    • @ Marchas45 I’ve been stating this for months. Remember this guru’s such as Sprott, Rule, Schiff, Sinclair and other precious metals business owners make a living buying and selling these metals. Nothing wrong with it. Yet you have to be intelligent enough to know when to buy and sell. Sometimes you will get burned and sometimes you will make a profit. Hold the line and keep your stacks.. Do not get discouraged! Your dumb enough to buy bitcoin and these governments are allowing bit coin to go up in stock you know they have a stake in this new ponzi scheme. 
      Stay away from that b.s. bitcoin. What shocked me was that Max Keiser was praising bit coin. Now I like Max.. So he has his reasons. 

    • Don’t try to catch a falling knife ! And do not listen to all the bullshit that “legendary” investors tell you. The gold and silver charts are looking bad. It might be the result of manipulation or not. But does it really matter ?

  2. F**k em.
    The manipulation of late wrecks of utter desperation
    Things are never what they appear to be.
    The Bankster Waterloo moment is fast approaching.

  3. Well Jimmy boys $1600 behind us by the 27th March and onward to $3500 looking a bit fragile :-( ….Ho Hum what a surprise.
    I’ll be generous and give him until 27th April to see if it’s the Cartel sticking the knife in to undermine his prediction and reputation. If not then I will be forced to give him a credit agency downgrade from AAA to something lower [How low depends on how wrong by the 27th April]

    On the plus side…more ounces for your buck continues :-)

  4. BUY THE DIP… BEFORE IT GOES LOWER! We need some hopium laced articles crossposted talking about gold and silver ready to explode, and how your worthless fiat dollars will soon be useless.. I want to feel better about my “store of wealth.”
    In other news, I know it is morbid, but now (as is often the case) when I can’t sleep, instead of imagining sheep jumping over a fence, I honestly imagine bankers / politicians and regulators going to the gallows one by one.
    The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent, especially when the satanic overlords behind the counter have the deck stacked in their favor every way possible.

  5. Fortunately, I have now developed ‘normalcy bias’ to these downward events.
    I will only be ‘shocked’ when it fails to occur.

  6. I love it!
    Especially since Platinum and Palladium seem fine.
    Silver is hit hardest. I almost wish I hard gold to go and swap some now.

    My favorite dealer just went out of stock on my favorite product, 10oz Perth mint. That’s too bad. When I gather sufficient cash to justify an order I’ll just dive back into Canadian Wildlife 1oz, those should gather some nice premium 1-2 years from now. Antelope is starting to cost more than Bison already at least here in Euroland.

  7. F**K em is right.  I just saw my purchasing power go up nearly $2 an ounce since last week, and with a nice $1500 income tax refund recently deposited. Now let me see….what shall I buy with that?  To TPTB, my children and grandchildren once again thank you for the gift.  

    • Exactly! More they slam the price down more the stackers are going to jump all over it. And with people waking up to the fact that bank accounts are a donation to the TBTF banks I think more will be looking to buy into precious metals. I predict a pump up of $1 by Thursday.

  8. This from Harvey O, circa yesterday:
    “The CME reported that for the second day in a row, we had 0 notices filed for nil oz of silver for the non-active contract month of April.  This is the first time ever that I can ever recall seeing no delivery notices filed on the first two days of any delivery month.  It kind of shows up how scarce silver really is.”
    43 million oz registered, so far deliveries = 0.
    The plot thickens…

      I was mulling that over a while from Harvey. No delivery notices?  Am I being uningenous or does this mean that no-one wants delivery?
      How does that indicate a shortage other than not rolling a contract or something like that.  
      Please untwist this knot in my head someone.
      Anyway just for laughs I put in for 20oz`s just before the comex opened today…Down down dee-derum-down.

  9. Sorry, I was wishing for a price break for my purchase today.  Hope it lasts thru my lunch time.

  10. I would not be surprised at all to see silver print a $26 handle today or tomorrow and gold head towards $1550. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is trading at $108 bucks up from about $40 pre-Cyprus. Go figure. 

  11. time to trade your bitcoin for silver, all you tech homies.

    • I can’t wait for the Feds to clamp down on that under the banner of “capital gains tax evasion” which if memory serves is typically a felony, and doesn’t have a statute of limitations. The fact that it has been a speculative machine, you can bet any coins spent in the last day or 2, or for the foreseeable future will have capital gains implications. Also, since the history of the cryptocoin should theoretically be there for eternity so you know it isn’t fake, the trail should be there for the gov’t and any letter agency to see.

