rocketGold and silver have just gone vertical, with silver spiking towards $22, and gold soaring to a 6-month high near $1400, as the Ukranian crisis intensified Friday as clashes in the Ukranian city of Donetsk turned lethal, and Russia prepares to invade to “defend its compatriates”.  
Absolutely no one (at least trading for their own account) wants to be short gold this weekend. 

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Gold goes vertical and shoots towards $1400 after consolidating at $1370 during overnight Asian/Russian trading:


Silver is up .60 on the day, and looking like it is ready to extend its rally:


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    • Das dollar is trending down a bit to be sure   When China does take a really large crap with their banking and leverage problems the DOW might drop a lot.  The VIX is still in dumb ass range but if Russia lobs a few HEAT rounds into the eastern  borders that will change quickly
      Gold broke another barrier of 1376  1400 will be interesting.  China will help that along pretty quick.  If everything goes tits up, China breaks lower and the USD does the same,  we might see 1400 next week and 1550 by end of March—if we are still here.  Idiots like John “Lurch’ Kerry and POTUS SHINOLA running things, I have some concerns in that regard.

    • @UglyDog
      Good thought on the USD.  I have been watching that by proxy via the Brit pound and the EU euro dollar, both of which are considerably stronger than the USD at the moment.  The euro is closing in on $1.40 while the pound drifts towards $1.70.  Interesting times, indeed.
      Yes, 1400 will be interesting.  The cartel has defended various levels on the gold and silver prices for the past couple of years but one has to wonder how effective this price management program remains and how much longer they can keep doing it.  Once their ability to paper-hammer prices ends due to empty vaults and their inability to deliver on their paper promises, we will be into a whole new ball-game entirely.  Those of us who hold PMs when that happens will probably need plastic surgery to tame our smiles.
      “—if we are still here.  Idiots like John “Lurch’ Kerry and POTUS SHINOLA running things, I have some concerns in that regard.”
      Indeed.  Those of us who pay attention to more than Dancing with the Stars, Nascar, and the latest i-crap do not see much in the way of US leadership these days.  Unfortunately, this is shaping up to be one of those inflection points in history when that is not only needed but needed badly.  It is no consolation that we, as a nation, have brought this train-wreck of an administration upon ourselves… yes, likely with the help of ballot box stuffing and other forms of vote fraud.  But I continue to have hope in a few things… such as state governors who refuse to be led around by the nose by the feds, county sheriffs who know that their allegiance is to the US Constitution and their local communities and not to the Fed Gov, and by millions of patriots across this nation who know how vital our constitution is as the bedrock of our nation and who love liberty more than their own welfare.  Those who love their country more than their own lives will always stand for liberty and in defense of their constitution… against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

    • “But at least Lamont could run a junk yard.  KLUMMAC creates them”
      Yep.  If KLUMMAC was a financial adviser, his clients would soon discover that they were the proud owners of small fortunes… that were previously LARGE ones.  Has there been anything in the past 5 years that the Obamunists have gotten their hands on that wasn’t totally f***ed up?  It would be difficult to come up with anything, although stranger things HAVE happened.  It is interesting to note that the dumbing down of American paid off nicely via getting KLUMMAC a 2nd term… something that Jimmy Carter was unable to do with fewer idiots voting back then.

  1. Let’s see…Russia is massing its military on the Ukrainian border, demonstrators are killing each other in eastern Ukraine, and this weekend Crimea will vote to secede from that country and join Russia.
    “Horse-face” US Secretary of State is meeting with his Russian counterpart.  This is how the discussion is progressing:
    Kerry:  “Russia must pull its military away from the Ukrainian border and not annex Crimea.”
    Lavrov:  “Just try and make us.  Go F* yourself, and you can inform your boss that my boss expresses these same sentiments towards him.”
    Don’t these two look happy to be together?

  2. Guy, there won’t be any invasions to Eastern Ukraine unless the illegitimate government will decide to use terror tactics with respect to the Russian population. I have to remind you guys that Junta government is run by the Nazi follower, so called Bandera army who were the allies of the Nazi regime on the occupied territory, heavily involved in massacres for which they were condemned during the Nuremberg tribunal. Oddly enough I don’t hear any denouncements of the regime from the Jewish community who supposedly suffered most during the occupation. We have to ask why?
    Secondly, Putin is not an idiot, he is going to work within the legal framework. Crimea is autonomous republic and is entitled to vote on it’s future, which will happen in two days. If they chose to join Russia there is nothing Ukrainian Junta government, legitimate government or anybody else can do about it. The same story is with Cataluña in Spain. The only way it can be stopped by direct NATO intervention in both territories.
    Look at the tactics they use to isolate Cataluña, these so called “fighters for human rights”. This is an open blackmail  and economic boycott against the people of Cataluña.
    What you should be worried about is the decision of the Russians to sell their resources for gold and Rubble. According to Jim Willie they have already successfully tested it on Iran and its oil for gold transactions. If the infrastructure is ready, they can launch it any time. You have to understand that destruction the petro-dollar is imperative for survival of the Eurasian Trading Zone, because petro-dollar is what’s financing terrorism and destabilization around the world. Gold standard and petro-dollar cannot and will not exist simultaneously. Ask yourselves which one do you personally prefer?