    • If everything is being manipulated by the greater being, why not the bitcoin?

  12. As long as sellers have the ability to hedge they should be able to sell I would think. Speaking of bitch coins. I notice Max Keiser seems to have shuttered his “ethical silver” on his site. Maybe he can start peddling ethical bitcoins.

  13. Someone please explain me. If 800mln ounces are needed for industry annually (heck, even if it’s just 600mln). Howcome there are no deliveries out of COMEX? Is everyone bypassing them for physical by now? The silver has to come from somewhere…
    Not sure whether no deliveries means scarse silver. To me it just means no-one really wants to have any.

    • I heard a David Morgan interview on the weekend and it was fascinating for just this reason.
      He stated that the vast majority of silver physical is bought and sold on the FORWARD markets, which we can’t see the details of. Meanwhile, when you sign up for the FUTURES market, you have strict limits on what you can BUY, but no limits on what you can SELL. The deck is literally stacked against you and I, and will be until the system breaks. As I typed my memory was jogged as to where I heard it..

    • “To me it just means no-one really wants to have any.”
      No, there are 282 contracts waiting to be served.  About 1,410,000 ounces are  standing.  From the Comex. The Comex that claims 43,000,000 oz on hand to cover any deliveries.  Shazzam.

  14. It’s really getting interesting, the paper boys are really at it, punching the key pads on their computers but I’m looking ahead to when I’ll have the last laugh although I’m still laughing now. LMAO ,Keep Stacking

  15. Just a quick suggestion for tax gains or losses.  If you are under water in your silver or gold buy prices, sell into this price drop and record a capital loss for your 2013 tax returns.  This will give you a $3,000 cap gain loss to shelter 2013 gains or a loss against income for 2013.  Wait 31 days to avoid the wash sale and rebuy silver.  Maybe it will be even a lower price in 30 days.  Once you record your loss you can shelter gains inthe future.
    For different  resource sale reasons, I have a large cap loss carryforward that will shelter any gains in silver and gold should they ramp significantly higher in the next few years and I choose to sell into that price increase. 
    Normally I do not record any sales of silver and gold at a profit for the time being since I have not sold anything lately  I did trade some gold for silver in the Day or resistance round purchase.  Any small private party sales like at the up coming guns shows are private transactions and will never see the light of day.

  16. Silver is going to nowhere. Maybe is bull kiled. Fuc..n traders, bankers and DAILY TRADERS..go to h..ll

  17. Bitcoins my ass!  Can you HOLD a bitcoin in your hand?  Can you? If you can’t, then you ain’t got nuthin’!  Go ahead and buy them.  I’ll stick to 90% and occasional roll(s) of eagles.

    • Bitcoins are taking off, probably due to dweeb techie investors freaking out in Europe over the possibility of bank haircuts.
      As soon as it becomes a burr under Dimon’s saddle, the government will declare it a tool of money launderers and thieves to demonize its users.  If that doesn’t cool its jets, they can always download the mining program, put MIT and ‘Big Blue’ to mining them, then dump a bils worth on the market in a single tick of the clock.  And so forth. 
      They won’t bother to swat it until they can do more damage to more investors.

    • @silverrrrr, the 90% & ASE’s are also my favorites.
      We must be related.

  18. “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”
    –Herbert Stein’s Law
    We know that the current trend in fiat paper ‘money’ is the biggest bubble in the history of the world.  Mathematically, it cannot go on forever.  Therefore, keep stacking physical, as they say…
    FYI:  There is no reason whatsoever that Gold and Silver prices should be dropping right now, but that is the banker’s method for controlling inflation and controlling perception…  They are in control of the masses through their propaganda, but not of us.  It is only a very small minority of the people who have the courage and fortitude to be converting their fiat paper currencies into real hard money Gold and Silver right now…

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    –Margaret Mead

  19. Another Tuesday smackdown. A watch can be set by these raids.

  20. Where are theses guys getting the silver to short? The production cost of silver for most of the primary silver miners was between 25 and 30$ in Q4 2012, when oil was around 85$. Now with Oil around 95$, the production cost would be around 28 to 32$
    If the current prices stayed for long, many silver miners will close.

  21. 70 cents… fukkin bastards. hang em all high.. forget buy the dip this is bullsh!t.

  22. Marchas45 10:09 said…  “the reason they’reout of stock is because they don’t want to sell at a loss. It’s happened before and it will happen again lots of dealers are doing it.”
    -  -  -  -  -
    After selling some Coins last week I stopped by the LCS yesterday afternoon to restock my Mercury Dime stash.  Although the spot price for these was $2.02/ea., they wanted $2.12/ea – a 5% premium.  The lady explained how they are losing their azzes thanks to the drop in the Paper price, and will have to “take our Silver off the table if the spot price goes much lower.”
    This comment backs up what Marchas45 said.

    • @Mammoth I do not see why they would have to do that. It seems counter productive for their business. They could hedge their inventory in the paper market and sell what they have and order more! How is the price of silver supposed to find its correct market price if retail stores implement their own price controls and refuse to sell (alternatively hike their margins and take all the profit by arbitrage). It is a losing proposition for everyone in the end except the bankers. The end customer is losing money paying more for less, the retailers are losing business eventually (from either pissed off customers) or due to lack of luster in the metals as the price spirals down with no support, miners lose profits/sustainability due to skewed prices, while the industrial silver users deplete the earth’s stockpile / ore which our civilization actually WILL NEED in the future. I am getting sick and tired of this sector which is becoming as dishonest as the rest of the financials. I am just about to throw in the towel. At this rate only the doomsday scenario seems to be positive for the price of gold/silver soon (which I do not want to wish for) and what is the use of sitting on “doomsday silver” when everyone in the mainstream crowd has lost their dollars that we were hoping would flood into it. Now it is flooding into bitcoins instead. I know many here are skeptical of bitcoins, but the masses in the euro crisis will realistically not close their saving accounts to avoid a 10% haircut and buy silver when the VAT on it can be as high as 25%. They will rather do an almost free wire transfer to a german bank or transfer it somewhere else via bitcoin. I am sorry but if the gold/silver sector actors do not start to act in the best interest of the sector we are all done for. And by actors I include all the stackers who only buy on dips and refuse to chase the price a bit higher in order to break the resistance levels. One Sinclair (who is willing to stand up and strip the banksters of their supply) is not enough. Unless the banksters get scared of losing all their physical they will not stop.
      I feel I should take the opportunity also to shame Sinclair for making perma-bullish predictions (i.e. “gold will never again see 1500 handle”) to the public while behind locked doors stating that $1200 gold is a possibility. Is not 2-tier investment advice what we have been hating on Goldman for all this time? PS I should have become suspicious last year when Goldman was predicting $2000 gold by year-end DS

  23. Stocks hitting new all-time highs, metals getting killed again, I am afraid that this counter trend move is not over. The Dow/Gold ratio is now up to up 9.3, this ratio could hit 11-12 before the move is over, and on the chart it would not look like a big move.
    Maybe we see a  Dow at 15.500, gold at 1300oz and silver down to 20oz?   The final washout before the trend changes once again.
    The “cartel” now has a lot of ammo to drive metal price much lower, they got the hedge funds to start the move, and maybe they will finish it.

  24. About a week and a half ago I bought 3 gold maples for 5.5% over spot.  I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.  I have made some large silver purchases 22 months ago that I regret.  I bought 6 oz of gold when the spot was 1660 about 8 months ago or thereabouts.  I am happy with that purchase.  My silver purchases are another story.  What we are seeing right now is just manipulation and the motives are unclear.  But, since I can hang on with my metals for at least 2 more years I feel at rest.  What is going on right now is clearly desperation on the part of the PTB.  It will not work for them. Those that have assets are buying phyzz right now and they are clearly very happy with what is going on.  They are the ones that can afford to wait for these moments.  They are slowly feeling their way in.  They don’t know where the bottom is but they are buying, a little at a time.  A little for them is a lot for us.  Maybe 50 oz at at time of phyzz gold.  Tomorrow, if the gold price goes lower, they will buy 50 oz more.  They are buying monster boxes.  Just dabbling.  They know that the banks are not safe.  They are happy right now with the Central banks decision to provide cheap metals and are just making their moves.  They have patience.  None of this will affect them in the long run actually.  Lots and lots of gold is being bought now and being hidden in the rabbit hole.  They have the cash to live well now.  And, they are adjusting to the risk profiles.  I am doing the same thing although I made some very poor decisions with silver by being scared and not being patient.  I haven’t taken a poll, but I have a friend who is making all these decisions as we speak.  Believe me, the wealthy are not drinking beer and watch dancing with the stars right now.  This may unfold slowly but unfold it will.  The third world will visit the working man in the US.  Nothing he, can do about it. 