    • I was coming in here to post this, bless you for posting it. What is going to happen won’t be an invasion. If the pro US illegitimate stooges harm ethnic russians there, then they will get the tip of the russian spear shoved up their ass. Simple as that. This whole thing is a western fueled screw job.

    • What happened with Yugoslavia is a reasonable working model for viewing the Anglo-American oligarchy’s plans.  Splitting Ukraine gets much of what the West wants in their eyes.  Crimea will fold into Russia, formally.  The West will likely back off with that, but push up to the very edge of Crimea folding into Russia.

    • I just thought that I needed to add more. Remember fear and panic is what’s feeding the energy of these morticians (also known in history as High Priests of Egypt) that ran the world affairs in the past 3-4 thousand years. That’s why you all see their symbols everywhere-Pyramid with the all seeing eye. Where is the eye coming from. From worship of Horus.
      See Horus’s symbols here:
      Do you remember what their duty was? Prepare pharaohs for final journey after death to the other world. They were the royal funeral service.  Therefore, it’s not an accident that anything these entities touch, turns to death. They are running the funeral service on the global scale, this is exactly why they sow death on their way.

    • I think they initially wanted to install a new stooge government ideally and take the whole thing. What is remarkable is that the US and EU meddled illegally in a sovereign nation and deposed an elected government and are fine with that. The people of Crimea ( which is ostensibly russian) want out, and it is Russia’s fault.
      So self determination is OK for pro US Ukrainians but not pro Russian ones.. Unbelievable. Speaking of Yugoslavia, it is my understanding that Crimea used the same process that Kosovo did to break away under full blessing of the UN and US. More hypocrisy.

  3. It’s all been pre-arranged me thinks. Keep Stacking

    President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.
    President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…
    President Obama: (reaching over and putting his hand on Mr. Medvedev’s knee): This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.
    President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

    • Forget Puerto Rico… how about Mexico?  That is a country of large population right on the US border.  That could be the US’s Ukraine.  It is so riddled with corruption and drugs that it could likely fall without much effort at all.  Civil war in Mexico would be bad and could spread to the US, as well as other countries in South and Central America.  :-(

  4. One of the problems with situations like Yugoslavia and Ukraine, is that there is so much disinformation flying from ALL directions that it is virtually impossible to tell which side has the right of it… maybe none do.  It is an American character flaw to always be looking for “the good guy” in any conflict and with no thought given to the idea that maybe there aren’t any good guys in most (any?) of these events.  In many cases, it is likely to be 2 bad guys fighting or one bad guy and one worse guy.  
    Any of us who thinks that the people, who live in areas that are valuable to entire nations, can decide on their own what their future will be is smoking some good stuff.  In the end, it likely doesn’t matter a whole lot.  If allied with the West, they will be a little better off in some ways, worse in others.  If allied with the East, same thing.  Is such a difference worth fighting over?  Probably not for those who live in those countries and definitely not for those of us who do not.  Big wars sometimes come from very small ones or even a single incident that is in an of itself rather insignificant… the assassination of an Arch Duke that no one particularly liked for one.  
    Many are those who thirst for war as a way to benefit themselves with no thought given to those who bear the true cost of such indulgence.  Such has it been for millennia and such is it likely to remain.  Mankind is not quite ready to grow up yet.  As a species we are probably in our teenage years, verging on adulthood but not quite there yet… and anyone who has raised a teen or two is well aware of how that goes.  :-/

    • True. But what stops you from doing your homework? How about you start from checking if Crimea is indeed an autonomous republic? Then you check the rights of autonomous republics for self determination. Then you find out what happened in Kosovo, because your traitors could pull Kosovo trick in California  any day. They have allowed enough illegal Mexicans to participate in referendum, and La Rasa will help to organize it with their reconquista ideas. They want your guns and they will do anything to achieve it. You understand that if they break away California from your country it doesn’t change a thing on the NAU level. It is still a part of the Union. Like Kosovo and Serbia. This is your homework, if you get the idea how it works nobody will be able to fool you.

    • There is little danger of me being fooled in any case.  But, homework?  Sheesh… that is so far back in the rear-view of my memory as to be non-existent.  lol
      Personally, there are MANY things that I would love to check.  Unfortunately, this is difficult to do these days.  It is like looking for tiny grains of gold (truth) that are distributed in tons of horse poop (lies).  The amount of time that one could spend at this is amazing… and often not available.

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