  25. Silver is over..

  26. PK  Yuo might want to consider trading your gold coins for silver, take a small loss on the trade since your gold is treated as a different commodity metal than silver.  Gold to silver ratio is about 58 to 1 so one gold coin could conceivably allow you to acquire 55 plus oz of silver if that trading market exists in Panama.  If you file US returns then that loss would work against income and allow you to average your silver price downwards   Just a thought inserted in a complex situation  If silver drops any more I plan to trade   Maybe 60 to 1 or so, maybe 64 to 1   I am guaging that daily.  thank you for your  comments

    • hey @AgXIIk  the majority of my investment are in silver.  I have a small amount of my money tied up in gold.  I only have 9 oz of gold coins.  I am very happy with that investment.  In fact, if silver does make a move higher later this year I will be moving my money into gold.  I will not sell my phyzz but my bullion vault investment will be sold.  My plan is to sell silver in the mid 40′s methodically until at least half is sold.  I will buy phyzz gold.  Probably maples or kruggs.  My goal is to survive. I no longer have the fortitude to hold silver.  I cannot predict the future but I am of the belief that gold will protect us from inflation.  I like to sleep well at nite.  Silver is not conducive to good nights sleep.  The time will come when I can make these moves.  Might be a year or so but it will be done.  Of course, I do not plan to ever sell my silver eagles until bartering is forced apon us.  That time could come sooner than I expect.

    • @ Pollokeeper – Once silver goes back up to 40$ you will no longer have to worry. It will rise and stay past 40$ one day so you will not lose. Gold is harder to sell and barter with on the street. Wait for the silver gold ratio to shrink (15:1) and trade some silver for gold. That’s my plan.

    • I think silver is due to see 40 again, the day after I turn 56. I’m 38. lmao.
      I recall as it was falling below 40 before, there were so many people banging the table about it being a final gift to stackers… it apparently is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • @Canadianstacker  depending on where you live you might be right.  In Panama, we use cash. It is no big deal to walk around with large amounts of cash.  We do business with large sacks of cash, big or small.  We do not trust banks.  We buy safes and store large sums of cash and store it in rabbit holes.  I live in the third world.  People here think third world.  What is third world thinking?  This is a condition where there is no trust in the system.  Silverman is from the third world.  They are inferiour in their thinking.  But, this thinking is coming to the West.  Store large sums of cash in bundles with tape in 2000 dollar denominations in safes and rabbit holes.  The third world way of thinking is very short term.  They think of eating for today or tomorrow.  No longer than that.  If you have money you hide it.  In stacks like I described.  You bundle it in tape so it can easily be counted and you can see if it has been molested.  We know for a fact that it is necessary to have 6 months of cash in the rabbit hole.  There is no trust now.  Have gold hidden just as well.  It won’t be long, and the gloom and doom that the silverman talks about will be true.  Not all true.  He is an idiot and only lives for today.  But, you will be living amongst these idiots and they will be knocking on your door to obtain food and supplies and I already experience this and have things ready to give them.  Things will in time reach you.  Now, do I think this is imminent?  Yes, if you think 1 year, or 2 years is imminent.  These people are scared and rightfully so and they will be in need very soon.  Keep stacking.  We want to survive and get thru this so we can come out at least healthy and fight another day.  That is my opinion.

    • @Pollokeeper – Thank you for the insight.

  27. Mammoth…
    No, SILVER GOES TO 5 $

    • Silverman, you are in my estimation a troll.  You have nothing constructive to say to this community and you should be moderated.  I believe that english is not your first language and you are unable to mount an intelligent argument.  I unofficially label you a troll, or just a third world idiot.  I live amongst you so I know who I am speaking to.  You are, my neighbor.  Shouldn’t you be cutting my grass?  Not wasting our time with your non-sense.  

  28. The house is allowed to order put options an a years worth of global production in one day.   The house doesn’t have to deliver Silver actually.  All they have to do is dare the day traders to take delivery instead of a juicy cash bonus.  As long as I can keep finding retailers gullible enough to sell at spot plus their regular commission I will keep buying.  No problem there.  Force majeure or bust.

  29. You know, I am getting worried over the Big Apple. Something like a landslide tsunami from the Canary Islands can take a big bite out of these NYMEX raids.

  30. jamie dimon
    i smell a shill

  31. No one can foretell the future except the Silverman who is my mind a man who sits in the front porch of a house that has no tile and is barren.  No furniture except a few plastic chairs.  Nothing on his walls. There are mats on the floor for the infants.  Very thin.  There is no appliances in this house except a very small fridge.  The counter in the kitchen is made from scrap lumber.  The rear of the house has a sink where the baby’s are bathed.  Sparce.  Now, this person does have a little education but he has no foundation.  He thinks short term.  Everything is a short term thought when you must shop for food on a daily basis.  I know who you are silverman.  You might have a hand full of silver coins.  Thats all you have.  You might even have an old car, or maybe you spend the majority of your income to own a newer car.  You buy 3 dollars worth of gas though.  You see, I know you.  You don’t belong on this site.  And, your opinions do not apply here.  And, there may be others.  The US will become more and more like you.  I am not saying that.  Yes, the US will become third world.  It will take some time.  But, in the meantime, you should take some more time with your posts.  Try and make some sense.  You are, in my mind truly inferiour in your thinking sir.  

    • Pollokeeper,
      It’s interesting, I’m entirely a newbie to this, but it seems taking the long view is something that is essentially being bred out of the species. I am quite a bit leery of bitcoin. However, I have no such innate suspicion about silver. To my limited understanding, it’s all about Mining, Minting, Markets and Manipulation. I am a guy who isn’t well-heeled, and have BARELY a handful of silver. But I have a psychic sense developed over the years. Suffice it, I’ll be procuring more silver very soon.

    • @Webkahmik  Where are you from?  I will tell you quickly what you should do.  Its easy.  Do you have 6 months of cash in a hard box that is taped together and safe?  If so, then invest in silver to your hearts content.  Make sure that you have plenty of every thing that your family needs.  This is not a game or Nevada like vacation.  Make sure the family comes first.  If we get the chance to come out of this with our left and right nuts in tact than take that as a compliment.  Shop around.  Old canned goods are OK.  Especially tinned pork.  Buy food dude.  Buy it.  Get involved in prepping so you will know how to store it.  This is not a situation for getting rich.  We want to feed the family. Don’t make it more complicated than that.

    • Ha, pollo,
      Mi nombre FUI Panama! I was in the MIL 93-97, met a Panamena and sort of ex-patted down there from 1999 – 2004 (and Costa Rica). Another coincidence, you mentioned Nevada, happens to be where I reside just now, La Valle Central, as it were.
      Yes, I have definitely been doing the food bit, for the last year or so. Haven’t quite got the cash reserve you are extolling for the “smart spread”, but soon will be rather better positioned to markedly ramp up all of that. I’m actually pining for Panama somewhat (!)
      So, I’ve been focusing on edibles mainly until very recently.

  32. I just pulled trigger on a monster box @ 27.34. I’m gonna dollar cost average and back the truck up if it goes below $25.

  33. Dear Pollokeeper and other friends in precious metals,
    ALL the best to all.

    • Good, we don’t need you around here Mr silverman.  You are a garden keeper who happens to have a laptop and who must not be included in adult conversation.  For all.  I private messaged mr silverman to ask him a little about his circumstances.  He refuses to answer which means he is my neighbor.  What I mean by that is that he lives in a house that has no furnishings.  He bought a laptop from a pay for play or rental store and now he wishes to participate in adult conversation.  He cannot since his english training is sub par at most and his inteligence is too far gone.  Socialist.  Communist.  You name it.  Find a French website sir.  They like socialism and redistribution of wealth type subjects.  Find an Obama type site.  Whatever.  This site is for survivors.  For those that know that something is wrong and we are reacting the only way we know how to react to fascism.  Good bye Silverman.  

    • @Pollo: your description is both hilarious and no doubt accurate. Thanks for the incisive take down of this social leper.

    • If you wish to buy silver I invite you to do so.  Did you know that a can of tinned pork is edible for an indefinite amount of time?  Yes, I know, the family does not wish to eat tinned pork.  In the event of an emergency than the attitude towards this can changes. I look for canned pork with 88% canned meat in the can.  Good for 20 years.  How can you go wrong if you family is hungry folks?  Yes, I know know that when times get tough then eating the same thing gets tough over a long period of time.  We can’t change that.  I provide what is available.  The family can reject this if they wish.  I have been in hunger situations and know that humans do what they must to survive.  You cannot go wrong by buying canned goods fellows. 

  34. @Mammoth:  Oh, Woolly, you can’t believe how RELATED we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. @ Doc or mediators. I don’t get the table on the right-hand-side showing who is online anymore. Am I doing something wrong?
    I have always enjoyed knowing I’m on when the big guns are on ;)

  36. Great day for buying, but will we see lower tomorrow? I was ready to pull at $27.50 and $1580, but now I’ve got back at $27.30 and $1575, I’m holding back!!! With the amounts I’m buying it probably doesn’t make too much difference, but wanting to get silver at the lowest price possible, so that I can trade across later (like above) for some gold. So with a 2.8% drop in silver against a 1.6% drop in gold, more phyzz seems the right move here, even though I have no gold yet.
    Any thoughts? Also In the UK Britannias are Capital Gains Tax exempt, but more pricey. Does anyone have any thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages?

    • @JCCJkJ  Buy canned goods.  What in the hell are you going to go when it is time to feed the kids.  Plan plan plan.
      Buy the canned goods that will keep the babies sound.  Who cares about silver?
      Powdered milk.  Oil.  Etc.  Buy it in bulk.  Never risk the childrens well being.

  37. Here is my thinking stackers.  Make sure you are stacking dollars.  Buy a safe of course or just use old school thinking about stacking dollars.  We know that dollars are no good except for the short term.  Stack at lease 3 months of cash, tape it together in 20′s to last 3 months.  You don’t want family members messing with it so you do this so when you inventory it is easy.  All Pm purchases should be stored seperately as they are for 2 to 3 year time frame.  And, just live for today.  Life may not be a plate of cherry’s but it is what is.  Then, when things happen you do what you must do.  My wife is scheduled for surgery as an example.  She normally makes fun of me or, for real, criticizes me, but she is not doing so now as I peeled off the necessary dinero to pay for her health issues.  Oh, my wife comes from the third world so I cannot fully explain her thought process.  I will never be rich and I know this.  I cannot gaurantee that I can be there for every circumstance but I do my best.  I seem emotionless to those that know me.  But, I am there when things look dire.  We cannot be everything to everybody.  I cannot.  My life seems austere to those that know me.  I don’t care.  When I croak, hopefully someone else will hold the torch.  I won’t be around to make a judgement anyway.

  38. lucuferian glee!

  39. I’m both surprised and disappointed in most of the responses I see above. It seems many are getting emotional, which inevitably results in illogical banter, and eventually very poor investment decisions.
    Do stackers still not realize what they are up against? Silver and gold are the arch enemy of this current ponzi scheme system. Gold and silver ARE currencies, and their continual rise reflects a disintegration of this fraudulent system. Have people not considered that rising pm prices, can, themselves, create an end-game scenario? I believe Larry Summers (correct me if I’m wrong) wrote a paper on controlling the price of precious metals to suppress inflation expectations. He postulated that soaring gold and silver prices resulted in very high inflation during the late 70s and early 80s. You best believe that the powers-that-be are very familiar with that paper.
    Inflation and, this whole system for that matter is contingent upon psychology. Why haven’t people asked themselves why, recently everything has been going up (even the 10yr treas.) while pms have gone down? This is all part of the PLAN. The fundamentals are the best for pms and yet they continue to be capped/go down. This is all an attempt to discourage pm longs. When real rates are negative pms typically do well, due to no opportunity cost. With seemingly everything going up except pms, the bankers are trying to raise the opportunity cost for holding metals.
    This will all go on until it simply cant anymore. Physical supply will eventually break this manipulation and in a spectacular way. This would be an end-game type scenario, that I’m surprised I don’t hear more people discussing.
    Also, please be aware that anything you post here or on any website will be used as a weapon against the precious metals, and more specifically your psychology. I have no evidence of this other then Bernanke himself stating he does visit the blogosphere to see what’s going on. This is a war, and you best believe the enemy frequents these websites to strengthen their game. This is not to say we cannot discuss anything, but you must keep it in the back of your head, especially when you see moves in the metals counter to “big” predictions.

  40. Another thing I forgot to mention: the US Dollar has been very strong (relative to other terrible currencies) as of late and is certainly not helping things. Eventually that will change. Metal prices are very stubborn with a strengthening dollar, and we may not get the impetus we need until negative focus turns back on the US.

  41. SilverHawk   Exactly. This storage ability could do what you said and store it nearly forever. Couple that with the ability to hack any system, maybe even Bitcoin, makes it pretty formidable.  It’s a digital dossier on all of us.  I’m not particularly paranoid since I think much of who we are and what we think and say can be deduced from more common media like Facebook, Linkdin and twitter.
    There was a thing that happened on Facebook this weekend that was pretty close to home. A friend of a friend posted a suicide statement on FB. It appeared that the young man was serious.
     Within a very short time this person’s guardian was alerted and the matter was dealt with   It was a serious situation but I don’t know how this matter came to the guardian’s attention so quickly.  I heard it was handled within an hour. I don’t use FB but the system allows info out into the public domain quickly

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